Scam letter(s) from Anna to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hi. What's up?
I hope I got where I wanted to go?;)
I think it will be interesting, let's get acquainted?;) You probably ask yourself who is this?
My name is Anna, I am from Ukraine.
I consider myself a positive and cheerful woman. I try to see only the good in everything;) If we continue to communicate with you, you will find out if this is so;) So, a little bit about me, I'm single and I don't have children.
Tell me where are you from and when is your birthday?
We will not be able to communicate if you are married or in a relationship, as I do not want to be a second or backup option.
I hope you understand.I would like to see in a man honesty, responsiveness and attentiveness. If you have such qualities, then we will definitely have topics for conversation.
Here are some of my photos;). I would also like to see your photos.
Smack-smack;) have a good mood for the whole day, Anna.
I will wait for your answer, do not hesitate to write;)
Letter 2
Hi There.
You most likely no longer recall me, we met up via internet long ago and simply i kept your personal contacts.
I live & function in ukraine and actively scheduling a vacation in your country, therefore I decided I would message you.
You may be looking into getting together with me?
I will be delighted to discover more about you and to view some photographs.
Feel free to ask anything you want to know about me, Overall I'm a broad-minded person and of course fun to go along with.
I can possibly send you a few more of my own pics if you are into and will be awaiting an email from you.
Letter 3
You likely do not remember who am i, we actually met via internet sometime ago and simply i book marked your personal contact.
I live & function in ukraine & actively scheduling visiting your place, hence I chosen to send you a note.
Perhaps you are looking into getting together with me?
I will be grateful to find out more about you & to check out some photographs.
You can easily ask everything you need to know about me, Overall I'm an unbiased individual and fun to go along with.
I can send you a bit more of my photos if you are into and will also be expecting a reply from you.
Thank you.
Email me at and
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