Scam letter(s) from Mia Evans to Peter (Germany)

Letter 1
Hope that you really liked my pic and not mind getting this text.
I am a lady who's waiting for a man to eventually establish a family with. I'm so fed up with tricks and unfaithfulness tbh.
Hence in case if you are intrigued, why don't we become familiar with each other, then we could perhaps go for phone calls, see exactly where it will go.
Now i wish to know few things regarding your daily life interests and precisely what do you want to learn of me, because I seriously can't predict where i can start, a whole lot to talk about. Though i am going to mention a little bit in any case.
I am from Australia and came into this world here as well. I truly love traveling a lot and I'm just thirty-two years old right now. Really want somebody more mature than me, I guess older males are certainly more caring and also reliable. Where are you living and how old are you? I'll be glad to receive a picture of you to know how you really look like, that way I am going to fully understand your actual intentions and that you you do not have anything to hide. Hoping to collect a message from you really soon).
Your Australian friend, Mia.
Letter 2
I would like to know you better.
Thank you for your letter. I'm Mia
my photos inside the letter.
I will be glad to receive your photos as well.
What city do you live in? How old are you?
I am glad that you are interested in our communication.
Letter 3
I see your letter, I understand that you are interested in our communication.
I think that my name is Mia, you will know that I am 32 years old.
I am a real girl who wants to be happy.
She was born on September 1, 1988 in the country in Australia.
My father is a citizen of Australia and my mother is a citizen of Ukraine, I am also a citizen of Australia since I have lived there for 25 years, my parents divorced in 2013 and my mother and I returned back to Ukraine Kiev.
Now I live in Ukraine in the city of Kiev.
Peter, were you born and live in the same country? or perhaps a similar situation?
I want to say my goals so that you understand what interest my man will meet with whom I can be like behind a stone wall.
Perhaps you are the man with whom I will be happy. I am an ordinary girl who just wants ordinary love.
I don't need money, wealth, just ordinary love to snuggle a man's *******, making plans for the future.
Tell me do you have a girlfriend? maybe you are married?
I am not married, not when I was not. I have no children, do you want children?
I want to say that the desire to have children can be made joint decisions.
Well, I think now talking about children is very early, since I am writing you only 2 letter.
I hope our goals coincide and also in search of a partner for a relationship.
If you are not interested in a relationship, tell me about it, I will understand.
I will be waiting for your new letter. Mia
Letter 4
I must tell you again how gratifying it is for me to receive letters from you.
Nice to understand the fact that you are interested in me. So, let's continue our acquaintance.
Maybe I should write more today about myself.
My height is 168 centimeters without heels, my weight in the morning was 49 kilograms 450 grams.
My eye color is brown, I have dark hair, I never dyed my hair, well, somehow I wanted to dye it red, mine convinced me that my native hair color is beautiful.
Tell me, how do you like hair color on girls?
Peter, Am I interesting to you as a friend or more?
I want to tell you my goals that I am looking for more than a friend, perhaps a partner for the rest of my life.
with whom to spend time together and make joint plans for life.
Don't think I'm getting ahead of myself, just saying my plans.
Perhaps we are different and we are not destined to be together, Well, now I want to know you more, you are an interesting man.
I wonder why I decided to meet my love on the Internet? I'm tired of being alone, I'm 32 years old.
I think the difference between us is not a problem for you? I want to say there is no age problem for me.
It is very important for me to hear from you your opinions that there is not any problem of the age difference.
What do you think about it?
Now, as I said, I live in Ukraine with my mother, we live in an apartment.
We also have a Labrador dog named "Bullet". I really like pets.
Peter, do you have pets?
I work as a manager in an optics salon. Selling glasses, eye examinations, contact lenses, eyeglass frames, boring work.
I get about 2500 - 3000 hryvnia ($100 -120) per week, enough to live in Kiev.
Peter, do you like your job?
Perhaps it would be interesting to know about my family? My father's name is John, he now lives in Australia, we stopped communicating because my mother and I kicked us out of the house after 25 years of living in Australia.
my mother's name is Svetlana, I have no brother or sister, I grew up alone in a family.
Peter, maybe you can tell us about your family?
Peter, Thank you! it is very important to feel attention, it is important to understand that some the other person is interested in you. I am waiting for your letter Mia
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