Name: Maria Gorovtsova
Age: 28
Name: Anabel
Age: 26
Name: Halimat Hohammed
Age: 30
Name: Gloria
Age: 29
Name: Sanya Smith
Age: 27
Name: Tatyana Shirshova
Age: 26
Name: Elena Barauhina
Age: 27
Name: Sarah Thomas
Age: 33
Name: Julia
Age: 26
Name: Alexandra
Age: 34
Name: Kwasi Aikins
Age: 28
Name: Angelica
Age: 20
Name: Alice Mckay
Age: 36
Name: Alsu
Age: 36
Name: Samantha Giwa
Age: 30

Scam letter(s) from Ashley Roy to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you?
My name is Kristina.
Let's continue the conversation?
I am a single, unmarried woman and have no children. I'm 39 years old.
I am looking for a serious relationship to create a strong love union.
If you are interested, then I will be very happy to start our acquaintance.
It will be a pleasure for me to start communicating with you.
Email me at and I am sure that we will have a fascinating conversation.
In the future, I will tell you more about myself and send you my photo.
I'm waiting for your answer!
Letter 2
Hi. I am married woman, but our marriage is dead. The passion is all gone if we are talking about the bedroom. Maybe because we have been together for a real long time. He has also been working a lot and been stressed, so that has not been any help. He owns a workshop and I have always a thing about men greased in oil and being like really man-*****? That is a word? Now they have closed the workshop for a month. So it is all empty. I am thinking we two can sneak in. How do you feel about that? I got a key. A month is also meaning we can do it several times and don’t need to think about hotel and stuff if we can’t be at your place. You probably want to see who you are giving “the big checkup”? Write to my profile as I don’t want to get caught! But I got a lot of time. So it is actually up to you when you want to meet. Kiss. Martha
Letter 3
Summer is just around the corner and then it will be great to swim. I am a girl who loves to lie in the bath and have fun. Do you also like to swim? Now that summer is coming, it would be great to find a partner who will make me company on the beach. Of course, we also need to do other things. I want it to be some lovely evenings a long day at the beach. What do you think, want to meet me? Are you ready for a date or a cup of coffee just so we can test the chemistry? Then just give your sound here. I'm there almost daily. I don't use mail as much. I can tell more about that when we meet. It would be great to hear from you soon. I'm sitting waiting for you! I hope you will join. I like that. Write soon! kiss
Letter 4
Why argue? Just a yes or a no. Meet for a cup of coffee and then go to my place and do it like rabbits, hihi! I don't think it has to be harder than that. Or you got a plan that is better than mine? In that case I want to hear it! We can meet for a cup of coffee and then fix the rest? That is they way right? Could be nice with a **** if you like that better. If nothing else it will loosen up the nerves. But for me it doesn't matter. You want to get in touch here. Easier to reach me there. Lots of hugs!
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