Scam letter(s) from Albina Abdulovna Chizhova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Guten Morgen!;)
Ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut?
Ich schaffen ich träume, stabil die beziehungen in "dem weltweiten spinngewebe" aufzubauen.
Meinen namen Albina. Ich 37 des jahres.
Ich optimistisch und gesellige die frau.
Wenn du wünschte, ich kann erzählen du gib dir mehr informationen über dich.
Ich war niemals in offiziellen Beziehungen zu einem Mann und ich habe keine kinder. Bitte ich dich, schreibe gib mir mehr informationen über dich. Ich will kennenzulernen, unsere bekanntschaft und fortzusetzen dich zu erkennen es ist besser zu erkennen.
Wenn du bitte sende mir deine foto. In die antwort werde ich absenden ich werde dir meine foto senden.
Antworte mir an meine Hauptadresse:
Nicht interessiert habe wenn es dir aller uninteressant ist oder interessiert nur nackt foto intime beziehung, so verbrauche bitte, vergeude unsere allgemeine zeit nicht.
Mit den herzlichen Grüßen, Albina.
Letter 2
I was glad to receive your letter.
Our age difference is not a problem for us. I believe that at any age a man with a woman can have serious communication and build relationships! The main thing is that we approach each other with attitude and character.
Therefore, I ask you not to jump to conclusions.
I never asked anyone for money. Moreover, I have a salary. I think that talking about money is not decent. And on the phone, we can calmly talk, I have a mobile.
Here I really want to find my true love and I am 100% serious about it. I hope that our acquaintance will be good and that we both like it. I think you will be glad to see this letter too.
I was born in Russia, in the city of Izhevsk. I work as a teacher at school, teach in elementary grades.
My height: 169 sm / Weight: 57 kg. I live with my parents in an apartment. I was looking for my man for a long time and found out that I have a way to get acquainted with the help of the Internet. And I decided to try it.
And so, I received your letter, tell me what interests you? I will gladly answer your questions. What do you want to know about me?
I will wait for your questions in your next letter. And also, I am sending you a photo, I will be glad to see your photos in return.
Hope you like it.
Tell me about yourself. What is your name?
I am looking forward to your letter.
Bye !!
Your new friend Albina.
Letter 3
Hi Richard!
How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Thank you for your wonderful photo, you look very good. I like your image, I will be glad to continue our acquaintance.
I really like your words of compliments. I am pleased, you are good and very kind to me. I also like the fact that you are very educated and know many languages, it's cool! Of course, if you want, I can teach you Russian. I want to warn you, it is difficult :)
Richard, my parents taught me from childhood to be decent and honest. I cannot deceive a person, this is terrible and not right. I will never allow myself to deceive a person. In a relationship, it is always important to be sincere with each other and have a trusting connection.
Unfortunately, I have no way to install Skype or other applications, my phone is not a smartphone. I plan to buy it with my next paycheck. I can call your phone number, do you have an available mobile number for simple calls?
By the way, your city is called by a truly Russian name. This female name is very common among us.
In my past letters, I told you in detail that I am looking for a serious relationship and that age is not a big hindrance to this. I am sad that you did not take my words seriously. I would not want you and me to be mistaken about age, because in a relationship the year of birth does not affect, but feelings and affection do. I think that we could continue our acquaintance here, to give a chance to make sure that this is indeed the case.
If you are really interested in me, maybe we will meet someday and say warm words to each other. I am a very simple woman, and just looking for my man!
And now I want to inform you about me. I want to tell you about my work, I work in a school as a homeroom teacher for elementary grades, I teach children up to the fourth grade, then they graduate to the fifth grade to another homeroom teacher. I am very happy when children study well and behave well in the classroom, diligently treat each lesson. Because children are the most precious thing we have. On a typical day, I get up at 6:30 in the morning and take a shower, then have breakfast and then go to work. I live not very far from my work, only 10-15 minutes on foot. My working day usually lasts until 5 pm, but this often depends on the number of lessons.
My parents are retired now, they no longer work. My father worked in a government agency and my mother worked as an accountant.
And now I would really like you to tell about yourself. What do you love and what do you not? What do you like to do? I really want to know as much as possible about you. I will very much wait for your answer and photo.
Your Albina.
Letter 4
Hello my dear Richard.
I wonder if I can pronounce you dear? I am glad to receive your letter. How was your weekend? Hope you got a good rest after a busy week. I'm also glad that you had a party with people close to you.
I really like your photos, I can see you more often, it makes me happy. It is pleasant to look at your interlocutor, thus, communication is better established.
Your compliments embarrass me a little, in every letter you say such pleasant words that my cheeks always redden, I am pleased, but still I ask you to understand that I am a simple woman and I am looking for my simple happiness.
Regarding the meeting, I still cannot imagine anything at all, but gradually we will be able to shape our dream, if it appears.
In this letter I would like to continue the story about myself. So that you know a little more about me.
my hobby is listening to music and reading books. I really like to read love novels. And as for music, I prefer different music, but most of all I like instrumental music as well as different popular music.
In the summer I like to ride a bike and in the winter I like to ski. Sometimes I go to the gym and play table tennis. In this letter I will send a photo.
now I want to tell you about my city, in our city there are many trees, in Russia there is very beautiful nature, and in my city as well. I like to go to the park, I like to watch the sunrise. Richard, and it is important for me to find a man for a serious relationship, for a joint future. I do not smoke, I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, sometimes my friends and I go to nature or to a cafe and we can drink some wine. But this always remains within reason.
Tell me about your character, I really want to know as much as possible about you.
I will wait for your answer. your friend Albina.
Letter 5
Hi Richard.
I am glad to receive your letter. How are you? How are you feeling?
I am very glad to receive again from you photos and pleasant words addressed to me. I love your photos. I am constantly happy to open your pictures on my computer. Thank you for that. I'm glad that my photos make you happy after work, your photos and letters always make me happy.
Thank you for your detailed story about yourself and your hobbies, it's nice to learn something new about a person. You talk openly about everything, I am looking for a strong and sincere relationship in which both partners can always tell each other about everything. And I'll stay honest with you, I promise.
In this letter I would like to continue my story about me. Today I will write about my favorite hobby - cooking.
I really love to cook. I love to come up with different dishes myself. I really like a variety of salads, meats, and fish.
Richard, you know that I really love to cook, my mom taught me how to cook, she cooks great and gave me her skills. I cook a lot of different foods: soups, pies, salads, and many other things, best of all I cook our national soup-Borsh. Richard have you heard of this Russian dish? sometimes I make pies, usually I make pies with meat and potatoes. do you like pies If you like pies, what kind of filling? also I love ice cream, especially chocolate. Most of all from our cuisine I love dumplings.
In this letter I will show you what borsch and pies look like. Photos taken from the Internet.
I will very much look forward to your next letter. My dear Richard answer me as soon as possible. Your Albina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Richard! I am glad to receive your letter.
How are you? I am doing well today, am I in a wonderful mood after I read your letter? your gentle compliments and glad for your new photo.
I am glad that you like my culinary skills, I also see that you are familiar with Russian cuisine. I am sure that I will also like the Norwegian dish very much! I could cook something for you. for example a romantic dinner.
I am a very romantic woman. I really love to meet the sunrises and sunsets on the coast of the river. I would very much like to watch the sunrise on the ocean coast someday, I dream about it. I am a very kind and calm person. often my friends are surprised how I can stay so quiet. In this letter I am sending you a photo with one of my friends Natasha. The second photo was taken by her :)
In people I love honesty and sincerity. This has nothing to do with you, we have good communication with you. Know that I take you very seriously, you have become a dear person for me.
Lying is a very bad quality in a person. Because of this, I no longer want to have anything with Russian men, since I have suffered a lot because of them and I don’t want that anymore. They think only of themselves, and do not know what a woman needs to give to make her happy. Richard has had a relationship in my life. It seemed to me that they really want a serious relationship, I trusted them, but they deceived me all the time, and I did not forgive them for this. It is very difficult for me to talk about this, but I think that we should not hide anything from each other? This concludes my letter.
I will wait for your next letter. Your Albina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard!
I am always very glad to receive your letters. From your letters and kisses in the letter, I become happy for the whole day. Have a nice weekend. I looked at the photos on the Internet and I really liked that wonderful place. Of course, no pictures will convey a real visit to these beautiful places.
I love your pleasant thoughts about spending time together. you have become very close to me, but I am very humble. It’s not easy for me to say my thoughts right away.
Dear Richard, I miss you so much and really want to see you in my life. I want to feel you with all my body, I want to kiss you, hug you. I am really looking forward to this moment. Know that I take you very seriously, you have become a dear person for me. I really want you to be always with me.
Richard in this letter I want to tell you a little about what I love, I love going to the forest. In the summer I like to go to nature - it's a very good vacation. Usually I go to my grandmother's garden. I love going to the river in summer, swimming. I love watching the sunrise and sunset, and I also love looking at the stars. It's very romantic. Richard I don't know, but I think your favorite season is summer? Dear, I also love animals, most of all I love cats and dogs. Richard what animals do you like?
I love summer because it is a very warm and beautiful time of the year, I really love this time of the year and I really like nature at this time. Richard, I would really like to know what nature is in your country, it will be very interesting for me to know. If you have a photograph with your nature, then I would really like to see it. I also send my summer photos here.
We could also talk to you on the phone, hear each other. If you wanted this, then I can call you, but for this I need your phone number.
This concludes my letter and will look forward to your reply. Please answer me as soon as possible. Your Albina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard!
I am a lonely woman, and when I receive your letter, I immediately feel that I am not such a lonely person. Richard, I read your letters many times, and I want to tell you that I am very pleased that we are in touch with you. I wish you a good start to the new week.
Hope the seminary went well. In your last letter you told me about this wonderful place and promised someday in the future to show all these beauties personally.
Dear Richard, I once told you that I do not have the ability to install Skype or other applications, my phone is not a smartphone. I plan to buy it with my next paycheck. I can call your phone number, do you have an available mobile number for simple calls?
Richard sometimes I think about our relationship and I hope that we are not playing games with you, I hope that we are creating our happy future and I hope that you only write the truth to me. My dear Richard I promise that I will never deceive you, I hate when someone deceives me and I think we are serious about this. I feel the sincerity in your letters.
My soul tells me that you are a fair and honest person. I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. I want to have a happy future, and I hope you want that too. Richard I know that we cannot meet with you right now, I am just waiting for this moment when it will be possible. We must get to know each other more and trust, and only then can we meet with you.
In the same letter I am sending you a photo as a sign of my honesty and sincerity towards you and our relationship.
Richard do you have many friends? I think it is necessary to have many friends, because our life will be much better if we have many friends. Have you got a dream? I have a dream, I really want to be loved. My dear Richard write to me as often as possible, as I am very much looking forward to your letters, and I really love to read them. I want to know your prospects in life. What principles do you have? This concludes my letter, and I look forward to your next letter. Answer me as soon as possible. Your Albina.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Richard!
I am very glad to receive your letter again. How was your day? Richard have you thought of me? This is the best part of my day, when I read your letter, I am so happy - it is great. Richard I read your letters many times and I am glad when I can read your new letter and a nice photo. The weekend is ahead and it will be possible to take a break from work.
In the last letter I took a photo with your name, unfortunately you did not say anything about him. And I would be pleased if you noticed such a moment.
My dear Richard, as for our meeting with you, how would you look at me coming to you? Without any fantasies, but in reality. You should think about it and let me know. I see from your letter that you are positive about everything. what do you want to know more about me? I think it is very difficult to talk about me, because I do not know what I have to tell you, but I will try to tell you everything you want to know.
I don't have many friends and girlfriends, and I think that's okay. I hope that we will be together in the future. I am an impatient person, and I would like to see you right now and talk to you face to face, but I understand that we have to wait for a while. But in the future we will definitely see each other and our relationship will acquire a different level. I would be very pleased if you could prepare something for me.
I want you to be honest and frank with me, and with my intentions towards you. If you are a good and honest person, and you feel good with me, then I will treat you the same way, but 1000 times more. I know that you are honest with me and I hope that in the future you will also be honest with me. I hope that you think of me often, and I also think of you very often, you are always on my mind. This concludes my letter, and I look forward to your reply. Richard answer me as soon as possible. I hope you understand my feelings for you. I kiss you tenderly. Your Albina.
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Richard!
How are you? My mood is very good because I am reading your letter again. I also see a good photo with your beautiful garden. Have a great weekend.
I am pleased that you support me about our personal meeting, because it is better to see in life, thus the relationship and I feelings will be clearer and more understandable for both of us.
Every time I get good energy from you, you make me one of the happiest women in the world. I feel that I am not alone as I communicate with you. When I read your letter, my soul is filled with joy, I really like to read your letters.
I want to ask you my dear, are you a pessimist or an optimist? I want to tell you that I am an optimist. I always think about the future with hope and I always hope and believe in the best. I hope to build a strong relationship with a good person.
Richard when you feel bad in your innermost innermost, what do you do? When my inner innermost is very bad and sad, I turn on music very loudly, and listen to sad music. And when I listen to sad music, my bad feelings leave me like tears.
And also I want to tell you about my feelings that appeared during our communication. I catch myself thinking that with each line of the letter, our distance decreases and that happy moment when I can hug you is getting closer and closer, and I can say how important these minutes are to me together. Beloved Richard, I really want to be with you.
This concludes my letter, and I look forward to your reply. Answer me as soon as possible, I always become happy when I receive your letters. I'm waiting for your answer.
Your Albina.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? How are you? I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the nice letter. It is a pity that you had to experience a stressful day, I hope the weekend went well, and you can start the new week with renewed vigor.
I think very positively about the meeting. I am convinced that our communication will grow into something more and we will see each other in life. But we need to prepare for this moment. Unfortunately, in life there are really often people who can call you their friend or partner, and then you realize that you have nothing important for a person when he just needs something from you. It is especially a pity that there are scammers in the world who joke with love. Unfortunately, this really is, but in the past I myself was deceived in a relationship, therefore I will never allow this with anyone else.
Yesterday my girl friend invited me and our girl friends to the cinema. I really love going to the cinema, but unfortunately I have very little time to go there often. My dear Richard, do you like going to the movies? What movies do you like? I really like different films, especially romantic ones. It's not often that interesting things are shown on TV, but sometimes you can find a good movie.
I like your dream, I like your romantic but serious attitude. As for me, I may come to you in the future. Perhaps this is my destiny, and yours as well. I would very much like to meet you. Richard I'm not joking with you. Please answer me.
Regarding relationships, I understand very well what you mean. It is important that they develop. Although, since then, when we met, a little spark has lit up in my heart. Every day the spark grew and became brighter. I realized that my feelings for you grew into something more. I loved you with all my heart and with all my soul. You are a person with whom I feel good. I will wait for your answer and your photos. Your Albina.
Letter 12
Hello my beloved Richard!
I am very glad to receive your letter. It's a shame that you've had a tough day, but you're making the right decision about your run. It is very useful, and also very well helps the head to rest from heavy thoughts.
I understand you our communication of course must go forward and develop, I understand what you are talking about.
I'm very glad that you also like movies. It would be very nice if you and I could choose some good film and watch it together. Being in each other's arms under a warm blanket would be so romantic. I love your dream.
Would you mind if I come to you in the future? I could take a vacation and then we could translate our relationship into reality.
At my work I will soon be given a vacation, and I would very much like to visit you on my vacation.
When I read your letters, I feel very warm and good in my inner world. I am very happy that we have found each other and I am glad that it is mutual. Now I know that I am not alone, that there is a person on Earth who is very dear to me, whom I would like to see as soon as possible! This man you are Richard! We are very far from each other, but even at a distance I can feel your warmth. Of course it would be much better to feel you personally. How wonderful it would be that you and I would meet and live together. I would wait for you from work, cook you a delicious dinner, meet you with a sweet kiss from work. We would do everything together, go shopping, walk in the park, spend all our time with each other. I dream of living together with you. I love you more than anyone else in the world! I want to be with you all my life! With dreams and with great love, your Albina.
Letter 13
Hello my beloved Richard! How are you?
I am very glad to receive your letter.
It's very good that you are visiting mom. On weekends, I also visit my grandmother to help her. It is important to help close people who once raised and raised us.
Of course, I always try to find time to write to you. How could it be otherwise? You are a person dear to my heart and I always think about you, think about you and me and our meeting. From your letter I can also see what you think of me and I am happy that it is mutual. I especially like that you are a romantic, I love this quality in you. Thus, we will brighten up our relationship, give each other a lot of tenderness and love.
If I come to you, then I am tormented by a number of questions.
My dear, where will I live? Will your relatives be ready for me? What will they say about me? I am very afraid. I am traveling to another country, without friends, without relatives. I have you, my beloved, but I still worry.
I also need your exact address: your city, the airport at which I will arrive.
I'm sure you won't fool me. Since I trust you. I love you. I'm just nervous. Forgive me for my concerns.
Please tell me what will we do when we arrive? Where are we going? What will I do if you're busy and can't spend time with me? I have so many questions!
I know I shouldn't worry. I know that you will not let me get bored at your place. We will give each other tenderness at nights, and days - and during the day you will come up with something. I do not want to inconvenience you.
Richard tell me how to behave in your country? So that I prepare in advance. How do people relate to newcomers? It's just that people in Russia don't like visitors and tourists very much. I hope you don't have one at home.
I am a little worried, but I hope our love will melt the ice of my worries. After all, the most important thing is that we will finally be able to see each other and everything will be like in films about happy love. I will be waiting for your answer.
Love you and kiss, your ALbina.
Letter 14
Hello my beloved Richard! How are you? What are your plans for the weekend?
Everything is in order for me, only the working day turned out to be stressful and tiresome. Classes came to our school from other cities, we had a physical training Olympiad.
It's nice to read your words of hospitality and cordiality, thank you for receiving me with such great warmth. thus, your words give me more confidence and I will gladly come to you.
I also wrote down your city and airport, this information is very important for preparing a trip for you.
Today, during a break from work, during lunch, I went to a travel company and they told me that their company could prepare documents for me to travel to you.
They said that my documents would be ready in about 2 weeks. The travel agency will have to prepare my passport and insurance, then they will have to order a visa for me. The agent said that for a visa, I would have to arrive in Moscow at your embassy. I was told that they can take care that I could get a visa without any problems. Then the agency will be obliged to book a ticket for me and make a more convenient flight itinerary. Richard I told them that I would probably sign a contract with them for my trip.
My dear tomorrow I will study the details of the cost of the flight, and the necessary documents. Today I had some free time from my work, and I was not able to study everything in detail. My dear Richard, I really hope that we will be fine and soon we will be together. I think about it very often!
My dear Richard write to me as soon as possible, I will very much look forward to your letter. Kiss you. Yours and only yours Albina.
Letter 15
Hello my beloved Richard!
How are you? I am very glad to receive your letter. I wish you a good sabbath day. I am very glad to receive your letter. Filled with love and tenderness.
I often think about you and often fantasize about how we will spend time together. It seems to me that this will happen soon. I really appreciate and respect you. You are very dear to me. So I want to spend bright days, passionate nights with you. Feel your warmth and the pounding of your heart. Your words also bring a lot of love and tenderness to my soul and I really want to be close to you sooner.
Now about my flight to you and our meeting. I went to a travel company to find out the amount of the flight to you. I was told that a visa and a passport costs 160 euros, and a round-trip ticket from 460 euros, medical insurance that will include protection against the corona virus and other documents required to travel to your country 220 euros, and it turns out 840 euros. Richard I receive a salary of 400 euros, and I will pay them, but I still lack 440 euros to come to you.
I hope you can help me. Can I count on your help? The documents will be prepared for about two weeks, and maybe even earlier, I was told so by the travel agency. My visa will be valid for 90 days. I can already imagine how you will meet me at the airport with flowers. My beloved Richard, it is very important for me that you trust me and help me with the money for the flight to you. Because without your help, I will not be able to fly to you.
I think that trust is the most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman. I trust you very much, and I never want to lose you! I hope that soon we will be together! Answer me as soon as possible, I will very much wait for your letter. Your beloved Albina.
Letter 16
Hello my beloved Richard.
How are you? How is Sunday afternoon? I wish you all the very best, I kiss you hard. I especially thank you for your understanding of my situation. After all, I also very much want to come to you. I am looking forward to this opportunity. I hope we will be able to do this soon. Below I will provide all the information you need about myself:
surname: CHIZHOVA
Vostochnaya street 5-37, Izhevsk, Russia, 426063 3.
I am giving you my phone number. But I do not have an international call connected, I hope you can call me: +79194181836. 4.
in this letter I will send copies of my Russian passport for you. Here it serves as an identity card. Here is all the detailed information about me. The school recently demanded copies of my Russian passport, and they were in the computer, so I send them to you without any difficulties. 5.
440 euros Beloved Richard, I wish you good mood and good health in this sad autumn season. But I love this autumn, because it will soon connect you and me.
Your Albina
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