Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Antonio (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon. How are you feeling?
With such a trite, but habitual phrase I am begging my message.
No doubt you have many messages with offers of getting acquaintance so you may not be interested in my e-mail, but what if you will be?
What if you will like my photo? Can it be a brilliant chance given us by fate to start our acquaintance which can lead to something more.
I'm Irina. I am a usual lady, I was born and brought up in Ukraine 35 ago.
I chose not really usual job - I am doing dentistry.
Human life doesn't depend on my profession, but human smiles really do, so I help people to have beautiful smiles.
I think this is great. I am sure that the age difference doesn't mean a difficulty, I am concerned that age is just a number.
I'm only looking for a frank and serious gentleman. If u r a frivolous man who wants to have just *** and ***** pics, I will askask you not to text me back.
I am a fair woman, my job is well-paid so I earn enough money and I do not intend to play games.
In case you r fair gentleman, I would be glad to receive your answer.
I would be extremely pleased if you write me back a long and meaningful mail with a story about you, your country and your town. Ok?
Hope to hear from you soon, Irina.
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