Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Atsushi (Japan)

Letter 1
Hello. How are you? I am Natasha and I happy met you here) I glad we have contact by email with each other and now we can write and start our acquaintance. I want tell from beginning that I am here for serious relationships. I am not for fun or not serious intentions and I hope you are the same. I am not long in Internet dating and I don't know how it works but I know how much men in Internet who needs only fun or speaking about *** or asking money. I will start form beginning that I am not scammer and I am real and I don't ask you any money. I am not rich girl and I don't tell you that I will meet you tomorrow or I will come to you right now but I really want move from my area and have serious relationships with man who will be good for me as life partner. I hope it ok for you and you will accept me who I am. I sorry that I am so direct. I have such character and I prefer tell truth and be direct in everything then not tell and hide something. I don't hide anything and maybe sometimes I can be not soft with my words but I am who I am) In any way I am good woman and I have good and kind heart) Ok, I am Nataliia but people call Natasha that sound more better as for me) I live in Donetsk in Ukraine. Here were war from 2014 year but now here any war actions anymore, only it is occupied area and everything more complicated. I didn't move from here because I am not rich girl and pay for moving isn't cheaply at all. I live in one room flat that I have from my relatives. As you know in whole world isn't easy situation with covid and here the same. I lost my work because of this pandemic and now I live on all my saving and I try find some work. I haven't high education, I finished only college and I worked all my life in the market on selling something. My height is 165 sm and my weight is 59 kg, I have a good shape and I am not **** at all) You can look at my photos and I hope you will like them) My age is 35 years old and I was born 13 of October) I never married and I haven't kids but I wish to marry and have kids in the near future. I already not so young and because of it I don't want waste my time and I want find good man for living and building family as soon as possible. Ok, I will end now as I don't want be too long with my words and I don't want you will be boring with me) if you are serious and you can accept me then reply on my letter as soon as possible. if you are looking for fun or some *** or money then find another woman for yourself and don't waste my time. Natasha
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