Scam letter(s) from Alina Klimova to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1
Klaus, darling...
I don't know how to begin it... I am sure that now you will be shocked, but in the morning I was just under such striking news, that could not believe my ears about what I have heard. Darling, for the trip to you I needed to do PCR-test as you know. So yesterday I did its test, and today in the morning I went for the results, and I have positive analyze!!! It showed that I have active COVID!!! I could not believe all this, because I have no symptoms, I feel myself absolutely fine, and no grounds to think that I can have it at all!!!
I asked how it can be, that it's some mistake, I am healthy, feel myself fine, but I was explained that people bear this disease in different ways, someone can have it, but not to know about this, as in my case, because I have young body, there are no symptoms and no complications!
Of course at once I was isolated, and now I am on quarantine at home. Working administration set me up computer at home, as it is beginning of school year, so I will do my job from the house and I have to be under the control. People always will come and check if I don't break the rule to be guaranteed. I don't know what to tell else...
Just since the morning I am in such condition not understanding what is going on and it seems that all this nightmare is not with me and us!!! Tomorrow we should be together, but I have this virus!!! Just why and how!!! I don't know what to tell else... I have no words, no emotions...
Letter 2
Already in a few days I will press to you!!! We will be side by side! Honey, I will do PCR test today, and everything for our future will be completed :* My Love, my Klaus, how strongly I wish to touch you by my gentle glance at you... Just to look at you, keep your hand in mine and make this moment frozen being happy side by side... I don't need nobody else, because I am absolutely yours. I simply wish to follow my man wherever you go... No matter in what Earth spot we can be, the main is simply to be together keeping strongly our hands together. I just want to make that moment when you will take my hand in yours than sooner than better, and since that moment never being apart no more and no longer. You know, distance is too strange thing... On the one hand it causes too much pain because two people in love are too far away from each other, but on another hand with every new lived out day our love and feelings become only stronger and stronger. But who overcame it and didn't give up will be happy forever. And for sure it waits for us. As all our efforts are not in vain, it is for the sake of US, for the sake of our LOVE, for the sake of BEING TOGETHER, for the sake of OUR FUTURE! You are that man with whom is waiting only all the best. You are that man whom only I see myself with. You are that man whom only I need. You are that man, whose I am completely. Completely yours Alina.
Letter 3
Sweet gentle kisses are flying to you, my darling Klaus :* :* :* :* :* :*
And wish your day to be nice and great! For my the best man I want everything to be only in the best way! Always when I return back home in evenings from work, or from sport trainings, I think how nice it would be if you met me late evenings, so being together we would walk slowly home... We would just come to the shop, buy something for dinner or simply some tasty things to eat by the time of watching movie, would discuss the passing day, just lay in hugs talking, joking and laughing at each other... I would kiss you eyes, your nose, your cheeks, your sweet lips, bite gently your ears having wish simply to eat you from the all my love about you :love: :love: :love: Would lay pressing to you being proud and happy that the best man all over the world is only mine! That I am so lucky to meet you... We would lay night time building some plans and dreaming what will be with us in future through passing years... I will ask you like the line from the song of Lana del Rey "will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful?" And you will simply kiss me... These are too simple imaginations, but how happy all these moments can make two people who are in endless love... Yours Alina
Letter 4
My Klaus, my darling, I am glad that we coped with you with all these difficulties and all is done for our future and being together!!! It makes me so inspired and happy that we have established with you this mutual trust and mutual understanding! With such relationships only stone happy future is awaiting for us ahead, sweetie!!! It is very important for me... And I indeed appreciate all, as I understand you and how not too easy all this was to you, my dearest... I have managed the most convenient ticket on the 9 September on Thursday. My departure is at 10:50 and my arrival is at 14:45. So wait me there with opened arms for strong-strong-strong hugs :oops: Looooooove youuuuuuuu! Yours Alina
Letter 5
My darling, my love, my Klaus, so all is done and ready for us, for being together, for our future!!! Darling... We faced with difficulties, but we came through this being together! Dark moments are behind, and we are going to build our future full of bright unforgettable moments, honey!!! All is fine! Ticket is managed for Tuesday at the same time, I go at 15:25 and arrive 16:45 And finally will be in your arms!!! How much I wish finally to press to you... Need you, love you, honey!!! Yours and only yours forever Alina :love:
Letter 6
My darling Klaus, so I will explain you what I was trying to tell you by phone. Sooooooo, now we have any problem! I have paid for the debt, the debt is closed, so right nothing nothing prevents us from being together and we have any obstacle nooooo loooooonger! And I have visited the agency, and got the information, that yes, we of course can manage the new ticket, only we have 30% of insurance from the price from previous ticket, because I missed the flight because of my personal problem, darling. As ticket price was 86$, we saved from this 26$. The new ticket's price for the next week is 120$. It means that for this we have to pay 94$. Plus it is clearly that PCR test which costs 45$ must be done, and additional finances with myself to reach the airport 100$. The total amount is 239$. Klaus, I don't like these talks about money, but these are clear things which is not my problem, and all this is needed not because of me, but because such are demands for trip... I don't want to feel like I am guilty in this, dear...
Letter 7
Hello, Klaus... Hello, dear... I understand you, but all your words and this behavior hurt me too much... I am tired... I am without emotions... I am just emotionally empty, emotionally drained... I didn't want to send you even that photo yesterday, I didn't want my man to see me this way, and I don't want and will not send any photos more for requests. I also want to be heard and to be understood. I don't want to prove nothing, I am clear in all. I want to forget what has happened to me that day like terrible nightmare!!! Most of all right now I need care and support of my beloved and loving man, but not justify myself proving something like I am on the court. Klaus... I am woman... I am simple weak woman, who need her man to understand me, to trust me, to support me... Yes, I want to be with you, I understand your feeling, your attitude to all this, but I don't want to break our relationships with this doubts and conditions what I have to do.... Because where trust is finished - relationships begin to be broken... Do you think that I will be happy with this money??? No, Klaus!!! Money is temporary thing!!! But love is forever!!! Money will go, but love no!!! I want my person beside be!!! I would be ****** and silly to lose love probably for the whole my life just for amount of money which will go away!!! So if you want to save our relationships, feelings, emotions, we have to go in the one direction saving all for better our happy future, but not breaking... If we pay now this debt, yes, I will be able to come to you... Yes, we will forget about about all this and build our happiness... All is in your hands...
Letter 8
Hello, Klaus... For me it is very hurtful to hear such words from you... I told you all the way was, I told you all the way has happened... I would be only happy if all was not so terrible, and neither I, neither we didn't suffer from this, but unfortunately I faced with this nightmare and such terrible case... And it is hurtful to hear such words from you, when most of all I needed care, love and support of my man...
Letter 9
Dear... Klaus... It is difficult to put myself together, after all what has happened to me just recently... And worst of all is that thing, that I am afraid and don't know how to tell you it! In any way I need to do it in spite of everything...! So I got money and I went to pay for the debt... And I thought inspired that finally we will be together... Since that time when I came to the yard where bank is, I noticed that one strange unknown man was going behind me... But I didn't pay attention, that during all this time he followed me!!! I didn't think that such case can happen in Kiev, in crowded town just in the middle of the white day!!! It is very difficult for me to remember what happened, but I will try to tell you... Since that time when I came to the yard of house, I noticed that he was going behind me.... And at that moment I felt that something is wrong!!! I began to go faster and faster and almost run into the main entrance of the nearest house in hurry to check if that man follows me or not, but I was not in time... Now I remember only the one thing - I felt beat on my head... I came to myself in the hospital and could not understand what happened!!! In the ambulance I was explained everything... I was found in the main entrance of the house unconscious by some woman who called the ambulance and police... At once I asked... Where is my bag???!!! When they answered me that when I was found, there were no personal things with me, only phone in the pocket of the jacket... I didn't hear what I was telling me more... I felt just nothing inside as I understood that my bag with money was stolen... And sweetie, Klaus... I was just crying and crying, being not able to tell nothing... Moreover I'm bitten by some stranger, have injuries, and I feel myself so disgusted, because someone interfered into our lifes and decided that he needs money more, and was ready to cause such malicious actions to the young not protected woman...!!! At least all another documents I left at my the baggage room! My Klaus, you do everything for us, to be together, you have too much patience... But I just spoiled everything...!!! Have no words to express everything what I feel right now... Please, darling... Please... Answer me back when only read this...... I need to hear you.... I need only you, sweetie....
Letter 10
Hello my sweetheart...
Klaus... Don't know... I just don't know what to tell you now and how to do this... But I need and I will try to tell you everything, although it is very difficult for me now and I am writing you and tears will up on my eyes more and more that I nearly cannot see the screen and cannot gather my thoughts...! Okay... I just need to do this! Honey, today... Exactly this day should be the happiest one, without tears and worries, but it should be only with positive and smiles... And unfortunately everything is otherwise!
I just didn't expect this and could not think that this can happen...Now I am seating and try to put all my strength to tell you everything since the very beginning... So today when I arrived Kiev, left my bag at the baggage department and wanted to know everything concerning my flight as I have never travelled by plane earlier... So I went to apply in the information box to help me with my flight... And Klaus... Everything began exactly from this moment...! They took my ID and were checking something in the computer system... Than worker of the airport returned me it with such words: " Ms. Alina, we are apologizing before you, but you will be not able to leave borders of Ukraine..." I didn't understand HOW it can be and WHY... When they were in hurry to explain me everything having noticed by my reaction that soon I will be not able to control myself... It turned that there is debt, debt for utilities for flat... I knew about that debt, I got subpoena, I visited the court which decided to appoint restructuring of my debt, but after time passed and that this process was forgotten! I am just shocked...! Honey, I even didn't suspect that past can depict on our future!!! I have nothing to think, nothing to feel and nothing to tell more...! This debt is too big... It is 427$ and I just didn't expect that past can influence our common future so much!!! Yes, sorry... It is only my mistake and I needed to think about it beforehand, but believe me... If only I knew, I would tell you it at once! I could not imagine that such difficulties can be...I don't know what to do and to tell more... If we pay it - we will meet, if no - I will understand it... Just tell me what I need to do... Do I need to come back home or we will manage with this problem... Of course if you agree to close this debt, I will return you all sum of money as only I earn it!!! Of course it will be not everything and at once, and it will be partially. I hope that soon everything with my salary will be fine and I will be able to save money to give you part by part! I am just asking you to forgive me if you can... Klaus, I realize that it can be difficult, but I am broken completely... I am seating here in loneliness only with tears and pain...In any case I wait for you answer and for your phone call...! Please, call me as only you read this...
Letter 11
Honey, honey, honeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!
This is new week and it is associated with our new common life!!! We finally begin this!!! Finally I will be out of plane, come to you, press to you and the whole world will stop because I will need already anything-anything else than you near me!!! You are the only and the one, and all I wish it is to enjoy feeling that my man is beside! And at last we are in a few moments from this!!! Klaus, I think that I have never been soooooooo happy than these upcoming days when we are going to realize all what we waited such a long period!!! I love you, love you, love you and these three words I will whisper you soooo soon to your ear!!! I don't know how else to express you all the happiness I feel now inside!!! Moreover today is my the last working day!!! I will finish my job duties and will run home to pack the last things in the baggage :) !!! Tomorrow my trip to you and in our common future takes its beginning! Tomorrow morning I go to the airport, this is my first so excited and long-awaited flight! Sweeeeeetie, are you ready?? Mmmm?? My Klaus, when I come I will not leave you for a moment!!! You are forever mine!!! Don't forget to meet me please :)) ;) !!! Also yesterday I did PCR test as you know, and today I got its result, so I am healthy and can travel to your arms!!!
See you sooooooon!!!!!!!!!
Looooooooooooooove youuuuu :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
Letter 12
Klaus, dearest, beloved and loving! How are you doing? How is your mood? How is your day? How is your self-feeling? If did you sleep well? If did you have good rest? I just want to surround you with my care, warmth and tenderness too much, but unfortunately cannot do nothing because of this far distance :( All what I can to do is to put efforts to express everything what is inside me towards you at least through the words, sentences, letters. When people are in love, every of them needs attention of his partner, as he needs to feel that he is important and takes substantial place in life of partner. So being simple alive woman for me it is also necessary to get attention, to hear some gentle words and to be treated in kind lovely way by my man. All this I get from you, my sweetheart, but it is not enough... I just need to feel your presence, to wake up with you, to spend simple day from life, to have breakfast, dinners, suppers, to have talks, walks, to fall asleep on your strong ******* feeling myself in safety being wrapped by your hugging my arms... I just need you...
Letter 13
Love... My love... My beloved Klaus... Yes, I named you absolutely correctly and guess it is time to tell this, because it is already not possible to hide this for no longer, and there is any sense in this at all... Because, my darling, I love you! All the signs, all the feelings inside me, all emotions what I have point out at this... In life it is always too romantic and unforgettable moment when second halves confess each other in their feelings, when they look in each other eyes with limitless gentles and lovely flutter, pronounce these three words... With kisses and hugs... With tender touches and care... And I write it to you... But I am sure that all these unforgettable moments we have ahead!!! I simply cannot no longer keep everything this inside me and what you to know that for this time we are in touch I feel myself happy woman... Happy with you... And sure that ahead for us are waiting lots of happy and unforgettable moments! When we will sit together in each other hugs one cozy evening, will arrange romantic dinner, talk about all carefree and for us will wait the whole our night being able simply to enjoy our privacy and presence of the beloved person beside... If only to close the eyes and open them being already next to you... Honey... And in a few days it finally will happen!!! Everything for the successful trip is done and arranged!!! Tomorrow in the second half of the day I will do PCR test, on Thursday the result of this will be ready on my hands, and also Thursday will be my the last day at work. In the morning of Friday I will go to the airport to Kiev to be there in advance having normally time. But I will deactivate WhatsApp, so we can be able to stay in touch directly through the mobile line, dear. Soon our precious and so long-awaited time for being together comes, dear!
I love you.
I need you.
I am yours.
Yours Alina.
Letter 14
A nice day to you, my sweetest Klaus :* How are you doing? How were your weekends? My dearest, actually I cannot find all the correct and suitable words to express all what is inside me about you... Inside me is some so tremulous feeling which I care about... Sometimes when I think about you, this feeling interferes me to breath calmly and it seems that I don't have enough of the air... I guess that exactly such condition is named "butterflies in the stomach" when all inside is turned over only with the one thought about yours beloved and loving second half. There are too many different thoughts and feelings about us the same time. I am too happy that I have you, but I am too miserable that we are too far away... That we are separated with this long distance, with time we have to wait out to achieve our dream and goal for realization of all wishes, aims and desires - to be together, to be near, to get simple joy from every second and minute of spending together! When I think about these moments, about all emotions and sensations which will be gotten when we will be beside - everything inside me is pressed, because there is too great wish to make is closer as much as possible... Miss you, darling, all the time... And always think about you.
Alina. Yours Alina.
Letter 15
Darling, knock-knock :) Yours Alina came back ;) So, how is your day? My dearest Klaus, only imagine the moment how I enter your room, hug you behind too strongly, kiss gently your cheek, your neck, you turn me in front to yourself and kiss me... We would simply enjoy our time, laughing carelessly just because we have each other... Imagine how we would wake up, I would see next to me your sleepy lovely face... I would go in our house in only my lingerie or your T-shirt smelling yours aroma from it... For any girl it is happiness to breath and feel how she smells by her loving and beloved man from his hugs, kisses and spent night together... It gives feeling that you are always near, always with me and warms us with memories from the time we spent together... I am dreaming about the moment when will breath you, feel your hands on me, your care and will give up to you in full... Simply to feel your aroma and after when I will smell it again and again to become crazy of this... As it is said that it is too easy to make girl in love mad - just give her to smell aroma of her beloved and loving man! And I wish to breath you... Darling, if do you have something what drives you crazy from beloved and loving woman? I have to be aware and probably to use it as my gun for future ;) :* :* :* :* Yours Alina
Letter 16
My sweet man, how are you? My Klaus, how much I dream finally to try the taste of your lips and melt in your hugs... Just all these feelings which I have to you influence on me absolutely different ways making my mood too changeable. And I cannot do nothing with my behavior, because it is under the control with thoughts about you. One time I can be smiling and too happy, but another time I simply want to see and talk to nobody being upset and irritating... To become calm and get joy from life in full, all what I need is to have you near me. Because in fact when people are in love, their condition depends on their partner... If he is near, you know that when you come home you will see too dearest face for you, will feel touches of your beloved, will lay in his arms, just talk carelessly about all what comes to your mind being yourself with the person whom you love and who loves you. From these simple moments consists our life, and if you have a person to share them between - you already can be named happy person. I wish to be happy woman in the simplest way.... Wish to be happy woman with you, making you the happiest man simply promising you for sure the one - all my gentle feelings is inside of me will be only yours... Because in fact they already are in your disposal as me. Yours Alina
Letter 17
Darling, sweetheart, precious, honey, dearest, sugary, just only mine Klaus, hello-hello to you :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* I simply don't know what and how to tell to make you feel all the gentleness which is inside of me towards you..! You know, when children want to express all their love, they simply come up to someone and hug him too strongly with the whole efforts... So the same and I want to do!!! Just to come up to you, press you to me and never let you go!!! Today I woke up in some playful mood and cannot sit calmly on my working place. I am all shining and smiling having any wish to do my job. Recently we had coffee break with girls from my job, and one of them were speaking about one man whom she met over the Internet, he is from the same town where we live and in the evening he invited her to the romantic date. At once I thought about you and us, and that time when finally we will arrange our first and for sure unforgettable meeting, after which all is possible we will never be apart. That girl just asked us advices what to wear, what make-up to do, what hairstyle and all another girlish bustling before the meeting with the man whom she likes... I thought at once what pleasant time it is when you do all to be the best girl for your man making so that he will not take a glance for you! And once that day will come when we will sit beside enjoying that we did this... My darling, I simply want to put all the efforts to be the best one for you, because you are the best one for me... And how is going on your day? What did happen? Probably have you something interesting to tell me about?
Yours Alina
Letter 18
Hello my dear Klaus! First of all I am very very happy that today as always I have a possibility to write you letter, where I tell you how much I was missing you and to express everything what I feel!!! I would like to continue on the very romantic note speaking about my feelings to you and dreaming how we will spend time together, but unfortunately I need to tell you about some organizational points concerning our future! Honey... Today I realized that I am silly and ****** girl indeed!!! Yes, and this is true, I don't refuse from this truth about myself... And as only found the possibility just at once am writing you! Today I have gotten a phone call from the agency and they asked me to visit them. Of course I didn't put it away for a long time, and as only I had free minute I ran at once to them, because now the most important event in my life is our meeting with my lovely man!!! I was asked the question there, if I am financially independent to travel to your country, and I surely told them that "yes, of course"! Honey, I thought that this question concerns to the payment for Travel Package, and I could not even think that the system going abroad is sooo difficult to make, that I began to panic in nervousness and didn't know what to do!!! At it turned, under that question they meant if I have enough finance on my bank account, which allows me to travel abroad... Honey, one more time I want to confess what a ****** woman I am!!! Why didn't I think everything beforehand??? My Klaus, I am ready just to cry now, as I understand my guilt before you... Agency explained me about the system of work of travel checks, which I need to get for the solution of this problem... They can be bought in any international bank and their presence proves that I am not a beggar and go abroad not to panhandle as poor woman... When I heard its sum, I was stunned by it and was just shocked!!! The common sum of it amounts is 750$, and it's not matter how much days I stay in your country... And you know that for me this news is like a bolt from the blue!!! But sweetheart, if to consider this issue from the positive corner, as always it gives us positive side in all this situation... When they saw my eyes full of shock and nearly ready to be on tears, after that when I heard this information, they were in hurry to make me calm, that after that when I arrive to your country, all this sum will be given back!!! Klaus... Dear... It really encouraged me, but I still to be worrying in the obscurity, because I don't know what reaction you will have after this!!! I know... I know that you can be angry on me after this, I know that you can blame and tell that I am silly girl, but darling, the main thing is that this money will be not lost!!! Money will be given back from cent to the last cent, and in any International bank there is a serves to change that cheques for money as only I reach the place of destination!!! Honey, it means that as only I arrive to you, we can go there and you will take back all this payment cent in cent and dollar in dollar!!! These tour checks need to be bought for the possibility to leave my country and to come in yours! Sorry, sorry my love... I don't know how I need to ask forgiveness from you, but I realize that it is my fault and only my... My all gentle lovely feelings to you just have no measures and boundaries, and I cannot even allow the thought, that when we are making the last step of preparations of my coming to you, everything can be broken... I cannot put this idea in my head, because my mind which is full with thoughts about you, refuse to take this idea!!! I am writing you and with each new word it is so difficult for me to type, because my eyes are completely in tears, my hands and fingers are trembling and I cannot stop this crying... Klaus, my heart is beating with such speed and wants to break out because of this pain... Everything that I want, especially for now it is to turn next to you!!! I cannot stay alone no more... We need, not... we MUST be together!!! Please, answer me as only you can... I cannot say something more... Yours only Alina
Letter 19
My lovely man, my Klaus, yours sweet girl is with you :* But of course much better would be if we woke up in the one bed, I would be awake little bit earlier than you, would lay on you pressing too close and begin to wake you up with my gentle sweet kisses... You would open your nice eyes, look at me, we would smile to each other, laugh being happy and the beginning of the day would be the best what only can be for two people who are in love!!! But indeed I think that such morning would lead us to some more than only hugs and kisses, if you know what I mean ;) :oops: :oops: :oops: In such way it would be possible to lay in bed the whole day long just enjoying each other... I am sure that time would go, and we would not notice what an hour is. But now all this we can live out only in imaginations... One day we will feel all this on ourselves remembering that once it was in our dreams and fantasies. As actually all is in our hands and efforts. If to want something too much - it certainly will be! It certainly will happen!!! And what our common morning would be perfect for you? Mm? Alina :*
Letter 20
A nice day to the nicest man :* If do you miss me so strongly as I do? If do you think about me? How much? How often? I have noticed by myself that I cannot think about nothing else that you and we. Today in the morning I came at work, and we had appointed meeting at 10 AM for all the workers of school. And you know, when I went out of the cabinet, I caught myself that I don't remember what we discussed there. I felt myself so awkward, came up to the one of my colleagues and being red asked her what about our meeting was. She glanced at me surprising raising up her eyebrow, answered that it was simple monthly meeting for organizational moments and after told me in misunderstanding "Alina, you were sitting in front of me and heard all, so what for you ask?" Actually I even didn't know what to answer her... I simply smirked, told that I was sleepy and tired, and went away from her not to be attacked with some more clumsy questions. I just could now answer you something like this "Oh, you know, I thought not about work, but about my sweetheart Klaus and when we will be together" :oops: :oops: :oops: You just control absolutely my mind, so I feel myself as some teen girl in love... Actually I am so happy that these gentle feelings are again born in me and make me alive... Yours Alina
Letter 21
Hello, my sweetheart... My Klaus, how are you? Indeed we all are different people, every of us has various emotional states, mood, thinking, lifestyles and so on, but we are all the same in the one - we all are alive, we all need to love, to be beloved, we all need feeling of care, tenderness, warmth and support. And we automatically become happy when we obtain all this. We can build up on our minds some certain images of happiness, but when you meet yours person all pictures you created are changes in a moment. For example... Just if could you think that you can be happy person being with your woman through the far distance? Me - no. I simply decided to try a chance, to see what can be from all this experience, met you and what now...? I will tell you, although you know and so, that now you are always on my mind, and you are that person, that man about whom I think all the time and who I wish to be near me. And I don't dream about some fairy life... I wish us together to spend simplest moments... It will be happiness just to stay home in evening, to cook something tasty on the kitchen for talks and cute fun... If did it happen to you, that you imagined your happiness in some the one way, but found it absolutely in another one? Now my happiness is you... Too far, but wish it to be too closer.... Alina... Klaus's Alina
Letter 22
Klaus, my darling, hello... Dear, I see that I have to explain you all once again. My precious, I also want to tell you that I live in this country, I found out all certain needed information to arrange its trip in its right way for my guaranteed travelling to you and to enter your country for sure without any obstacles and any issues. First of all about tickets... To change tickets it is not a problem, I can know this information from the agency and to choose airport what we need, I simply thought that we need Munich, that is why I got information about this. But my darling, to arrange my coming to you in its guaranteed way we have to buy the Travel Package as the one the whole unit, but not to do it separately. Darling, first of all trip to Europe must be arranged in order with all needed documents, and moreover in this Covid times all is more strict, so it is needed to use the agency which will do all the way must be done to enter your country in its guaranteed way. This is my first trip, and for me it is also important all to be arranged in normal way to be sure that any obstacles are not awaiting for me. You talk about invitation letter, but darling, forget about this at all. This is forbidden for me, because it is needed all to be arranged in its touristic way. Because I am young girl, unmarried, without children, without property, I have nothing what keeps me in this country, so for your country it is great risk that I can come there and stay there just illigaly, so in the aiport I can be just forbidden to go away!!! Honey, this is very serious, and I don't want such suprises!!! For women from Ukraine, not from Europe all is serious and strict, not so easily as you think. And I tell you, it is my the first trip, I don't want to be all on nerves. I will find out from the agency what the price will be to change for another aiport, and we can arrange all, and this month will be finally already togeher as we both are dreaming about, honey!!! Yours Alina
Letter 23
Hi-hi, my Klaus! Just guess what I keep in my hands right now!!?? Mmm??))) Yeees, it's passport!!! We did this!!! They way into your strong warm arms is opened, and soon we will be able to make all our wishes, dreams, and desires true!!! Can you only believe and only imagine this!!! That you will keep me beside, hug me, cuddle and kiss me all the time!!! I am happy, happy with you, my precious!!! But you know, from an another side I don't know my mood is good or bad... My emotional background is fulfill, because we near serious stage which can change our lifes. Emotions are emotions, and understanding from the fact that nothing depends on me... This understanding can not make my mood better. Anyway, I'm writing you also with following news... As I was in the travel agency and got the passport, I also was consulted about the trip to you.... So will inform you with information which I got.... Now I'll explain you all more carefully to make you understand what and how is needed to be done! Although the Visa is not needed, but there is number of rules and documents which a person has to have for successful trip. Honey, generally speaking travel agency provides clients with two ways how to make documents abroad! One of them - you do everything by your own and pay for each service separately, and another one is called as "Travel Package" which they recommend, because for this service agency gives guaranties that I certainly will enter to your country for 90 days long staying. Now I'll explain you more carefully to make you understand its differences! If we choose the first option to do all by our efforts, it will be in such way: * Two ways tickets Kiev - MUC - Kiev cost 171$ (tickets have to be in two ways for demands of airport. As I have to prove that I guaranteed will come back and I was told that this airport is the closest to your town).
* Such formal needs as booking hotel, medical insurance, and other documents which are demanded on the border to leave the country cost 295$. As I was explained in the agency, such procedure as booking hotel is formal and is demanded as just need to see that I have place where to live! And that I don't go abroad to do some crime, or to settle there not legally... And government of Germany has to be sure which people come to their country! But when I come, of course we'll be together with you wherever you wish, my sweetie.... Moreover in the cost of all these documents is included price for a certificate of passing a PCR-test for coronavirus with a negative result for a period of not more than 96 hours.
*Also is needed to have extra money for trip to Kiev airport and another additional expenses in amount 100$
Total needed amount is 566$. And my Klaus, as I've already mentioned there is the second option, which is more profitable and convenient! This services provides clients with all the formalization of all necessary documents and needs as booking hotel and so on. Also if we choose this way, agency takes care about all documents and guarantees I will enter your country without any problems and will certainly enter your country, as they take all the responsibilities on themselves! And if even something happens - they return money back! Such service as Travel Package costs 399$. And beside it, is necessary to have some extra money in amount 100$ for the trip to Kiev. In total this option costs 499$, it means that we save 67$! Sweetie.... You can see that if to compare two variants, the second one is cheaper, more convenient, and faster! What is important that it gives us more benefits than if to do everything separately from the Travel Package. But in fact I don't know what to do... Now you understand why I feel some mixed emotions.... My dear Klaus, from the one side I'm very happy and very glad that we began to move towards each other, but from the other side - in my mind I soberly realize what a huge sum it's and I how much and long I have to work to get it, that it's just impossible...! Now I'm all on nerves and worries having no idea what you'll tell me on this...... But my darling, in any way I'm waiting for your answer and can only hope that your words were not only words... With hope and awaiting yours Alina...
Letter 24
Honeeeeey, how are you doing? My dear Klaus, I wish that day when I will ask it standing next to you will come true. That in the evening I will wait you home, with prepared tasty dinner, will ask how was your day, we will discuss it, enjoying our evening private time having forgotten about all the routine, all the daily issues, all the problems. As we will be side by side, nothing else will not worry us. As the main is to know that you are needed, beloved and cared. That there is always place where you know you are for sure awaited and always happy to return back... Where is atmosphere of love, warmth and happiness. When I was a child, for me it was too precious time when in the evening at home was tasty smell of dinner, when my mum and me waited for father till he return back from work, and we were so happy when heard the sound of opened door lock, that in a moment jumped from the place and were near the door meeting dad. Every of us was happy and beloved simply because he has loving and beloved family. But small girl already grew up, and I wish to have my man, to enjoy our personal time simply being near building our strong couple and our own life. If do you have some moments from early years which left pleasant trace of memories till now? And by the way, probably now we also create our memorable pages of our own romantic story :) Yours Alina
Letter 25
Hello-hello to my dearest Klaus from his girl Alina :) I am sure that you missed me and waited me to contact with you, because I always do so. Always wait the possibility to be in touch with my man, to calm myself down that with you all is fine, to know what you do, what is your condition, how is your mood... As unfortunately through this far distance we are not able to meet every day and know each other more and more. As sometimes to understand what is going on in soul of person, it's enough to look only in his eyes... And glancing right now in mine, I guess that you would see some sadness and loss...Because last time I am all in thoughts about you and our relationships. I didn't notice how for this period of time while we are in contact I cannot think nothing more than about you, my dearest Klaus... Actually I even didn't notice from what exact moment it has happened... Just more gradually feelings were increasing and now I am confused how it has happened, moreover when we are too far from each other... From this I made for myself conclusion that it is no matter how long you know the person, if he is close or far, because feelings can be born even being through seas and oceans..! As sometimes people live together for ages and indeed are strangers for each other, but sometimes it is enough only to talk to a person and understand that exactly he is yours... We are in contact almost every day, and it became to be already important part of my life. I feel affection to you and worry how you are there, if all is fine... If only to touch you, if only to kiss you, if only to feel that you are with me, that you are near... Alina...
Letter 26
Darling, hi Klaus :* What do you do today? How are you in general? If all is okay? You know that I am happy because the first step for our common future what about we dream, what is in our goal is done! My condition you know, that as always I think about you and missing you too much... Today morning I almost overslept as saw you in my night dream :oops: When alarm clocks rang, I switched it off and decided to lay 5 minutes and stand up. So and what do you think? I have only closed my eyes and in a moment fall asleep! I slept about 20 minutes more, and for this seems so short period I was in time to watch already the whole movie about us! And certainly seeing you in my dream, it was so sweet feeling that I didn't want to open my eyes and wake up... It was so warm and nice to realize for a short moment that we are together, and too sad when I opened eyes, saw empty space near me and came to myself understanding that I am here alone, but you are far away. Actually you know that always it's some difficult to reestablish in memory exact dream, so I remember all in short peaces. I remember your face in front on me, how you were smiling looking at me, taking away from my face hair, kissed me gently... I simply remember cute and sweet feeling inside and know for sure that moment I was so happy having possibility to spend time with you at least in such way. When I woke up I was laying for some minutes smiling to myself thinking how great it will be when this moment comes true! And certainly once it has to be..! Alina :*
Letter 27
Hello, my sweetheart... How are you today, my dear Klaus? How is your mood? Actually I cannot understand what is going on with me last time... I have some changeable mood, changeable behavior and some worrying confusing feelings inside. One minute I can sit happy and smiling, and another one - already to go and close inside myself being some sad having any wish to communicate with nobody. I just don't want nobody to disturb me, and wish only to sit being with myself thinking about all the personal things... About personal things which relate to us, my darling... I ask myself how so happened that man who is too far became too close for me... I ask myself how so happened that for all this time we are in contact I already cannot think about nothing else than you and we... I ask myself what it is between us and how far it will lead us.... Of course time and life will put everything on its places, and by the time all questions will be answered, but probably such is simply girlish nature to delve in mind trying to find something our knowing what :) And probably all this can be stopped when you will take my hand in yours and tell me that you are with me... Only in such case my heart will knock in calmness knowing that I am in reliable male hands... Yours Alina
Letter 28
Dearest Klaus, my sweetheart Klaus, if do you know that you are with me 24/7? Yes, I cannot stop thinking about you, and all the time you are on my mind! Actually I feel myself as some teenage girl who fall in love, and I understand how strongly I missed this cute pure feeling... When all the time I think about man whom I like, remembering how you look, remembering words which you wrote me to and smiling to myself with pleasant warmth inside of me. I just close my eyes and see yours... I open my eyes and again see yours in front of you... Just ahead is time when we indeed will wake up, open our eyes and sink in each other's glances full of warm and gentle feelings... You know, I think that relationships and love is when partners share everything for half and when together they are the whole and the one! Once my mum told me phrase which I remembered as guarantee of happy relationships... That happy successful relationships is when woman does everything her man to wish him to return home, when she arranges home comfort with cosiness making him feel that he is awaited and beloved. And when in his turn man does everything for his woman to await him home with happiness counting hours and minutes when the door will be opened and she will meet him on the doorstep. As relationships it is difficult work indeed when two partners have to put all the efforts, all the feelings and all the love to achieve success. And if do you have something for yourself what guarantees happy relationships for you? As sometimes we can see the same situation be our own eyes, that is why it is better to talk and discuss all for ahead to know what is on our minds. Missing you and thinking about you... Alina with gentle kisses :* :* :*
Letter 29
My man, your girl returned back with sweetest kisses :* :* :* You know, darling, at once I want to tell that for me it is very important that you understand me, and that we are going to be to do steps for our future! Hope that these days we will begin its procedure and will feel how are becoming only closer and closer to each other! Klaus, darling, how is going on your day? And I ask myself question when will be this time when once we wake up in the one bed, ahead for us will wait spare day, we will stand up, wake up each other till the end with gentle kisses. I would cook something taste for breakfast... What would you prefer? Some salad? Or maybe sweet cheesecakes with some berry jam or pancakes with honey? We would sit to drink coffee and tea, and for the cup of something heating would decide how to spend our day, what to do and where to go... Or simply to lay home in hugs in front of TV kissing each other and enjoying that we have the whole day to spend on private! I think that indeed for people who are involved to each other personality and have tender feelings towards each other, there cannot be nothing better than spending time without anyone else, but to get joy only from their own company. As when people begin to fall in love, when first feelings are born, they always hurry up to see the person, to hug him, not to let him go for as much time as it's only possible. They can spend together the whole days and nights, and not to notice how fast time flies away... I would be only happy to spend sleepless night in your arms, just laying on your knees, feel how you care me and it would be the sweetest time. The main component to make it happy unforgettable moment - to have you beside. With every new coming up day this wish becomes only stronger... What for is is perfect day on private with your second half? Alina... Yours Alina
Letter 30
Darling, one more time I will be repeated having told that I am very glad that we have understood each other and that we will make such important and decisive step for our relationships beginning to make the International Biometric Passport for our meeting and for our future!!! I hope that these days we will make this the first step and will feel how the process is activated, sweetie! So here I attach you my Ukrainian Document, and below give you my information in English in its correct spelling: My name: Alina
My surname: Klimova
My address: Kiev region, town Borodyanka, Semashko street, house 6, flat 3 For me it is very important and I feel myself too inspired that you are so serious about me, about us and about our future!!!
Wish you a great evening, with kisses and strong hugs, yours Alina
Letter 31
Dear, Klaus, hello... You know, I am glad that we spoke with you about all directly the way it is, and the main is that we came up to our mutual understanding! My darling, as we agreed, I took my time at the break and went to know what is necessary for getting passport and inform you.... In fact I didn't think that its procedure can be so completed, but then I "remembered" that I live in Ukraine and that for us this is usual things, that nothing cannot be so easy and by the laws and rules... So, what to begin... Firstly I went to the passport office and asked what I have to do to apply for passport and how it's done... On what I got just sharp answer of some unfriendly woman: "Come to us in some months, because we don't have blanks for it. Come and know if we have them every new month." I was trying to ask her questions how can it be, what if I have to go abroad in the soonest time, but nobody was not trying to listen to me and told: "Girl, we can't help you! We don't have blanks in our governmental structure!" I was standing in the hallway and had so helpless look, not understanding how can it be and just not believing in it....!!! I understood that there is any idea when it can be done, for how long time, and what if we will not meet just because of some ****** things in my country!!! You know, Klaus... I had so pale look without any emotions on my face not knowing "where to run and what to do!"... But then I saw my mum's friend in the line to some cabinet and she came to ask me what I'm doing here and why I'm looking so miserably..... I said her about the situation what I have now, and she told that everything is decided and that I even didn't surprise her! As she told, not long time ago her daughter also faced with the same situation about passport, but they have found the way to do this! She explained me that there' re travel agencies, which make all documents abroad, including such service as international passport! Because it's common artificially created "problem" with these passport and is kind of business to earn money in this way! In fact state passport office cooperates with these travel agencies, and they give that blanks to them.... Everyone and everywhere in my country try to live as only he can, and we have such bureaucratic system based out of rules and official laws.... So this woman advised me the agency, which they used and I went to know about passport there, as there is no some another choice and we have to know how to do this, not giving this ****** system to break all our wishes, all our dreams and all our future.... And darling, in that agency I was told that everything can be done fast and easily within 3 till 5 fine days.... The one issue is that such "joy" costs 237$.... I tried to find out if there are some else options, and I got information that also it is possible to make passport in Kiev for 50$ in the period during the one month, but only price for this in common will be the same at the agency. Only to make it in Kiev is more complicated, because it is needed to travel to Kiev for a few times, or more... As it can be needed once to come there to make application, then to make photo, to give fingerprints, and probably for some more reasons. Moreover all must be done in working days, and my administration will not let me go whenever I wish just for my personal needs. To take free days among working week it will be needed to buy medical certificate, which will make me free "officially", and this also costs money. So in common it is needed to have expenses to Kiev for several times, buying medical certificate, payments of passport, so it will cost the same sum as the price for passport at the agency, but only it will take more time and efforts. And dear, indeed both options are expensive, and it brings me so the condition of loss what to do, and how to consider this news.. So if it's good news or bad I don't know now and will wait for your answer what you will tell me from what side to consider this situation...
Yours Alina
Letter 32
Honey-honey, I am with you :* What interesting do you have to tell me? My Klaus, if nothing special has happened till the time we were not connected? I wish to know all what you did and how your time was spent. As I am wondering with what things my man is busy and what is going on in your life. Personally in my daily life all is as always. Difficult mornings, working hours, working duties, sports training, lonely evenings. Yesterday evening my parents invited my godfather with his wife to our guests, so we had family time. Together with mum we baked turkey with apples, baked vegetables, did some salads and spend good cozy evening for pleasant talks. Everything was fine till the moment while my godfather didn't begin to ask me about my personal life and I didn't know what to answer him... He began to ask if I have someone, and when finally he will know that his beloved goddaughter has serious relationships with reliable man to be calm that I am in safe hands. You know, when we he was speaking about this in playful tone, I didn't notice how slight red blush appeared on my cheeks, I began to mutter something incoherent and all my family all together began to laugh at my reaction telling that seems I have someone, but simply don't want to confess. And in fact I didn't know what to answer them...! Simply when all this talk about my personal life was began, in a moment I thought about you, that yes, I have a man to whom I feel too gentle feelings, who is always on my mind, about whom I all the time think when I wake up and go to bed, but it is so sad that you are too far... As would be happy if only we spent our time being side by side... But you know, that it is not possible to hide from the relatives your true emotions, so although I didn't open them all cards, they realized and felt that I have someone on my mind and in my heart... All my thoughts are about you, honey, and it is impossible to do nothing with it... And I don't want to change it... I like to open my eyes, think at once about you, and in a moment I smile raising up my mood that somewhere is man who also thinks about me... And sweetie, what's regarding our meeting... In any way this choice and decision depends on you! As you offered me it, and I think that you already have something on your mind how it's better to organize it. But if you want to hear my opinion, actually I think that if I could come to you if would have more pluses. Because we will be not limited in time, I can stay with you as much as we wish, and we will be able to spend time together, to live under the one roof and to share domestic life experience. Also you know that I am simple woman, and by the time when you will go at work, I could stay home, meet you from the job, and to prepare dinner for you providing with cozy, comfort and warm home atmosphere! Also in such way it will be even more profitable, as we will not need apartments to rent, and you will not spend funds for two ways tickets to stay in my town with me just for a few days! As if you come to me, it will be necessary also to look for rental flat to stay, as we are both adult people and will not stay together with my parents in the one space. Also plus another expenses for food and just life by the time of your arrival... So if to compare these two options I think that first one has more pluses. This is how I think... But I repeat, that final decision depends on you! As you will tell - so we will do! Yours Alina :* :oops:
Letter 33
Hello to my darling, hello to my dearest Klaus :* How is your mood and your day? Also darling, indeed there is any problem to arrange all normally for our staying in my town where exactly I live. And for me as for woman it is important my man for the first meeting to come to the place where exactly his girl lives. So if you come exactly to me and because of me, come and we both stay in the town where exactly I live, in Borodyanka. What are you doing right now? Personally I am as usual at work and took a break to write you. I like when I have its time, because I always concentrate with my thoughts on you, on us, and it seems that the distance is shortened and we are much closer to each other at least in such way. And for me this working time is much better in the comparison when I return back home. As it is so sad to come home, to have free time and sit in my room alone flying only in my dreams imaging how great it would be if only we would be beside. That we could use this free minutes and hours to enjoy presence beside. We could walk somewhere for talks or just sit home cold evenings drinking tea and warm each other with our gentle hugs. Or if we watched some movie... It is not matter which one, the main is together! I would be happy even to look some action or thriller, or football and boxing which I am not interested in, but the main is simply to spend and enjoy time beside with the dearest person. Although home for me waits my family, they cannot substitute me my man next to me. As I am adult girl, I have to live my own life and I need next to me my partner getting and giving care, comfort, warmth and love. And darling, when you come back home evenings, what is your self-feeling? What do you usually do and what you feel staying on your own with your thoughts? You already know, that on my mind is you... Alina
Letter 34
Hi my sweetie Klaus :* ! You can't imagine how glad you made me with news that you're so seriously and surely intended to come to me!!! It's just the best news for the last time and just made my day to bright and happy!!! When only I read your letter, at once I began to imagine what nice unforgettable time we can have, and I just want to make the clock hands to go faster till the moment when I'll meet you, cuddle you so tenderly for the first time and firstly kiss you...!!! I dream about that time when I'll meet you from the airport, you will come up to me closer and closer.... Will smile to me... Tell me "Hi, Alina" and I'll feel myself the happiest woman because I'm together with you, my honey...!!! You'll take your hand in mine and I'd like you never let it away...!!! But my darling, of course it's great to imagine and wish about these moments, but to make them true we have to know when exactly you can come...! Do you already know exact dates..??? Most of all I wish to hear that these are the closest time and begin to count days when we become the happiest people all over the world :) !!! I just don't want to lose any-any minute spending with you and if we decide to meet in my native town, we need to organize all preparations in advance...! Because I think that it's obvious and you understand, that as we're adult people it's even out of questions to stay in our house together with my parents.... And also as I live in small town, there are no hotels in my town... In this way we have to find separate apartments, where can stay on private and nobody will disturb us :) ;) ! So... when you come, I will meet you from your plane, we will go together to my town Borodyanka, settle in our apartments, visit my parents and I will introduce you to them, as they're familiar with you only by talks :) and then all time will be only ours!!! Mornings, days and nights will stay in our memory forever and then with nice emotions we'll remind what great our first time was!!! So, my sweetie... I already cannot wait while you enjoy me telling the dates!!! Wish you were with me right here and right now... Yours Alina :* :)
Letter 35
Sweetheart, your cheerful girl came back to you, my dearest Klaus :) Darling, today's my day was begun in usual way. I barely opened my eyes, was taking shower, made a cup of coffee, was doing not in hurry make-up listening to the music on the background... And seems that this morning was as all previous ones, everything seemed to be normal and as before till I didn't took a glance at clocks... I saw the time, it showed 9:25 AM and in 5 minutes I should be at my working place and I stood undressed with the one colored eyes being absolutely not in time if even I run out of home in such look. And if do you know who is to blame for everything...? Mmm? Any guesses? Any suppositions? Yes, honey, it is you!!! And don't laugh now :)) :oops: !!! Since the morning when only I woke up you came to my mind and I could not take away that thoughts... I stood up from the bed, thought at once about you, smiled to myself, turn on music, was listening to the romantic songs of James Blunt, outside was sun, and I didn't notice that I did everything too slowly... More than always I sat and drank coffee with silly smile on my face, after did all preparations singing and dancing along in nice mood thinking about you that didn't notice how time ran away... Honey, don't do so no more with me ;) ! Actually I was laughing at myself because of all this situation and understood that I have to be more attentive :) Don't worry, on work I was not scold, I simply called there and told that I am little bit late for respectful reason. But we know the truth with you... Just don't tell it nobody ;) :) ! So my morning was some awkward today... What was the most clumsy moment in your life when you laughed at yourself? Maybe do you remember some, as I think that every person faced with similar cases... Let me smile as you also :) Also darling, thank you for your number, and here is mine +380997404289 I also have WhatsApp, only it is installed on the working computer. When I am at work we can keep our touch though the WhatsApp, and when home - directly through the mobile line. I don't have WhatsApp on the working computer, as my phone is too simple cell just for calls and sms, and doesn't support it. And darling, you begin to speak about meeting, so if you decide to come to me, to meet with me, if you are serious about this, just come to the town where I exactly live, to my town Borodyanka. Only tell me, if did you think well and are sure for 100% you are ready for such decisive and important step? Simply ask yourself one more time if you are absolutely confident in it, darling. Yours Alina :*
Letter 36
Hello, darling... So, my Klaus, what will you tell me today? Also darling, I will gladly exchange with your phone numbers and will become on close, better and more regular touch with you. Just don't forget in such case to give your mobile number as well. But talking about meeting, I will be only happy if you come to me, but I want to remind you that I live not in Kiev, but in its region town Borodyanka, so if you are serious about your coming to me, you are only welcome here. How is your mood, your day, your condition? Actually today I am not too energized and vivid. Don't know why... Probably weather changes and simply lack of sleep and overworking... Seems that nothing has happened, but condition is not of the best. My darling, I hope that you will forgive me for this moment of weakness and complains, but I have nobody else to talk more about this, and you are the only and the one, who I know will listen to me and understand me. I have such mood like a child, that want to sit on your knees, press to your strong ******* and tell you how much I am tired... You would simply listen to me, care me gently, whisper me something pleasant to my ear, kiss me tenderly and play with my hair. I think that all this would help me best of all, so I would come back to my previous state in a moment :) Or simply to lay next to you and watch some movie. Such option is also not bad)) You know, as when people feel themselves some depressed, they feel sharply what they miss, what they want, and what for them is not enough last time... And I miss just to feel that I am needed. I wish simply to feel some care, some elementary kind of attention and tenderness. Just if you ask yourself right now, what currently do you miss most of all? What do you want right here and right now? What is the first thing which came up to your mind?
I am glad that I have you... A person who is too far, but he already is too close and dear to me....
Yours Alina
Letter 37
Honey, hello ;) How is my dearest Klaus? Mmmm? And dear, you speak about some our next step, but if can I wonder, what new step do you offer? Just when I woke up today, outside was sunny weather and in a moment my mood was raised up! I woke up already with the smile on my face and the world around me seemed to be so nice and beautiful! I thought how weather influences on the person and his state... But after I caught myself on the thought that probably it is not only weather, but mostly thoughts about one nice man... Don't you know whom about I'm speaking ;) :oops: ? Such morning and such nice mood disposed me not on working mood, but would be better to spend the day off, and do it not alone, but with you... Just how great it would be if I woke up, devoted time to myself, did all girlish preparations in relax listening to the favorite music on the background, choose the most favorite dress for the date with you, did hairdressing, some light gentle make, took my favorite perfume and fly on the date with you. I am sure that its time would be special and unforgettable. Simply I imagine what timid first moments we would have... How being I shy I would firstly look in your eyes, how carefully would you take my hand in yours, how we would walk and talk so carefree, joke at each other and laugh together... I don't know what exactly we would do, but I think about simple moments being together. How we could walk slowly in some park, how we would sit somewhere on the bench I would put my head to your strong shoulder, you would hug me pressing me to yourself, kissing me to my cheek... And how special and unforgettable would be the moment of our first kiss... Darling, I have only imagined this, and had pleasant shivers and warmth inside. As exactly such first moments always stay in our memory and its memories recall smile and gentle feelings. Wouldn't you mind to spend with me such time as I see it? Also if do you have some preference how your woman has too look? As our heart chooses that people for life who already live in our consciousness. I wish you a nice evening and send you sweet kisses by air :* :* :*
Letter 38
Kiss you at once gently to your cheek, my sweetie Klaus :* If only you would be next to me, I would great you exactly such way, my dearest! I think that you would like it and would not refuse from such "hello" from me ;) ! You know, I thought on what firstly I paid attention when firstly met you, and it was your eyes... Indeed it is the first thing where I look meeting with somebody, and your eye-sight attracted me in a moment! Not in vain it is told that eyes depict the soul. As you look at the person and feel warmth or cold. And looking at you, I feel myself warmed up with your calmness, at once I am in comfort enjoying its depth... What is about another thing of appearance in men, I cannot share something special the way he has to look like... For me the main is man to look neat and tidy, and all another qualities are inside. Because for any man is important always to stay a man by the way he treats himself. And also I think that if a man has already a woman, it also depends on her the way her partner looks like. But in any way to undertsand if person is yours, first of all you have to talk to him. And if your conversation is ease and you don't feel yourself pressed inside, don't think what and how to tell correctly - it is certainly already good sign! As the main is to feel yourself simply who you indeed are and in comfort. With you I feel myself exactly so, and I like that everything between us develops naturally and gradually by itself. I am wondering... If it saved the same feeling when we would go for the first date? By the way, if did you think how you would like to spend with me the first date? Where to go? Cinema? Walking with coffee on go away? Or something else? Interesting to know how you imagine it :)
Alina :*
Letter 39
My sweetheart Klaus, a good day to you :) What is with your mood? Wish that you have all the reasons to be positive and any to be sad :* ! Also hope that I am one of your reasons to smile having joy :oops: Actually in my opinion there are no some ideal people. As all we are not saint, all we have wrong sides, some weaknesses, but we just have to take ourselves in hands, put all our efforts and cope with it becoming better for ourselves and our second halves. But I think that such changes have pluses when person decides to do this by his own will, but not under some pressure and force. As I think that when a person loves, he wants always to become better for his partner, and when is is beloved - he has all the motivation for this. When there are strong feelings in relationships, I think that two partners feel support and are becoming better together. The main is to have right person next to you - and all is in your hands. Under this I just wanted to tell, that in my head there is no some perfect man who has to be next to me. There are just some qualities which I appreciate in men most of all - when he is reliable, when he is responsible for his close people, for everything what he tells, for all what he does and when he has sense of humor. As it is difficult without jokes in our life, as sometimes they can make our life, the attitude to it and problems much easier to overcome! I think that any man can achieve absolutely all if he has right, supportive, caring and loving woman next to him. The same is and about us... When we feel attention from our men, when we feel that we are especial for them, that we are beloved and appreciated - we will put all our efforts to flourish and become only better with every new day! It's about as well our character, actions and appearance. You know, there is one wise saying... That any girl to be the most beautiful needs too little... She needs just black sweater, black skirt and beloved and loving man next to her. And that is true, because when woman is beloved - she will just shine from the happiness. So her beauty is depends on the choice of man. As women are as flowers... Some of them are flourishing and another wither because of lack attention and love. But in any way we look at the appearance when firstly meet a person, so on what exactly do you pay attention when you get acquainted with a woman? What does attract you most of all? And what did catch you when you met me ;) ? Have a nice day and get my kisses :*
Letter 40
Hello, my darling :* So, dear Klaus, what interesting did you do today or plan to do? Just don't forget that one of your tasks is to write me back at once after reading my letter, as I will be waiting ;) I am involved in getting know you more, and I like what I knew about you, darling. I have already noticed by myself that when I sit to write you letter, I have silly sweet smile on my face thinking about you and when my colleagues are looking at me, it makes me feel as they know what about I think and these thoughts are certainly not about work, but about one man who made me interested in his personality ;) You know, when I thought about small details which make us happy in our life, I through about what makes people happy in personal relationships... Nowadays there is opinion that all girls need material things, and men - to satisfy their physical needs. Yes, for sure there are and such people, but it is not the reason to think the same about all. For example my parents are the simplest people who are happy just to have each other and value every minute spent together! To my mind it is much better to enjoy simple life with your beloved person than to wake up in some luxurious apartments and every morning see a face of person whom you hate inside yourself. Such materialistic "happiness" will be not forever! The same is about men... That nowadays to find a woman for satisfaction is not a problem, but if does it bring happiness for the soul satisfaction, when he doesn't feel that he is cared, that he is needed and he is beloved... Dear, what for you are successful relationships? What do you need to feel that you are the happiest man with your woman? Just what woman with which features can make you feel that you are such the only and the one? Just nothing can be in comparison that to wake up in the morning, turn on your head and see so dearest face to you... To wake up together, to share breakfast with cup of coffee and carefree talks, and to return back home and lay in the bed with the person whom you really love and feel that you are beloved just because you are, but not because of something you have! It would be interesting and useful to know...
Letter 41
Good day, my darling :) How are you today, dear Klaus? I wish that with my presence now with you your day became to be better in a moment ;) I just think that sometimes we are too involved in your daily routine, daily issues, our own thoughts that we don't notice small details of life happiness and how beautiful it indeed is. We just want something more for being happier, not valuing enough what we already have! In the hurry to live better life time goes away and we lose the things which is possible to enjoy right here and right now! Just I am happy now to be in contact with you, I am happy that we have met each other, that I have a man with whom I feel myself in comfort and can be that woman and person who I am. Because we have the main - we have understanding. I know that I can tell you all about me, and you will understand. Just if did you think what currently make you happy man? And what was the last simple thing from which you felt joy? Because too often we are just not in time to notice how happy we indeed are. Just all people dream about too different things, and everyone dreams about that what is not enough in his life and what he misses. As I am woman, my dream is the simplest and the one - I just want female happiness. Probably this term means different for every woman, but in my understanding it means when woman loves and is beloved, when she is cared and has whom about to take care, when she gets support from beloved person and gives it to him too. The main is all feelings between partners to be mutual. Because it is not possible just to take all what you want from your second half without giving the same to him. For me it is a guarantee of healthy and happy relationships. I just want my man to return whom with joy knowing that he is waited, that his woman will be happy for his coming back... This is mutual love to each other and to life together. I live in such family where I see all this factors, so I can tell that it is the model of family which I wish once to build. I am not in some teenage age to dream about love like in novels and soap-operas, I am adult woman who wants stability and care about each other. As true happiness is in the simplicity. I wish you to smile and send you my kiss :*
Yours Alina
Letter 42
Hello, dearest Klaus... So how is your mood? Your day? Hope that all is only as better! You know, when people know about some failures from the background, about caused pain and disappointments, it always makes them closer to each other and creates something more personal between them. And that is why I decided to raise up this theme. In fact for me it is difficult and painful to remember what was in my past relationships, but I want you to know about all was before to forget it, and begin everything from the clear page! I broke up with my ex about half a year ago... We were in relationships more then three years. As you know when I graduated university I came back to my native town. Here I have met him by the time of Birthday celebration of one of my friends. He was elder than me for four years, and I fall in love instantly. Everything was developed usual way: first date, cinema, walking, plenty of attention, I was too inspired and I have already thought that I have met the man of the whole my life. But till the happy end our love didn't live... We have already thought both to move to Kiev, together to rent a flat, to find job and build common future until I didn't get the first bell that nothing good from this relationships will not be. Everything was started from the little and continued about during the last half a year. The last year we lived together at his house. Firstly it was just ideal time, but after all went only worse and worse... I have noticed that just behavior was changed, he began to be too sharp with me, to be irritated without its reasons, to shout on me at once if he didn't like something, and I just didn't recognize in him that person with whom I got acquainted. I saw absolutely another personality - cruel, sharp, not respectful to me and always irritable. He didn't give me to tell me any word, didn't respect my opinion according nothing, and just wanted to dictate me his own lifestyle forbidding me totally everything that I even could not talk on phone and meet with my friends. The last three months he began to be too late home, took with himself some unknown companies of strange young men at night time, and told me to sit in the another room telling me that it is his colleagues. That time I began to understand that something here is wrong. Once when he was sleeping I have found white powder in his pocket, it was a little and I think that you understand that is was drugs. You know, I really wanted to help him and put all the efforts to make it happen, but everything was without result. I tried to talk to him, I tried to support him as only I could, tried to find correct words, but my life reminded some **** after he understood that I know all, so he already even didn't try to keep himself in hands. He just shouted on me not to interfere into his life, and last time he simply beat me when came home lately. If firstly I believed that I can help him and save him if I don't leave him in this difficult life period, after this I understood that no... If person cannot help himself, I am also helpless. For sure I knew the one - that I could not bare this no more and didn't want to continue to live this ****. I took all my packages returning back home. After I heard that he moved to another town, and I didn't see him and have any idea where he is and how he is. To tell the truth after all this nightmare which I lived, I even don't want to know nothing more about this person. Although sometimes I think what if I could help him... Well, it was rather difficult for me to remember all what was, but I think that you had to know about this. Probably it is better to change the theme, as this talk was some too pessimistic... Maybe will you tell me about your the biggest dream? For sure you have this :) Will you open it to me? Would did you still didn't achieve in your life, but strive to do? Have a nice day, darling :)
Letter 43
My darling Klaus, hi :) Indeed I have already noticed by myself that I begin to think when finally I will be at work to read an answer from you and to write you... Even miss you a little bit ;) Hope that it's mutually... And I am very sorry that you have lost your friend, this is terrible to know... My condolences, dear. How're you? When we talked last time, I remembered my first love... You know, if these memories bring me positive and smile, I cannot tell the same about last serious relationships already in mature adult age... But I think that for becoming closer to each other we have to know our past too... Probably will you firstly tell me about your ex-woman? For me it would be easier after to tell about what happened to me in recent past... There are different memories in our life, some of them warm us up, another ones eat us all inside, but memories about the first love always brings smile and pleasant feelings. I remember that first joys and disappointments of this nice feeling happened to me when I was in the teenage years of 14. Together with my friend Tanya we went in winter to the ice-rink in our town. I skated very well and was the star there :) There was one boy some older than me, who at once attracted me and I him. We began to talk, to communicate, after we visited ice-rink together. It was so naive, cute and sweet... We skated hand in hand, and I felt myself the happiest girl. I remember that when he firstly kissed me, I almost didn't die from the happiness which simply overloaded me that time :) I remember how I returned home all red with blush of shyness on my face :oops: :) That time when we met each other, it was winter holidays and that boy was a student from another town. That is why when study began, he had to return back to the university and on this moment our love story had the end. Such is first drama in my life :) But who knew... That was only beginning, all next were in future, but as it is told "this is completely different story"... Alina
Letter 44
A good day, dear Klaus to you! If your day is nice? Hope that yes and that letter from me can make it better and bring at least slight smile to your face :) My day is not bad and have nothing on to complain, what already is good)) Today after work I plan for a little to meet with one of my friends to drink cup of coffee and relax from stressed routine working days. Indeed I am not a person of big companies, who gather for spending fun and never was in such circles before. I have a few girls from work and one friend Tanya since my childhood years with whom we grew up in the one yard. We know each other probably since 4 y.o. when played in the one sandbox :) and passed together through different periods of life. She is indeed too close person for me, even almost like a sister. Together we experienced first love, first worries, first tears, and supported each other in too different periods of life. It is too little people who are sincere with you, on whom you can count, whom you can tell about your worries and thoughts, and who indeed will be happy for you especially among girls. As you know girlish friendship is too controversial statement :) But I am lucky that I have such a close friend to whom is possible to come in the evening for some support or simply soul talks. You know, when I told you all this, I remember my first love story in my teens... And became to be interested, what is about you, men? How did you live your first love? If do you still remember this girl and feelings which firstly were born?
Would be interesting to know :) Alina
Letter 45
Hello, dear Klaus :) It makes me glad that we still to be on regular contact and continue to know each other more, knowing about each other's habits, style of life, tastes, because exactly such usual life details makes people closer to each other. As when morning comes, I can already approximately imagine what you do right this moment and you can guess the same about me... I wanted to ask you, if do you have a lot of friends with whom you can spend weekends? If are you a person of big companies? How mostly do you spend time with your comrades? I am just interested to know more about your friends, how often you spend time with them and what you do.
I didn't tell you about my morning! Do you want now to imagine how it is going on :) ? I will tell you that this only in movies girls wake up beautiful, calm and do all not in rush - so, this is not about me :)) ! As you already know what difficult is morning for me, I open my eyes, run quickly across the flat, doing in hurry make-up not to be late at work being half-dressed :) I think that through such procedure pass the most girlish part in mornings)) Also when I get up, to wake up till the end I always turn on music player. Concerning to my music preferences, mostly I prefer to listen to foreign bands and singers such as James Blunt, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ketty Perry and Nicki Minaj. There are also good Ukrainian bands as Okean Elzy or singers Ani Lorak and Tina Karol, but I prefer foreign music. Probably it is because of I am interested in international languages, that is why I use all sources to improve my skills. This also touches and movies tastes. I watched in origin such pictures shoot by the plot of romantic writer of Nicholas Sparks as "The Vow", "The Notebook" and "The Walk to Remember". Although I like films of genre thriller as "Gone Girl" or "Who am I".
Wish you nice weekends :) Alina
Letter 46
Dear Klaus, hello :) How was the beginning of your day? I am interested, if are you owl or lark :) ? At what time do you usually begin your day? The most difficult thing for me is to make efforts to stand up from warm cozy bed and go to the shower when I hear alarm clocks! I am that kind of person who hates mornings, but when only I took shower and made all procedures in bath I am ready to conquer the world :) At my workplace I have to be at 9:30 AM, so I wake up at 8:00 AM. And for this 1,5 hours I am in time to wash myself, make some basic make-up, hair-dress, have breakfast and reach the place of work. For the reason that my town is small and almost all destinations is possible to get on foot, it is enough 15-20 minutes to be at school. My breakfasts consists of cup of coffee without sugar and sandwich with cheese. I cannot imagine morning without coffee, because it is only the one thing which makes me alive after I woke up :) Sometimes when I am not in time to have breakfast home, I take coffee on my way. Especially I like to do this in autumn weather, as I enjoy walking not in rush at work listening to favorite music in headphones, enjoying its not too cold weather and fresh aroma of hot drink which warmths you up and gives energy to begin the day. By the way, What music do you like to listen too? If do you have some favorite singers, or probably bands? And when only I am on the stage of school, I am involved at work mostly till 6-7 PM. And how in general to do you spend your spare time in evenings? Probably watching some movies? What are your favorite genre of films? Tell me more about your tastes :)
Letter 47
Hi, Klaus! I'm glad to be again in touch with you :) If all is fine? Hope that yes and you feel yourself safe and sound. And by the way, it is interesting to know what some special and interesting do you do to keep yourself fit? To keep your mood raised up? Just what does bring joy to you among routine week? Because I know on my own that it is necessary to distract yourself on another activities to clear up your mind from job and daily issues. Personally I found myself in doing sport. Twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday I visit evening sport classes. We have special coach at school who conducts group trainings for working staff. We have mixed exercises for all groups of muscles, cardio-system, plastic and rhythm. When I come there I forget about all what is going on in daily life and devote this time to myself enjoying what I do. I am involved to the exercises too much listening to music that don't notice how 1,5 hour flies away in a moment! Be my will I would go to jump and dance there every day, if only was such a possibility :) Also when there is good weather and outside is warm season I take my bicycle and ride it on local park. I like to go there, to sit for a while near the lake being on my own with my thoughts and nature. It helps me to relax and to bring my mind in order. There are too much activities to do and to try, but unfortunately not for everything is time and possibility. For example I always wanted to have experience in scuba-diving, but never faced with such opportunity to make it happen. Hope that once I will realize it and get new emotions and impressions :) If do you have in your "list to do" some new activities you would like once to try? In general I try to find and arrange time for myself, as it is important to have a clear mind in sound body! Alina
Letter 48
I am not ready yet to give you my personal mobile number. I see that you cannot answer me normally and properly here, so why do I have to give you my mobile number? Just to chat there about nothing? Will you simply text me something like "hi", "how are you" and "what are you doing"?? I don't think that such communication is going to be successful and productive. If you were really seriously interested in me and our contact - you would find time and possibility how to reply me back properly here. But if no - no. I don't keep you and don't force you.
Letter 49

There is no reply from you... And it makes me quite sad :( Don't you want to continue our communication? I hope that it is wrong supposition and soon you will give me your reply back to my previous letter.
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