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Age: 33
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Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Dan (USA)

Letter 1
You left me your email address and you do not write to me.
I want to know why?
I am not pretty ?
I ask you to write me.
I want to get to know you better.
Letter 2
I'm glad to receive a letter from you.
I'm pleased to know that I'm interested in you. After reading your letter, I want to say the next.
I'm not here for fun and games.
Of course, I understand that it is dangerous to get acquainted on the Internet, as there are a lot of deceivers and bandits.
But in real life, especially in Russia there are a lot of deceivers, bandits and generally very evil people.
I consider that it is necessary to limit such people from themselves.
We get to know each other, and on this we will take it seriously.
After all, we are not children, we are already adults.
I do not like to remind about my age, since it all seems to me that I'm old =)
But I will remind you that I am already 38 years old, and I do not want to waste my time on games.
I hope that you are also serious as I am.
I understand, now there are a lot of means of communication skype, viber, video chat ....
But communication through letters reminds me of 90 years.
When I was little, we got acquainted with people from other countries and wrote letters to each other on paper, then bought an envelope of glue stamps and sent to each other.
It was so much fun. Have you met this before?
And now after two 3 decades of communication via email helps to remember the past. Nostalgia =)
I do not even have my own personal computer.
I write to you from my phone when there is Internet.
Sorry, but I'm a modest girl, and I do not want to get acquainted with a video chat.
I am very, very pleased to write you letters this way.
And I also would like to receive a photo from you. I will be very glad to see such an interesting man of an alien =)
I need to work. Now I have training with children.
With pleasure I will wait for your answer
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello G ...
How are you?
I'd like to thank you for answering me.
It means that you are ready to recognize me more and more.
It makes me very happy. I would like to tell you a little about myself.
I was born on March 3, 1979
I'm a fish by the sign of zadiac.
I love music, dancing, I love to sing. When I'm bored or lonely, I very often sing different songs =)
Very tasty cooking, this is my hobby. I must cook every day that I do not taste good.
I have not yet tried American and European cuisine, but I can cook everything from Russian cuisine.
Favorite color is green, white.
Sociable, sincere, cheerful, purposeful ......
Up to 18 years I lived in an orphanage.
I do not have parents. I have no relatives. I was there because my parents refused me when I was 1 year old.
It was a very long time ago. But nevertheless till 18 years my native house was a children's boarding school.
After the boarding, the state provided me with accommodation. I was very happy =)
I was given a large apartment and I lived there.
I got a job as a teacher in a kindergarten. At the same time I practiced dancing and sports.
So I worked and danced for about 10 years.
For all this time I had some relations, but everything was not serious.
At the age of 30 I went to dance competitions and I was noticed and invited to the contest Miss Tomsk. Of course I agreed and took 1 place =)
After that, I began to teach children to dance.
I was offered to become a model, to go to Europe for a photo shoot for magazines, but I refused, because I got married.
I married a Russian man. We were together for 3 years. And he left me, he went to another, young beautiful girl.
Because of him, I refused to become a model. I gave up everything. I quit sports and dancing. And she trained only children.
I had a depression for 1 year. I often drank.
After a while, I forgot him. I believe that everything will be fine.
I still work at the dance school, I train children and bring them up in good manners. Although the salary is not big, but this is the only occupation that I like.
I have not danced for a long time. I have not done sports for a long time. I am already 38 years old.
And there is very little time for this.
But I still enjoy life, because I believe that I will still have a chance to be happy. Dan now you know more about me.
I like to communicate with you and get acquainted. You're an interesting man.
To learn about you more and more is interesting and exciting.
It is always interesting to know what is happening in another country, what kind of people there are and what they think about Russians. Here is my number +79152427673
I am happy to communicate with you.
On this I will finish my letter
Your Ekaterina
Letter 4
How is your mood?
I'm very glad to write you a letter again. Today I learned that my SIM card does not support cellular services connected with calls to foreign countries.
I did not know about it.
I'll go to the cell phone and try to connect these services so that we can talk to you on the phone.
It's just a matter of time. Today in my eyes there was such a situation.
The morning when I went to work, I went to the store to buy coffee.
The time was 8 am.
In the store there was a woman and her husband standing in line.
The husband demanded from his wife to buy him a bottle of *****. His wife refused to buy him *****, after which he hit her in front of everyone in the store.
I felt very sorry for her, I took her in her arms and led her to the street. Then the sales were called by the police and he was immediately taken away.
I was not surprised by this situation. Our city is very small. Men drink a lot and do not work. Therefore the city becomes poorer.
Dan I do not want a man who will only use me.
I want a serious relationship and mutual love.
I'm a grown-up and serious girl. I know how to love and I can make a man happy.
I want to love, I want to take care, I want to make breakfast in the morning, I want to create warmth and comfort in the house, I can create happiness.
And when I have my love in the future, my man, he will be the happiest, because I know how to love, appreciate, care and do everything so that the men would be fine with me.
A lot of men in Russia do not appreciate this, and my ex-husband did not appreciate my love and care.
I have not had a man for 5 years. I'm lonely.
There are men who want a relationship with me, but I reject them.
Some of them I do not like and some drink heavily. In any case, in the future they will change very much and will become bad for me.
And I really want a new life.
At the moment, you're the only man I talk to. And in my opinion, our communication develops in the best way.
It makes me very happy =)
I will wait for new news from you.
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