Scam letter(s) from Diana Sokolovskaya to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Due to the fact that I do not have enough extra money now, I want to ask you for additional help with money for exactly 110 dollars.
I don't need more money, I'm asking you exactly 110 dollars.
I will not ask and write with a new request for help, I will not ask because I am already in debt to you, and I will be ashamed to ask you for something again. Whatever happens between us, whatever you write me bad words, I just don''t want to focus on the bad words you said to me.
I just want to let go of this situation and I want to forgive you for all the bad language and also just ask you to forgive me for all the inconveniences that I have brought you during these days. We are adults and we all know that we often make mistakes.
Just forgive me for everything that happened and what you didn''t like about me.
Give me one last chance to fly to you by plane 20. October.
I ask you to send one last time in aid of exactly 110 dollars.
I will not forgive your help again or something like that.
Since I am already in debt to you.
Today I am asking you to make a money order for the last time through an office close to you, such as Ria or western union and send a money order to my name and surname KRISTINA AFANASEVA I will go to the nearest office to receive your help for me.
After receiving your help to me, I will put your money in a safe place closer to my heart and your money will be under my control.
I just ask you to make a money order in my name and surname KRISTINA AFANASEVA, and not to worry about anything, I will always control the process of getting your money.
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