Name: Jessy Jeffrey
Age: 31
Name: Ekaterina Urakova
Age: 25
Name: Maria Loskutov
Age: 27
Name: Anna Martynova
Age: 30
Name: Belinda Smith
Age: 26
Name: Alimatu Kumbo
Age: 31
Name: Elena
Age: 25
Name: Natalia Borysenko
Age: 30
Name: Elena Chis
Age: 28
Name: Susan Warren
Age: 39
Name: Valeria Giniyevska
Age: 36
Name: Donna Teves
Age: 27
Name: Ann Morgan
Age: 31
Name: Tatyana Belyakova
Age: 26
Name: Daria Alyeninova
Age: 27

Scam letter(s) from Daria to Stevan (UK)

Letter 1
Greetings my friend !!!
My name is Daria
I am at home in Russia.
But I am disappointed with the people in Russia.
So I want to find a man on the internet.
With this man I wanted to develop a serious relationship.
I am very accommodating, open-minded, trusting and nice.
I am a nature-loving person.
I also enjoy doing sports such as inline skating, diving and fitness.
I would be happy to receive your contact details and I hope that your heart will also be full of longing for a relationship.
Please write to me at my email address:
I hope we will deepen our acquaintance.
If you text me, I'll tell you more about myself.
Very dear pit, Dasha
Letter 2
Hello! Hello! How are you today? Thanks for answering my Letter. I am very happy to meet you and I hope we will very interesting communication. Incidentally, I received your letter from a local dating agency in my city.
You said you are a single man and you want to meet a woman. It is true?
Online dating has become very popular in Russia so I'm trying it's closed. My mother tongue is Russian, but I can speak a little German, but not very well. So I apologize in advance for the mistakes. I will use Translation software writes to you because I don't know all German words. And now a little about me: My name is Dasha.
I am 27 years old, born on June 3rd, 1994. According to astrological signs, I am Gemini.
My weight is 51 kg, my height is 168 cm.
I am a single woman, never married and have no children.
I come from Russia, my hometown is Leninogorsk, about 1000 km from Moscow. Leninogorsk is a small Russian city with about 70,000 inhabitants. It is very far from your country and the climate here is very different.
I have a degree in medicine and I work as a nurse. And I am happy work in this area and help those in need. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, I don't smoke or drink Alcohol, never do drugs or anything like that, try food healthy food, but not always I sometimes can't resist to eat something tasty and not very useful but i think it's ok :) i love Music of different genres, from classical to modern. I am in love I travel but have never been to other countries, but I like travel through Russia. I love meeting new people and discovering life many different pages :) Right now I have one main dream - to find true love. I really love it my heart and I are ready to give all my love to someone special. you It may seem strange that I haven't found a man in mine Country / my city ... well, I just don't see the right person here ... because several reasons why I am a little disappointed in the Russian men I see around me .. That's why I'm looking for a man on the internet. I know it People are different everywhere, there are good people and bad people in any country. But I am sure you can meet a good man in Internet from another country ... I've heard a lot of good stories about it and i want to try. This is general information about me. And I would be very happy to learn more Information to you.
Please tell us everything about you, your place of residence, your Hobby, your job. And if you have any questions for me, ask. Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you. I'm sending you a few of my photos and I would be happy to receive a photo of you. Your Dasha.
Letter 3
Hello!!! How are you today? Hope everything is great! I was very glad receive your email. Your letter made a good impression on me and conveyed it I have positive emotions. Thanks! I am very happy to meet them good human! I want to ask you a question ... please tell me what kind of women are you looking for And I'm just looking for a normal man who kind and understanding who have a big heart and lots of love inside who want a family that respects their wife.
I think that a man and a woman should be like two parts in a relationship one, should help and support each other, share good and bad moments in a life. What do you think about it? I would now like to tell you about my family. At the moment I live with my mother, but I also have a sister.
Your name is Masha.
She is an older sister, Masha is 32 years old. Masha lives in the city of Murmansk. It's quite a long way from mine City. She lived there for several years and has a husband.
and 5 year old son Denis. I am very close to my sister, she come to us very often (me and mom). By the way, Masha very good at photography and she took most of my photos that i do I send you ... We had a very good and happy childhood, but it did changed a lot when our father died of lung cancer (doctors said he it was because he smoked for 30 years), it was about 15 years it was very difficult for us to get back. Father meant a lot to us. He was a very nice person and he did everything for his family. And it was a shock for me and my mother when he died ... I remember that time as the most terrible time of my life, it was hard to lose my father. After my father passed away, I still tried to help and support my mother, I worked in various jobs and tried to raise money for Family, tried to study well and never upset my mother about me. she is found no other man after her father died, and she always said that she doesn't need any other men in her life besides him ....... she is alone a man a woman, i think i'm just like that ...... i also have many aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents who live in the village, me I love spending time at their home, I love the country Nature .... these are very beautiful places where they live.
I grow different plans and flowers with my aunt, I like that :)
What about the main character for me - my mother, her name is She and Olga are 60 years old, she is retired and she is cool.
Woman, her life was not easy, but she is always very optimistic and always has a happy smile on his face. She is a very nice woman :) I want to tell you that I am satisfied with our age difference and love it. I am good that you are older than me. I want to have a person in my life who has more life experience, I am sure this is very important for building strong relationships. Such a person knows he is wants what he is looking for ... trust more in his wishes. So
I love our age difference and totally agree that you are older than me please know that. I like to spend time in nature, I like to be in nature. I like activities like Swimming, skiing, cycling, playing volleyball. I like to go to concerts, theater, I like to sing karaoke songs, I like to listen to live music ... my piano Favorite musical instrument.
What about my favorite movies, I like romantic movies and comedies Movies, my favorite actors - Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Robert De Niro and Adam Sendler.
I love animals very much too! Do you love to travel? Have you ever been outside of your country and when Yes, which countries did you visit? What about me that I've never been in?
other countries ... I've been to other cities, but only in Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg or Sochi, and I flew by plane (by the way, the closest airport to me is in the city of Kazan). So I never got out my country but i hope i will travel more in the future, it should be a lot It is interesting to see and learn more about different places on our planet other cultures, see other countries. Okay, I'll finish my letter, have a good day and You know i'm waiting for your answer! Do you know what a woman in Russia thinks of you! :) Your Dasha.
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