Letter(s) from Ksenia Nikolaeva to Tim (Australia)

Letter 1

Thank you for the letter. It is a real pleasure for me to read them.
There is very bad nasty weather in our town and I enjoy your letters sitting in the comfortable armchair.
When I have read your last letter I understood that our tastes are alike. We value the same qualities in a person.
And it seems to me that we think in the same way. I`d like to say that I share your opinion about people and about the world where we live.
It is good that we don`t try to tell each other everything in one letter. I think it`s more fascinating to read new information a little at a time.
I don`t know why but in this letter I would like to tell you about my country. Russia is the biggest country all over the world.
There are lots of cities and towns and villages in it. Have you ever been in Russia? I am sure that it will be your best trip.
Our country is very, very beautiful! We have a lot of wonderful places: seas, forests, mountains. Our towns are monuments of ancient architecture.
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir. Our country is rich in mineral resourses and other fossils. But unfortunately our government can`t use them right.
That is why we have great depts to other countries and the government can`t pay for them now. Besides nowadays it is very dangerous to live in Russia: kidnapping, acts of terrorism, explotions.
nd our government and our president can`t control all this.
And there are a lot of other problems in our country. Unemployed people, children without parents, antisocial elements, criminality.
But I hope that there will be better time in our country. I think we`ll cope with all these problems.
It`ll be very interesting and exciting to know about your country as much as possible. About its problems, customs and traditions.
Do you like your country? What can you do for its wellfare?

Letter 2

Now I want to tell to you a history of my city.
I hope to you it will be interesting to know it.
Kazan is a city on the left coast of Volga, located approximately in the middle between Nizhni Novgorod and Samara.
Distance up to Moscow - 797 km.
Kazan is a capital of Republic Tatarstan.
The population of Kazan - 1,105 million person.
Now the city occupies 408,9 sq. km. The areas.
On the arms of Kazan it is represented Zilant - the stylized dragon, the patron and the defender of city.
Kazan is a city where there is an East and the West.
At excavation in territory of the Kazan Kremlin the rests of the market, which age about 1000 have been found.
In Kazan many unique buildings.
So, tower Suumbike is the highest falling tower in Europe (it on 3 m. above known Pizanskay towers).
The Kazan Kremlin, constructed Ivan Groznym in the middle of XVI century - it in 1552 is very beautiful also.
In general, the historical city centre is simply unique, and not only monuments of architecture, but also modern structures, and involves many tourists.
The Kazan university, the third in Russia, has been based in 1804.
The main building has been constructed at Lobachevsky.
In general, Kazan is also a large centre of science not only in Russia, but also in the world. So, Kazan is the native land of organic chemistry, such part of medicine, as orthopedy.
Except for a science, in Kazan also culture.
In city it is a lot of theatres, some concert halls, it is a lot of monuments to people which have glorified Kazan... In total in Kazan more than 500 monuments of architecture..
In Kazan there is unique in the Volga region and the oldest in Europe a zoo largest in Europe an aquapark.
The history of city also can be interesting.
The big pride of capital of Tatarstan are also sports teams.

That I know all this about my city. I want that you have told to me about your city.
Where do you live? City and the country. Write to me that you know about your city?
It will be interesting to me to learn it....
I shall wait for your following letter.

Letter 3

Hi... I`d like to say that you are a very talanted narrator.
After your story about your city it seems to me that I have had an interesting and exciting excursion round your native place.
I think there are no grey and dull cities and towns in the world but there are only people who don`t see the beauty of their towns and they can`t value it.
And I want to tell you again that I am really greatful to you for the full description of your town. Now I have a dream. I think you can guess what it is.
I`d like to visit your town in the real life.
To tell the truth I always like travelling because it is wonderful and amusing to see new places and new people, to mix with them. I enjoy it!
I always dream to visit different countries and cities, to see for example France, Italy, the USA, Japan.
It is exciting to visit Rio-de-Janeiro during its tremendous carnaval or in China I`d to see and to touch the Great Chinese Wall.
Or may be I want to go to another continent to New Zealand and to visit that places where the shooting of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" took place.
By the way this film is my favorite and I watched it several times and I find it wonderful. But unfortunately now my dream comes true only with the help of books, magazines, newspapers and TV programmes.
But I hope, I really hope that it will happen not only in my dreams. And I can see all the beautiful places with my own eyes.
And what about you? In what countries and cities have you been? Do you like travelling? I want to know everything in detail.
But I have to go.