Name: Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva
Age: 27
Name: Stephany Ilge
Age: 24
Name: Sabrina Harman
Age: 35
Name: Stacy Aherne
Age: 29
Name: Alexandra
Age: 30
Name: Anna Wasilewa
Age: 28
Name: Angela Lena
Age: 35
Name: Julia
Age: 44
Name: Jessica Williams
Age: 33
Name: Evgenia Vedenkina
Age: 28
Name: Alice
Age: 28
Name: Mariam Mujaed
Age: 56
Name: Alexandra Morgan
Age: 32
Name: Angel Anne Beatrice Dela Cruz
Age: 22
Name: Tatyana
Age: 23

Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend!
Are you looking for the girl of your dreams?
Would you like to start a family but can't find a girlfriend?
If so, then I wrote to the address :-)
I am looking for a right man for a romantic relationship!
I am a young, free girl just looking for true and sincere love, no games!
My name is Anastasiya.
If you like me and are interested in finding a partner, you can email me at
Tell us about yourself and send your photo!
I'll add my photo and look forward to your reply!
See you)
Letter 2
I am very pleased that you replied to my message, because it means that I was able, at least a little, but to interest you. I hope that my new letter will interest you even more. So my name is Anastasiya. And I was born on January 23, 1986. I am already 35 years old. My height is 169 centimeters, and my weight is 53 kilograms.
I work as an eyelash extension master in a beauty salon. More precisely, I am doing eyelash extensions. My job suits me perfectly, because every day I communicate with new people. By the way, I sent you my photos in a letter. Hope you enjoy it. I will be pleased if you can comment on my photos.
You are probably wondering why I am looking for a man on the Internet? The answer to this question is pretty simple. I'm just tired of being alone, tired of the loneliness that surrounds me. And I want to find an intelligent, kind and romantic man who still has not forgotten the true value of human relationships. I hope that I can find such a man, although I understand that it will be difficult. I will not write much today because I do not know if you would like to continue the dialogue with me. But I will be very pleased if you want to get to know me better. I will tell you more information about my life with great pleasure. I will also be pleased if you tell me more information about yourself. We will develop our dialogue in this way. I am finishing my letter for today. But I will look forward to your reply with great impatience.
Have a nice day!
Regards, Anastasiya.
Letter 3
Today my day started off beautifully. All due to the fact that the weather is excellent and it is pleasant when the weather goes, because all because of the fact that it is cool and magnificent outside. It seems to me that the weather will be wonderful, perhaps at lunchtime it will change and the sun will appear. Who knows, of course, how things will happen. Tell me how was the start of your day ?! What's your weather?! I think you started your day off well.
It was very sad to understand that when I came to the Internet cafe, I did not receive your words. But I was looking forward to your letters so much. I was hoping to see your words. And you know, I believe that very soon I will see your words. After all, your letters are very important to me. And it hurts to understand that when I come to an Internet cafe and do not see your words. And I did so much hoped and believed that I would receive your letters. I will strongly believe that everything is fine with you, and you will try, however, to write your letter. And I hope that everything is fine with you, maybe you were just busy or tired of work. But I think you will still try to write your letters for me soon. Understand that I would like to see your answers on Monday. And I think you will do it for me. I will be waiting for your words.
Letter 4
Hello Tim!
I am very pleased that you answered me again, because I very much hoped for your answer. And you answered, which I am very happy about!
Tim, first of all, I would like to tell you a little secret. I did not tell you about her in the first letter, because I was very afraid that it might scare you away. But I can't hide it anymore, because we have to be honest with each other. Please try to understand me. So, I live in Russia now. I was born and raised here. The city where I live is called Birsk (Bashkortostan oblast). It is a small provincial town in the center of Russia, where life is quiet and calm. By the way, I will be interested if you can tell me more about the place where you live. I would like to tell you more about my family. I was the only child of my parents, so I have no brothers or sisters. My parents were happy when I was born. They lived together for fifteen years, but then they divorced. It hurt me a lot when our family broke up. My parents tried to protect me from this, but I still understood what was happening in our family. It was impossible not to notice the scandals that took place between them. And these scandals happened more and more often. In the end, they divorced, and the father left for another city. I keep in touch with him to this day, but this happens quite rarely. He now has a new family, a new life. As for my mother, she stayed with me and continued to educate me. I am grateful to her for everything she did for me. Even after her divorce from her father, she did not give up. On the contrary, she continued to love me twice as much so that I would not worry about our broken up family. Her love and care helped me a lot during that difficult period. Now we do not live with my mother. I live alone, but I often visit her. My mother lives in a village near the city where I live now. She has not met anyone since she divorced my father, so she also lives alone. If we talk about me, then I have never been married, and I have no children. Here is a brief history of my life, but I will tell you more in the next letter. And I ask you to tell me more information about your life, because I want to get to know you as best I can. I will be interested!
Tim, as I told you in the first letter, that I am tired of being alone. Yes, I have my mother, but I want to find love. I just want to be a happy woman! I want to believe that my other half will soon find me. I do not know how soon this will happen, but I do not give up. And I continue to search for true love, because I still believe that such love exists. Do you believe in true love?
You probably already noticed that I sent you new photos in a letter. And I hope you enjoyed it (smile).
I am finishing my letter, but I will wait for your answer again.
Letter 5
Hello Tim!
Thanks for the new letter. I was very afraid that you would not answer me more, but I was wrong. Never before have I been so glad of my mistake (smile)!
At the beginning of the letter, I would like to say a little unpleasant news. I won't be able to write you a letter on Saturday because the internet cafe will be doing technical work. I'm sorry, but I will only be able to write the next letter on Monday. Hope you don’t miss me (smile).
Forgive me, please, for what I could not write to you earlier. All due to the fact that it is autumn now and my body is simply not much depleted of vitamins. How sad it is to understand that now I felt bad for the last days. After all, the whole point is that the weather is cool and I got sick. I couldn’t just leave the apartment all the days after my mother’s village arrived. This is very sad to understand. But I want to say that now I am much better and I can start writing my letters again. I think that our communication with you will continue great.
I am pleased that you told me more information about your life. It was interesting for me to read about it, because I want to get to know you as best I can. We get to know each other, and that's great!
I really like animals and I love dogs and cats. Since these are the cutest and cuddliest animals. But they are also devotees. And I think you agree with me.
Tim, it seems to me that we should continue to get to know each other, because this is so interesting and unusual. I hope my letters are not too boring for you. The story of my life is not very bright and memorable, but I hope that you do not miss any information in my letters. Today I will continue to talk about my life, because I have told so little in past messages. As you know, I live alone. I don't even have pets because I spend a lot of time at work. And pets require care and attention. Therefore, I have no pets. But still, my mother has a cat. And when I come to her, I like to play with her. She is very sweet and beautiful. You know, sometimes my apartment seems cold and uncomfortable to me because of loneliness. But my mother visits me often and we spend time together. And on weekends I visit her in the village and help her with the housework. She is not only my mother, but also my best friend, so we have a lot of topics to talk about. I enjoy spending time with her. I also meet with friends from time to time, but this happens so rarely that I already start to forget their faces (smile). It's just that most of my friends already have families, so we can no longer meet as often as before. When I'm at home alone, I just watch movies, read books, or just listen to music. Most of all I like reading books. Classics, detective stories, novels, and even horror books. I like everything! Although sometimes I get scared when I am alone at home and read a scary book (smile). When it comes to music, I like popular music and light rock music. I'm sorry, but I'm not a music lover, so my musical tastes are not rich. Please tell me more about your life and your hobbies. I'm interested.
Tim, my mother often wonders why I can't find myself a man. It is difficult for me to answer, because this is a really difficult question. Not everything depends only on me in this situation. It seems to me that finding love for life is not as easy as it seems. My mother says that I am kind, beautiful, cheerful and sociable. How to argue with her, because this is my mother (smile)? It would seem that there should be many men around me, but this is not so. That is why I decided to look for love in another country using the Internet. My heart is open to true love. And I am ready to give my love for a man who will love me. I have a very romantic nature, I like tenderness, affection and gentle words. Women love with their ears. I have a kind and gentle character. My letters will help you get to know me better. But you yourself understand that it is impossible to tell about everything at once. Our dialogue is just beginning and everything is still ahead. Who knows where this dialogue will lead us?
At the end of my letter, I must say that I am writing my letters from an Internet cafe. I will try to write you letters as often as possible so that our dialogue develops faster. And I hope that you will answer me. I will be waiting for your answer!
I finished my letter today. And I wish you a good day!
Letter 6
Hello Tim!
How pleasant it is to observe that our dialogue does not stand still, but is developing successfully. Thanks for the new letter!
Tim, on the way to the internet cafe, I thought I would tell you more about my work in a letter, but I changed my plans a little. I will tell you more about my work in one of the following letters. I won't forget (smile). Today I will tell you briefly the story of my life, because this is also important. You might be interested. I was born into a full-fledged family and I was a happy child until I was fourteen. My childhood was generally happy. We lived in the countryside at the time. My parents loved me, I had many friends, I studied well at school. When they decided to divorce, the world just collapsed for me. Probably, their divorce affected me the most. I worried about our family, much more than they. I was a child and I took everything to heart. Because of their divorce, I started having problems at school, I started to study worse. But this did not last long. About six months after their divorce, I came to terms with this, gradually my success in school became better. And I was even able to enter the university at the pedagogical faculty. My mother advised me to choose such a faculty, because she herself worked as a teacher at school for many years. Mark, I could work as an elementary school teacher in school too. But even while studying at the university, I realized that this was not suitable for me, so I did not start working at the school, but I finished my studies at the university. Then I returned home, but began to live separately from my mother in the city. And my mother stayed in the countryside. But we still see her often. I love her and she loves me. My mother tried to replace my father after the divorce. We became so close to her during that period. Then I realized that it was also not easy for her, but together we went through it. Therefore, I always say now that my mother is my closest person to me. She was always there.
When I started living alone, I worked as a waitress in a cafe for several years. Then I decided to change jobs, and now I am an eyelash extension master. I understand that this is not a very prestigious job that requires high qualifications. But I like it and I enjoy it. Here is a brief history of my life. Tim, tell me more about your life. It will be interesting for me to learn more about your childhood and past life. Tell me, it will be interesting for me. My life has been happy by and large. Yes, my parents are divorced, but they are alive. I have friends. The only thing that worries me is my loneliness. I still haven't met true love. And I am ready to devote myself to a new relationship. I want to be happy, like any person on earth. Everyone has their own happiness. My happiness is love!
I would like to say thank you for your letters. They made my life more interesting!
I am finishing my letter now!
Letter 7
Hello, Tim!
Thanks for your letter. I am pleased that you do not forget about me and continue our dialogue!
You know what about your words about what you would like to ask God. I wouldn't mind that. I would be very happy that if this all happened. I hope that whenever it could be done and we could have our communication together and our communication would lead to our great future. Ah, I believe in all this so much and I understand that everything will be just great with us.
Tim, I would like to say that I like the way our dialogue is progressing. My day has become much more interesting! If earlier, my days were ordinary, now I am really looking forward to the moment when I come to the Internet cafe to read your letter. It's so interesting for me to communicate with you. By the way, let me tell you about my days before. I don't have too many interesting hobbies, but I can find something. Besides reading, I enjoy cooking. I especially like Italian food. I love pizza and pasta (smile)! I am a good cook, and you may have a chance to taste what I will cook for you in the future. Trust me, I can cook more than just pasta (smile).
I love delicious food, but I keep track of calories, so I manage to keep myself in good shape. I do not smoke and I hardly drink alcohol. Sometimes, when my mother visits me, we can drink a little red wine at dinner, but not more than one glass. I also try to run and ride a bike in the summer, but this does not happen regularly. Fortunately, there is a bike rental in my city. And for running, I only need sneakers (smile). As you can see, from time to time I go in for sports and try to monitor my appearance. When winter comes, I lead a rather boring lifestyle. My mother visits me less often in winter because it is cold. And I spend a little time outside, but sometimes I like to walk even in winter. The sound of snow crunching underfoot is very pleasant to the ear, isn't it (smile)? This is my way of life. I will be interested if you can tell me more about your lifestyle. It seems to me that your answer will help me get to know you even better.
Tim, perhaps I might have seemed a little superficial to you when I told you that I follow my appearance. But, in fact, the appearance does not matter too much to me. Most of all, I value the inner beauty of a person, the beauty of the soul. Appearance fades over time, but the soul, on the contrary, blooms. A spiritual bond between partners is a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. If you disagree with me, then we can talk about this in more detail. I need a man with whom I can establish such a connection. We are still in the early stages of our dialogue, but it seems to me that we are getting a little closer to each other spiritually. I love that you treat me with such respect. I appreciate it. I can only say that it is very interesting for me to get to know you better.
I'm sorry, but I'm finishing my letter. Hope it wasn't boring.
I will be waiting for your answer.
Letter 8
Today was not my best day. After all, my start to the morning was good. That's just while I was washing and getting ready to go outside in order to walk a little in the park. Rain is coming. It was not very pleasant for me. Therefore, I decided not to go for a walk. And just do a little exercise at home. And it was pleasant for my cheerfulness. I hope your morning was better than mine. And your weather was wonderful. It's sad when autumn comes and the weather changes a lot. Because it may rain at any moment. Therefore, I do not like this weather.
Of course, after exercising, I drank coffee, took a shower and had breakfast porridge with cereals. It was a pleasure for me to do. And I went to work in order to get there as soon as possible and start work. After all, I love my job, it is wonderful for me. That's why I always go there with joy. I really like to spend my working time there.
Now, when I had the opportunity, I decided to go to the Internet cafe to check my mail. Of course, I was very sad that you did not write anything for me. But I was looking forward to your letters so much. I really want to see your words. Understand what I will expect from you your letters. And that's all, because your words are very important to me. And I hope everything will be fine.
I will very much look forward to your words. And I believe that very soon you will write your answers for me. Understand that I'm waiting, I can't wait for your letters.
Letter 9
Hello, Tim!
When I see your letter, I involuntarily smile! I noticed this today. I love that your letters have such an effect on me.
I think the time has come to tell you a little more about my work. Moreover, I wanted to do this in one of my previous letters, but did not. So, as I told you earlier, I work in a beauty salon as an eyelash extension master. As you can imagine, this is not a very difficult job, but it requires certain skills. It seems to me that I am good at doing my job, because I have almost no dissatisfied clients. And then they come to me again and again. It seems to me that this is a good sign for me as a professional in my field. My job allows me to communicate with my clients during the eyelash extension process, so my working day sometimes goes unnoticed. I work six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Sunday I have a day off. In addition to me, several other women work in the beauty salon. Some of them do a manicure, some do makeup, and so on. I hope you are not bored with reading about women's ways to be more beautiful (smile). We have a boss and this is a woman. She's pretty strict, but fair. In general, we have a good team. My working day starts at 9 o'clock in the morning and ends at 19 o'clock. I have a break at work, during which I write my letters to you. Tim, I have the opportunity to write letters to you and that's great. And I am pleased that you are reading these letters. If we are talking about work, then it will be interesting for me to know more about your work. Please tell me more about this.
It will be extremely interesting for me!
Tim, when I decided to look for love on the Internet, my mother supported me. And that was amazing to me. I thought my mother would think I was crazy, but I was wrong. She supported me and even pushed me towards it. She saw my loneliness. To be honest, I had a serious relationship with a man that ended a year and a half ago. Our relationship lasted about three years, and he even made me a marriage proposal, and I agreed. I even started preparing for the wedding, but then I found out that he was cheating on me. He met with his mistress behind my back, and he told me that he was late at work. When I found out this, I immediately broke off the engagement and any connection with him. I could not forgive him for such a betrayal. My mother never liked my ex-partner, but she didn't interfere with our relationship. And now I have been living alone for a year and a half. And now I want to find love for life. I just want to love and be loved. I want to find true love! Maybe our acquaintance on the Internet was not accidental. Maybe my true love is you. Who knows? You can never foresee all the twists and turns that fate has in store for us. At least our dialogue is very interesting for me.
I am finishing my letter because it is time for me to leave the internet cafe.
Have a nice day!
Letter 10
Today my day started off beautifully. All due to the fact that the weather is excellent and it is pleasant when the weather goes, because all because of the fact that it is cool and magnificent outside. It seems to me that the weather will be beautiful, perhaps at lunchtime it will change and the sun will appear. Who knows, of course, how things will happen. Tell me how was the start of your day ?! What's your weather?!
You know today, when I came to the Internet cafe to read your words. I would like to say that I believed that you would send me your words. How I would like to see your letters. I believe that you will try to write your letter over the weekend. And when I come to the Internet cafe again on Monday, I will wait with great hope for your words. I hope you will try to write to me.
Yes, I perfectly understand that perhaps you did not have the opportunity to write your own words due to the fact that today is Saturday, and you are already resting. But I hope that you will try to write at least a little word on your weekend. I will spend my days, as always, with my mother, as I like to do it. And I think that everything will be just fine and great to do it.
I will be waiting for your words. And I hope that on Monday I will already see your answers. I think you will do it for me. I will be waiting for your words.
Letter 11
Hello, Tim!
How glad I am to see your new letter, and I smiled again as I read this. Tell me how do you do it (smile)?
If you will, I will tell you about my relationship with my father. I already told you about my relationship with my mother after their divorce, but I suddenly realized that I had told you almost nothing about my father. As you know, he left for another city and has a new family. He found another woman there with two children. They got married, but they did not have common children. My father contacts me about once a month to find out how I'm doing. We are talking with him, but I no longer feel any connection with him. Don't get me wrong, I still love him, because he is my father, but we have drifted apart. I don’t know how to explain it, but I cannot call it a father-daughter relationship. I tell him about my life, but I don't feel his support. Tim, we just communicate as if we are distant relatives, and we no longer have any close relationship. I tried to fix it at first, but then I realized that it doesn't make sense. He has a new family and he is living a new life. I do not hold a grudge against him, because he did nothing wrong. It's just that we moved away from each other under the influence of the circumstances, but I resigned myself to it. Everything suits me. It's just that life does not stand still, and you cannot return the times when my parents were together.
Tim, today, I caught myself thinking that I began to think about you much more often. Even when I am at work, I want to get to an Internet cafe as soon as possible. I got the feeling that I have known you for many years. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. Our dialogue is progressing so naturally that our letters have already firmly entered my life. And my life has become more interesting! In my life, there are rarely any changes, and our acquaintance is a breath of fresh air. Our dialogue brings so many new and unusual sensations. Thank you for that! And it is a great luck for me that I was able to find such an interesting interlocutor as you. And I also want to meet my other half in order to spend my whole life with him. I would like to find a best friend and beloved man in one person. I need a man who knows how to love and not betray, who knows how to appreciate true friendship and true love. I need someone who knows how to laugh and be serious when needed, who appreciates women and respects them. I am looking for a man who also believes that true love exists. My heart is open to such love. And I can not only accept love, but also give in return. My man will always be surrounded by care, warmth and love. Now tell me, what kind of woman are you looking for? What are your requests? And what do you need to be happy? Tell me, I will be interested.
Tim, it's easy for me to be with you, and you understand me better than anyone else. It seems to me that our dialogue is developing better than we expected. I like it! Well, now is the time to finish my letter. It's time for me to leave the internet cafe, but I will come back here again to read your new letter.
Letter 12
Hello, Tim!
My dear (can I call you that?), I was so glad to read your new letter! It brought me a lot of pleasure again!
Well, now I know what kind of woman you need. I am pleased that you have carefully considered this question, because it was important for me to get an answer to this question. Time is moving forward, and our dialogue is moving forward too. Maybe I'll become the woman you need. We will only know about this if our dialogue continues.
My dear, this morning my morning started in a rather unusual way because I met a colleague of mine on my way to work. And she immediately noticed a smile on my face, because at that moment I was thinking about you. She asked a lot of questions, but I haven't told her anything yet. I managed to distract her attention by talking about the weather. If I told her about you, then all my colleagues would already know about our virtual dialogue. Women! What are they gossips (smile)! Tim, to be honest, I have really changed a lot since we met. My colleagues have noticed this, but they don't know anything yet. It seems to me that fire has appeared in my eyes. I began to smile more often, and I am always in a good mood. My life has definitely become happier and more interesting. It's easy for me to talk about what's going on in my thoughts. And I am not ashamed of it, because I know that you understand me. It seems to me that you are the kindest, smartest and most understanding man. And I have never met someone who would treat me as respectfully as you do. I would not like to speak badly about Russian men, but they are really different from you. They can be rude to a woman, and sometimes even hit, but this is less common. And this is considered in the order of things in Russia. But let's not talk about it. It's just that society in Russia has not changed yet. I just want to thank you for not trying to offend or offend me. I appreciate it!
Tim, I haven't told my colleagues about you yet, but I have told my mother about you. I just told her that I met a man on the Internet. But I didn’t tell her anything that you wrote to me in letters. She doesn't even know what your name is, and what country you live in. Maybe later I will tell her more about you, if, of course, you don’t mind. My mother is glad that I was able to find someone with whom I am easy and interesting. As you know, my mother supported me when I decided to look for love on the Internet. And she continues to support me now. But, like any mother, she worries about me and says that I must not forget about caution. But enough of that. I have said almost nothing about myself in today's letter. And I have a little more time to fix it. If I am not mistaken, then I have already said that I do not like to ride a bicycle. In the summer, I often rent a bike and ride in the park or along the forest paths. It seems to me that this is a great hobby, and I get a lot of pleasure from it. What a pity that the summer in my country is so short. Do you think we could ride a bike together? It seems to me that it would be great!
Well, now I have to finish my letter, but I have a surprise for you. I would like to give you a virtual kiss today! Hope you enjoy it (smile)!
Sweet kiss!
Letter 13
Hello my dear Tim!
How nice it is to meet a new day with your letter! When I see your letter, my mood improves and my eyes shine.
Tim, I must confess that your charm works very well for me. I started counting the hours and minutes before I could go back to the internet cafe and read another letter. As soon as I start reading this, I immediately start smiling. And I think about you all the time. I just can't get you out of my head. The respect that you show to me, the sincerity that comes from your letters, the tenderness and kindness of your words, these are the factors that influenced me so much and made me think of you constantly. I'm a little surprised that our communication is developing so quickly and so easily, but I love it. I am very lucky that I found exactly you in this big virtual world. My dear, I understand that dialogue with the help of letters is not very convenient, but there is some charm in it. I hope that we will not lose this charm throughout our dialogue. To be honest, it starts to seem to me that you are some kind of special man. A man who is rarely found in our world. You have charm and charisma, you are very kind and smart, and how carefully you treat my person. My intuition tells me we could be a great couple in the future, but I will not rush into such decisions. Just know that I have never paid such compliments to any man before. But I'm ready to compliment you every day! But, if you don't mind, that's enough for today (smile).
Tim, now I will tell you a story that happened to me as a child. But this is a sad story. When I was seven years old, my parents gave me a little puppy, because I always asked them about it. The puppy grew up and became not only an adult German Shepherd, but also my friend. I named it Rex. He always ran after me when I walked on the street and always tried to protect me. One day, he ran out onto the road where cars drive.
The car hit him. Rex died instantly before my eyes. For the first time in my life, I faced death then. My God, how I cried then. My parents could not calm me down for several days. My unformed child's psyche simply could not come to terms with the loss of a friend. We buried him in the forest, not far from our house. Gradually, time healed my emotional wound, but the memory of that dog still lives with me. Why did I tell you this story?
It seems to me that the story about this characterizes me well as a person. I also wanted you to know about this, because this incident had a serious impact on me and my life. Try to understand.
My dear, I would like to say that I found one of my childhood photos. I will send it for you along with this letter.
I think you will be very happy to see her.
I will not end my letter on a sad note, so at the end of this letter I will give you a kiss again! Soon I will be back at the internet cafe to write you a new letter. Don't miss me (smile)!
Sweet kiss!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Tim!
What a wonderful day, because your new letter has made me a little happier. And this is very nice!
Tim, the story with my dog ​​that I described in the last letter was sad. But that incident made me reconsider my outlook on life. Even then I realized how fragile our life is. And since then, I began to value life, value friendship and love. I was small, but that story still teaches me to never forget about loved ones, friends and family members. You need to appreciate every day you live and always be able to find positive things even in the most difficult times. To be honest, I am very glad that another important person has appeared in my life, with whom it is interesting for me to spend time. And I'm talking about you now! My dear, I appreciate our dialogue, because my life has changed a lot with you and thanks to you. With you I again feel happy, so I treat our letters very carefully, I try to put a piece of my soul into every letter. I just wish that we could fully trust each other and appreciate what we were able to build in this short time. Hope we can do it.
My dear, I think about our meeting more and more often. I don't know if I should have said this, but I really think about meeting (smile). Our exchange of letters is just wonderful, but how wonderful a meeting would be! After all, meeting in real life will allow us to get to know each other much faster. I wonder what our first date would be like? Well, I guess I need to stop because I'm in too much of a hurry. I really need to think it over first before seriously talking about the meeting. Everything has its time.
Tim, I like how quickly our dialogue develops, how quickly we found a common language with you. So unusual and interesting. My life is changing right before our eyes. When I found you, I had no idea that this was possible. It seemed to me that such men simply do not exist. At least I have never met such a noble, kind, charming, gentle and intelligent man in Russia. How do you combine all these qualities (smile)? I just can't resist your spell. It seems to me that you are the most interesting man I have seen in this life. And it is also possible that you are exactly the man I have been looking for all my life. Who knows (smile)? I just think and say what I think about. Hope it doesn't scare you. My dear, the day we meet will be a wonderful occasion for both of us. And I believe that such a day will definitely happen if we both want it. When that happens, I can give you a real kiss, not a virtual one. But today you will only have a virtual kiss at the end of my letter (smile). When I write about this, I smile at the computer monitor. And when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a happy woman.
I'm glad I was able to find you! Thank you for continuing to change my life for the better.
Sweet kiss!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Tim!
What a wonderful day, because you answered my letter again, which means that I am smiling again and I am in a good mood!
Tim, if you will let me tell you about how my day began today. To begin with, I overslept a little and had to rush to get to work on time. And my day started very stressful because I have a lot of clients today. I didn't even have time to drink coffee before work (smile). Nevertheless, I am glad that I was able to find the time to come to the Internet cafe to write you a letter. My dear, I wish that your day today was less stressful than my day. And I also wish good luck to accompany you, because I want the people close to me to always be happy.
My dear, in my past letters I tried to tell you as much information as possible about my life. I confess to you honestly, it is quite difficult to fit your whole life into a few letters, but it seems to me that I succeeded. Perhaps I succeeded because I have a fairly simple life, but I hope that you were interested. Our dialogue is progressing much faster than we could have imagined. Tim, some unusual, but wonderful feelings wake up inside me. I didn't even think that my life could change so much. I do not even have words to describe all the changes that are taking place in me and around me. No other man has fascinated me as much as you did. My heart is beating stronger, my feelings are getting stronger too. Maybe I'm in too much of a hurry when I say these words to you, but I don't want to hide it inside myself. I want you to know what is happening to me. Sometimes I even think about our future. What would it be like? Complex issue. But I know that if I were your other half, then I would always be faithful and devoted to you. I would always be there in sorrow and in joy. I would always support you and take care of you. I would become a reliable life partner. Tim, there is nothing more important to me than love. And I'm talking about love because it seems to me that I'm starting to fall in love with you. I like the new sensations inside me, so I don't even want to resist this process. When I read your letters, everything around me becomes more beautiful. Summer is coming in my heart and flowers are blooming! A wonderful feeling that makes me happy!
Tim, I began to think about our meeting, even though so little time has passed since the beginning of the dialogue. Perhaps our meeting may seem simply impossible, but it is not at all so. From the very first letter, I took our dialogue seriously, therefore, when the time comes, I will be ready to overcome any distance for the sake of love. True and sincere love is the most important thing in my life. And I know that you understand me, because it seems to me that we are very similar to you. Now I have to go, so I finish my letter. But I'll be thinking about you all this time! I hope you will think of me too. As always, I don't forget to kiss for you (smile).
Sweet kiss!
Letter 16
Hello my dear Tim!
I hope that my letters bring you as much pleasure as your letters! And I am ready to write you my answer now.
I would like to start my letter with those words so that you forgive me. It's just that I couldn't write to you earlier. I am very sad that I was not able to do this earlier. And all because of the fact that I was sick. I got caught by a virus. And this flu virus. It hurts so much to understand. But I am glad that I am back on my feet and can calmly write my words for you. I understand that our communication can continue and it will be just fine. I hope you will not be very angry that I could not write you my letters earlier. Please forgive me for this.
I think you will come into my position. And we will finally continue our communication together. It would be wonderful and pleasant for me to do.
My dear, this morning I woke up on time and hurried to work. But I was a little late because there was a small incident. When I was going down the stairs in my entrance, my women's purse caught on some metal pin that had been sticking out of the wall for many years, and I tore my purse. All the contents of the purse spilled out onto the floor, and I had to collect it. I didn't get hurt at all, I almost fell, but still I stayed on my feet. I had to go back to my apartment and grab my old purse. My mood was a little spoiled in the morning, but now I am happy because I am sitting in an Internet cafe and writing you a letter. I promise you that from now on I will be more careful (smile)
Tim, thanks to you, I have changed a lot. And even minor issues like the morning incident no longer upset me, because I know that your letter will make me happy even if I'm in a bad mood. My love is growing faster and faster, and I am becoming bolder with you. When I read your letters, my breath stops with delight! And the pounding of my heart becomes faster, some pleasant sensation wakes up inside me. The power of your charm is too strong, and everything else fades into the background. And only your letters become the most important event during my day. No one and nothing can distract me from your spell. It's amazing and impossible to believe, but it is. It seems to me that this is the beginning of a long and romantic love story. I would never have thought that I could draw such conclusions based only on letters, but my intuition tells me this. Tim, I am writing so many compliments for you, but I cannot stop. And I hope you don’t feel embarrassed about it. I just want you to know how much you have influenced my life. My life has ceased to be monotonous, because you were able to awaken in me the wonderful feelings that had been dormant all this time.
My dear, sometimes I think that it would be nice to wake up in your strong arms. We would wake up late in the morning after a good night's sleep. And then we would just lie, embracing, talking and laughing. Perhaps they would have had breakfast in bed. How wonderful a morning like this could be! Simple and beautiful dreams.
I miss you more and more. I would like to see a smile on your face right now, because I am sure that you are smiling as you read these lines. I hope that I was not mistaken in my assumption (smile). What a shame that I can only come to the internet cafe once a day. If I had the opportunity, I would do it more often.
I am finishing my letter, but I will think of you. I hope that you will think of me too.
Sweet kiss!
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