Scam letter(s) from Zhanna to Anthony (UK)

Letter 1
Good day, what's your name? My name is Zhanna. I'm from Ukraina.
I want to find my man. Tell me about yourself. What you doing in your life? How do you spend your free time?
What qualities do you value in a woman?
I'm looking for the usual female happiness that only a real man can give a woman.
Please write me. The letter does not commit to anything, it's just letters that can grow into something very big and warm.
Letter 2
Good day. I am pleased to see your answer.
To be honest, I wasn't sure what you would answer me.
Well, let's try to get to know each other better. As I said my name is Zhanna.
I am an ordinary woman who lives in Ukraine, in a small town called Poltava. I am 32 years old. My birthday is Jule 28th.
According to the horoscope I am Lion, this is a very calm and level-hung sign. And I love sincere people.
And I would like to hear about you.
If you are not looking for close contact, please delete my mailing address. My intentions are serious, I don't want to play games.
I am a free woman. The last relationship that was, ended year ago.
I was in a relationship for about a year, but we realized that we did not match each other in character and parted..
Tell me about yourself. Where do you work? How do you spend your free time?
I am looking for a responsible person, with specific intentions.
Maybe you ask why outside the country? Honestly, I don't know myself, my friend advised me to try dating on the Internet.
I actually have little experience with this. I don't even know what to write about when meeting on the Internet.
But I hope that everything will work out And I am open for new acquaintances and friendship.
Now I need to continue my work.
I must complete my task before the end of the working day.
I look forward to hearing from you. Zhanna
Letter 3
I can’t pay attention to the fact that your letter made me happy.
I am at work now. I freed myself a bit and decided that I could write to you.
I work as a salesperson in a women's clothing store. These are mainly home clothes, pajamas and bathrobes, etc.
Andreas, did I already tell you that my city is Poltava?
All my life I have lived in this town. My roots are Ukrainian.
Before the pandemic, I had a business: I had a small toy store.
But in the end, the rent consumed all my income and I started to go into negative territory. I closed this last October.
I don’t want to talk about covid because I don’t have the best memories of it. I was sick with covid last December.
I got the vaccine in April and it doesn't bother me now.
I think you will be interested to know more about me. I was born in 1988. 32 years old to me now.
I have not been married. Without children. My height is 166 cm, my weight is 51 kg.
Andreas, I would like a nice chat between us. I see you as a pleasant person. Please tell us more about yourself.
Tell us about your place of residence, climate.
It is also difficult to describe myself in a nutshell.
I would like to know more about each other. I live alone in a rented apartment.
I have no parents, I was a late child and my parents died. My mom died in 2015, dad in 2009, but they lived a long and happy life.
My dad was 22 years older than my mom. But I have a sister, she's my best friend, and she advised me to try looking for someone on the Internet
I also play sports, doing body stretching. I also adore horses, on the outskirts of my town there is a stable that I sometimes visit.
As for my english I studied it at school, and then at university.
I know it well enough, so I think that there will be no problems in our conversation.
I hope you are interested in what I wrote to you about myself. I will be glad to hear from you again.
Letter 4
How are you? I am already at work, have a light snack now. Usually I work until 6 pm, then I take a walk and go home.
On weekends, I do my personal things, go for a walk, watch movies, or listen to music.
I like the calm music of Roxette, Andrea Bocelli, some Ukrainian performers. What kind of music do you like?
How does start your morning? How is your day as a whole?
I hope all is well. As you already understood, I read and write to you from my work.
Now I have some free time and I immediately checked my mail. And your letter cheered me up. I read your letters with great interest.
I would like to communicate more with you, but, unfortunately, our letters are all that we have now.
On my working computer, I do not have Skype and other chat programs. I use this computer mainly to maintain an account with Excel or to make a request for the supply of goods.
Andreas, I live in Ukraine and there is a distance between us. We have different cultures and some holidays.
Tell me more about your country. What holidays will be in the coming days? How do you celebrate it?
I think it's worth trying to get to know each other.
I do not want to rush, let's get to know each other better.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Now I work 2/2, which means that I have 2 working days, then 2 days off.
I spent the evening at home last night, because of the heat I slept badly last night and decided to go to bed early.
Before going to bed, I thought about you. I thought: I wonder what you are doing now?
All this is so interesting, you are there in another part of the world, but thanks to the Internet we can communicate with anyone.
How do you spend your evenings? I want to know more about your life. Anything you do during the day? How you spent free time?
Share with me. What do you usually prefer for dinner? We are from different countries and we have different cultures.
I’m interested in learning more about you, but I don’t have any experience communicating on the Internet and don’t know what else to write about.
Andreas, how much have you travele in your life? As for me, I have never been outside of Ukraine.
I look forward to your letter. As soon as I have free time, I will write you the following letter.
Regards, Zhanna.
Letter 5
Anthony, good afternoon. I think you have a very good profession and I'm glad that you like it.
And yes, unfortunately in the modern world many people do not have enough free time to create good relationships.
Thank you for your letter, I always enjoy reading this. I feel the value of your letters.
Reading your letter, I am convinced that you are a pleasant and good person. I'm glad I wrote to you ))
What is up today? I am finishing my work. Today I rent out the cash register and therefore sit at work longer than usual.
Tomorrow I will be replaced by another manager and I will have two days off. I haven’t thought about what I’ll do yet.
I’ll probably go for a horse ride and meet my sister.
I don’t remember if I told you I never smoked cigarettes and drugs. I rarely drink. This is usually wine. I try to take care of my body.
I don’t have a tattoo, but I am not against it. I also don’t have piercings.
What is the weather in your region today? There was a thunderstorm last night and we feel a little fresher.
Summer is my favorite season, too bad it always ends too soon.. What season do you like most?
Anthony, I like our connection. I can freely talk to you on any topic as if I have known you for many years.
I have never met such people. Maybe we knew each other in a past life? ))
As I said, the age difference does not matter to me. I hope for you too.
So I intend to seriously continue our dialogue with you.
I send you my everyday photos in each letter. Always waiting for your photos as well.
Please feel free to ask me if you have questions regarding me and my life. I will be happy to answer you.
Your friend Zhanna. Kiss.
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