Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Andreevna Kolchanova to Claude (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Anastasia. I live in Russia. I saw your profile. I liked it and I would like to get to know you even more. Honey, I am a girl and I am 33 years old, I would like to meet you, if you do not mind, we can keep in touch with you. I'm sure I want to get to know you better. I am writing to you with serious intentions. I am looking for a person with whom I can create a strong and friendly family. Please tell me more about yourself, and, accordingly, I can tell you about myself in the next letters. If you are an adult and a wise person, then I am waiting for your answer. Write to me as soon as possible, and I will immediately answer your letter without any problems. I am also attaching my photo to the letter, I hope you like it. I hope that you will write to me and also send me your photo. I will very much wait for your reply. Yours sincerely! Anastasia
Letter 2
Hello Claude! Frankly, it’s nice for me that you wrote to me. You excuse me for not answering right away, I went on a business trip to work.
I know that in this way many people get to know each other and their correspondence grows into something more.
I apologize for not immediately responding to your letter, are you not angry? Perhaps you are the one with whom I will spend the rest of my life.
I understand that now it is too early to talk about whether we will be compatible.
And about the opportunity to be like-minded.
I am talking about this so that you understand from the first days of our acquaintance that I have serious intentions.
I need a man with whom maybe I can again experience feelings of love and affection.
I hope you understand my train of thought.
My language is not good enough to write a letter myself. I use a translator.
in the future we can contact by phone and video chat is not a problem, but for now I would like to get to know you through letters. .... how, when she don't know the Language! I never thought that I would decide to meet a man from another country.
And yet I decided to take this step.
There is a reason for this and I will tell you about it next time. I have lived an interesting enough life.
There is no way to tell everything in one letter.
I hope I will interest you and with each letter we will get to know better about each other.
I think that you also have something to tell about.
After all, you also lived for many years and saw a lot about which it will be interesting for me to know. I want you to know that the age difference does not scare me at all. I will write you briefly about me.
My birthday August 1 I was born in 1988, I will be 33 years old.
My name is spelled like this - Anastasiya. I want to say that you know the age is not a problem, you can love at any age. For today I will finish my letter.
I am sending you my photo and I will try to send you a photo with every letter.
It will help you get to know me better.
I hope to receive similar letters from you with stories about you, your interests, about where and how you live.
Also, I am waiting for your photos with each of your letters.
By the way, I live in Yekaterinburg. It is a large city in the Ural region of Russia.
I have an apartment and a country house.
I quit my job as an obstetrician and work in a private medical center as a specialist in preparing pregnant women for childbirth and assisting in the development of newborns. Hope to see your answer. Sorry to write too much about myself. I'm glad to meet you!
Letter 3
Hello Claude, I am glad to see your letter and I am happy to write you back. I'm at work from Monday to Friday. I conduct trainings on preparing pregnant women for childbirth.
Newborn development assistance training.
My work is in great demand.
I have an international certificate.
For this, I attended a seminar in Boston, USA, in 2015.
Now I independently conduct seminars for young specialists.
I like my job.
I receive many words of gratitude.
And I am happy that I can do what I love. My hobby and my second passion is gardening.
This is what I do in my free time, in my country house.
I grow various flowers, fruit plants.
Experimenting in growing exotic plants.
Unfortunately, the Ural climate is not suitable for southern plants, but I have greenhouses and a winter garden in the house.
Before I started studying midwifery, I wanted to get an education in landscape design.
Nowadays, the profession of a landscape designer is very popular and highly paid.
It's a hobby for me. I want to explain to you why I decided to find someone from another country.
While I was in the USA, I had the chance to get to know people from different countries.
Different people from different countries took part in the seminar.
From communication, I realized that I do not know much about the people of their other countries. I want new experiences, I want to know a new life.
I hope to find out again what feelings are for another man. This is the reason why I decided to write to you.
I don’t want to guess and let everything be as it will be.
I want to continue our correspondence and develop our acquaintance.
Who knows ... maybe we will have feelings for each other.
I intend to meet with you in the near future.
As it turns out, life is short.
After 30 years, days pass like minutes.
I have a feeling that I do not have time to do much.
I have enough time to carry out my plans.
Perhaps I will calm down and be able to stop after I gain warm feelings and feel someone's care for me. Now I belong only to myself. I'm tired of being alone. I need someone, a partner, like-minded person, loving and caring man. I look forward to your reply and do not forget to send your photos.
Sometimes a photo can tell more than words. Hope to see your answer.
Regards, Anastasiya
Letter 4
Hello Claude! I'm at work and I'm in a great mood.
I am happy to answer your letter. I love sports like swimming, skating, skiing and football.
Quite unusual, but I love the way our acquaintance is developing.
What I like about this method is that it is possible to re-read the letter, correct words and sentences.
Before sending the letter, I re-read this several times.
Sometimes, there is a need to change words to synonyms so as to correctly express my thoughts.
Unfortunately my language is not that good.
And yet I hope that this will not be a problem in the development of our relationship.
I intend to continue and develop our acquaintance.
I like you as a man and I think that something more can come from our correspondence. Usually, on Friday I leave for my country house, away from civilization and city noise.
Where there is no internet, there is no bustle of modern life. Therefore, I cannot write to you on Saturday and Sunday.
This house is not my late dad's dream come true. He put a lot of time and effort into building this house.
We wanted to sell an apartment in the city and live far from the city.
We dreamed that we would come with the whole family for the weekend.
Unfortunately, he did not have time to celebrate the housewarming and the construction was completed only after his death.
I wanted to sell this house, but my mother insisted on finishing the construction and leaving the house.
Now I understand that my mother was right.
Leaving the city, I am left alone with myself and my thoughts.
During the daytime, I take care of the plants. In the evenings I read books or do handicrafts. I live in the city from Monday to Friday. These days I work, I try to adhere to an active lifestyle.
With this letter I will send you photographs of my country house. This concludes my letter today.
I look forward to new photos and stories from you, your loved ones, friends, your hobbies and significant
events in your life. Write to me as soon as you can.
regards to you Anastasiya
Letter 5
Hello Claude! And again I'm at work, writing to you in my spare time.
I love my job and I love what I do. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the weekend.
I believe that weekends are always too short and there is always not enough time to finish what you started.
Moreover, over the years you begin to understand that time ruthlessly passes days, weeks, years.
It seems like just yesterday I was 20.
It seemed that youth would never pass.
Then I did not think about the time and without the slightest regret left for tomorrow what could be done today.
After 30 years, I understand that there is not as much time allotted for us as it seems when you are young.
Our life is a moment. Our acquaintance is developing in the right direction.
From letter to letter, we learn more and more about each other.
And I can say that we can be a good couple in the future.
A husband and wife, first of all, should be each other's best friends and best companions, and everything else will come naturally, as a result of friendship!
When I receive a letter from you, my heart trembles.
It's amazing to think that you are far away and yet you are so close when I think of you.
I really do not believe that I could be so attached to a person who lives at such a distance from me.
But I must tell you that with every letter you become a part of my life,
and I become more and more enthusiastic about getting to know you better. I love animals, but I prefer a cat. I hope you are doing well and in a great mood.
looking forward to your reply, your Anastasiya
Letter 6
Hello Claude! I am pleased to receive your letter. I apologize for not being able to write to you earlier.
I hope you are not angry. What is the crime rate where you live???
I hope that where you live there is no problem with this.
We have crimes, but most often it happens due to alcohol intoxication.
Or youth clashes in nightclubs.
Fortunately, there is no such thing here that you could be robbed in broad daylight.
Even in my country house, I am left alone and I do not need to worry about my safety.
Ural residents are very friendly and hospitable people.
There are disadvantaged regions in Russia where it is not safe to live.
These are such regions as Dagestan, Chechnya, Astrakhan region.
This is mainly the region of the Caucasus.
It is likely that such regions exist in every country. Perhaps someday you will be able to come to Russia.
I want to tell you that I will be glad to receive you here in Yekaterinburg.
You will be my most respected guest.
My country house, my apartment in the city, all this will be at your disposal. My home is your home!!!
Fell yourself like at your own home!!!
If you come, I'll take a vacation. Many young specialists work with me.
I can go on vacation indefinitely and at any time of the year.
This is no problem!!! There is always someone who can replace me.
It would be indecent for me to go to work and leave you alone for five days a week.
It is not accepted by Russians!!! Hope to see your letter soon.
I wish you a pleasant evening and good dreams for the coming night.
Your Anastasiya
Letter 7
Hello dear Claude, Another day is drawing to a close.
I am writing to you before heading out in the direction of the house.
I know what I am writing, I know what I wrote that I can’t write on weekends.
but there were classes and I was able to write to you, what's wrong with that?
you didn’t say that you would come to me, I invited you to my place. Maybe we can arrange our meeting.
Consider visiting me here in Russia.
We can go to Moscow, St. Petersburg together.
If you come, you simply must visit St. Petersburg.
This is a great city! You will be delighted to visit this city.
I will write you information about me in case you decide to come to Russia.
My full name:
Kolchanova Anastasiya
Ulica Boevyh druzhin, 12,
Russian Federation,
620014 Yekaterinburg has an international airport, Koltsovo. I would like to consider visiting your country.
Find out about the cost of air tickets, procedures for obtaining a permit to enter your country.
Write me information about you.
Your full name, address, name of the nearest international airport. I want to meet you! Why not!!!!
Therefore, I do not exclude the possibility of my trip to your country. One way or another, we will decide for whom it will be more convenient to come ... you to me or me to you. This concludes my letter.
I wish you a great mood and kind smiles!!!
Your Anastasiya
Letter 8
Hello dear Claude, I'm fine. I hope you are doing well as well and are you in a good mood today?
I thought a lot about us and about the opportunity to meet with you.
I told my friends about our acquaintance. I told about you and that you live in another country.
I don't know why, but I thought that this news would not please my friends.
But luckily, I was wrong. I want to move on to the next stage in the development of our relationship.
I intend to meet you. And for this I want to come to your country.
I will have a re-visa.
In 2015, I received a visa valid for 6 months.
Its validity period expired long ago.
The procedure for applying for a visa is familiar to me. I performed these actions in 2015.
In fact, nothing has changed. I need an invitation from you, can you send me that? ..... NO! Possible sample of the invitation for me:
Invitation for Kolchanova Anastasiya Andreevna
1 December 2021 I, (your full name), make the following statement in support of, and on behalf of the visa application of Kolchanova Anastasiya Andreevna
Date of birth on 1 August, 1988
Russian Federation,
City of Yekaterinburg,
Ulica Boevyh druzhin, 12-213,
o whom in may concern: travel passport number 70 2893282
Date of issue on March 16, 2015 Kolchanova Anastasiya Andreevna and I have become acquainted through corespondence.
I have extended an invitation to Kolchanova Anastasiya Andreevna to visit me at home at her convenience. My address is: (your address) I look forward to your favorable action on the visa application of Kolchanova Anastasiya Andreevna.
The statement I make here are truthful and freely made. Best regards, (the signature inviting) (your full name)
--------------------------- If I send a request for a visa in the coming days or not this week, then it is likely that I will receive a visa soon.
All the vaccinations from covid I have done, and even tspr. So there is no problem to fly out. I'm waiting for your answer. Our further actions for the implementation of our meeting will depend on your answer.
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