Scam letter(s) from Julia to Antonio (USA)

Letter 1
Hi unknown! I'm happy to greet you here! I sincerely hope this sentiment going to be two-way and we're going to find common interests. What is your mood today? I hope everything is prettygood. I am creating this Mail and I hope that you arecommon person. This is not theprimaryeffortto find someone online. My previous contactsturned out to be liars. Forming a actualconnectionis my maina im. I pretend for this even after all the collapses. I will tell a little about my life. You can call me Olga. I'm from Ukraine, after all I have been supposing more and more about changing my residency. I'm along 35 years old, I understand that it is too late, the time isrunning. Therefore, I don't have the possibility to playstupid games. I am an educated, kindwoman, as well as a nicehousewife. I am working in a private clinic. I do not have any financial difficulties. It is theoutline of my life. If our goalsfit, you cananswer me. Tell about youself. I am no longer 20 years old, I am an adult and I do not want to spend time with foolish games. I hope that my words will never scare a decent and self-confident man. I hope you are the one I am waiting for and searching for. I am going to wait for your letter. When we are interested in each other, I think we haveanability. Now the choice is yours. Interested? Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox: I will be waiting impatiently for your e-mail. Olgusya,
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Name: Laura Denise
Age: 26
Name: Julia Eshkaewa
Age: 29
Name: Elena
Age: 31
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 29
Name: Esther Osei Dzilavu
Age: 31
Name: Lilian Badara
Age: 24
Name: Svetlana Morosova
Age: 25
Name: Svetlana Aleksandrovna Semykon
Age: 39
Name: Elenora Shmigelskaya
Age: 36
Name: Marina Svechnikova
Age: 20
Name: Janet
Age: 28
Name: Lilla
Age: 33
Name: Ekaterina Kostateeva
Age: 32
Name: Gladys Evans
Age: 24
Name: Loveth Ayuba
Age: 25