Scam letter(s) from Diana Sokolovskaya to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Richard
I am very happy about your mail.
I only saw your message once, after that you disappeared somewhere
I am writing to you to ask
Was it your wish to get to know me better?
My name is Yuliya.
My phone number is, I also have WhatsApp.
I would be very happy if we can write there and send me pictures.
But first send me your picture here
Or send me a short video of you
try to greet me on video
That makes the conversation livelier.
I still want to ask you
That name Richard This is your nickname
What's your real name?
Keep writing to me about everything
what makes me and you happy and happy
(including your loved ones).
I send you 1000 kisses and this from the bottom of my heart.
Please get in touch soon, it makes me so very happy!
Letter 2
Hello Richard,
Today on Monday I have a very sunny day and the sun shines brightly and warms me with rays.
And there is sure to be sunny weather in your city today too!
In this summery sunny weather and the sun is now shining bright and warm!
I'm sorry I didn't answer you earlier
I couldn't reply you sooner as my power adapter burned out and I replaced it under warranty.
Thank God that I can now reply to your letter. First of all, thank you very much for your great letter and your interest in me.
Of course I would like to get to know you better or learn more about you. I see your letter in my mailbox.
I have never received such a tender letter. My name is Yuliya, but others just call me: Yula - This is my short nickname.
What is your full name?
I am 35 years old. I am only 177 cm tall.
How old are you? How tall are you?
I am not married and have never been there
but i'm looking for a relationship to start a family
However not yet found the right luck so far.
I am looking for the true love that I have not been able to find so far.
But I am always optimistic and keep fighting.
I liked your words very much and I feel that way too.
For me this relationship means absolute togetherness, loyalty,
Honesty and of course love, necessary for a life together
Is the basis for being happy. I live in Turkmenistan. I live in the city of Ashgabat.
Where do you live? What is your town called? Every Saturday morning I run about 3 miles in a nearby park to keep myself fit.
I like to go for a walk in the fresh air, but I do it alone.
Because I don't have a relationship and I'm looking for it.
I don't smoke and occasionally drink a good red wine. I work and have a stable average income.
My job is as a stretching trainer for women.
Women come to me for stretching who need to stretch their muscles and be in the right shape.
And I also give exercises on proper nutrition for a month.
Overall, it's my job to make sure that the woman who turns to me is in the right athletic shape.
Stretch Your Muscles, Exercise Your Muscles, And Eat Well.
Here are 3 main complexes I give women that control this lifestyle.
A month later, everyone who came to me is getting great results.
Lose weight, get limber and energetic. Today I have a photo for you where you will see me on the street in warm weather.
and the second photo I take when I'm at work.
I really love my job and I love making women happier and feeding them proper nutrition to lose weight and then exercising to stretch their muscles. I also want to send you a video of me on how to properly stretch muscles. You can see my stretch on my video and thanks to the fact that I love my job, women come to me to make them as flexible as me.
I don't want to praise myself, let alone wear laurels, but i just think that everyone is good at something.
I'm good at making everyone flexible and energetic and getting their bodies in the best shape.
Everyone is good at something. For example: Chef - Cook well and tasty.
As a taxi driver, he drives better and knows how to get to the place correctly and quickly.
A veterinarian who knows how to treat animals properly and make the world a friendlier place.
For example, where do you work? And what are you best at in life? Everyone works where they can do something best.
When something doesn't work, you have to try your hand at something else.
That would be nice to work with.
So to speak. Combine business with pleasure.
Where do you work? And what do you do at work
Do you like your job? I hope I have made you curious and am waiting for your answer. Who knows, our conversation might come together and develop into a relationship. I am very excited. Maybe you can tell me about yourself, so I'm waiting for your next letter. I wish you a nice Monday and I greet you back.
best regards, Yuliya
Letter 3
Hello dear Richard,
Thank you very much for answering me, that's why you should also get an answer.
My name is still Yuliya, my birthday is 9 October and I'm 35.
I will probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.
I am a simple girl from Turkmenistan.
The city where I was born and raised is called Ashgabat.
If you have a wish see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city. I am looking for a man with whom I could have a family.
I want to share all chores, wash and tidy up for my beloved man, and prepare delicious dinner, breakfast and lunch.
I want my future husband to be honest with me and always take care of me, always protect me.
In other words, I want to stand behind the man and feel protected.
When I feel loved and the only one for my husband. And if my husband doesn't look to the left at other female *******, I'll do what my beloved husband asks of me. I will be a faithful and devoted woman and I will always respect my husband.
But since I'm still not married and have no husband, I keep looking and really want to have a man who loves me deeply. But I haven't met a man like that, so I'm lonely.
I really want that one day I had my dear and beloved husband.
My heart is free You can be my man if you want me yourself. Tell me too, what do you want in life?
It would be very interesting to read your mind. So we can exchange ideas
Do we need to write more about each other? Do you agree? my family history is a little complicated, but like that
I would write another time. I am a humorous, tolerant, cosmopolitan, down-to-earth, open-minded and versatile person.
For me, honesty, loyalty, tolerance and reliability are more important than excessive luxury and pretended perfection and almost exaggerated ideals of beauty.
In terms of togetherness, I take the point of view that people are not made for being alone.

My hobbies and interests include literature, photography, cooking, baking and grilling, listening to music,
Art and culture, history, geography, writing and answering emails, crossword puzzles, hiking in nature,
Bicycle tours, relaxing with classical music, cinema or DVD evenings, visiting old walls (castles, palaces, etc.),
Audiobooks, long conversations, making and maintaining friendships, meeting nice people ..... What about my job I will tell you now.
I have been working as a stretching trainer for a long time, I enjoy the job even if it is exhausting.
Women come to me to stretch who need to stretch their muscles and be in the right shape. Most often women come to me who are not young for a long time, but have defects in the body. Most of the time it's overweight, body ***.
For many women, the figure is lost after giving birth and the man does not see her as a woman.
And here it is my job to make a woman desirable again for her husband.
Thanks to me and my efforts, I make women more beautiful and sexier and her husband wants to go to bed with them again. Well you understand me
After all, there is an opinion that a man does not want to sleep with his wife if she is very overweight. and a man doesn't want a woman like that in bed.
I give women a list of how to eat properly so as not to get overweight, and in my classes, women lose excess weight and get a nice figure with it.
About a month of training on a woman every day and I can make a candy out of her. And her husband wants to go to bed with her.
Some girls come to me not to lose weight, but to gain flexibility in their bodies.
I help the girls do the splits. Do you know how to do the splits?
To do the balancing act, you need to properly develop the muscles and prepare in a few weeks.
When a girl knows how to do the splits, she feels young and full of energy.
I can give you a little weight loss diet if you need it.
I could also teach you how to properly do the splits. But do you need it that is the question. I just do what I want
And that's my job.
What do you think in your country or in your city?
Do you need a specialist like me?
how much would I earn?
If I work the same way in your town? Not so long ago I sent you a video of how I did the splits.
But when I understood that you couldn't open my video
So I'll try again to send my videos to you
You will also see a video of me doing splits in my kitchen, this video is only for your eyes.
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can't attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses and my email suggests large files to download here. I've included a couple of photos of me at work for you and the second photo I'm at home.
So you can see me from all angles. Current photos will follow little by little, it depends on how our communication develops. I would be very happy if my message does not go unanswered, time will decide what will develop. I hope you can do something with my lines and I am very much looking forward to your answer.
I am looking forward to reading from you. Hope to see you soon???
Best wishes to you, Yuliya.
Letter 4
Hello Richard autumny greetings back to you
I have just returned home and my work day is over.
Today was a difficult and exhausting day.
I am so glad that I can write to you again today and
And to answer your questions and share a few more thoughts with you. I want to tell you how my day starts
Well, I take a shower every morning, but then someone is often missing to wash your back.
For me the fastest way to cleanse your body and make it fit for the day.
And when I get home from work, I take another shower to remove the sweat and strain of work.
In general, I like to take a shower very often because water washes away the worst and leaves the best behind.
Try it for yourself in the morning when you wake up and take a shower. It is also necessary to speak the words out loud to yourself as if to wish this to yourself.
Tomorrow morning when you go to the shower tell yourself the following:
May this day be the best and wash the worst off me with water!
Try this tomorrow! and you will see what happens!
You must feel like something has changed in your life! You already know that I am a stretching trainer.
I work and have a stable average income.
It's my job that makes a profit, but my salary, but it's not that much money.
Most likely, this is the income I can live on and buy groceries on. I didn't choose this profession by chance.
I've always liked doing good to people
That's why I decided to work on this job
Where I'll be useful with something. Every day I work on women's bodies and help them find a slim body.
I do women a good deed and give them a beautiful figure + muscle stretching, and when women come home they show their men their flexibility and slim figure, In fact, to some extent, I am helping save the families of people who have mutually undesirable to one another.
Thanks to my work on diet and exercise in women, their husbands want to have *** with them again in bed.
I think that with my work on women I saved more than one family for them.
Maybe hundreds of families, who knows!
Impressive! But now you know where and how I make a living.
I am lonely and I can only rely on my own strength.
I don't have anyone to ask for help or support
There is no one who can take care of me.
I have to work job.
This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment, gas, heating, electricity. Can you describe how your day went and what was interesting about your work?
It will be easier for me to imagine your day and how your life works? After all, you probably have a creative job too?
and all the same utility bills you need.
Are you smoking a lot? How often do you like to drink alcohol? I already told you, I live in Turkmenistan in the city of Ashgabat. I was born in this city.
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and I don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke!
I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
If I ever meet a correct and loyal man, then I would like to try to build a relationship with him, suddenly we would have a family.
By the way, I've never been married and I don't have any children. Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a photo of me and thanks to my photo you can introduce yourself to me in real life
Open the attached photos and see
My photo from work, taken during a break. I want to show you what my working day is like.
almost every day I make women happier,
I'll show them an example so they can see what to strive for.
I am sending you my video from one of my working days.
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can't attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses to do so
and my email suggests large files to download here. Here is a description of what is shown in my videos.
I'm sending you today
The first video (1) shows you how I like it
It's a lot of fun to cook food and try something new.
So the first video is about how I love to cook. In the second video (2) this is my working day
How do I like what I do during the work day and be a role model for everyone who wants to change something in their life. In the third video (3) your eyes can see how I like it
The third video is about how I introduce myself dancing my movements evolve and won't let my waist grow old.
It is also possible to put on a dress and go dancing.
How do you do the splits while standing on one leg?
All in one video, just for you. Fourth video with me
I would call it this:
Funny video with me, where from bottom to top, but at the same time there is nothing to be seen There should always be a place where you can just fool around and not be serious
This fourth video is funny in nature,
Video in which I just have fun because the sun is warming. I will continue these thoughts in my next email.
So, my dear Richard, I wish you a nice rest of the day and look forward to your answer.
I will finish my line at this point, now I have to take a shower and relax after a day at work.
Kind regards, Yuliya.
Letter 5
Dear Richard,
Thank you very much for your lines and those sent along kind words in your letter, which I like very much
I represent you in real life and if I'm not mistaken
You are a very beautiful and attractive man, I have to put it that way.
I would like to answer your questions first.
I was very cheated on by my last man, so I rarely write about my last relationship because it hurts Richard. I hope and really want to believe that you would never dare hit or insult a woman.
Because I think so. Only cowards and broken guys do that.
And have you never hit a woman or anything like that ???
something like that only shows insecurity and weakness towards women.
Unfortunately, this happens far too often in our society and is often not noticed, which I find very sad. What I like.
I like cooking-baking-grilling, getting to know good humor, nice people, hike in nature, love to laugh, sit by the bonfire, eating by candlelight, listening to music and concerts, theater, Summer, sunflowers, friendships, cinema, compliments,
Togetherness with a man, picnic outdoors, taking photos, kisses, making small gifts, ******,
Cycling, naturalness, sunshine, going for a swim, sometimes even *****. What I don't like is violence against women, children and the elderly,
Selfishness, avarice, false friends, lack of humor, prejudice, bad mood. What do I like in terms of togetherness, love and sexuality: I like intimate kisses on all parts of the body, cuddling, showering together, shaving, massaging each other with body oil, lingerie, please any form of ***, trust, for example mutual intimate shaving, lying ***** in bed or on the couch and looking at each other .. So, I hope my frank words didn't embarrass or even annoy you ??? I imagine a partnership that you stick together, if things don't go so well, you hug others and comfort them.
But you also do a lot of beautiful things together, you can also go for a walk hand in hand through nature, then take a seat on a bench and enjoy the area and also the men next to me. I didn't have a man for a long time because I was very disappointed with what happened to me.
I would really like to love you, because for me love is something very
It is precious to take and give and that for the whole of my life I would also like to read your wishes from your eyes, it is also to trust each other and only love and be faithful to one man I have absolutely enough of unfaithfulness. I went to work every day. Had about an hour to drive in the house where we lived on the fourth floor but without a lift.
so that was actually just the prehistory, when I came home earlier once I saw a great catastrophe, but I heard strange noises went into the bedroom and looked there I saw the woman ***** with a ***** in her mouth,
My ex-boyfriend was standing beside
That was awful. I take them all their clothes and threw everything out the window then the woman and ex-boyfriend had to go out and walk around the stairs ***** and after that I never saw them again. Then I set myself the task of finding an honest and stable relationship !!! This morning I had a light snack. I rarely eat at lunchtime. Because I have to work until evening after lunch and I find it difficult when I stuff my stomach with food. And at lunchtime I get a Black tea. Sometimes I really like to drink cappuccino or coffee with cream.
And I had time to take a picture. And I'll send you a photo of myself.
I wore a dress today. You can see for yourself.
I don't always want to wear sportswear, I am a woman and I want to look feminine.
Do you like it when i wear a dress
What thoughts do you have when you see me in a dress? After work evening, when everyone was leaving, I had a minute to shoot this video clip for you.
and today i want to send you another video in which you will see me at work.
Yes. Yes. I work most of my life. I am a workaholic))
I couldn't attach the video to the letter. Because my mailbox refuses to attach large videos to the letter.
And my inbox invited me to upload a video to the website.
so you can see my video on the link I want to add a little description to my videos again,
to shed some light on when I turn it all and why:
I'm shooting video number 1 the moment the workday was over and they whirled butterflies around in my stomach and I decided to shoot this wonderful clip for you, here you can see how much I stretch my body and how long I can sit on the splits.
Video number 2 was filmed after work a few days ago when I was alone on my headphones.
and in the headphones I played slow compositions that helped me organize my thoughts.
Video number 3 was shot in a gym that I go to several times a month.
I go there because there is always fitness equipment to warm up the body on.
Headphones in my ears, no matter what distracts, and I'll do what I came here to do.
After every workout, I always take a shower and wash whatever I sweat, and these are all parts of my body.
Do you shower after exercising? So, my dear Richard, I hope you don't hold my openness against me or think anything else of me, but I am for honesty and respect.
I wish you a nice evening. I send you a big kiss
Kind regards, Yuliya
Letter 6
Hello Richard and a good start to a day
I would like to thank you very much for your letter because I have 4 times had read.
I mean it honestly with you, so I am very happy that you are my friend and so we can talk about everything I mean when you ask about *** you don't have to apologize to me because I want to know more about you too, but more on that later. After waking up today. I went into the kitchen and made croutons with eggs. This is my favorite breakfast.
I really want you to try my dish and love it as well.
What did you cook yourself for breakfast this morning?
If you were around we could have breakfast together and you could try how I cook croutons with an egg. Croutons with an egg - I cut the loaf with raisins, then dip into an egg, and then fry for several minutes in a pan, until golden brown. These are slices of sliced loaf.
It turns out white bread fried on both sides, bread rolled into an egg. It's like fried eggs, only with bread. Do you believe in horoscopes Do you have something that, for example, you follow the horoscope every day?
I believe in a horoscope. And every morning I wait for my horoscope. And I hear him on the radio.
After listening to my horoscope. I immediately imagine what to expect that day.
When do you hear your horoscope, do you think that that day you are waiting for you?
Tell me. What about the horoscope in your life? I wanted to ask you. When is your birthday? and who are you on the zodiac sign?
My birthday is 9. October. And I'm from the zodiac sign Libra.
Did you know that Libra is the kindest of all zodiac signs?
You can find out about this in any horoscope where there is a description of the signs of the zodiac. I have a video for you where you will see how happy I am that I have you now.
And to watch my video, you can watch it here. What's new happened to you this morning?
Did you look at the sun today? Does the sun shine bright and high?
I also have the sun high and shining brightly.
And I think with that joyful thought. I want to tell you the good news!
I want you to be as happy as me!
I have a big event in my life.
I am tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
At work I take vacation at my own expense and can fly to you Richard.
I would like to spend this vacation to meet you and get to know you personally. My vacation starts on Monday, 4. October.
I will come to you on 9. October in the passenger plane.
I will fly from turkmenistan from Ashgabat city to meet you. I will fly to your country and airport on 9. October.
Schedule 9. October 2021 - 23. October 2021
And on 23. October I'm flying back to Turkmenistan!
We'll be together for 14 nights!
Only you Richard and I am Yuliya.
I would very much like to have a nice partnership with you
and everything connected with it, we will do,
when i am next to you i have nothing to fear.
What do you think about this ???
I kiss you Richard, best regards Yuliya
Letter 7
Hello Richard and good evening my dear friend, in that evening Saturday.
I can't sleep and my insomnia is caused by you Richard.
I tried to fall asleep but it doesn't happen to me, it's all because I think about how I want to visit you on my vacation. What a wonderful atmosphere I have was this morning.
I would like to tell you again about my trip to you.
I will fly to you to meet you in person.
I'll fly to you on a plane on 9. October
Tomorrow morning I'll go to the cash register and buy a ticket for your airport. I have to clarify one more time.
Write to me again. The exact name of the airport where you will meet me. Write me your name and surname.
I want to know your full first and last name so I know who I am flying to.
I need your full first and last name just for that. Please write me your full home address.
I want to plan a route from your airport to your home.
If you don't meet me at the airport, I can come to you by public transport.
I just need to know:
Your nearest airport
Your city
House number
Postal code I look forward to seeing you again on 9. October.
I wait that you don't mind meeting me at your home?
If you don't let me in your housethen I have to spend the night on the street near your house or looking for a place where I'll spend the night near you I've been thinking about what we can do when we're together.
You know I'm a stretching trainer.
This means that I can give you a series of exercises.
to stretch the muscles so that your muscles are in good shape, and then you feel lightness in the body.
I can give you weight loss diet plan if you need
but at the same time you won't starve to death and feel strong every day. We can do the other thing together. It's great to spend time together!
For example, if you want we can take you on the streets! now something has happened I started thinking almost only about you and when I go to the PC I go
I represent you next to me and have to keep telling me this is a beautiful man.
Last night I was at the PC for a long time and also thought about us but I thought that it could be something with us. Yes, when I think more and more about ourselves, many fantasies often come up about what we could do together, like for example we take a nice evening night walk along a river together everything is comfortable we shook hands when a bench came up we took a seat and then what must come, I took you in my arms and don't want to let you go anymore and that's when I started kissing you nicely and you returned the kisses that would be nice, wouldn't it? I want to show you what to expect when we are together.
look how I go for a walk in warm weather this year,
We can also go for a walk with you at your place in warm weather.
Again, I couldn't send the video in the letter.
Because the video file was too big
And I attached it to a special video sharing site. I take my clothes with me and put them in my suitcase and today I took photos in these clothes that I wanted to pack in my suitcase.
what I will wear when I am at your house
white t-shirt and white shorts.
I love to wear blue short shorts, but would you like to see them on me?
Do you like my blue shorts, are they better than leggings?
And I want to show you what black leggings I have.
Do you like me wearing these black dress?
I can wear them when you pick me up at the airport
Or I can wear black shorts and a pink transparent shirt
What would you like to see in me when you first see me? Last and most of all!
Write me the name of your airport!
Tomorrow morning in Sunday, I'll buy a ticket to your airport.
So write everything right to me with no mistakes.
The exact name of the airport, no mistakes!
I am really looking forward to your answer.
Best wishes to you, Yuliya.
Letter 8
Hello dear Richard have a nice sunny Monday.
This is me, your personal stretching trainer.
Are you ready for good news? If so!
Then I will try to describe all the news I have for you today
I'm so glad I have some news today that I want to share with you
I bought a ticket to your country, but there was no direct flight to your country.
and I had to buy a flight with transfers. This morning I flew from Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, to Saint Petersburg Airport.
When you were still sleeping today, I was sitting on the plane at that moment and take off from my airport (ASB) regular flight and this afternoon i arrived at the international airport
And I am currently writing to you from the airport internet café. Now I am writing to you from Internet Cafe at Saint Petersburg Airport.
I am writing you this letter so that you are happy for me.
The fact that I am alive and everything is fine with me.
And now I'm waiting for a flight to your country. to your airport My departure will be by plane from Saint Petersburg on 9. October.
as there is no direct flight to your country on other days.
And I'll arrive at your airport on 9. October.
My plan is that I want to meet you in person.
and spend 14 wonderful days with you.
From 9. October to 23. October I will be staying in your house or in the nearest hostel.
My return flight to Ashgabat is on 23. October. I couldn't find and buy a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via international airport.
So first I'll fly to Saint Petersburg Airport, then I'll fly to your airport.
Let me introduce you to the details of the flight from Ashgabat to Saint Petersburg and then from Saint Petersburg to your airport. Ashgabat ASB → Istanbul, IST
The airline - Turkish Airlines, aircraft: Airbus A321
Departure Monday 4. October, 2021 02:55 local time
Plant on Monday, 4. October, 2021 05:05 local time
Flight TK-323, tour duration 4h 10m Istanbul, IST → Saint Petersburg, LED
The airline - Turkish Airlines, aircraft: Airbus A321
Departure Monday 4. October, 2021 11:25 local time
Plant on Monday, 4. October, 2021 15:05 local time
Flight TK-401, tour duration 3h 15m Transplant in Saint Petersburg I will fly to your airport on 9. October with the cheapest flight.
If your home is too far from the airport, then in this case I will go from your airport, by the nearest electric train station or any other cheap transport to your house. I am so waiting for you to wait for me with open arms and after we see each other's eyes
You take my hand and hug me
I expect you to give me feelings and emotions that I haven't had in a long time.
And I'm waiting for you to say a lot of nice words to me and you will kiss and smile at me.
After all, your smile and kind words will be the best gift for me. Today I will send you a video so that you can introduce me next to you.
Here are two videos about me
1 video. about what to expect when I come to see you, or more precisely, I want to give you courses on stretching your body.
Would you like me to stretch you?
If it doesn't work out, I won't force you. You will tell myself if I stop while I stretch you. 2 video. I take a selfie before I leave my city. I couldn't attach my video clip to the letter because my email refuses to upload large videos.
like yours probably too?
However, it was stated in my mailbox to use this website to send videos to you.
Don't worry, my link is completely secure.
To open my video and watch the video I have a great longing for you and also many fantasies that drive me uphill unchecked, but first I want to say what exactly I want.
I love you really great because I have you in my heart locked in and never let you out again.
My wish from the man is actually simple if I already put so much strength into our relationship it would be good if our love helps us to move whole mountains I would stretch out my arms to you again and again and hold and comfort you as well as kiss your tears.
If the love is strong from both sides you can achieve anything, I think or what do you think.
I want to love you without restricting you, appreciate you without judging you, take you seriously, without committing yourself to anything, come to you without imposing myself on you,
Giving yourself something without setting expectations. Now I will be waiting for a flight to your country.
Wish me good luck!
Have patience, see you soon
Your Yuliya
Letter 9
Hello dear Richard,
I hurry to tell you the latest news
What would you be about all events.
You already know because I'll write to you in the morning
Today I flew by plane from Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, to Saint Petersburg Airport.
And the second piece of news
I have just returned from Migration Control here in Saint Petersburg. Today after checking my documents for entry into your country (travel documents).
It turned out that I didn't fill out the migration card correctly. I am filling it out in Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, and am now in RUSSIA.
And under Russian law, I did not correctly draw up a migration card.
And now I am being punished for illegally crossing the Russian Federation border.
Migration Control wanted to confiscate my documents.
But I promised to pay a fine.
And that's the only reason why my travel documents stayed with me.
And Migration Control will take my documents away from me if I don't pay the shraf on time.
And now my journey is on the verge of collapse.
My eyes are full of tears.
My arms and legs are trembling with excitement.
I feel like crying all the time.
The worst part is that I am in a foreign country.
I did not expect any additional costs.
I just have some money
With this money I can only pay one hour entrance to the internet café here at the airport,
because I have to keep in touch with you. I have no mother and no father, I am a single woman.
I have no brother and no sister.
I just have no other option to borrow 330 dollars. So I ask you to help me.
Please help me.
I am very lonely in this life.
And I go to you so that I am not alone.
I want to be with you I ask you for these 330 dollars borrowed (in debt).
And I'll refund your money next month.
I swear and promise
I give you my word of honor.
I really hope you will help me today. Until I pay this fine (Do not repay).
I cannot leave the country of Russia.
I can not come to you.
And I'm not coming home
You understand the drama of the situation.
This situation is reminiscent of a bad joke, but it is a reality.
Please step into my situation and show sympathy for me.
If you feel sorry for me and help me, only then can I be sure that we will meet with you.
I'm really bad now.
I really want to be with you.
I'm stuck halfway.
And the only way out is your help to me.
In other words, I need your help to pay the fine, which is 330 dollars. I didn't think I'd have to tell you that.
But apparently it has to!
I ask you to help me. I know asking for money isn't nice, but I have no other choice. If there are Western Union or Ria offices near you, please.
I am asking you to go to the Western Union or Ria office and make a money order in my first and last name, how indicated in my passport. Do not wonder. Yuliya, Yula is my nickname.
My real name from passport that's it: MARINA KANASHINA
therefore due to the fact that you need to make a money transfer and the transfer must be sent exactly as indicated in the passport and I ask you to send help with money to me, how indicated in my passport Go there and try to give me 330 dollars today.
give me money by bank transfer to Saint Petersburg to Saint Petersburg on my first name and last name MARINA KANASHINA. I ask you not to arrange huge eyes and not be shocked.
I warn you one more time and you should know it right now!
I just always liked that name: Yuliya, Yula.
When I became an adult, I dreamed of changing my name.
But my real name is on my passport MARINA KANASHINA.
So now I'm asking you to send me a money order in my name and surname how in the passport. This is the address where I can get your help.
Send money to this address: MARINA KANASHINA
Pulkovskoe Highway 41
Pulko Airport,
Saint Petersburg, 196140
Make a transfer here
Because I am now in Russia in Saint Petersburg Remember that I am a woman from Turkmenistan.
I am not russian
And now I hate Russian laws.
But due to the fact that I am here in Russia now
That's the only reason you have to send help to Saint Petersburg here. Try sending money online now via the official website.
Open the official website and try to transfer me 330 dollars.
on my real name and surname how in the passport.
I will give you a link to the official website: I can also see here at the airport that there are only two offices for money transfers.
These are Western Union and Ria.
If there is a Western Union and Ria office near you, send me money for 330 dollars here at Saint Petersburg Airport. I can get your help if you send me through Ria office
then the partner banks here at the airport CoronaPay (Zolotaya Korona) and CONTACT.
Make a transfer through Ria office
I can get help here at Zolotaya Korona or CONTACT. And that you would believe my words.
I will send you a copy of my passport to prove that my words are true.
again, when I became an adult I always wanted to change my name, but I still don’t do it, because I dreamed of wearing a different name.
But right now your need to use my real name and surname how in the passport.
the moment you make a money transfer for me I don't want any misunderstanding between us. Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you
That's very sad.
I want to be with you.
I am waiting for you to give me a personal hug at a meeting.
Please help.
I have to pay a fine.
Together we can do it and I'll come to you. Promise me you won't leave me now
I want to spend all the days with you that we have.
Pick up cash and go to the office now.
I am waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Kind regards and send you a big kiss, Yuliya
Letter 10
Hello dear Richard,
Yes, I did not expect such a turnaround myself
Please forgive me for having to ask you for help
All of this makes me feel sick and uncomfortable
I never ask for help because I do everything myself
As I am lonely in this life and used to doing everything myself.
But now when I faced this problem
I had nothing else to do
And write the truth to you.
The truth is, I can't do it alone without you. I will admit that when I open your letter today.
then i thought i would see that you sent me help with money.
But after I opened my mailbox.
then I will not find any information from you with a money transfer. And I also realized that you don't trust me because you think that all women are the same.
And you know what to tell you No! Not all women are created equal!
I am not as bad as you think of me!
I'm never the first to ask for help!
Because I'm used to living alone!
Fall asleep and wake up alone!
Wash alone in the shower in the morning!
I do everything alone!
But now, if I fly to you with a transfer to Saint Petersburg.
And I had a problem
then you immediately decided that you had to turn your back and leave me completely How can you even do this to me?
If you were in a situation like this and I was waiting for you in his hometown.
then I would definitely find money to help you.
I would borrow this money from a neighbor, friend, or relative.
But what are you doing
You took me and accused me of lying and deceiving. I am not fooling you I've never been to Saint Petersburg.
And I have no idea why you think that about me.
It was the first time I traveled this far.
I am buying a plane ticket. Transfer flight.
There are no direct flights from my country to you. I ask you to help me. Because I have no one else to turn to!
If you refuse to help me again today!
I just don't know what to do!
Your Yuliya
Letter 11
Hello dear Richard,
I am begging you! Be kinder to me!
Do not leave me! and don't throw me out of your life!
I'm not a trash bag that you can pick up and throw out the door!
I am a living woman. And I have feelings for you
And I really want to meet you.
My flight to your country is on 9. October.
And I still have some time when I can
Go to Migration Control so that they give me permission Please send me help with money today
I ask you for only 330 dollars.
This money is enough for me to get permission
And then wait for my flight and get on the plane and a flight to you on 9. October. Be more kind and compassionate to me.
Right after you've read my letter.
Or rather, it's the cry of my soul.
Yes, I wrote you what's in my soul now.
After reading my letter.
Pick up the money and go to the nearest office.
Find a Ria or Western Union near you
And when you're there, send me money here at Saint Petersburg Airport. I ask you not to arrange huge eyes and not be shocked.
When I became an adult, I dreamed of changing my name.
I thought that this name Yuliya, Yula suits me better,
but according to the main document I am MARINA KANASHINA.
I warn you one more time and you should know it right now!
I just always liked that name: Yuliya, Yula.
That is why I subscribe to this name.
Actually my real name MARINA KANASHINA.
So now I'm asking you to send me a money order in my name and surname how in the passport. Please send money to my first and last name MARINA KANASHINA only And send money to this address.
Because I'm here at the airport
And I can get your money right here at the airport. Here is the address Ria and Western Union where I can get your help: MARINA KANASHINA
Pulkovskoe Highway 41
Pulko Airport,
Saint Petersburg, 196140
Make a transfer here
Because I am now in Russia in Saint Petersburg you need to make a money transfer sent exactly as indicated in the passport
My real name from passport MARINA KANASHINA and I ask you to send help with money to me, how indicated in my passport. And I will ask you after you make the money order.
Send me a photocopy of the money order.
or make a good quality copy of the document in which I could read with my own eyes
How did you write your name and surname?
What is the exact amount of the transfer. Because I was just here at the airport in Ria
And the agent told me that I should know exactly how you spelled your name and surname
Then I need to know the exact amount of the transfer
And I need to see from the document that you spelled my name and surname correctly. I'm not going to spend your 330 dollars here.
I just have to show it in the Migration Control
I just have to prove that I have money and can pay a fine.
I'm just going to show I have cash and everyone
Immediately upon arrival to you, 9. October, I will refund you immediately in hand, your money.
I'll give you back your 330 dollars!
You don't have to lose anything.
I am waiting for your help with money today
Kind regards and send you a big kiss, Yuliya
Letter 12
Hello Richard,
You probably still think I'm Russian.
No! That's not true! I am not a russian girl.
I am a girl from Turkmenistan! I've never been to Russia! On the contrary, I only hate Russians because of the country of Russia,
because of country Russia, I can not meet with you.
I will do anything for this meeting.
And because of Russia, it has become more difficult for me to come to you.
All due to the fact that I did not fill out the migration card correctly.
Now I have to show 330 dollars
And prove that I can pay a fine. For illegal border crossing. Today I will show you that I am a living woman
For this I just wrote you a letter with my own hand on an ordinary piece of paper
I want you to finally make sure that I am a living woman and it's me, it's me who writes my letters to you, just open the attached file and then you will see there how I tried to write a letter for you by hand Try sending money today after work through an office near you that is located in Ria or Western Union I ask to send help with money to me only through Ria or Western Union,
All of these offices are now open here at the airport.
And I can get your help here
without leaving the airport building. You can try to send money to me through Ria.
You have to go to the nearest office Ria. close to you
..and open this address:
Select there on the site: Find Locations and you see the office ria close to you
Take the money and go there right now. Or find your nearest westernunion office.
write in the search - city or zip code Or make an online transfer
via the official website online: If you already go to Ria or WesternUnion, you have to send me money on my name and surname how indicated in my passport, this is MARINA KANASHINA. I ask you not to arrange huge eyes and not be shocked.
I warn you one more time and you should know it
When I became an adult, I dreamed of changing my name.
But I sign at the end of the letter because this is my nickname.
I just always liked that name: Yuliya, Yula.
But my real name is on my passport MARINA KANASHINA.
So now I'm asking you to send me a money order
in my name and surname how in the passport. And I'll write you the address of the office
where i can get your help:
Pulkovskoe Highway 41
Pulko Airport,
Saint Petersburg, 196140
Make a transfer here
Because I am now in Russia in Saint Petersburg
330 dollars Go to the office! After you send me money, send me a photocopy of the Ria or WesternUnion document.
Now I am with this letter.
I will send you my kiss.
Your Yuliya
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard,
I open my mailbox again and search
a letter from you with the necessary information to receive your help.
But I don't see anything! And that means you didn't send me any help!
Do what you want with your problems. So do you think of me! yeah! But I want to refresh your memory and tell you Richard.
I go to you to get to know you personally.
And I assume that we can celebrate meeting together.
Don't you want all of this?
I trusted you and dropped everything. And I'll fly to you no matter what.
I definitely want to meet you.
Because I think that's the best that can be together.
When a man and a woman are together. We can sit on your bed at home and look each other in the eye.
We can go to the kitchen in the morning and make fresh tea.
Do you want me to make you tea?
Did you forget how I sent you a video showing you how I was making tea?
I can make you breakfast and morning cakes. and have breakfast. You have probably forgotten that I haven't had a husband in a long time.
And I really miss being touched.
And I thought you could be my man and pat me on the back.
I am so bored and sad alone.
And yet you don't give me a single chance to meet you.
I go to you to feel like a woman in the hands of a man.
And you wrap everything in a trash bag and toss our meeting in the trash. Why am I writing you so rudely? Yes, my patience is just bursting.
Why is patience bursting? Because I've told you more than once before.
How I dropped everything and wanted to fly to you and celebrate meetings with you.
But you didn't appreciate any of this and continued to ignore me. I beg you not to ignore me anymore.
Make a money transfer today so I can
Go to Migration Control and ask them to give me permission to visit your country I just have to show that I have 330 dollars in hand.
And then Migration Control will be sure I can pay the fine and after that remove the restriction from me and I will be able to get on the plane safely on 9. October to fly to you. Now I ask you to take the money in hand.
Put your money in your jacket pocket and go to the next office
Choose the office yourself because it is the most convenient for you.
There's an office here next to me where I can get your help!
I can get your help through Ria or Western Union
So you can find one of these offices nearby and go there
When you walk into your office, remember that you have to send me money
to my first name and surname how in the passport as follows: MARINA KANASHINA And send money to an address in Saint Petersburg.
Send to the airport where I am now.
Pulkovskoe Highway 41
Pulko Airport,
Saint Petersburg, 196140
Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
the sum of 330 dollars And further.
Now try to find the nearest Ria office
via the official website.
Open now and search.
Here is a link to find the Ria office closest to you: Find the Western Union office closest to you suddenly look closer to you than Ria
Open the Western Union website: I look forward to positive news from you in the next letter
And I'll look for information, help with money, in your next letter
knowing that you are going to do a money order for me. The best thing to do is to send me a quality document
a document my eyes can read: Name and surname of the sender. Because if you have a double name or triple name, I am not a clairvoyant and I cannot guess. It is necessary that you show me in the document or write me in detail, how did you write yourself. The exact amount and in what currency.
I ask you 330 dollars.
However, you can send money in any currency that is convenient for you How you wrote my Name and surname.
how in the passport? I ask you all this because
Because I was in this office consulting about transferring money.
And after talking to the director office there, I found that these are the internal rules of the office, which is why the office is requesting this information in more detail and a little more precisely. I miss you very much. I am looking forward to our meeting.
I want to send you my kiss with this letter.
Your Yuliya
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