Scam letter(s) from Marina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
I do not know where to start this letter.
But I hope that you have received this letter. And I do not concern you with my message.
I expect you are wondering why I write to you. And my English not perfect for you.
I could not understand, what is exact your country of residing?
I'm very concerned about what I write to you first and it may not be ordinarily for a girl .... but I presume you'll understand me.
I do not know how you will react to my Short letter. in the first placeto begin with I want to introduce myself.
My name is Marina. My name is very common in my country. acquaintanceship on the Internet I use for the first time and therefore I immediately apologize if I write something wrong.
I'm already enough an grow woman and my intentions are only serious! I'm Single now and I want to become acquainted with a good, kind, decent man for a serious relationship.
Now I will not talk many about myself. But in the future we be able to write letters I will say all about myself that you will be interested to know of.
May in the future we can create friendly and warm relations. And this relationship can grow into more than a friendship.
I hope that you also look for your half as well as serious attitudes and love. May our views coincide and we can put the first steps of our friendship. And in the future to make a enduring and warm relationship.
What do you think? Anyway i hope to get an answer to my message. I am attaching you my portrayal.
You got my portrayal? I'm pleased attach one of the elegant photo, in order to to look like, and your important view about it. In the future I will send you more picture!
Answer me to this address:
I hope that in something then our views and searches coincide and my message will not remain unanswered and without your attention. And you write to my letter Short letter and we can put get off the mark the beginning of a new friendship and a new relationship.
I wish you a pleasant day!
Letter 2
Hello Jim. I'm so glad you answered my letter. I'm sorry to have you said so late.
I am very glad to see your photo, thank you very much for the picture. I am very pleased.
I didn't think you'd answer my letter so soon, but frankly
I am happy to see your letter and your response to my email box.
I live in a city, Omsk. Northern part of Russia. My name is Marina.
between us there is a great distance and time difference.
I'm writing this letter to you I don't know how much time you have.
I wrote to you because I want to find a wonderful man.
This is my first experience on the Internet. I just want to find a reliable person.
I am a lonely and fragile woman in this difficult and complex world, and I need the support, and find a reliable person in my life. Sorry I can't answer right away.,
but please don't get me wrong, because I work a lot.
and I can answer and write only when I work when I have free time.
since I'm writing to you from work. I can write to you with an internet cafe, but the cafe is on the other end of town, and the trip to the internet cafe takes a long time.
I'll check your e-mail every day when I'm at work. and I will answer you as soon as I have time off. and I hope you'll wait for my letter, and I can't wait for your answer. It is a pleasure to read every letter of your Jim.
I look forward to your photos and your response!
I'll send you some pictures. these photos were taken in my town.
What is the weather in your country? At us now warm weather.
your new friend, Marina.
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