Letter(s) from Kelly Yolanda to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Honey
I got ur message and am realy happy , u did replied me plz do make me happy by having me come into ur life , I have never filled like this in my gat dem life , I fill loved , i fill care and hunesty in u , can u make me come over to u , how ever the destans here is not much am willing to come over , am at africa now nigeria to be presiced and ,I do not want to go back home cos ever since i lost my fokse ,my parents i mean to say , I have been bourd and lonely , I want to start up a new life some one to love and care for me and i have that dream with u , but am been held by some deficorties i came top nigeria to get some document of my late dad account details here i n nigeria and i realy made lote of expencies to get this document and all the money in the document was paied in check and the check is not accessable here in nigeria due to that , I could not make up the balance of my bills over here and the document is been sized , I need to pay up the bills so i can get back the document ,I want u to help me out with the money for the bills so the document can be reliced back to me and also i ll need ut account number to transfer the money over to it then i can come over to u and we ll leave happyly together , love and care for ourself as real dream winners , do wright me back

Letter 2

Hello Honey .
I got ur message , I am in deep shit now at the moment cos the bills which am to pay is $2800 and i dont have such amount with me due to the expencs i made in other to get hold of the document , I have left with me just $820 and i have about $ 1980 to balance the bills in other to recover the document , I end up here cos my late dad use to work with a japanice company here in nigeria so i acctualy came here to get his account details of his account in nigeria so that was how i came here , Honey i ll be needing ur help out of here if am to get out of here untime and the only way is geting the balance of the bills pay up and then get the hell out of here , I want u to help me out with the remaining balance to get the document and also i ll like to transfer the money which is been paied in check to me to ur account so it can be saver over ther while i come over and u pick me up over ther at ur internatinal airport , plz do mail me back untime to no what u have in mind , I realy have to get out of here untime .
take care ..........................love u

Letter 3

hello honey ,
I got ur message , i live in 136,fremont avenue Apt2 sea side height ,nj 08751 , the phone we use is a mobil phone and i came with it but its down at the moment ., but u can still make contact with me thru the hotel manager personals phone number wher i loged here in nigeria , and talking about wher to send the money ... am a stranger here i realy dont no much on how ther recieve money over here , so i ask from the manager of the hotel wher i loged here in the country and he ask me to tell u to send the money thru the western union money transfer on my name and details of state and city ...... yeah are the full details ..
ZIP : 23401
after sending the money i ll need from u the senders details , ur full name which u use in sending the money and also country , state , city , wher u sent the money from , I ll also need from u the bank details ,and the M.T.C.N. given to u by the western union and other details i need to recieve the money ok ...plz do make this fast so i can get the hell out of here , the check is not save with me here in this country , i have to send it over to ur account as soon as i pay up the bills with the money u are to send .. take care

Letter 4

hello honey is been long , how are u doing over ther , u dint send me message what the prob , hope u are okay , well do mail me when u get this message , am alittle bit worried about u , i need to no if u are okay

Letter 5

hello honey ,I just want to say hello and to let u no how much i miss u , each day of my life , well i also wish to no if u wher able to find the western union and do plz make it untime u know the document is not save with me here , some men game asking after me from the hotel staff they told her that i ask them to come and see me that they wher my late dad acountant and lowyer , when i look from my window , i found out it was not even any of the pepole i no , and i belive they send dos men to come and get the document from me or maybe kill me aND then have the document , honey am not re aly save here with this thing plz do fast , kiss

Letter 6

hello honey , i got ur message , i was born in sea side hieght new jersey , i schooled in bufallo UN new york city , cant realy remember the city , I go back home to my parents when i have hollydays ,I have with me here my passport and travelling dcoument but ther wright now they are at the USA embercy for savety , I ll get it when i am chance to go ther cos at as now i cant go ther alone it is not save am suer u most have haerd how nigerins are , it is not save for wemen go out alone the hoodlums os this country can take asvantage on them when they see any of them , I was addvice not to go out alone by the hotel wher i loged , I have pics that i can send to u but ther are the same with the once i have in my profile , i havent taking any new one yet cos i have not been chance to do so , as u know , i dont realy get or understand what u trying to proove , is that u dont belive me or what , I cant play with stuff as this this is not mater one can take as joke , u realy have to think haerd on this and do the right thing , u can send the money on my name ANNA PARK that the name on my passport , as soon as u send it i ll make a way get one of the hotel staff to acompany me to the embercy to get my passport then go to the western union around to recieve the money , the hotel staffs cant go with me without a algent case or meter , so as soon as u send the password , T.C.N.text colour and answer ur name which u use in sending the money that ll be the proove to show that u sent the money truely money send the money , plz u realy have to be fast about this u no it i am not save with the document here in this country , the more i stay here the more dangger geting close to me