Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my name is Kseniya. What's your name? I want to tell you a little about Seb. I am 20 years old,I live in Russia in the city of Yoshkar-Ola it is a small but beautiful city. If you are interested you can see photos of my city on the Internet.Distance is not a serious problem for you because I am looking for a man from another country,I am not attracted to Russian men. I am a very cheerful life joyful girl still hardworking. I want to find a man for a serious relationship,to get married in the future, start a family and have children.I hope you were pleased to read about the that you also tell a little about yourself, I will be interested to read and get to know you. With the best wishes of Ksenia >>
Letter 2
How are you doing? Communication by letters, is there romance in this? I think that in this way of communication we will be able to find out if we are suitable for each other? Yes, I understand that this method is outdated and there are more modern ways of communicating. But if I interest you, you continue to write here, but if not, then it's not fate :( I will never force you to communicate with me.
Tell me more about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you work? Are you lonely? Have you communicated with girls from Russia before?
Today is such a difficult day, there is a lot of study. So I'm already tired. I don't have a permanent job, I only have a part-time job. In the morning I do my studies. I am studying at the university to become a teacher of foreign languages. In the afternoon I work part-time. I work part-time as a tutor at school, teaching children English. So I have enough work to do. But in fact, I like it when my days are busy, so I don't have to be bored and I'm all about work. So I won't be able to write to you often, but I'm interested in getting to know you better. And who do you work for? How much of your time does work take up?
What do you like to do in your free time? Personally, I really like to cook. I like to spend time at the stove. I can call it my hobby. I can brag, I'm doing well . :) So my man will never be hungry along with me. Do you like cooking? Do you cook for yourself or do you prefer to eat in a restaurant?
I use the site because I want to meet a man with whom I can start a family. Russian men are very windy, they do not appreciate what they have . I'm not interested in having Internet affairs. Despite the fact that I am 20 years old, I believe that this is the age when you need to think about marriage. I want to find a person with whom it will be easy and comfortable not only in communication, but also in family life. I want to see a man next to me, for whom I will give my best 100 percent and get the same in return. After all, it is pleasant for any person when he is loved and appreciated. What do you think about this? I am looking forward to your new letter and I am very interested in how you will answer my questions)))
Letter 3
Hi there. I'm sending you a smile. :)
How is your day going today? My day has not yet come to an end, but I have already managed to do a lot. I get up early today and decide to cook a delicious breakfast. I cooked oatmeal porridge with fruit. I also made pancakes with sour cream. My mother really liked the breakfast, so they showered me with compliments today and I started this day with a smile.
Are you looking after the animals? Do you like your job?
By the way, I'm not telling you. I live with my mother, sometimes on weekends we go to the village with them. My father left us when I was 9 years old. He left us and went to another city. I don't know much about him at all. Because I'm not interested in his life at all. Now he has another family. Two children and a wife... and who do you live with? Do you live alone?
I wanted our communication to take place not only from letters, but also from photos. Could you send me your photos.
I hope that you will respond to me in return and also share your life with me. I also hope that you will answer all my questions. I ask you them for a reason, but because you are really interesting to me as a man. I want to believe that you are a sincere man who seriously looks at his future!
I need to work a little now, my students have come to me. So I need to finish my letter. And what attracts you to women ?)
I will be waiting for your answer.
Letter 4
Hello. Now I'm writing you a letter and listening to music. I'm playing the song Smack That, which is sung by Akon. I like it so much. You are immediately charged with energy. I love songs that you can dance to. And what songs do you like? Recently, my life is very monotonous, very rarely, something changes. After work, I take a shower and cook dinner for myself and go to rest. But you have somewhat dispelled my gray and ordinary days.
Although I am a girl, I like to watch football. It is the most popular and the most spectacular. I like football.
Do you watch it? Do you have a favorite team? To be honest, I'm a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. I like him) He is purposeful and goes to the top. I try to take an example from him.
It would be great if we could go to training together. What do you think?
My favorite movie is King Arthur. I like how they fought for their own and were together until the end.
But I felt sorry for his comrades, who were killed in the last battle.Have you watched it?
Thank you for your photos, I like your appearance and I want to get acquainted with your inner world. I hope that it is as beautiful as your appearance :) I believe that the inner world of a person is much more important than appearance. I really appreciate such qualities as honesty, sincerity, and respect in a person. I believe that if a person has such important qualities, then this is the key to a strong relationship. What do you think? I hope you agree with me.
I don't consider myself an ideal girl, every person has their own cons and pros, I'm honest with you. I also want to say right away that I am very straightforward. I think that it is much easier to talk directly. If I don't like something about a person, I say it directly. What character traits are important to you? As for ***, I believe that *** is an integral part of a relationship, but nothing more. I don't like ***** men who only care about ***. As you know, girls always want to meet their prince, as in fairy tales and find eternal and strongest love. And love for the rest of your life. I am no exception and I want to find the same love. And what do you want?
I would be interested to know your opinion.
Your friend from Russia!
Letter 5
Hello my friend.
How are you doing today? What are you doing today? Everything is fine with me, now I will have the opportunity to check my email and write you an answer. I write a letter with a smile. I am an optimist, I always try to look at this world with a positive attitude and smile. One one, it's really hard, I usually cheer up my friends, but when I'm left alone with my thoughts, I'm not always smiling. However, in the company, I always try to start our team with positive and kind energy. At work, because of this, I even got a nickname, they call me the sun. So I hope that I can also warm you with my positive attitude and my kindness.
Your hobby is not about this. I would like you to share photos of your hobby and show me how it all works.
Can you do it?
No, I don't sing. I basically don't like singing songs) It's not mine.
Today I had a very responsible day. In our company, where I work as a teacher, we had competitions at work among the classes. There are three teachers in total and each of us has its own small class. And what is the result…
Did I intrigue you?))
I was in the 7th heaven with happiness. My students, today they won the Olympiad! The director praises me, he says that I am big, well done and I will become a good teacher. My kids were so happy today!!!
And for more incentive, the director gave me a bonus for this month. So today I am insanely happy! I will save this money for a new phone. I've been dreaming of buying a good new phone for a long time.
How's your work today? What's new for you?
It's so nice to share this with you, so if you're not in the mood today. I hope you will read this letter, and you will definitely have it, and you will smile! I haven't told my mom yet, she hasn't come home from work yet.
I think she will be happy for me!
Now my colleagues have gone for a cake. We decided to celebrate my small, but very pleasant victory.
So we will pamper ourselves with a delicious cake and tea.
Don't lose me. And I'm already waiting for your answer. Your current winner is Ksenia))))
Letter 6
Hello, dear David.
I am pleased to see your answer. Thank you for your congratulations! I want to tell you honestly that I liked you! I hope you like me too. Maybe in the future our communication will grow into something more. What do you think about this?
I prefer more dogs. You can trust them and they will never betray you under any circumstances.
This morning before school, I watch a program on TV. It tells how two brothers share their parents ' inheritance among themselves. Eventually one brother will poison his own brother! And you imagine it's all because of the money! I can't even imagine how he will live with this now. After all, he killed his own brother. What a callous world has become! My mother raised me in a completely different way.
In the modern world, all people run for money, but they do not notice that life is ending every day. They do not enjoy the moments they have lived in life and will not return them again. I believe that money is not the most important thing in life. They make life more fun and brighter, but this is not the meaning of life. It is much more important to love and be loved, it is more important to see a smile on the face of relatives, to have good friends, isn't it? I think that you can be happy without money. I see a lot of girls who marry rich men, not for love. I feel sorry for them… I could never have done that!!! For me, the financial condition of a man does not play any role. I want to become a successful woman myself, so as not to depend on anyone! I want to take everything from life! Try not to look back and move forward, enjoying every day. I hope you think the same
way I do.
By the way, do you have a dream? I have, I want to find family happiness, and also become a mother. I dream how my beloved man will wake me up with kisses in the morning, and in the evening I will fall asleep on his shoulder))) Sometimes I sit and fantasize))) And what? No one forbade dreaming!)))
It will be interesting for me to find out what you think about all this.
I send you a warm hug!
I almost forgot to warn you that today I am leaving for the village to visit my grandparents and only on Monday
I will answer you. Have a nice weekend)
Letter 7
Hello, my dear!
It was very nice to read your letter. Thank you for all the compliments you have said, it's so nice for me.
It makes you smile and rejoice!)
My weekend was great, the weather was beautiful outside and I enjoyed it. I also took some photos for you. And how did you spend your weekend?
I understand your situation. It was too scary. After reading this, murazhki ran through my body and I sweated a little)) But your father did a great job, he saved you. I've never had anything like this happen before.
How's your morning? Do you wake up early? I usually wake up early to clean up. I also always do exercises.
But today I overslept and I had to do everything in a hurry and I decided to go to school by taxi. The taxi driver was a man of Caucasian appearance. During the trip, he gave me compliments, I was very pleased. He's asking me to leave me his number. But honey, I don't leave him my number, because I'm chatting with you! I am such a girl who is devoted to her choice, and to communicate with someone secretly for me is treason to myself!
So I hope that I am the only girl with whom you communicate. Is that true? I have nothing to hide from you, and I hope that you do too.
During our communication, I got to know you, you show me your values and your inner world, I noticed that we have a lot in common. We look at many things the same way. I carefully read your letters, when you express your opinion to me, it touches me to the depths of my soul, since I think the same way and for me it was a great surprise. And with the process of our communication, I believe that our meeting with you is not accidental and it is fate. Do you believe in fate? In your opinion, at what stage is our communication now?))
I'm glad that everything is going so well. I want us to never have secrets and secrets from each other.
We don't have to hide anything from each other. In a relationship, this is unacceptable and wrong! Tell me, am I right? Am I saying the right words? Or do you think otherwise? It is very important for me to know your thoughts. Share your opinion with me!
I want to wish you a pleasant day, also a good mood. Hugs from Ksenia!
Letter 8
Hi! :* I want to start my letter with a kiss! I would really like my kiss to pass through the distance that is between us and fly to your lips. I hope that this will happen. Everything will depend on how you want it. :))
Now I'm waiting for your kiss.
Tell me, how are you feeling today? What are you going to eat for breakfast today?)) Today for breakfast I eat oatmeal with milk. And today I didn't oversleep, so I managed to come to school slowly. It was hard for me to concentrate on my studies, because I had thoughts about a very nice man in my head. Who do you think it's about?:)
Honey, I think that we are ready to move to a new stage of our communication with you. I want to talk to you on camera. I want to see your smile, give you an air kiss. I hope that in the coming days we will be able to talk to you on camera after work. Could you send me your phone number? I will add you to my Whatsapp account.
I think that this will be a big plus for us! After all, at the moment we are so far from each other and only through video communication can we hear and see each other!
Today, to see two little girls who were walking home and discussing toys-dolls that they have at home. I see it and remember how I was the same little girl, and enjoy the little things. For me, one 5 set in the diary was enough for absolute happiness, and I was the happiest child, it was an amazing time. I remember how I drag any animals home that I find on the street. My mother was very unhappy about this. But this does not stop me. I still carry them home with the hope that my mother will allow me to leave them. To be honest, I still do this. :)) I am madly in love with animals. After all, animals give that warmth of their bodies, that pure love, that attention that we so lack in everyday life. It was like yesterday… Do you have any pets? Do you like pets?
I hope that you will like this letter. I think that I have blossomed, from your male attention to me. Kiss!! Take care of yourself!
Your Russian girl!
Letter 9
How is your day going today? Everything is terrible for me. I'm not in the mood at all. There's a lump in my throat and it's hard to collect my thoughts. I've been sitting next to my laptop for 15 minutes and I still can't start writing you this letter! I want to talk to you and share what happened today.
Today I did not take lunch with me and after studying I decide to stop by for a snack at the bakery. I was standing at the bakery and drinking coffee with a chocolate croissant. Two guys passed by me in a drunken state. They were talking loudly, laughing and swearing. I didn't pay any attention to them at first, but they came closer to me, and I heard them discussing me. One of them is to say - " look, what a juicy *** is standing”. I decided to ignore it. A few seconds later, one of the guys slapped my ***. I was just in shock!!! In broad daylight, they allow themselves such things! I turned around and asked “ " what do you allow yourself?!?". One of the guys said - " Shut up, you fool!”, and they passed on! There were a lot of people around the bakery, but none of them said anything to these ********! Apparently they were just scared of these two drunks and just kept silent! I ran away from there in tears. What could I do to these two inadequate alcoholics!? What's in their head?! I was very scared, because they could just beat me up. I went to work and cried. I got hysterical! Why would they do this to me? After all, they humiliate me in public. It doesn't cost them anything. Ah... this terrible incident just shocked me. What have I done wrong to them!? And if their mother were standing in my place??? How can you be such a redneck? I was very scared today. I missed a man who would protect me so much. Now I'll talk to you and calm down. I didn't feel much better.
Why are you ignoring me at the request of whatsapp?
I know that if you were with me, there's no way you'd let these drunks do this to me. Am I right, my angel?
The director, seeing me, tried to find out what happened. But I didn't tell him about it. I will share this only
with you. I hope your day is better than mine! Kisses!!!
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