Scam letter(s) from Natalia to James (UK)

Letter 1
Hey! I'm Natalya. And you?
I could not understand, you from United States?
How are you? I would like to meet with a guy.
I'm looking for grave relationship and to create a family! And you?.
If you're looking for *** and fun, then you don't have to write to me. I'm nice?
Please write me to this address:
Do you want to go on! with me? I'll be waiting for your letter.
Letter 2
Hi James.
I was waiting for your letter. Thanks for answering.
I am glad that you want to continue our acquaintance.
James, my name is Natalya.
How do you feel about people who do not live in your country?
I believe that distance is not a problem in the modern world. And what do you think?
I'm 35 years old. I'm not a little girl anymore. =)
I want a serious relationship, not just communication and flirting. I hope you understand me.
I need a responsible man, ready for a serious relationship. I hope you are such a man? =)
It doesn't matter how you look on the outside. A person is judged by his actions.
Do you agree with me?
I hope you are looking for the same thing as me and we will have an interesting acquaintance.
I will send you more of my photos. I will be waiting for a letter from you and your photos.
I hope you will tell more about yourself in your next letter.
Letter 3
Hi James. How are you? Are you all right?
I often checked my mail and waited for your letter.
James, thanks for telling me a little about yourself. I am very interested in learning more about you.
James, I want to know more about you in order to make some plans for the future, so I will try to write to you more often.
Now I will tell you a little about my life. I work and live in Russia. Voronezh city.
Have you heard of such a city?
What have you heard about Russian culture? Do you know her? Have you visited Russia before?
I have never been to your country, but on the Internet I saw many interesting and beautiful sights.
In the future, I would like to visit your country if I have the opportunity.
Maybe that's why I decided to meet a man from your country. I do not know...
Due to the situation with Covid-19, all people did not work for a long time and remained in self-isolation.
It is good that now the situation with the virus is beginning to subside, but still the safest thing is to get acquainted via the Internet. =)
Do you agree with me? How is the situation with the virus in your country?
It is good that now all sports organizations have resumed their work.
Because I go to fitness and dance. Not professional, but I like it, this is how I keep my figure in shape.
To be honest, because of the pandemic, I put on a little extra pounds. =)
I usually go with my girlfriend and colleagues. In the classroom, we can talk about a lot and have a great time.
Another hobby of mine is skiing in winter. At school I was involved in this sport and I even had achievements.
Do you go in for sports, or any particular kind of sport?
Unfortunately, my job is not related to sports at the moment. I work in a confectionery factory in my city.
I work as an accountant, basically all work is related to paperwork.
The work is not hard physically, but it requires a lot of mental stress. Therefore, at the end of the day, sometimes headaches. =)
But I'm already used to it and take long hours of work calmly.
I'm 35 years old. My height is 166 centimeters. Weight 56 ​​kilograms.
I have no children, I broke up with my husband. The breakup was difficult, I did not want a new relationship for a very long time. I had a long break.
I could not believe that a loved one could cheat on me. After that, we immediately divorced and still do not communicate.
Now I realized that being single is very difficult and decided to look for a new relationship, but so far only on the Internet.
I want to first learn about you from letters, get to know your inner world and only then meet in life and think about our future.
Hope my over-caution doesn't put you off. Do you think my approach is correct?
A great distance between us can be bridged. This is not the biggest problem.
The main thing is that between us there is an internal connection and mutual sympathy.
Of course, it would be easier to communicate over the phone or other social media. But in this I have a big problem.
I am not yet ready to communicate on the phone, we still do not know each other well, I do not give my number to a stranger.
But in the future it will be possible when I get to know you better.
It is convenient for me to communicate with you via email, I hope it will not cause you much inconvenience.
I do not use social networks and am not registered with any of them.
Yes, I may be old-fashioned, but I just don't need it. Therefore, this is my first experience of dating on the Internet.
Is this a big problem for you? In the future, we could come up with something about this when we get to know each other better.
I would like to know what qualities in a girl do you like? This is a very important question for me.
If you want to ask something - write to me. I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Didn't I bore you with such a big letter? =)
I'll send you my photos. Two photos from a dance lesson.
And also photos and videos from my skiing trips. I hope, you like it. =)
I look forward to your next letter.
Letter 4
Hi James.
How are you?
I'm all good. In the morning, as usual, I got up and went to work.
It was warm outside today. While I was going to my job, I thought about the future.
So you want to wake up in the morning not alone, but with your beloved man.
I want to go in the morning and hold the hand of my man, feel his warmth. =)
Sometimes it's so sad and lonely. I hope that things will change for the better soon. Do you believe in that? =)
James, thanks for telling me more about yourself. I am very interested in learning about you. You are very interesting man.
James, yes, I know about American football. This is a men's sport. There are a lot of injuries. Violent sport.
James, it became interesting for me to learn more about your country and its culture. Unfortunately, I have never been abroad.
I was in several cities of my country. I was in Moscow. A very large city, I was surprised by the scale of Moscow.
They also once sent me from work on a vacation ticket to the city of Anapa. There I saw the sea for the first time. It was very pleasant to relax by the sea.
Have you traveled a lot? Have you been to many countries? What languages ​​do you know?
I know three languages, German and English and Russian. I studied German at school and English at the university.
But I have not spoken these languages ​​for a long time and have forgotten a lot. =)
Of course, when I write to you, I also use a translator, because it is very difficult to write in a language other than my own. =)
I am also very interested in what you think about my country and what is your attitude towards Russia?
Most likely you are wondering why I divorced my ex-husband. I will tell you.
I thought that everything was fine with us, I thought that we were already thinking about children, because I love children and I want children.
But my ex-husband was not decisive, after the wedding, which was 3 years ago, he became cold to me.
He did not show feelings for me, did not give gifts, our intimate life was reduced to a minimum.
And then, at one point, I saw a correspondence with one ******* his phone.
I was shocked. Because there were very intimate photographs, as well as talk of secret meetings.
Then my husband confessed to me and said that he wanted to be with another girl.
It was a deception and betrayal from a loved one. After that, I divorced my husband.
Therefore, I am looking for a man who will always be honest with me. Who will hide nothing from me.
A man who will take care of me will show feelings for me and will be faithful only to me.
Appearance is not so important to me as the inner world of my man is. Do you understand?
I believe that you are just that kind of man. I still believe that I can still love and be happy.
Even if the man is from another country, I am ready to move to him. But only if I understand that this is exactly the man I am looking for.
Hope you understand me? I am a girl and I love affection, I love when they give me time and do something pleasant.
I love gentle hugs and kisses. Of course, like any girl, I love intimacy.
But it is still too early to speak on this topic. Therefore, I ask you not to raise this issue for now. Good? =)
I opened my soul to you and could write to you until evening, but unfortunately time passes quickly and I need to finish my letter.
Today I am sending you my photos from the walk. Sometimes, beauty can be seen in simple things. =)
I will wait for your answer and your photos. Kiss.
Letter 5
are you all right? how was your day? Do you have some new?
What weather do you have? It is not stable yet, but today it was very hot =)
I'm at work now and I have time to write to you.
I try to write to you only when no one sees it.
If my superiors find out that I am writing to you, then I will have problems. =)
I have a computer at home but it is very old and does not work well.
I called specialists to fix it. But they said there was no way to fix it.
They said it was easier to throw it out and buy a new one. So I am writing you letters from work.
I will write to you from work and try not to be seen by anyone. Good?
James, why haven't you sent me your photo yet? Please send me your photo.
James, thank you for telling me about your past relationship. It was important for me to know.
James, please accept my condolences for the loss of your father. the loss of parents is the worst thing that can be.
the loss of parents is not to be desired even by enemies. parents are the most important people in a person's life.
James, I like dogs better. I would like a dog.
James, I am glad to continue to communicate with you. Slowly, time goes forward. We get to know each other more.
I am glad that the Internet gives us such an opportunity when there is such a distance between us.
We must cross the line of mutual understanding and trust in order to have strong relations between us. Right?
We must be sincere in everything. Do you agree with me?
I want to tell you about my family. I confess to you, I have no parents.
We had a family of 4 people: mom, dad, me and my younger sister Elena.
There were almost never quarrels in our family, we always lived peacefully and tried to support each other in everything.
In 2008, on January 12, a tragedy occurred. My parents were driving to visit their friends.
Then there was severe ice, the car skidded, my father lost control and they flew off the road into a ditch.
My father died immediately at the scene of the accident, and my mother died in the hospital, the doctors were unable to save her.
It was very difficult for my sister and me to survive this loss. At that time, I was already 23 years old, and my sister was only 19.
No one ever knows when his parents will die. We also did not know that it would be so.
When we left our parents to study at the university in Voronezh, they stayed to live in the village.
We rarely came to them, only during the holidays.
I feel very bad at the thought that in the last months of their life I did not tell them how much I love them.
Before, I could not find time for this, but now it is too late.
My sister and I tried to help each other in everything, often spent time together.
I was older than her and I had a great responsibility.
I had to grow up quickly and had many trials in my life. I started working after graduating from the institute at the age of 26.
Later, with the help of a mortgage (loan), I bought an apartment in Voronezh, where I live now.
I live in an apartment alone. I used to have a cat, but she died of old age. Therefore, since then I have not had pets.
I have acquaintances and friends. But there is only one best friend, her name is Olga.
We know her from the university. We sat at the same desk. =) I sent you a photo with her.
My friend is also friends with my sister. We often spend time together.
We always share our problems and experiences with each other.
I have no secrets from them, they are very close people to me.
I would also like to ask you. Do you live alone?
Every time I want to learn as much as possible about you. Communication with you draws me in. =)
I am now finishing my letter. I sent you a photo.
In the first photo my sister and I. Do you think we are alike? =)
In the second photo, I am with my best friend, she is blonde.
I am waiting for a letter from you and your photos.
Best wishes. Do not forget about me.
Letter 6
Hi James.
When I see your letter, a smile appears on my face. I'm glad you wrote to me.
In a short period of time, I managed to become attached to you and now every time I wait for your letter.
How are you doing? how is your day?
James, why didn't you send me your photo again? Send me your photo!
James, you told me a very scary story from your childhood. Your father is a real hero.
But I think every father should do this. You are lucky to have your father by your side.
James, I have a story too. But she's not about me. I don't remember having any such story.
But I'll tell you a story about my father. Once we went to bathe on the river.
We were swimming and a friend heard them shouting "help". We saw a girl moaning in the water.
My father rushed to save her. And when he saved her he almost drowned himself.
But everything ended well. He saved the girl and survived himself. I was proud and still proud of my father. Although he is no longer alive.
James, how do you like to spend your free time? What do you do during the day?
I would like to know your usual daily routine. In turn, I will tell you about my day.
My morning starts with a little exercise. Then I drink a glass of water, in the morning it is very useful.
After that I go to the shower, wash my face, brush my teeth and go to prepare breakfast. For breakfast, I usually cook porridge with milk.
But when I'm late for work, I only limit myself to tea and cookies.
After breakfast I put on light makeup and go to work. I have a lot to do at work.
Sometimes I get to do all the work an hour or two hours earlier, but usually I have to stay longer at work.
I get very tired on days like this. After work, I go to the grocery store if they run out.
When I get home, I change into my home clothes and start cooking dinner.
For dinner, I can make myself a soup or fried potatoes, I can boil pasta and fry cutlets.
In general, I have complete freedom of choice here, what I want and I will cook. I have been able to cook well since childhood. =)
What do you like from food? Do you cook yourself?
Before going to bed, I watch TV, I like various programs, but I watch more about dancing.
Sometimes in the evening I go to visit my best friend. Together we talk to each other a lot.
Sometimes we go outside to take a walk in the park, maybe do an evening run. =)
Sometimes we go to the movies. I love movies about love, melodramas and comedies.
Do you go to the movies? What company do you have? Who do you usually spend time with?
Occasionally my friends and I go out of town, to the dacha in a country house to one of our friends.
Everyone takes on responsibilities for this evening.
I almost always cook meat, I am great at it. =)
It would be great to go out into nature with you, cook food on a fire and sit together!
Do you like these out-of-town trips to nature? Do you like it?
I hate to finish the letter, but it's time to keep working. My work affairs make me finish my letter to you.
I hope I didn't tire you with my letter? I hope you were interested. =)
I am sending you some of my photos.
I will wait for your reply. Write to me. =)
Letter 7
Hi James. How are you?
How is your health? What did you do today? =)
Have you been thinking about me? I remember you very often =)
James, why didn't you tell me about your day? Please tell me about your day.
James, if in the next letter you do not send me your photo, then I will be very offended by you!
James, most of all I want to find myself a reliable man, so that it would not be like the last time with my relationship.
Remember I told you about my past experiences? I want there to be no deception and complete trust in each other.
Unfortunately, I don't have such a man yet. But I hope that it will appear soon. =)
With you, I really like to correspond on the Internet. Sometimes it seems to me that I have known you for many years.
I feel good and calm with you. And I hope that we will develop all this into something more.
Personally, I really want everything to work out for us. For so many letters, we have already become much closer to each other. Do you agree with me?
I am writing this to you only because I feel that you are just as sincere with me as I am. Is that so?
It is very important for me that together we take the first steps towards meeting each other, so that our communication develops.
Yesterday I saw my best friend and told her that I was in touch with you.
She was happy for me and began to ask about you. I told her that you are from another country.
She was surprised and at first did not even believe me, she thought I was joking.
She advised me to be very careful, told me that the Internet is full of deceivers and liars.
Some men invite women to a foreign country and use them. But, I said that you do not look like such a man. You're not like that, are you? =)
I believe you! And I am sure that all your intentions are serious towards me and you are communicating with me not only for entertainment.
Material values ​​are not important to me and I have no hidden intentions.
I don't want to cheat or hurt anyone. I just want to be happy.
Have you told your family or friends about me? What do they think of our acquaintance?
I hope they are not against Russian girls? =) I am interested to know about this.
I understand that they will ask you, why have a girl from far away? But, the distance is just numbers.
If we succeed, then the meeting can be scheduled and all dreams come true. =) Am I right?
Unfortunately now I need to finish my letter. Although I do not want to do this.
I'll send you a couple of photos today. Recently a classical music concert was held in our city.
We were given free tickets at work and my colleagues and I decided to go.
It was interesting for me, because as a child I went to a music school and played the piano there.
I took a photo from this concert as a keepsake. Another photo of me playing the piano.
I rarely do this, but sometimes I like to remember my youth. =)
I will wait for your letter. Do not forget about me.
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