Scam letter(s) from Alla to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hi there! Oice for me to meet you !))
It's Alla writing to you!)Do you remember me???hehe I hope so!)) So how are you today and how is your mood?)What about the weather in your country?)
As for me so I'm fine and the weather in Ukraine is good!))But you know - I'm a little bit shy...It's all because I have so many questions to you but don't know how to start)))
So I think that firstly it's better to tell you something about myself... Well my name is Alla and I'm from Ukraine!
I hope you heard about my country because it's one of the biggest in Europe!))
But don't be upset that I'm far from you!!!
We live in a 21 century so it's very easy to fly to another country for a visit!))
Moreover I did it previously because I like to travel!) What's next...So I'm 30 years old,my height is 163 CM and weight is 50 KG!))
My measurements are 90-55-86!)As you can see I'm a petite lady and I hope it's not a problem for you!
Well I work as a dance teacher and I love my work!))It keeps me always fit!So I'm very energetic,mobile and I like to learn everything new!)I'm very communicative and have a lot of friends!)
And what can you tell me about your work and your character?)) Do you know what I'm searching for?)So I'm looking for a true love!!!
Of course I understand that first of all it's necessary to become friends!))And who knows what the future shows to us... Actually I don't know how to describe a man of my dream...But I think he should be gentle, kind and attentive...I want him to try to make me happy and of course I'll do the same for him!))
But generally I am looking for someone who will understand and love me!!!
And what about you? Are you also looking for something serious??? Well I hope after this letter to receive your reply and to find more about you! Alla
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