Scam letter(s) from Anna Slavnova to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings for you, This is Anna,
I desire to meet with you and to develop good relations, maybe develop into a more serious regard.
I'm onlooking for love and I desire to start a family. My friends think I'm good and fine, I'm very contentto know it.
I would like to take to know you and in my next email I will send more fotos.
I will wait for your email, Sincerely Anna
Letter 2
It's still good that I have a new friend. Lol. We will exchange letters, and cheer each other up. I'm just tired of hearing information about covid 19.
Life goes on and we must look for the positive.
I find it interesting and I want to get to know you better. It's always nice to make new friends. Especially from another country. Find out new cultures, trends. I live in France, in the beautiful city of Paris. I decided to find a friend on the Internet.
Suddenly I will be able to find there, my other half. I will be very happy. Because I I already want to have my own family, to love and cherish my husband. Can I ask you a question? What is more important for you in a relationship love or respect? If I have a relationship. I want the relationship to have trust, honesty, understanding, sincerity, fidelity. If all this happens, then we will not have any disputes. I don't like people who constantly argue.
What is your hobby?
My hobby is cooking. I am constantly coming up with new recipes. With this letter I am sending you photographs. I did recently home cookies. It turned out superbly. If I had the opportunity, I would treat you to cookies. Now I will wait for your letter with more impatiently. Anna.
Letter 3
Today my day started off beautifully. A ray of sun woke me up. I did my morning exercises as usual.
Then I went to the shower and made myself some coffee. I found your letter, and my mood increased even more.
Because I like to receive your letters, and to have correspondence with you. And you like to read my letters and receive my photos? I really hope it's mutual. We have a difference in age, but this does not bother me at all.
Because I appreciate the spiritual qualities in a person. I am trying to understand his inner world. I'm not chasing pretty boys and wealth. All I want is to have a strong family. Be loved and give love in return. What do you appreciate in girls? What kind of girls do you like? What qualities do you value in them? Can I ask you a question? When you have was there a last relationship, what did you value in your girlfriend? What were her pluses, minuses? If you are interested, next letter, I'll tell you about my former relationship.
Now I will look forward to your next letter. Anna.
Letter 4
What have you been doing today? I hope you enjoyed today?
Did anything pleasant happen to you that day? I enjoyed this day. Today I want to tell you about my family and childhood.
I haven't seen my mom and dad. Dad got into a car accident when Mom was pregnant. When my mother gave birth to me, she died. I have always dreamed of having parents like other children. When I was 4 years old, my uncle took over the guardianship.
I lived with him for two years. But then he began to abuse alcohol. And he was deprived of his custody rights. I was taken to the orphanage for orphans. When I was 10 years old, I was taken by good people to Paris, Joseph and Margo. I love them very much. Thanks to them, I felt like the right child. Now I am talking about it, with tears in my eyes. What is the name of your parents?
Do you love them? I want you to talk about your relatives.
Now I'm going to make a cake at home. And I bet you would lick your fingers if you tried my cake.
Because all my friends think I'm a good cook. Can you send me some new photos?
Now I go to my favorite place, in my apartment. This is a kitchen stove. Smile.
Your Anna.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Bunny!
I am very glad, Bunny, that today I found your letter, and it is so important for me to answer you.
Tell me, do you mind that I called you "Bunny"?
You know I want to do something nice for you.
You can also come up with some kind word for me. Or is it better to always call you by your name? What do you think will it be more convenient? I want to write to you so much that I don’t know where to start. How are you? Smile. I hope your day went well. I am also in a good mood now. Because today was a busy day for me.
Today I took a walk around the city. I visited the 5D cinema for the first time. I have a lot of impressions.
I put on special glasses, and they put me in a chair. My chair went in different directions. And I seemed to be rolling on a cart on rails. And when I drove past the waterfall, small drops of water hit my face. It made me impression of reality. Have you been to the 5D cinema? Did you like it?
What is your weather like? Our weather is excellent, the sun is shining. Please tell me honestly. Do you like communicate with me? Receive my letters, my photos? I want you to answer honestly. And now I am waiting for your answer.
Your Anna.
Letter 6
How are you? How is your mood?
Now since I think you are my best friend, I want talk to you on frank topics. After all, we can share secrets with you?
I would like to tell you about my past relationship.
My ex-boyfriend loved me very much and we had a lot of love with him.
We trusted each other, and it seemed to me that I had found my happiness, and I did not need anything, I just wanted to be always with him. Once I was invited to a chef competition, and I had to go to another city.
But our bus flight was postponed for technical reasons. My ex-boyfriend thought that I was already in another city. When I came home I saw him with another girl. It hurt me a lot, because I thought that I could trust him, and he would never betray me.
And he betrayed me. You know, I wouldn't want to be in the same situation again. Maybe that's why I decided to find myself a guy from another country.
I think you have a different outlook on life. I hope if you love a girl you never do that? What is the main thing for you in a relationship? I hope you are a good man?
And our wonderful conversations keep gaining momentum, maybe it's for the best?
As always, I will wait for an answer.
Your Anna!
Letter 7
I am glad to receive your letter. Sorry I didn't write to you. I had a strong cold. I was in bed and I didn't want to get up. I drank pills and slept a lot. Now I have all is well, and the state of health has improved. All these days I have not had enough of you care. I would feel better right away if you brought lemon tea to my bed.
I always think about you.
Letter 8
I am glad to receive your letter. Today is my birthday. My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the beach.
But it is raining heavily outside. Now I think to invite her to visit in the evening. I will set a small table and buy a bottle of wine. Now I will go to the store, I need to buy groceries. I want to make a delicious cake.
I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 9
What is your mood?? Nice? I hope you are doing great.
Have you thought about our letters ?? Tell me, are you tired of writing me letters?
I will never get tired of talking to you! Aren't you offended that I am writing to you ??
If you don't like something, please let me know. I will try to fix this.
I hope you can understand me that I am writing for the first time with someone in another country. Before as to write something, I think, for a very long time.
I think it must be between two people writing to each other.
I will miss your attention if one day you do not write to me.
Even now, I can assume that if you do not answer me, for some reason, I am losing something, so I need it.
Today with colleagues at work, we joked all day. All colleagues have a good mood on payday.
They say that lately I began to smile more often, and became a little mysterious. They joke that I fell in love. But I was joking too, I told them my prince wasn’t born yet, whom I will love.
I began to think very often about your photographs, about your letters. I am very glad that you exist.
Now I will wait with great impatience for your letter.
Letter 10
I was happy to receive your letter!
When I turned on the Internet and found a letter from you, I was in a good mood.
When you see my letter, are you happy? Tell me please ??
I want to know everything about you because I think we can be happy. Do you understand what I am talking about? We have a mutual sympathy.
I say what I have accumulated in my head!
I don't know whether I told you or not, but I always live by the principle - "a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie." You agree with me, tell me?
When I sat down to the PC, I write all my thoughts. And you are reading this now! Lol.
You know. I think I fell in love. Yes Yes Yes! I hope you're reading this now and you're starting to smile.
I just from the first letter, I felt something special for you, which I have not felt for a long time.
My heart starts to heat up and beat very hard when I receive your letters. How to call it ??
Love or very strong sympathy ??? I hope first of all. I'm so excited right now that I don't even know what to say to you anymore.
But I do not want you to think that I am crazy, I start to fall in love with you, although I know quite a bit of time.
I'm quite serious and I'm telling the truth about how I feel about you. Your answer is now, for me the energy and joy of life.
I love you!
Your Anna.
Letter 11
I am glad to receive your letter. Today is my birthday. My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the beach.
But it is raining heavily outside. Now I think to invite her to visit in the evening. I will set a small table and buy a bottle of wine. Now I will go to the store, I need to buy groceries. I want to make a delicious cake.
I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 12
I am glad to receive your letter. I also want you to take new photos. I often reread our letters.
I would like to talk to you today on a very serious topic? Will you listen to me, I hope carefully?
I really thought for a long time before talking about this. I want to meet you. I need more, than these letters. Maybe now you are afraid of my words and intentions? I am telling you now this is serious.
I am ready to meet you. Don't you want this?
Yes, I understand that we know each other very little, but I am not afraid of you, I believe you very much.
I would only like to trust me and you do not think that these are just words! Together we can build our happiness.
I really think that we can create harmony between us. Do you agree with me? I can fly to you.
I hope you will be waiting for me at the airport? And don't you even forget to buy flowers? Lol. But first I have to settle my affairs.
Tomorrow I will fly to Russia. Remember I told you about my uncle who took custody? He died four years ago, and bequeathed me an apartment. I decided to sell the apartment to a realtor agency for 70,000 euros. With this money I want make your business. At first I wanted to open my own cafe. But my boss said he didn't have enough money. Because there is very strong competition and high taxes have to be paid. All sorts of checks can also come. I don't want to waste this money in the air, and I thought for a long time what I can do. I decided that I could open a cleaning company. I have enough money, and the inspectors catering will not waste my nerves. Lol. I share my plans for the future life, because I hope that we will be together. Now I want to know what you think about this? I can come to you, but I don't want to inconvenience you, I will be staying at the hotel. I want you to know my intentions are serious. I am waiting for your letter.
I love you.
Your Anna.
Letter 13
As you know, I flew to Russia. And now I am here.
Tomorrow I have a meeting with a realtor. I will sell an apartment and then I want to come to you. Will you be glad to see me? I think this is a ****** question. Smile. When I entered the apartment today I was terrified. After all, 4 years in it, no one lived. There was a lot of dust and cobwebs. Today I have been cleaning all day.
I thought about you all the time. It's very good that we got to know you. Finally, I feel like a happy girl.
I understand that there is a man on earth who thinks of me. I am grateful to God that we know each other. You have no idea how much I love you. It seems to me that my love has no limit. won't you really hurt me? Do you really love me? Will you really only love me? Won't you flirt with other girls? It seems to me that I cannot live further, in this unjust world, if you betray me. Most of all I am afraid of betrayal. It's such a bad feeling. When you you love a man with all your heart. When I’m ready to give my life for him. And he sleeps with another woman. This is a **** to the heart. I hope, you understand me? But I think I am writing this in vain. I am sure that you are a good and fair man. And never hurt me. Do you love me. I am also ready to give you all my love. I will be your devoted woman.
I will tell you that you are the best in the world. I want us to compliment each other every day. And each of our a new day began with a kiss. It is so romantic. how do you imagine our first day of meeting? I want to we cooked good food. And organized a romantic candlelight evening. We would sit at the table, drink wine, and talk.
Then I want us to dance a slow foxtrot. With this song that I sent you along with this letter. This song I really like. And I always dreamed, when I had a man, to dance with this song. I hope you like her too.
We'll see you in a few days. And I think it's better than letters, photos and songs. Do you agree with me?
Now I am looking forward to your letter.
I love you.
Your Anna.
Letter 14
I love you. I will repeat these words all my life.
And I will never take these words back. You give me the happiness that all women dream of. When we see you, I will also make you happy. I will give you all the love, tenderness, care, loyalty. We will happy every day we spent together. Today I met with a realtor, but the meeting did not end as I expected.
For 4 years, Housing and communal services, have accumulated 3000 euro. And I only have 2500 euro. For the deal to take place, in the apartment, there should be no debt. And only then, I will be able to sell the apartment. I told the realtor to first sold the apartment, and only then paid the debt. But the realtor said to reissue the documents for the apartment, she should be debt free. Can you send me 500 euro? I will then sell the apartment, and I will fly to you.
And when we meet, I will return this money to you. I hope you can help me. Because I don't know where to get the money.
I don't have a single acquaintance in Russia. I really hope that you will not leave me in trouble.
I have great excitement before our meeting. After all, this is not writing letters. Smile. But now I think more about selling apartments. I am sending you my documents as a guarantee of our meeting. I am looking forward to your letter.
Your Anna.
Letter 15
Now I don't know how to proceed. To sell an apartment, you need to prepare documents on the property. To enter into an inheritance, there should be no debt for utilities. When I pay off the debt, I can register an apartment in my name. Then I will formalize the inheritance and sell the apartment. I don't understand such idiotic laws. But this Russia, you shouldn't be surprised. Everyone is sitting drinking coffee, and no one wants to work. For the deal to take place I need 500 euro.
I can come to you tomorrow or in a couple of days. But I need to resolve the issue with the apartment.
Can you help me? After all, when I arrive, I will give you this money. I swear to you that I am not cheating. And we'll do anything what we dreamed about. We will have supper and dance. We will kiss and hug. You are the only one who can help me. I love you.
Your Anna.
Letter 16
I wish you a good weekend.
Letter 17
I am glad to receive your letter. Yesterday I couldn't sleep for a long time.
Then I decided to read the book. This book is a love story "Sweet Love". I read this book and instead of characters, I introduced us. There were many situations, sad and joyful. I have even tears appeared. There were ****** moments. I also introduced you. I got hot lower abdomen. It seemed to me that butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I need more than these letters.
I want us to be together. I haven't had a man for a long time, maybe you understand me why i get nervous. I really hope that we will be together soon. I love you.
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