Letter(s) from Tatyana Kolodiy to James (USA)

Letter 1

My name is Tatyana. I read your structure and it has very much liked me. Many a structure what that usual, but you has interested me!!! I could not find the half at us in Russia. And I have decided to try to search it in internet. My purpose of acquaintance to you for long relations and creations of family. If I have interested you also YOU want to learn me better. You can write that to me on my e-mail.

Mine email: tanechkakolod@mail.ru

Letter 2

Hello James.

Now I have a free time from work, and I write to you this letter. I yesterday have overlooked to inform some details about myself: my growth 173 sm, weight of 54 kg., color of eyes brown. As I wanted to learn your plans for the future? What is the main thing in attitudes between the man and the woman? You believe in love at first sight or in attitudes through the Internet? I did not trust in acquaintances through the Internet earlier and thought, that it is not serious, but now I have reserved the opinion. To me my girlfriend has advised to find the man through the Internet. I long searched, but all over again that it was impossible. Now I am happy, that have got acquainted with you and I hope to develop our attitudes and to plan on the future together. I hope you not against? Today at me good day. After a dinner at me the important meeting concerning my new work. To me offer vacancy of the manager in the state committee on sports and tourism. I think, that I shall agree to this post. On it I shall finish the letter as should go to work. I shall be always glad to your letter and photos..

Sincerely yours Tatyana.

Letter 3

Greetings my best friend James!

I hope you not against, that I name you The best friend. Simply I very much to you attachment, and I think, that you my best friend! At us with you as I understand the new feeling arises, I tested such feeling at school when studied in 8 class, I then have fallen in love with one, the boy, but at present it drinks alcohol very much, in general in Russia very big quantity people drink vodka do not understand why. I very big opponent of the use of alcohol, and I in life of it shall never use! As not the supporter of smoking, I think, that this superfluous. It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter, I start to be pleased lifes, and this pleasure is connected by that we have found each other. What all of you the remarkable person! With such person as you I would agree to lead all life, I know, that it is possible to rely on you, I completely trust you and I know, that such person, as you never me deceive. The deceit is the most bad character trait of the person, it at all does not decorate the person! Today with girlfriends I went to Park and I have noticed there one pair, there were two and embraced, their persons looked the happiest which it would be possible only will present, and I represented, that it is possible we same day as we shall go together and we shall be happiest people, such, that everyone will look at us and everyone will be to admire. Still I very much love the order, am inadmissible, that at me houses were are scattered things or there was a dirty utensils, I done not complicated at all by to clean all these things, it does a pleasure me only pleasure. Our correspondence Seems has become stronger also we became already more close people! You cannot communicate with someone, no matter how much you love him or her, without trusting them. Love is important, but you have to trust the other person implicitly to truly love them, because you need to know they love you back for it to be real. OK? But as beside you in this time of the year weather? In such time nowhere to want to go, usually I read the magazines or books, but more often take the cassettes with video recording and one, or with girlfriend, review new films. Last I looked " I -robot" in main actor- Will Smith, but me not much liked, too much fantasies, I prefer the drama or thriller with lucky completion. Probably, all women love such cinema. Much love to listen the music, particularly when alone? meal or cleare out in apartment. I like almost all styles of music, it depends on my mood. For example, when i am tired listen to classical music. I like Vivaldi. Well, when i am clean my appartament i listen to something more, well, how to say... rock or pop-music. I like russian singer, Alla Pugachova, Masha Rasputina, Alsy and Taty... and other. I ike foreign singer... Madona, Ricky Martin, Robert Wiliams.....other... As for books and reading in general, i love russian classics: Dostoevski, Pushkin, Esenin. But now i read Richard B. Bach. have you ever read his books? My famouse story by Bach is about Jonathan Livingstone. It's so lovely. And his novel i don't know how actualy whether translate the name correctly: "The bridge across eternity." its romantic, i think. Movies..., The Lord of the Ring (trilogy), The Star Wars (all) Some time ago, i was very happy because my favorite film takes much figurines on a film festival "Oskar". Did you sow it??? My favorite actor are J. Chan, Tommy Le Johns, Vin Disel, Jim Carry, and other. Tv show, Show Jerry Springer. But most of all, i like to spend my free time with my girlfriends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or meet in cafe. Now I must finish my letter. I wait anxiously for your answer. Also I want to ask, have you ever had a friend from the other country? Is it important for you the nationality of the person? Kisses you!

Yours forever Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hi James!!!

I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. In general I do not know from what to begin the letter. I write you with new e-mail because I had problems with old e-mail. Probably, you will find out something concerning me? I should inform concerning me. I the ordinary Russian girl, actually am not distinguished by anything from others. Excuse me for the disorder of words, it because I worry a little. Time has come to continue the story concerning itself. I very much like to go in for sports, without it I feel not in the form. I am fond of sports from the childhood, I participated at competitions to track and field athletics, and repeatedly won prize-winning places. My age of 27 years. And you are fond of sports? However, it has not for me the big value. It is important, that we have with you mutual understanding. I live in city of Cheboksary, here I was born and have grown. It is very beautiful city. I live with mum and daddy in a two-room apartment. I live in a separate room, I very much love her. I shall inform concerning work: I worked as the seller of food stuffs in shop but now I have left, as to me have offered new work. I well talk in English but to write at me it turns out about many mistakes as you can see. My dream it to create family with the correct person in the future. I as to want to tell that I do not have house of a computer and the phone, I use internet in internet cafe. Do not leave my letter without the answer. I wait your answer, and your photo with impatience.

Sincerely Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello my dear James!!!

How are you? How are you doing there? I am ok here. I was very glad again and again! That is great that we have correspondence to each other! And most of all I like that we know more and more about each other! From your letters I have some imagination about your person.You are very interesting, serious and good man! I want your business will always be fine. If you need some help from my side you can ask it or tell me what I can do for you. I will do my best to make you happy! Maybe it's the destiny that we found each other. Its great!!! In such moments of the lifes understand that comes short beside reliable and loving person, who could say warm words and look after when bad on soul. I am writing you my letter during bad weather outside this window. But I know that you think of me and it makes me to become warm! It's cold here. Today was a good working day. Thank you very much for your answers. I like them all. I hope that you were truly with me answering my questions. And now I know that you can understand everything I say to you. It's good to have a man who can understand me all. By the way I wanted to ask you one thing. Do you believe in destiny. I mean have you ever attend a soothsayer? I have never do it but my mother many years ago (about 5 or 6 years ago) went to one nice lady (she was soothsayer, she was about 70 years old, she had no kids and she lived alone near Cheboksary-city (country side), friends of my mother attended her before and she never lied them). So my mother is very curious and she decided to go there. This woman told her a lot of interesting things and my mother was surprised because this woman guess almost everything about her Past. And soothsayer said to my mother about her future life. She told her that I find my present work and she told her in what age I will marry. Do you think it is interesting to tell you? But my mother still doesnt want to tell me about it. That soothsayer told that my mother doesnt have to say about it to anybody That is all story. I just want to know do you believe in soothsayer or do you think that every man make his own destiny by his self? Answer, please, ok? How is your day going? I know that we have some difference in time. So in some hours I should go to my job. I wish I were there with you Ok, now I would better go. I hope I'll see your letter tomorrow in my mailbox, my dear. Already miss you Wait to hear from you soon. Bye!

Best wishes, your Tatyana!!!

Letter 6

Hello my honey James!

How are you? Now I write to the Internet of cafi to you this letter. In the street now it is rain, and I be to sit at home and to watch TV. By the way at me for you good news. Soon I will have vacation from work and I will have an opportunity to go to you on a visit. I do not know that occurs to me, but you to dream me at night. Though I still badly know you, but it seems to me, that we are familiar many years. Even when I on work, I all time think of you. Excuse me for my frankness. But these words depart from my heart. Very much I hope for reciprocity. I wish you good day. I shall write to you tomorrow. Hugs and kisses.

Yours Tatyana.

Letter 7

My sweet love James!

I shall be possible so you to name? I hope, what You not against? OK? Today I do not need to go for my work as I made a business trip on work last week and to me gave free day. I already spoke with the director concerning my holiday from work and that I to want to go in other country to have a rest. It long disagreed, but nevertheless has allowed to go to me in holiday in May as now it is a lot of work. I shall be very glad to visit you. I shall be as it is possible to learn all soon. I know, that I shall be capable to surprise you with the culinary abilities and features of Russian kitchen. You to love is tasty to eat? Also I do good massage. I think, that we need to wait only for my holiday in May. I shall have a rest today on sauna, and I shall go then to play a pool. You are able to play a pool? Yesterday we about mine the girlfriend had not the big rest in the evening. We with it together studied and 8 years did not see. We did with it the fried goose in mushroom sauce. All has turned out is very tasty. Also we have a little drunk some red dry grape wine. I seldom to take alcohol, only on holidays and only good wine and in not a plenty. My girlfriend has remained is pleased. What today at you weather? At us at this time year it should be cold, but this time weather of heat. OK, write to me everything, that you to want! I shall go now in a sports hall, and then I shall go home to tidy up an apartment and to erase clothes. I love when in an apartment the order and cleanliness! Then I will have a free time for rest! I wait for the letter. Love and kisses!

Your forever! Tatyana.

Letter 8

Hello my honey James!

How are you today? I yesterday spoke with the Parents about you and that you to me are very nice. They have told, that to me to solve and that I already adult. They also have told, that I did not hurry up in attitudes to not do hasty decisions. They to be afraid and do not want, that me have deceived or have hurted me. But I have told, that you the good person and I trust you. Though we not so communicated much and did not meet in realities, but my heart to me prompts, that I can trust you and you to not hurt me! I the daddy has told, that it is necessary for us as it is possible soon will meet and to discuss our attitudes and to check up our sympathies as through Internet it is impossible to make it as at a real meeting. I to want to learn about you all at our meeting. I with mine the daddy agree. It has told, that will help me in the organization of my travel to you. Tomorrow in the morning we will go with father for work in the mayoralty. At him there it is a lot of friends which will not give up to it in the help.. My daddy will help me to legalize all my papers, and also will find the transport company which will book a ticket the plane and reception of necessary papers. I shall write to you the information tomorrow after a dinner! OK? Probably I shall soon call to you. Today at me one more free day from my work. I shall sit most likely at home and to look TV. Now I shall go to have my dinner! I send you some more photos! Love and respect!

Sincerely yours! Tatyana.

Letter 9

Hello James!

How are you? I am sorry that I have not written to you yesterday, I have been very strongly borrowed. I have interesting news today. I went today with my father to the mayoralty and to me have told, that all will be made out in short term. I very much worry concerning it. I completely trust you and in spite of the fact that I am spoken by my relatives. Tickets to me will order next week. I shall be capable to be at you on a visit 23 days then I should return to Russia. For this time we can discuss much and if we shall want to marry in the future we also shall discuss it. I shall be capable to arrive to you by May, 2. I hope, what you will have a good weather at this time? I also have not a big request. Very much I hope, that you will help me! Please send me 415 American dollars. As at us payment is accepted or in dollars, also it is possible in euro. It is necessary, that in brief term to legalize my papers plus medical insurance. I shall free-of-charge receive tickets with the help of mine of the daddy! You should inform me the name of the airport where I shall order tickets. I give to you the address of branch western union as it is the fastest way of transfer of money. Western Union in Cheboksary: Bank: Menatep SPB The address: Russia, Cheboksary, Prospekt Lenina, 6a. Also my data will be necessary for you. My full data: Tatyana Kolodiy. My address: 428000. Russia. The Chuvash republic. City: Cheboksary. Street: Nikolaeva. Home: 37. An apartment: 19. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much my love! I very much hope for your help. I very much wait for ours with you of a meeting! Very much I wait for the letter.

Yours Tatyana.