Scam letter(s) from Juliana Sena Apora to Byron (USA)

Letter 1
Am Juliana Sena Apora by name, single never been married with no kids, EYE COLOUR -Brown. HAIR COLOUR - Brown and Blonde. HEIGHT - 4'11 ft tall. WEIGHT - 95 lbs .. MEASUREMENTS - 32DD-22-32. Shoe sizes - 6. I am a mixed race, dad American German and mom Ghanaian Spanish. My dad has kicked the bucket long time ago since I was 16 years old,but mom is still alive now in Ghana. She's disabled through Gold Rush mining.
Letter 2
Am pleased meeting you Ron, am Sena by name and am sorry for you going through depressing. I pray the Lord easy things for you and I don’t know if we can get to know more about each other more .
Letter 3
Am sorry and to hear about what you told me about you and I was raised in South Carolina but currently in Ghana taking care of my disable mom who got her spinal cord through gold mining, I was also learning herbal medication in Ghana but am graduate now cause I am RN nursing graduate that was why I learnt herbal medication in Ghana, am willing to relocate if I find my lost rib, soulmate, right man , understanding without doubting cause in everything if there’s doubt it won’t work cause there won’t be trust and without trust in relationship or in everything, it won’t work - it won’t work, without trust the relationship is useless it is like building house without foundation or start a foundation without completing it, without trust and no doubting, age and distance are just numbers in relationship, I don’t have problem with age and distance cause they’re just numbers in relationship cause without giving each other benefit of doubt and chance to know about each other, how can we know we’re meant to be together or met to be, sometimes age is a number cause you might be old and the heart is young, distance doesn’t matter in relationship because if we’re meant to be, we will find a way to be together cause we’re not kids, no one knows where to find his/her lover, what matters is the heart, trust, giving each other the benefit of doubt, being honest with each other and no games nor drama, where do you live ?. Do you want to continue further more
Letter 4
Yes i will like to continue to know more about each other and see where it will lead us to. I have been single for 8 years now.I was raised from respected Catholic home but I am a just a Christian now, I don’t belong to those parts anymore, I go to church every blessed Sunday morning if am awake by God might and power. After being in a Relationship for 7 and half years with him He started to Cheat on me and hurt & hits me,So now i am looking for someone who won’t Cheat on me Nor Hurt & hit me. I want to be with someone who is straight and honest with me someone who knows how to treat a woman right and don’t beat a woman. My grandma is still alive and she’s in Ghana with my mom, I’ve 3aunts and they’re both married the first born is in Australia with her husband , the second born is at South Africa married too but the other one is in here divorced, I’ve 2 uncles , one is in the states Pennsylvania and the other one is here in Ghana, my dad married two wives but I was my moms only daughter but I’ve stepsisters and stepbrothers too, 4 stepbrothers and 2 stepsisters and you?.
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