Scam letter(s) from Marta to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Ich wünsche Ihnen einen erfolgreichen Tag und sehe auch die Freiheit früher!
Mein Land ist England, kennen Sie unsere Geschichte?
Hoffentlich ist das ein guter Start in den Tag?
Bitte schreiben Sie bequemer an meine persönliche Adresse: Translated
I wish you a successful day and see freedom sooner!
My country is England, do you know our history?
Hopefully this is a good start to the day?
Please write more comfortably to my personal address:
Letter 2
What is your name?
My name is Marta.
Thanks for your photo, you are handsome) Yes, it's true! I want to always see your photos.
Your photos reflect your masculine beauty.
I was very passionate about it.
I am sending you a mutual photo)))
you have a cute dog in the photo)
I want to know an interesting man!
my age is 36 years old.
I live and work in Cambridge, England.
Write a detailed email ok?
how old are you?
I've never been to Canada ...
I want to know, do you have a desire to continue the dialogue?
Letter 3
Hello Jim!
I was glad to receive your letter.
I was looking forward to when you answer me.
Jim why did you decide that with you I would not be interested?
on the contrary, my interest in you is only growing)
I hope that our acquaintance will be good and that we both will like it.
I think you will be glad to see this letter too.
How are you? How was your day? What did you do?
My age is 36 years old! My height is 163 centimeters.
In your country it will be nice to see perhaps the mountains, the sea, or just the center of the country. does not matter.
It's important to have a good person around!
I have been dreaming of a family for a long time! But I'm a patient girl.
It's important for me to get to know a person first, do you understand?
Tell me please...
Do you love your job? I would like to tell you more about my work.
I think you need to enjoy your work!
my main profession, I am an accountant! I work as an accountant in a large company.
I also often help homeless children.
We have many orphanages in our city. We help children abandoned by their parents.
We collect old and unnecessary clothes and give them to children in an orphanage.
These young children need love and care.
I am very glad that I can somehow help these children.
It is very important to have spiritual development in life! I wanted to meet a spiritual person!
Jim I'm glad to see your new photos) is this your dog in the photo? What is her name?
I'll show you my photos)
I love your culture.
your nationality is very common people. I love everything related to
your culture! I am also a simple girl in character!
I think we have a lot in common. And our communication will continue Your Marta.
Letter 4
Good day Jim, what's the weather in your city?
I want to apologize for my large letters.
Jim I'm glad that you are surrounded by such a beautiful nature)) reading your letter, I saw you admiring your landmark.
I'm sorry that there is so much deception and lies on the Internet, but why did the girl from Russia refuse to communicate with you?
Some letters, I ask a lot of questions.
I hope to receive an attentive answer!
Please answer all my questions. Good?
Sincerity is important in life!
I am a very simple person!
I showed a photo from everyday life ..
photo in the morning)))) I prepared for my work in the morning.
I often wake up in the morning at 6-7 o'clock. Sometimes there is work in the morning.
I also send you a photo from the rest.
Jim I do not communicate with other men, since you interested me, why are you asking? do you have no trust in me?
Jim why haven't you had time to have children in your life?
tell me where have you traveled?
I have visited different countries. I have been to Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal!
But I have never been to your country.
Do you like to travel to other countries?
Tell us about your diet. do you like cooking I really like to cook, different dishes. Fish, salads, different soups!
My favorite dish is baked potatoes with meat and Greek salad.
I'd love to cook for you one day. Your Marta.
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