Scam letter(s) from Natalia to James (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Stranger.
My name is Natalia! I was born in 1986 year.
I'm looking for a man to start a family and build a serious relationship with!
If you are lonely and you are also looking for a girl
Then we could get to know each other!
I will attach my photo and I hope you send yours
If you are looking for a woman, I expect a letter from you to my email -
Tell me a little, how old are you, where do you live and what are your hobbies?
I look forward to your reply!
Letter 2
Hello James!
How glad I am that you answered my letter because that means that I could interest you. And that's very nice (smile)! We can start our dialogue and get to know each other better. I would really like that!
So my name is Natalya. I was born on May 15, 1986. As you can imagine, I am already 35 years old. I'm not young anymore, but I still look good because I work as a makeup artist and hairdresser in a small beauty salon. My job is to make up my customers beautifully. Of course, all of my customers are women. They come to me and I make them beautiful (smile). My job is pretty simple, but I love it. At the end of my job, I often see a smile on my customers' lips. And that's very nice. I promise that I will give you more information about my life in the next few letters. By the way, I've sent you some of my photos so you can see what I look like.
Now I will tell you why I am here. I decided to use the internet to find a kind and honest man with a big heart and a clear mind. I'm tired of being alone. For me it is important that a man is honest with me from the start. I don't like being rude either. If you want to get to know me better, I will be very happy. I will be happy to provide you with further information in the next few letters. I just can't tell you everything at once. We will continue to develop our dialogue step by step. And of course I would be delighted if you would give me more information about your life.
I hope you like my photos. I forgot to say that my height is 168 centimeters and my weight is 55 kilograms. If not difficult, then comment on my photos. Even if you didn't like me, be honest. I won't be offended, I promise (smile)!
Well, I'm finishing my first letter, but I'll be waiting for your reply.
Have a nice day!
Letter 3
Hello James!
How glad I am to see your letter again. I am really pleased that you are not ignoring me!
James, I would like to start my letter with important information. You should know this. I was born and raised
in Russia. And I live in Russia now too. Sorry, but I did not dare to tell you about this in the first letter, although I should have done it. I was just afraid that the great distance separating us might scare you away. Now I am ashamed that I did not confess to you right away. I apologize for such a ****** mistake. And I promise that from now on I will not hide anything from you. I understand that the distance is long, but I have serious intentions. I'm not here to play games. If necessary, I am ready to leave Russia forever. I am ready for a change in my life. Let me tell you more information about myself. I live in a provincial town in the central part of Russia. My city is called Kineshma (Ivanovo region, Russia). It is home to 80,000 inhabitants. A small and calm city where people live a measured life, not in a hurry. It will be interesting for me to know more about the place where you live. Tell me if it doesn't bother you.
I'll tell you honestly that I'm a little tired of my boring life, so I decided to find new acquaintances on the Internet. I have a pretty simple life. I have never been married and I have no children. I live alone. I don't have a big family. More precisely, I have no family at all. My mother died two years ago due to a ******, and it came as a real shock to me. The pain of loss still lives in my heart, but time heals gradually. My father? I never saw him because he left my mother for another woman when she was pregnant. To be honest, I never tried to find him, because I just don't want to. Unfortunately, I was an only child, so I grew up without siblings. I have no relatives on my mother's side. As for my father’s relatives, I don’t know anything about them either. I have not tried to find them, and they have never tried to find me. Here is a brief history of my life, but I will tell you more in the next letter.
James, I just want to be happy, like all people. Who doesn't want to find true love? I’m probably naive, but I believe that such love exists. It seems to me that my other half is waiting for me somewhere ahead. Perhaps my letter seemed sad to you, but in fact I am an optimist. Light feelings prevail in my life, no matter what.
I ask you to tell me more information about your life, because I want to get to know you as best I can. I would very much like our dialogue to develop on both sides.
You've probably already seen the photos that I sent you today. And I hope you enjoyed it (smile). I am finishing my letter, but I will wait for your answer again.
Have a nice day!
Letter 4
Hello James!
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my messages. I appreciate it!
Could you send me some of your photos ?? I would be glad to see them. I know a little about American football.
I watch little sports. perhaps because there is no suitable company.
James, today I will tell you even more information about my life. Perhaps about my hobbies too. First of all, I would like you to be interested in reading my letters, because every letter is a part of me. I hope that I will be able to write interesting and exciting letters for you. If my letters are boring and dull, then you will quickly lose interest in my person. And I would not want that at all. As I said, I live alone and I have no pets. I live in an ordinary apartment. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, but it suits me. Most of my time I spend at work. And after work I often watch movies or read a book after having dinner before. Boring weekday evenings. Sometimes I meet with my friends on weekends, but this happens quite rarely lately, because all my friends already have a family and children. And they prefer to spend more time with the family. If we talk about music, then I listen to different music, regardless of the musical genre. Most of all I like popular music, not too heavy rock music, and classical music. But I cannot call myself a great connoisseur of music. As for the cinema, I really love to watch films. Throughout my life I have watched many films. The list will be long, but I see no reason to write to list all the films I have watched. Just know that I am a huge fan of cinema.
And now a little about my character. My friends say that I am very sociable and cheerful. I can't argue with them, because it really is (smile). Hope it didn't sound arrogant. I never raise my voice. I have a very kind heart and my heart is open to love and serious relationships. I still believe in true love. I like romance and tenderness. True love does not tolerate rudeness and betrayal. James, I hope that all my letters will help you better understand my character, get to know my life. It is difficult for me to describe my whole life in one letter, but everything is just beginning. And I hope that we can develop our fragile dialogue.
I have sent new photos. I will try to do this in every letter.
And now I will wait for your answer!
Have a nice day!
Letter 5
Hello James!
I just read your letter and now I would like to give you my answer, if you don't mind.
why haven't you sent me your photos yet. I would like to enter your photos. I like both dogs and cats.
James, today I would like to tell you a short biography of my life. Please don't be bored when you read this (smile). I don't have a very bright biography. So, I'll start with my childhood. My father left my mother, so she raised me alone. Nevertheless, I did not feel deprived of love, despite the fact that I grew up in an inferior family. My mother completely replaced my father. My mother was the closest person in my life to me. She was not only my mother, but also my best friend! I always shared all my problems with her. She was always there, gave me her love and care. I had the opportunity to be with her always, because she worked as a cook at the school where I studied. And often she treated me to delicious pies during school recess. I still remember the smell of these pies (smile). She was the best mother in the world. If you only knew how much I miss her. Thanks to her, I had a wonderful and happy childhood. It was a glorious time. When my schooling was over, I entered the university. I had to leave for another city for this, but I did not forget about my mother and often visited her. She was always so happy when I got home. She loved to hear my stories about my university studies. I always laughed like that when I told something funny. And when my mother died two years ago, it was a real **** to me. I have lost the closest person to me. But enough about sad things.
If you're interested, I studied history at university. Probably, I was mistaken with the choice of profession. Unfortunately, this is not a very popular profession. I just loved history, so at that time I did not doubt my choice. After studying at the university, I returned to my hometown. I worked as a waitress at first, then I worked as a secretary in a small company. But then I graduated from the courses of makeup artists and hairdresser. And now I work in a beauty salon. I like it. Here is a brief history of my life. James, now I'm asking you to tell me more about your life story. It will be interesting for me to learn more about your education, childhood, relations with relatives. Tell us whatever you want. I will be interested! I hope I don't ask too many questions.
James, my life has been happy overall, but I still haven't met true love. My heart is open to love. I was tired of going back to a cold and empty apartment after work. I would like to feel human warmth and care again. I want to be happy as I was then in my childhood.
I must say that your letters have brought variety to my life. My days have become much more interesting. Thank you for that. Hope you were interested too.
Have a nice day!
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