Name: Kamal Kudrat
Age: 29
Name: Olga Kirilova
Age: 28
Name: Sherry Morris
Age: 25
Name: Lilia Podkopaeva
Age: 28
Name: Irina Proulova
Age: 31
Name: Jummy Williams
Age: 27
Name: Natalia Vyazova
Age: 25
Name: Angie Cassie
Age: 35
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 28
Name: Olga Perevalova
Age: 32
Name: Oksana
Age: 29
Name: Sandra Gartland
Age: 32
Name: Tanisha Toure
Age: 23
Name: Margarita
Age: 37
Name: Maria Fine
Age: 28

Scam letter(s) from Alisa to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello John !It is always hard to write about myself! But i will satisfy your desire to know something about me))I am Alisa from Lugansk!I am 33 years old.I have blue eyes and blond hair!!I hope you like my photos I am 166 cm and 54 kg What are your measures??
I am open, romantic person and i believe in love!! Do you believe in love?? About my work I work as a waitress in cafe here. This is not my dream work, but at least i have it!! Maybe soon i will change it for better job with kids!! And what do you do for a living? Do you like your job? What i am doing on dating site? I am here for love and relationship! I hope to met real man with whom i will feel myself loved one, I will share with him my thoughts and dreams!I want to trust and i want he became my second half!!! Do you want the same?? Or tell me what are you looking for here? What woman you want? I hope you are right man because i do not want to waste my time and i hate games.. I will be waiting for your answer. I hope you like my photos and you will send me yours) Bye for now Alisa.
Letter 2
Hello again John!! How are you?? How is your life going?? I hope all is fine??? Thank you for your reply I started my day from hot coffee with candy I think cup of coffee and sweets are my best morning Do you prefer coffee or tea!?? I need to know this for the future And what are you doing during your day??? After coffee I went outside to walk with my little dog Her name is Lilu I found it on the street..I always loved pets! Do you have any?? I have read newspaper today, and saw very interesting question: what will you get on uninhabited island, you have only 2 things. So tell me? I think it is funny, but it may be interesting By the way, i like your pictures. Is it allowed to mention, that you are really looking good? thank you Alisa, which kind of man you are looking for? Do you have any special expectations? i do not expect anything special.Because i may be disappointed So better to see the actions than words. Ok, I have to stop now, because I have to go back to work.I do not have my own computer at home and i use library to write you, so if you not see my letter, do not worry, i can be busy with job, but anyway i will reply to you as soon as i can. I hope will have nice day!Take care I will wait your letter tomorrow Alisa!
Letter 3
hi!!!!! How are you today? How is your mood and weather?? You know i have great mood?? Do you know reason for it?? So now i want to tell you about my family... For me it is very important... i hope for you the same... It is terrible, but I lost my parents very early, i was only 5 years old, they were killed.. And now i live with my granny. Her name is Lena. She is 79 years old and she has diabetic. What can you tell me about your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? I think that family relationship is very important for anyone! Family support in difficult times is the best medicine! I tell you more about my lifestyle.I am very active i like sport, i ride bike, i run in the morning, i have a lot of hobbies in my free time, i embroider pictures. I like it a lot, hope you like it too, and i wait your answer about it.. Also i like music, I like Ed Sheran, what about you??? What kind of music you like?? What is your favorite song??. I like films, i like Titanic a lot, and what about you?? What is your favorite? Maybe you can advice me some?? Also i like reading but i have not much time for it, but the last book i read is Pulo Koelio "11 minutes". Did you read it?? If not you must to read it, because it is about that love always win!! I hope you didn't bother my letter. I don't want to write much, I want to listen to you! Tell me more about your day and your interests. Wait to hear you soon! Your Alisa.
Letter 4
Hi my sweet John !!! How are you today? What new can you tell me today? How did you spend your time yesterday? You know, today I was flying to the cafe to get your letter and you didn't disappoint me. I'm so happy that if you were here by my side I would present you the most sweet and warm of my kisses. Sometimes I feel that I am alone in this big world and I feel sad because I need just one my special beloved man who would like to talk to me, listen me when I come home from my work and I would like to say him about my emotions and feelings for all the day.And he will be happy to tell me the same about his day as you know the real daily life is not just a paradise always but daily duties also, right? Did you have bad experience in your relationship??I got it..and i can tell you that i never want to have this again!My ex cheated me with my best friend!!Can you imagine that??Oh, it was very painful....but now i do not care about it...because here in Ukraine people say: "You can't have happiness making other people unhappy".. I told my granny about you... oh, i do not even know did i right or did it wrong)))She so want me to find man to create family, she speak about it all the time!!She told me that if i met you i must to do all my best to meet you in real life!!She told me to save money to make biometric passport to meet you!!oh))And also she told that she will save her own money for our meeting happened faster))She is so funny)))And she told me that she will not die till she will not keep her grand-children on her hands))) Oh, dear, i will go now)))I send you kisses and hugs, your Alisa.
Letter 5
Hi my sweet pie John !!! How are you there?? How is the weather there??I hope your mood is great???Maybe you did something special and can share with me?)) And what actually you eat today?? I have very busy day today, i need to go to orphan house to speak with director.I was offered to practice dances and gymnastic with children in orphan house and i agreed!!!Yes, this is for free, but it is my pleasure to give them happiness and joy.I think all this changes are happened since you came into my life)))) I got job of my dreams))
Even it is for free, and i got you, even if you are far away. Hope tomorrow i will write you longer letter))And hope everything is good with you..Kisses to you, your Alisa..
Letter 6
Hi again my sweet and dear John !!here another great day with you))You raise my mood))You made every my day better))I do not know how you do this))Maybe you have some secret?)) Oh, I am writing a letter to you, my heart begins to beat very very quickly! And i forget about all problems!!Thank you for this!! Did you ever thought how would you spend your ideal day??I think it is very interesting question..I was think about it)) You know i have huge secret about my best day?This day i want spend with you))Do you like my idea?)I can imagine that we could start the morning form light breakfast and then to go for a walk.Or you prefer coffee in bed))LoL))No mater where we go, no matter what we are going to do..We will decide it later..I imagine sunny day and very warm, you are next to me and hold my hand, we got some coffee and sit on bench in the park..We have so much themes to speak and we laughing.I forgot about all now, because we are together now.. After we decide to continue and I go forward, but you take my hand and pull me towards you. You take the hair out of my face, ****** my cheek , look deep into my eyes and...kiss me ... this is our first kiss...oh, it so tender...i will remember it for the rest of my life..I fell little embarrassed,but you understand are the only one person who understand me, because you love me..We walking in the park happy like a children))) your hand,my hand..what we need more?? and me...and rain suddenly began..but we are not hurry to run somewhere to hide...we are kissing under the rain... Just you and me... And no one else disturbing us... oh, it seems i am dreaming to much)) What you think??))I just can't wait it happen for real)I so want to close my eyes and stay with you for a minute and feel your warm breath near.. Honey, i better stop now)Because i can write you more and more)))I wish you great mood after my letter))Kiss you and hug you..your Alisa
Letter 7
Hi my kind and tender John!!! How are you there? What did you do these days? How did you start your day today? I hope you are going well)) Every time when I get your reply I become happy and have the nice mood like a child!Smiley I read every your letter with a great interest and desire to know you and to be closer to each other day per day:)))!!! I can hardly believe in it that it happens with me and I have some nice feelings in my heart!Zwinkernd But i think my white line come to the end....Oh, I don't even know how to start.. I was at work yesterday evening and my boss has birthday party...So I was the last who left cafe.. But before it my boss talked to me all the time, even invited me to sit with his company, but i refused all. I wanted to get out to home faster. So... it is really hard to write, but he begin to ****** me.. I saw he was ***** and i tried to escape, but he still wanted to kiss me and i think he wanted more... Somehow, i really don't know how i escaped out of cafe, I run and I saw that i am at home.. I cried.. God.. I don't know how I will go to work tomorrow... I hope he will forget about it and never can't even imagine how i am scare to tell you it, but i trust you and i know that i had to tell you it, because you are my man now and i have to share it with you.... Oh, that was really hard day for me.. But I am here with you.. i wait your letter, honey)) Your Alisa.
Letter 8
How are you John? How did you spend your night? What were you thinking about? Honey, i do not know how to behave right, but i thought that it would be right to go to my boss wife and tell her all what happened...because i do not want to be in such situation....But after i realized that i was very very wrong..I think i am not the first one whom he wanted to ******...because when i come to his wife she told me that she with her stone face is not interested in this and said me good luck..i was in shock! How can they live lie that!They are family!!! After i went out from his wife my boss called me that i am fired and i can took all my stuff near care. I was not going to work there anymore after all this, but i was hope for my salary which i earned and he just throw me away like a dog!!!! I feel so bad when i tell you this.I want to cry...i am so sad...i didn't want to hurt anyone...How people can behave like that???
And not only men??????? Oh, honey, i just want to cry... I wish you were here and could protect me, i feel myself so weak... i need your strong shoulder... I miss you so so much....i love you, your Alisa.
Letter 9
My honey my dear my sweet John!!! How are you today??? I hope you slept well)
I hope you thought about me and about us) I hope i didn't disappoint you with my last letter... i want to see only smile on your face I had busy day from the early morning..I was looking for is so terrible!!But i was told to wait a month and i will get some job soon..but how to live this month??I can't support my granny now and i think only about it now.. Oh, dear, i am in depression now, i hope you write me something good..
You letters very support me in every bad moment, and i am glad..and i am ready you support you too..Oh, i know you are here with me in good times and you will not leave me when all become harder.. The only thing i want now..i want to close my eyes and to be there with you....oh, i so so need it now, oh, this is i want the most now..i need you now..Why i am not fairy??( I do not know what to do now....i am sad... granny was so worry of me...she had so much nerves!!Her blood pressure fall down, her sugar huge!!!!It seems it my fault!I better never told her that boss wanted from me!!I know God never give us what we can't fix... But sometimes i feel that my hands are dropped.. Thank you that you are here with me and support me a lot.. I kiss you, your Alisa.
Letter 10
Hello my sweet honey John!! How are you today? I hope all is well with you? My sweet,I think my black line will never end((( Granny become worse this night, i called ambulance, but i couldn't pay for the hospitalization, and she had to stay at home.. Oh, honey, if something happen to her will never forgive it to myself.. It is so hard to write you all this((I am so bad((Why??? Why all this happening to me?????Why??????Oh, honey, if you were here with me we could deal about everything, we could find a way together!!But you are far and it make me more sad(((( I so so want to be in your arms now and feel safe and protected..I so need you now.... My heart broken on many pieces...Please, do not leave me alone here with my problems, please, help me as only you can..Please, do not let me give are everything i have now... you always in my heart and in my thoughts...Alisa..
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