Scam letter(s) from Alina to Harry (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Harry. How are you?
I am glad to see your letter today, I hope we will be able to build good communication and relationships. Sorry, yesterday I left you my work mail, I could not answer the main one. Now I am writing you a letter for you from my main mail. I will be glad for your answer.
Have a nice day.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Harry.
Thanks for your answer, I'm glad we can talk here)
I am very glad that you answered my letter, I hope our communication will be long and lasting.
My friend, in this letter, I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Alina. I live in Russia, in the city of Kurgan, it is located in the Kurgan region. By the way, in our city there are several research centers, and indeed our city is, in principle, beautiful, as many say. What city do you live in? What can you tell us interesting about your city?
I am 23 years old, despite my age, I understand a lot in life. I have my own small goal, I will talk about it a little later. Hope you find it interesting to know about her ^^. Do you have a goal? What do you want to achieve in life? Or maybe there is some kind of innermost dream? I would be very interested to know, and I will be glad if you answer all my questions, and I will also be glad to answer your questions for me.
I was born on December 23 in 1997, and my zodiac sign is Capricorn.
By myself, I am a kind, sympathetic girl. I know how to listen to a person, support them morally in difficult times. To be honest, I even like helping people with their problems, I love it when they tell me something, because it means that they trust me and it makes me very happy. Therefore, I am very good at finding a common language with people. Thanks to this, I have many friends, good relations with acquaintances, with teachers and fellow students. But to be completely frank with you, then I am a very shy person. It is very difficult for me to meet someone on the street or in a cafe. When they come to me with the question: "Can I meet you?", I refuse and leave as red as strawberries.
By the way Harry, I never told you why I signed up on a dating site. To be honest, all my friends trust me, speak out, talk about my problems.
I can't do that, so I thought it would be great to find a pen pal with whom I can talk about anything without being afraid to express my thoughts and be judged by someone. I hope we have a good friendship with you. What do you think about it? I would like to tell you Harry that this is the first time I have been communicating by email with a person, while also with a person who is from another country. This is a new experience for me and I hope it will be an interesting experience for me as well as for you.
I think it's time for me to finish the letter, Harry, it will be very interesting for me to know you better, I will wait for your answer.
I wish you a great day and a great mood.
Your new friend, Alina.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Harry. How is your Friday today? What are your plans for the weekend? I am delighted to receive your letter today.
Thank you for telling me about your passion for sports. I heard that American football is a pretty tough sport and therefore strong and tough guys are required there. And by the way, I like athletics, because I used to be in athletics.
I want to tell you about where I study, namely at the technological college of the city of Kurgan. I am studying for a very interesting profession - a hairdresser. We are trained in this profession for 3 years, during which we receive a knowledge base that will help us a lot in the future. Now I am just switching to the 3rd year and in the fall, I will start the last year of my studies. The most important thing for me is to get a diploma. I think my dear Harry, it will be difficult for me, but I am confident that I can overcome these obstacles and graduate from college. Also in college I have a group with which I study, the most interesting thing is that not only girls, but also boys study for this profession. Once I asked who what plans for the future, everyone, oddly enough, answered differently: someone is going to gain experience and go to work as stylists, someone wants to get into elite hairdressing salons in which only masters of their craft work and get good money for their work. Listening to them, I thought what purpose in life to set for myself, and I decided after graduating from college, I will accumulate experience in this area and become a professional hairdresser to work only in elite beauty salons.
I really want to know who you planned to become? What profession have you chosen for yourself? Are you going to develop in this direction?
It will be very cool if you talk about your student days.
Also, in addition to study and practice, I also practice additionally, I work as a hairdresser in one of the salons. This very salon is literally a couple of steps from my house. Therefore, I manage to come home from school, eat and rest a little, after which I go to that salon. At work, I have very good relationships with colleagues and superiors. Also, a small part of the clients of this salon knows me. The assessments from them are, in principle, positive.
Only one woman is always unhappy that I serve her. I just don't know why she treats me this way, sometimes I even think that I did something bad to her.
I hope that soon our relationship with her will improve.
During lunchtime, I usually have time to eat, relax, visit a website, or check my email. One girl who works with us brought her old laptop to the break room. Soon, this laptop became common. Unfortunately, I do not have my own laptop, so I have to sit through it, correspond with you, do my studies, and sometimes do printouts for work. I hope I'll buy a laptop soon so I can send you letters more often.
Now I'll tell you a little about my daily schedule. My dear Harry, I think you will be interested in reading this. In the morning I get up, wash, put myself in order, then prepare breakfast. Next, I pack and dress, and then go to college. At about 2 pm, I head home to grab the prepared food for work and head to the beauty salon. Then my work schedule runs until 9 pm. As soon as I get home, I sort out all the things I take for study (notebooks, pens, etc.), I also go to the kitchen and wash all the food containers to prepare new food for the new work day. As soon as I prepare it, I put it in the refrigerator.
Well, after that it takes me about an hour to do the tasks, and at the end, at about 11 pm I go to bed. Somehow, on average, my day goes by, but there are times when this routine changes. And now my schedule has changed a little, because so far I do not have studies, since I have a summer vacation. And therefore, from morning to evening,
I keep myself busy.
And more recently, due to the weather, it has been getting hotter in the cabin, so we decided to turn on the air conditioner, which made it more comfortable for customers to be in the building.
Sorry, my friend, I have to go, and the letter turned out to be too big, I wish you a successful evening and good mood!
Your good friend, Alina!
Letter 4
Hello my dear friend Harry. How is your mood? How is your weekend?
I hope you are all right!
I am glad that you told about your family, I was very interested to know. I condole on your loss of father, I think that now he looks at you from heaven and is proud of you for all your achievements that you could achieve! What do you think about this?
Today I would like to tell you about a small incident that happened at work. I think it will be interesting for you to read it.
The bosses have warned that a responsible task awaits me. A woman came to the salon, who is the founder of a whole chain of salons. She wanted to personally check how we work and decide on the improvement of the interior and labor equipment. But, I had no idea that this woman would come under the guise of an ordinary client and order a full range of services. In the salon were I and three more of my colleagues, we were divided in such a way that each performed a certain service for the inspector. In Russia such people are called "Mystery Shopper". I got, as, in my opinion, the most difficult thing, to make her the nicest and most expensive haircut. To be honest, I was not ready for this at all, but I was able to pull myself together and collect my thoughts. Our local administrator is the person who informs about the client, what the client ordered, the cost, and so on, explained to me that a lot of work awaits me and if I do everything well, then I will be provided with a good bonus.
They gave me time to prepare so that I could put my tools in order and arrange a workplace especially for the inspector. At that moment, so many things were spinning in my head that sometimes it was difficult for me to navigate. Closer to lunchtime, I started my work.
To be honest, I've never been as nervous at work in all the time as I work at all. It was also very hot in the salon, so the work became much more difficult. Have you had similar stressful moments at work?
Are you nervous when your boss checks you, or when he gives you a difficult and important assignment? Dear friend, it will be very interesting if you tell me about your work in your letter. It took me a lot of time and effort to get a haircut, I tried very hard to make a perfect haircut, which I did not do even to regular customers. When I finished my work, I was sent to the break room while the remaining girls did their part of the service. I sat in the room and tried to recover from such a nervous state, my hands just trembled, I was very excited and looked forward to the results of the assessment of our work. A few hours later, we were all gathered in the boss's room, and as a result, the inspector was satisfied with our services that we provided to her, even separately praised and thanked each of us for such work, in addition, she said that she would approve of the renovation of the interior and work equipment. At that moment, I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and pride, the understanding that we did everything well and did not let our leadership down, haunted me until the end of the day.
Also, for a good job, the boss praised me, and said that now on the issue of hairstyles, she will send important clients to me, and I can also take one day off. I already know how I will take it, because my friend wanted to walk with me.
By the way, I wanted to tell you sometime about this, but I have a cat, today I will not have time to talk about him in more detail, but I hope that I will have time to tell about him.
This concludes my letter, dear Harry, I look forward to hearing from you. If you want to know something, ask calmly, I will gladly answer.
Have a good day and good mood!
Your dear friend Alina!
Letter 5
Hello, my good friend, Harry.
Today I was a little out of sorts, but when I came in and saw a message from you, my spirits lifted. I read with great interest your letter, in which you talked about your work, I did not even notice the end of the lunch break. So I had to write you a letter later, I hope you are not upset about this.
In this letter I would like to tell you about my family, the story is a little sad, but I don’t want to spoil your mood, I hope you don’t mind if I pour out my soul in letters, because I feel that you are becoming good friends, we are telling about ourselves, about work or study, we share our successes and failures, we discuss any events. Now I live alone. My dad and grandmother live together in the village of Lesnikovo. The fact is that my mother died when she gave birth to me.
During childbirth, my mother was diagnosed with some kind of dangerous disease, they do not tell me what the disease was, but because of this disease she had a choice either to give birth to me and die or to **** me and survive. Mom wanted me to be born, but my father insisted on killing me and creating a new child. But my mother decided that she would give birth to me. According to my grandmother's stories, I was born without complications, but my mother was gone. The father was very upset, could not find a place for himself, even cried. A week later, he came to his grandmother and apologized for his behavior, and said that he would give me all his love. When my grandmother told me this story, I was in no way angry with my father, because I understand what state he was in. I am glad that he was able to come to his senses and return to me.
My father is 42 years old, he works as a turner in a large factory in our city. His salary is not very high, but together with his grandmother they are doing quite well. There are, of course, moments when they ask someone to borrow money, but this happens very rarely.
My father's name is Sergei. He has an interesting hobby, that is, a hobby - he is a great hunter. Usually, when I have a weekend and I am completely free, we go out into the forest with him and hunt birds, small animals, and sometimes even large animals all day. After the hunt, we drive back home, and sit with a mug of hot tea, discussing the success of our hunt. My father is a very good person, but the most important thing is that he can calmly communicate with me on any topic.
My grandmother's name is Svetlana, she is 79 years old, she is now retired, he used to work at the same plant as her father, then she decided to retire, and her father continued to work. However, the grandmother manages to occupy herself even in retirement, when the father is at work, she looks after the house, tidies up, cooks, and then when the father arrives from work, they spend time together. The most interesting thing is, when I come to them, my grandmother, looking at me, feeds me to such an extent that later it is even difficult for me to walk around the house and walk.
Here's a story about my family) Dear Harry, I hope she did not trouble you. Now I will end my letter with this and I will look forward to your reply. Have a nice day.
Your Alina.
Letter 6
Hi my best friend, Harry.
Today I received your letter for me, and while I don't have many clients at work, I decided to read your letter. You know, when I read your letter, I didn't even know what to answer you, because I have never received such recognition from a person. I guess I just forgot how it felt to feel that warmth again. And I am grateful to you for reminding me of him.
As you understand, father and grandmother live separately, together they, in principle, do a good job, buy food, grandmother pills, and everything you need. I, in turn, live alone, rent a one-room apartment, with the help of a scholarship and salary, I can afford the necessities for the house, food, clothes, and even there is a little money left that I save for a new phone or laptop, to be honest, I haven’t decided yet... In general, I'm not particularly complaining about life. Only often there are cases when the bosses delay the salary or when the scholarship is late, but in principle this is not as bad as it might seem. What can you tell us about your work? Do you get paid a lot, and do you have enough to live on. I have always been interested to know the economy of your country, it happens, I often watch various news about the economy, because I wonder who and how lives. As for our economy, I will say briefly that in Russia it is lame, and the salaries of all are small, except for the authorities, of course. Moreover, because of this disease, which walks around the world, has greatly undermined the position of each country, not for the better. By the way, there is also a problem in Russia, which is very relevant in the warm seasons, these are the roads. Because when the streets are dry, a large number of holes appear on the road that cannot be properly repaired. What about the roads in your country? Do you have such a problem? What do you think about this? What is your opinion about such a global disease?
I'm sorry my friend Harry. But, it's time for me to finish the letter, because the work is not waiting. I do not want to receive a comment from the authorities. Hopefully soon I will be able to afford a laptop, and then we will correspond much more often, and learn a lot more about each other. I look forward to hearing from you, I hope you will have a good day.
Your best friend, Alina!
Letter 7
Hi my best friend, Harry.
I was very pleased and warm to see your letter, just words cannot convey how happy I was. From the beginning I thought that I would scare you off with my family history, but I was very surprised and glad that you answered me and listened to me.
Well, my friend Harry, how are you? How are you doing at work? Maybe something interesting happened? How are your family, is everything good with them? I will be very grateful if you answer me in the next letter, I am very interested in your life. To be honest, Harry, you have become not a pen pal, but a real friend to me. After all, it seems to me that not everyone will listen to someone's sad story about themselves, but you morally supported me and I am incredibly grateful to you for that. You know, I read in your letter that you would like to dance with me. I confess to you that I am also not very good at dancing, but I think that together we will be able to do a dance, I think it will be funny)
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