Scam letter(s) from Zeliha Merkit to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear. I wrote you from other email gmal recently. You remember me? It is my personal email. Please, add to the list of contacts if after reading you still want to get acquainted further. As you did not write me anything badly on my first letter, I believe that you are the good man. Understand me only correctly. I was tired of that to me men who need only *** meet and want to speak only about ***. Was tired that nobody wants to recognize me as the woman at first. I hope that you understand it. Therefore previous email simply intermediate. Write me here, it is my original mail and I will write you here. You read till the end and if I suit you, answer. My name Fatma. What is your name the correct? I from Turkey. I live in the city - Bingol. I like my city, here it is very beautiful. I am 28 years old. My height of 176 centimeters, weight of 55 kilograms. I have a usual work. I usual the seller in shop of food. I very flexible and sports, love sport. I like to run and I do it often.
My hobby is a make-up. I like to do myself and another a make-up. I have no addictions, I do not smoke and I do not use drugs, it is not necessary for me. Sometimes happens that during rest in the company of friends or holidays I afford a little wine. By the way, I love red dry wine, and you what love? It was never married, children are not present. Perhaps, then I will tell in more detail why so I am lonely now. Also has to tell at once you that I know English very badly. I write you now by means of the translator's online on the Internet. I hope, what the translation turns out clear? I want to improve the English once. I look for the serious man, for the serious relations. The man who will be able to respect my principles is necessary for me. I do not need the man for whom everything spins round ***. The adequate man is necessary for me. Now presently there are a lot of men who think only of *** and do not want to learn internal the world of another at all.
I hope that you not such. Of course, ***, is an integral part of the relations, but all has to come over time. It is necessary to recognize at first each other that there was a passion and feelings. Otherwise *** it simply ***. And I want love. If all this suits you, tell, please, all that you consider necessary: how you live where you work, than are fond? Tell about yourself that I also represented whom I will meet. Also I look forward to your following letter, and a photo! Fatma!
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