Scam letter(s) from Olga Mishulina to Moder (France)

Letter 1
Durand, I had serious problems.
You already know that I live with my grandfather.
Now I am alone, because my grandfather died today.
It's too painful for me.
Now you are MOST CLOSE person to me.
I am very glad that I have you.
Only one thought haunts and very saddens me.
Why have you not helped me still???
Tell me truth. Are you serious about me? Are you ready to help me?
You know that I cannot leave Russia without your help.
My heart tells me that you are very good and honest person.
But I don’t understand why you refuse to help...
We have known each other for more than two months and I have repeatedly proved to you my sincerity.
Please prove me your sincerity too.
Rid me of bad thoughts.
I already wrote to you that I need 30000 Russian rubles.
This is 320 euros or 360 usa dollars.
This money is needed so that I can pay for my visa and come to you.
If you are sincere and really want to see me.
Please, I beg you, help me. I have no one else to ask.
I believe that GOD will not leave me, and very soon I will not be alone.
I am looking forward to your reply. Tell me truth.
Your Olga. P.S. Once again I remind you how to send me money.
You can send money via Western Union, RIA, Worldremit or MoneyGram.
Any bank of city Irkutsk, Russia.
Then I can get your money without any problems.
Please hurry up.
Letter 2
I once again want to say that I'm very sorry that we can’t speak online. I don't have any social pages. I dream to talk to you on Skype, or write short messages. And all I can do is send you an email. I hope you understand that these are the rules for using computers at school.
I want to confess to you that you are not the first man from another country to whom I write letters. Before you, I had contact with 2 two men on the Internet. But now I don't have communication with them. I write letters only to you!!!
For me the color of the skin, the nationality or the age of the person is not important. I like people! I can communicate with any people equally well.
The last man with whom I corresponded lived in Cuba.
We stopped communicating with him because he persuaded me to move from Russia to Cuba. But I don't want to move to a communist country. The other man was from Nigeria. But he stopped writing.
I think he was not real. I heard that there are so many scams on the Internet. Have you ever had experience with a scammer?
I want you to trust me. I will never deceive you!!!
Today I will send you a photo and you will understand that I am real.
I wrote my name and date on a piece of paper.
Just promise not to show this photo to anyone !!!
PROMISE! Because it is too intimate photo.
I made photo for you in my underwear, because it was very hot at home.
Hope you enjoyed it? And now you will trust me.
I also want to make a short video for you. I will try to send it in the next letter. I hope I can make it. I can only send a small video because school internet is limited. But I think you will like it.
Do you want to see my short video?
I already said that I work as cook at school.
Although I have a small salary,
I already have savings for the trip. I don't want to get a simple tourist visa, I want get a residence permit in your country.
This will allow me to live and work in your country.
And after a while, get citizenship. I really want to work.
I don't want to be financially dependent on someone.
I forgot to write to you that in the last two letters I sent you a photo from Lake Baikal. You know that I live in Irkutsk region and if you look at the map, you will see that Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. This is a very beautiful place. I attached photo from there. Do you like? Tell me more about your beautiful places. Where do you like to rest? Where do you like to spend time with your friends?
Where would you like to go in future?
Letter 3
Durand, I hurt a lot. Why did you not believe me and send money? There are tears in my eyes. I feel bad. I am ashamed of having to ask you for money. This is a humiliation for me. It is difficult to realize my helplessness, and your distrust of me. I feel like beggar who stands on edge of road and asks for alms. Believe me, this is very painful.
I think you have never experienced such pain.
If you knew what it is, you would surely help me and send money.
I understand that it is difficult to trust me after many Russian women have deceived men! But understand! I am different from them.
I will really come to you! I promise you!
And most importantly - I don't ask to give me money as gift!
I ask to borrow! I will give you all your money back!
Understand, please, i already paid for most of cost my trip.
Now I need only 30000 russian rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
I don't think that this is too large sum. I didn't expect everything to happen so quickly. It remains so little before I come and realize all our dreams. I very often present our first meeting.
I think it will be very romantic and ******.
Do you like girls in stockings? Do you think this is ******?
I made for you some ****** photos.
I understand that men love to look at ***** body.
But please don't ask for ***** photos.
Because I work in school and I am write my letters from school library.
If someone sees my ***** photos here, I will have problems with the police. And I can't come to you. You will look at my ***** when I come. Good?
I take great risks when I send you ****** photos. But I like to think that you are looking at my beautiful body.
So you can dream of our first ***. Do you want to know my favorite *** position? And my ****** fantasies? I'm upstairs!
You caress my *******. I feel your **** in my ******.
I look into your eyes and see how you like it !!!
I will definitely do this when I arrive. I promise!!!
But first you must help me. And send 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Or my dream will never come true, and we will be not able to have *** when we want.
Today I was in banks. But they refused me again.
They will not give me loan, because I'm leaving Russia.
But I learned how you can help me and send money.
The most popular payment systems around the world are Western Union, Moneygram, WorldRemit and RIA.
I found all information about payment systems.
Send money is not difficult.
- Choose any of the 3 systems.
- Find nearest office at:,,,
- You send money to Russia, the city of Irkutsk, in my full name - OLGA MISHULINA.
If you ask my home address, I already wrote to you - Klyuchevaya street 1, Vvedenschina, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 666021.
It doesn't take much of your time.
Also, the site says that you can use your credit card and send me money without leaving home. I think it is very convenient.
I hope, now you will choose most convenient payment system for you and send me money.
Please do it quickly so that I can pay all my documents and come to you as soon as possible.
I will wait for your reply. I hope you enjoy my photos.
Please don't disappoint me and help me.
Letter 4
Durand! Today I walked alone in the forest for a long time.
I was very lonely, so I thought a lot about you. About your life there.
What are you doing there? Where are you? How do you spend your weekend?
From these thoughts I felt sad, because I want to be with you.
We could have fun together. But while we can not do that.
But I continue to believe... I believe in you and I believe that you can help me leave here.
Because I have no choice but to believe...
You are my last hope !!! Don't deceive my hope !!! Give me hope !!!
Please do everything to save me. Please give me money for the trip.
I am sure that you often ask yourself the question - why so many women want to leave Russia.
It's very simple - here is a very bad life. It is very difficult to live when men do not respect women.
When the state deceives you. It is very difficult to become someone here.
But there is another side. I am very ashamed of it. And it is very difficult to talk about it.
Many russian women use men to get money.
Believe me, I AM NOT SUCH! I sincerely want to come. And I will come!
I'm not the person who will take the time to steal your money.
For me, chance to leave Russia is much more important !!!
These $360 are nothing compared to having a new life. I will never trade a man for money !!!
But unfortunately, I feel your disbelief. I do not know how to prove to you my sincerity.
At night, I pray…. I write letters in the hope ...
I hope you will believe and help the little defenseless girl. I believe in you.
Your Olga
Letter 5
I feel like a fool. I'm tired of *** games.
I will no longer send videos or ***** photos.
I feel ******. I think that you don't want to help me.
Are you superman or are you only virtual player?
I will be honest with you...I really hoped for you and your help.
Not very nice when your hopes are not fulfilled...Believe me it is not very nice!
I was too frank with you. Now I regret it. I think you didn't like it!!
Today I learned that I had to pay for my documents in the next 5-7 days.
If i don't pay, all my documents will be returned to me and I will not be able to get a visa.
Therefore, if you don’t send me money, you will destroy all my dreams...
Because I think that real man who wants to see me will do all for this.
I did all for you! You have seen my ***** photos and video!
Which I did only for YOU! I see you don’t appreciate it!
It really humiliates me.
Only one conclusion - you only play and don’t want to see me.
This is very disappointing because I so much dreamed about us, about our first meeting! About our first ***!!!
I imagined how we would be in my favorite pose 69.
I dreamed that with you I would try my first **** ***. Because I never had it.
I want that all in my life to come true! And didn't remain only my dream!
Please, help me, if you want this too!
Sometime I feel like *****, because I made a ***** photo and video.
But I will not do this anymore. I don't want humiliation.
I made these photos first time! And I did it only for YOU!!!
I hoped that you would help me come to you.
I wanted to come so that all our ****** dreams would come true.
But now I understand that all this is not real!
No matter how many times I prove to you that i am serious, you are always unhappy.
Because you are just playing with me. Yes? Is it true???
I ask you for the last time - Can you help me?
You will send me money for documents.
If, yes, after I will do for you what you ask. But until you send money, I will not to do anything.
Send money and I believe in your sincerity!
Because TRUE MAN will find a way to get money for his woman!
If not, you don't consider me your woman.
I repeat that I have only 5-7 days to pay for my documents
We have to pay for these days! Or I can never come to you!!!
320 euros or 360 dollars is not a large amount!
Tell me truth, please. Do you feel sorry for money?
Think, may be I am much more expensive!!!
Understand one of the most important thing
I am ready to share with you all your difficulties.
Not just ***. We will be together and I will help you.
I promise that you will have a delicious food and your home will be clean!
I will be for you the best woman in the world!
And I don't care that we are from different countries or that our age is different.
The main thing that we had a spiritual understanding.
Now, your choice! - Help and send me money or finish our correspondence, if you really only play with me. Please don't mock me!
Tomorrow I will know for sure... If you need me, you will go and send me money.
If not, this is only game for you. I don't want to write anymore...
I want to cry...
Olga. P.S.
remind you - My full name - OLGA MISHULINA.
My address: 666021, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, countryside Vvedenschina, Klyuchevaya street 1.
My phone: +79067032251
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, WorldRemit or RIA to my name in Russia.
Letter 6
Can I hope for you today?
Do you not fool me?
Most of all in my life I dream to see you!
And if you don’t change your mind and decide to meet with me, you will send me money today or tomorrow.
Because Thursday is the last day of payment my documents.
I really hope that you are honest with me.
Because I honest with you - I will never deceive you!
I promise to come! I SWEAR!
Hurry TODAY and send me money.
I remind you that I wrote in my last letter -
I already wrote you (I need only 320 euros or 360 dollars):
Total cost of permit is 95000 russian rubles (approximately 1320 euros or 1490 dollars).
This is fee for registration of all necessary documents.
It includes:
- cost of a visa (residence permit);
- air ticket;
- medical certificate about my health, that I have no diseases;
- medical insurance for the entire period of residence in your country;
- certificate from the executive branch that I have no problems with the laws;
- certificate from the bank that I don't have loans and debts on them;
and many other bureaucratic documents.
Now I don't have full amount of money. I only had 1000 euros.
I already gave this money for visa.
But now I need to urgently pay the remaining 320 euros or 360 dollars.
I already wrote to you:
You must send money to the city of Irkutsk.
My full name - OLGA MISHULINA.
My address: 666021, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, countryside Vvedenschina, Klyuchevaya street 1.
My phone: +79067032251
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
WorldRemit or RIA to my name in Russia.
Letter 7
Tomorrow is the last day of payment of my documents.
Do you have time to send money? I want to know only the truth!!!
I already wrote to you that I was at the bank and they told me that you can send money through RIA or WorldRemit without any problems, because they don't have quarantine! They work.
You can do this online and you won’t have to leave home.
Just go to their website and send the money to me.
Try it please!
I promise I won’t let you down. I will definitely come.
I know that now all over the world quarantine and airports are closed.
But understand that the most important thing now is to pay for all my documents. Or in the future they will refuse my visa.
And I can’t come to you.
I promise you, as soon as the quarantine is canceled, I will fly to you on the first plane.
Because I will have a visa. I don’t think it will be long.
All doctors say that the pandemic will end in 1-2 weeks.
Imagine that in a few days I will be with you!
Don’t deprive me of this opportunity. Help me.
Believe me, I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
My fate is in your hands. I hope I convinced you.
And your answer will be positive.
P.. remSind you-
My full name - OLGA MISHULINA.
My address: 666021, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, countryside Vvedenschina, Klyuchevaya street 1.
My phone: +79067032251
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
WorldRemit or RIA to my name in Russia.
Letter 8
Durand, How are you?
You know that my time is over. I guess I can’t get a visa.
Very sorry you couldn't help me. Very painful when broken your dreams.
It is a pity that you didn't become my superhero.
But in any case, I'm glad I met you. I think you will have a good life.
It is a pity that I will not be present in your life.
What do you think? Does our further correspondence make sense?
You refused me... You didn't help me... You don't trust me...
Or just don't want to see me...
But I don't regret anything and wish you happiness.
Today I once again go to the agency. I don’t know if I can return at least part of my money.
Maybe I can persuade them and they will give me some more time.
I don’t know...
Maybe a miracle will happen and I can find money.
Maybe you change your mind and send me money.
Then I can come to you.
In any case, the choice is yours.
I'm tired of begging and humiliating myself.
I will no longer ask for your money.
I repeat choice
Letter 9
I am writing to you with hope. I hope to convince you.
Today I went to Irkutsk and took a certificate from the agency, where I executed the documents.
I attached a certificate to my letter.
I hope now you will definitely be sure that I am not deceiving you.
The certificate says that the execution of all documents costs 95000 Russian rubles (visa + insurance + tickets).
It is also noted that I paid 65000 russian rubles and this is 1000 dollars.
Now I have to pay 30000 russian rubles - 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Now you know that I'm not fooling you. I paid nearly 3/4 of the cost.
I gave all the money that I had.
Please, understand me...
I don't ask for money for expensive gifts or entertainment.
I ask for help and give me a chance for a new life.
I understand that it is very difficult to trust a person from the Internet.
Yes, we never spoke on the phone ...
I know that there is a lot of fraud on the Internet.
I am not one of them! I swear I can't call you.
I was looking for ways, but so far all my attempts have failed.
I'm sorry... But I promise, as soon as I find a way, I will immediately call or write you a text message.
Please believe me.
Because, "once taking a chance, you can stay happy for life."
I am absolutely honest with you and have proven it to you many times.
I promise that I will never deceive or betray you!
You are the only one I have and whom I can trust.
Kiss your, your Olga. P.S.
I already wrote you - you can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, WorldRemit,MoneyGran,RIA to my name (OLGA MISHULINA ) in Russia.
Letter 10
Durand! I will not write a big letter today.
I am very upset and offended! I want to cry.
Why have you not yet helped me? Why did you not send money?
Did you not like my ***** photos and **** dream?
Tell me the truth! Do you want to meet me?
If yes, why don you not send me money?
Is it a game for you?
320 euros is not big amount, so that we can meet.
Several times I argued that I’m real, so I don’t understand why you haven’t sent me money.
Today I will know 100% whether you want me or not.
Because today I send you my completely ***** photos.
If you ask for more photos or refuse to help me, I understand that you are playing with me.
When you read all my past letters, you will see that I need 30000 rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
Send me this money.
I already wrote you how to send money - You must send this to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
In my name - OLGA MISHULINA.
You must send money via WorldRemit, RIA, MoneyGram, WU. Choose any.
More information you get on their sites -,,,
I don't need more money. I will not ask you.
I promise you. I need only 320 euros or $360.
I already wrote to you that my all trip will cost me 1320 euros.
These are all documents: certificates, ticket and much more.
I already paid 1000 euros. And now I have to pay 320 euros or $360.
I hope you enjoy my ***** photo.
I am waiting for positive news from you.
With love, your Olga.
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