Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Belyakova to Nick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear! I would be very glad to meet new people!
My name is Nadezhda!
I am a good girl, no children and no husband :-)
I want to find a man with whom I will be truly happy!
I do not want to play games and am looking for a man exclusively for a serious relationship!
I love sports, I have a university degree, and no bad habits :-)
If you are also looking for a girl, then write to me on email -
Tell us about yourself, where do you live, what are your hobbies?
I look forward to your reply)
Letter 2
Greeting dear.
My name is Nadezhda!
I am a free girl, without a husband and children.
At the moment I am in search of a life partner.
If you are interested in starting a family, then we can get acquainted!
I'll tell you about myself in the next letter if you're interested!
Here are my photos :-)
My email for communication -
Can not wait for your reply.
Kisses, Nadezhda
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