Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Shirshova to James (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Lovely! I have learned all in detail about trip to you to Australia. I will need the visa and the ticket to take off to you. I have visited a site which you advised me. In Russia I shall do all through my aunt. She has good familiar in a travel company. They to me do all documents, which are required to me to arrive to you. But that all of them did to me are required money. You ii??aoa to help me with it? Write to me soon. - With love Tatyana
Letter 2

Lovely! It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. I think that you completely approach me. I like your age. At such age all men clever also know a life very well. I young and consequently am necessary for me an angel the keeper which to all me will be learned also which by me I shall like. I love you. And you? Write to me soon.
- Tatyana
Letter 3

Hello lovely James! I have not waited you in MSN! Now I go in Hospital. To do medical survey. It is required for that, That I received the medical insurance. And the medical insurance It is required for reception of the visa. Yesterday I received your remittance and At once went to pay for the visa. To me as have told, that I Did the passport for travel abroad (it is required for trip abroad). I hope you of me understand. I have given all money to travel agency And they gave me papers for filling and gave directions for reception All documents. If that is not clear, please write to me! OK? I I can not believe, that soon we shall together. Pinch me and tell, That it not dream:) I shall be in MSN at night (my time) Write to me soon
Tatyana I L O V E Y O U
Letter 4

Lovely James! I think you were very strongly afflicted with that I was not left with you on connection. Forgive me! But you will not believe, that to me to Moscow there came my mum. I called to her to Kazan and she having learned that I do not have means for residing has arrived at once to me. It 1 a case that my mum so worried for me. I can not believe that mum arrived for me. We with mum walked on city of Moscow. Forgive me that I did not leave with you on connection. Simply I can not leave my mum one. You understand my situation. Today in the morning my mum has gone back in Kazan. She has wished me good luck on trip to you. I spoke her that at once I shall call relatives and I shall warn that all well. Lovely! I not can believe that on Monday we shall together. Pinch me and tell that it not dream. Lovely! I very much did not like your words. Promise that you will never write such words more. Well? Now I need to go in the airport to fill in the customs declaration. Services of the airport have today the short day and consequently I need to hurry up. Lovely! I shall enter with you contact later. Write to me soon. - With love Tatyana
Letter 5

Moscow (MOW) - Melbourne (MEL)
The tariff there and back for 1 ticket: 1110 $ Date of a start: December, 22 2004 Airline: Emirates Airlines
Flight: EK134
Departure: December, 22, 17:19, Domodedovo airport
Arrival: December, 22, 23:25, Dubai Intl Arpt
Places: Ekonom a class, places are City of change: Dubai
The stop will be prolonged more than 8 hours Airline: Emirates Airlines
Flight: EK406
Departure: December, 23, 10:09, Dubai Intl Arpt
Arrival: December, 24, 06:30, Tullamarine Arpt
Places: Ekonom a class, places are Time in a way:
29 ?. 10 m.
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