Scam letter(s) from Daria to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, good day?!
I would be delighted to meet you.
At the moment I am alone.
I'm a very honest, considerate, cultured girl...
I Have no habits alcohol and cigarettes!!
I love vegetables and fruits like watermelon, plum, cherry!
I like being outdoors so I travel a lot I often walk in the Park.
I love dance it may seem a little strange and listening to music
I dreaming found serious relationship...
I want to meet you!
I send you my photo, I sent you a picture this photo was taken a couple of days ago!!
If you liked it and you want protolith talk it I'll be happy if you write me!
I'll wait for your message ..
Letter 2
Hello stranger right now I am even more than sure that first of all you looked at my photo and only then you opened my letter I turned to a dating agency. Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name Darya, my friends call me Honey. I'm 30 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never been married. By character, I am kind, sympathetic girl When I finished Institute in 2014, I traveled to practice in Kenosha, practiced in English and worked as a waitress. It is a small town in the states Wisconsin. I had to go back to Russia because my mother fell ill and I wanted to be with her, now she is fine. Now I live and work in Tambov, although I was born in a small township. Who lives there, my mother and sister, I try as often as possible to visit them. I have friends, hobbies, good job, and I'm not just wasting my time. So, I want to find a loved one, to create a strong relationship. This is the most important thing for me. Age difference or nationality - not a problem for me at all. I am interested in what is in his heart, what is in his mind. I just need a single man who is my best friend and faithful partner , to whom I dedicate my life and I will love. It is likely that I'm looking for you and you're the only one I need - who knows? I am looking for a serious relationship, for a nice man, more than just a friend. I hope that you are looking for the same thing.
Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are many reasons. Nowadays with all our daily living needs, wants and problems, with all the twists and turns, to speak figuratively, of today’s world, we often forget about the meaning of our life. We think so much and so deep in our mind about the future that we completely forget about our present. As a result, we are not living in the future as well as in the present. We follow different stereotypes, which were laid down by several generations, which we have never chosen. Probably nobody can say for sure why it should be only this way and no other. I do not know yet if the internet is a good way to find the second half of my heart, but nothing will stop me to try. Why not? Every single moment we dream about happy future which must be full of joy and pleasures at sacrifice of our current time. Certainly, if someone says that nobody can force us to live like this, in any event he will be completely right. So what I am trying to say that our life is in our hands. It is my first letter and hope a lot that it wouldn’t be the last one at the same time. Answer me, I’m not asking too much. Give me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be…
Do not sit and wait for a miracle, and keep in your mind that everything that happens to us, all is made for the best future. See you my friend. Sending you a big hello from Russia!
PS: I'll wait for your quick reply ... I hope you will not be greatly shocked by my letter Please send me some of your pics from your life.
Letter 3
Good day! I was expecting an answer from you this morning, but waited all day and get nothing ... Am I so shocked you? I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Letter 4
Hello! How do you? I had a good morning today when I woke up, it was very sunny, I woke up from the fact that the rays of the sun hit my face, it was great, I drank a glass of water to be vigorous all day. How did you this morning? I hope you received my past letter ... Your Darya
Letter 5
Hello hello! How do you? How was your day? I was hoping to hear something from you today. It's a pity you could not write me a message. You must be busy ... I'll be waiting for your message ... kiss, hug, your Darya
Letter 6
Hello! How do you? I wish you a good weekend! I was hoping to get a response from you today, but I didn't get anything ... How do you plan to spend this weekend? I plan to spend this weekend with my mom and sister in the village. Your Darya
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