Scam letter(s) from Adele Adamson to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, My name is Adele.. I will like to know more about you
Letter 2
It’s nice reading from you dear Jeffrey.. I do think we both seek the same here.. Write to me on my email let's get know more about each other
Letter 3
Hello dear Jeffrey,
It’s nice to read from you and it was nice to meet you on the dating network.. Well, I think by your words in the letter, I would say you seem a good man but I am not perfect judge of character.. Telling you more about me, I am single and never been married, I live in South Kensington in London. I am in currently in my final year studying Business Management. I will be a graduate in 4 months. I like cooking and listening to music, over the years music has been my best friend. I also love to visit the beach, I love the air around the beach. My favorite hobby is cooking and if we do meet sometime soon, I will love to cook for you one of my favorite dishes. I have had few relationships in the past but none of them had worked out, my last relationship was about a year ago, my boyfriend did break my heart when I least expected, just when I thought we were going to settle down together.. So I decided to stay alone and for about a year now, I have been single. I decided to join the dating network because I now feel lonely and I want a man in my life, a friend in school told me about Mingle2 dating platform. It’s still a new year and am hoping that this time I meet a man who is going to be the one for me. I miss cuddling, kissing. I am the romantic type and I prefer to be indoors with my man cuddling and romancing while we watch TV, make food and do nice things together. I do not like to go to bars and clubs because I do not like crowd and noisy places especially at night. I get very nervous around places like that.. I will like you to tell me more about you and what you will like to share with me. I hope to get your pictures also in your next letter. Regards,
Letter 4
Hello dear Jeffery, How are you doing today and how is your weekend going?? Did you get my last letter?? Waiting to read more from.. Regards,
Letter 5
Hello dear Jeffrey, It’s nice to read from you and it’s nice to receive your picture, how was your weekend??..I did miss your last email because it was in my email SPAM folder. Firstly, I have to say you are really a tall man and that honestly is a turn on for me.. Also, I do admire your courage to have studied so hard and so wide for you to have acquired this much knowledge in your field of work.. I definitely would have a lot to learn from you. Yes, I know you are much older than me but I do believe age does [not] define a man, I believe it’s the man that you are in your heart that matters. My birthday is 8th of August and I will be 30 years this year.. You are really an adventurous man I must say and I don’t want you to think that the money you threw for the other day to wish luck in romance is a waste.. This could be it?? (winks) Telling you more about me, I grew up with my dad alone because my mum divorced my dad when I was about 11years old to go and remarry her college lover. My father took custody of me and never got married again. He always told me I was all he needed in life so he was not interested in getting married again. He was a civil engineer here in the UK and also into Real Estates business and he use to travel a lot especially around Europe. He gave me this flat where I live as my 21st birthday gift.. He said then that He wanted me to be a woman of my own. He died few weeks to my 22nd birthday, he had been nursing cancer of the lungs for years but I never knew until the doctor told me on breaking the news of his death. He has been the best man in my life and I miss Him so much. I have been in few relationships in the past and nothing has really worked, my last relationship was the worst of all..It was my Second year in school when we met, he was a young banker, cute and very caring, we were in a relationship for about a year and just when things were looking very good for us, I found out that he was married with 2 kids and the wife was also pregnant for the third. His wife and her friend trailed him to my apartment and when he left from visiting me they came to my house and told me about how he has been cheating with me. They had been married for 5years but he would remove his wedding ring anything we are to be together. They showed me pictures of him and the wife and kids.. I was really hurt and I didn’t believe he would play me for over a year.. He said he was sorry and we never saw each other again. since then I had been alone and now it’s been over a year again. Lately have been feeling lonely, I miss having a man in my life so a friend told me about the internet dating network where we met.. So I decided to try it out. That is my story.. I am opening up all this for you because I want you to know me better and what I have been through. I do not seek a lot my man, all I want is a man whom we can both love each other, understand each other and share everything together. Yes, I do love cuddling, kissing and romance. I see that we have a lot in common and I do really hope you are that man I have been seeking all this while. Where do you live now?? I do hope we will meet soon. I sent you pictures of my parents and my baby pictures and also a very short video of me and my friend Marlene from last summer...I look forward to reading from you again. warm hugs,
Letter 6
Hello, How are you doing today and how was your weekend?? I am sorry for my silence all this while.. My computer has been faulty, the person who fixed it for me said it had software problems and he had taken it away since all this while and just returning it today... I want you to know that I never forgot about you and I am writing to you immediately now that I got it back...
Do you still remember or your have found another lady.. Well, I would understand if you have... I do hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and I wait to read from you... Regards,
Letter 7
It’s nice to read back from you and I must say I feel special for you to have sent me a message on women's day and you offering to take me out if we had been together.. How have you been and how's everything around you?? I hope you have been good?? Well, I really do hope we can be together soon and you can still take me out even if it’s not women's day.. I really do hope we can get to meet soon and share some nice time together.. I wait to read more from you.. Winks...
Letter 8
Good morning my dear Jeffrey, How are you doing today and how was your night?? It’s really nice to wake up to your letter. I do really hope you take enough time rest after you long over worked days.. Well, I feel the same whenever I come home to my apartment but I should say I am getting used to it.. My studies are going well and I will soon begin my final project. My plans after graduating is to get a job but most importantly I hope to get a man whom will love me and whom we can live together happily ever after even though I am not desperate.. You seem such a very busy man, but I do really hope we can meet sometime soon even if it’s just a weekend.. I will like to know what it feels like to be with you and to share some time with you, I know it’s totally a different experience from writing to each other.. Kiss and Hugs,
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