Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna Zinenko to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings. you know. this letter Therefore. I guess this letter may be a surprise for you. But I'm asking for. to Read my letter closely. Why I write? My goal is very simple. I would love to meet you. I am an interesting woman. Alone. I am 36 years old. Kseniya and my name. I'm a woman with a good heart, and completely open. I'm looking for a kind and caring man. Looking for a kind, intelligent and caring man to build a serious and long term relationship. It's understandable? I'm not interested in fleeting relationships and game on feelings. I am 36 years old and I'm a grown woman. that's why I don't want to play games and waste my time in vain. for this reason, I am looking only serious relationship. I remember what we learned about like I suspected. What we once saw each other online. thereby left me your email. If I'm not mistaken? You understand what I'm looking for? You want to find love & relationships? If Yes, and you are looking for the same thing that I do? then we can try to meet and write to each other. Suddenly one of us to get a good pair if we like each other and become a beautiful couple together? Thus. I'd be happy to hear from you, get back. But if. You're not looking for a serious relationship. don't need to reply to this email. That would not spend each other's time wasted. Well? I hope that you understand me right? I Hope you and me on the way. And I'm ready to begin the fellowship At the time, I'm ready to start a dialogue. I'd be happy if you told about yourself, anything. what country are you From? What is your age? your name? If you have questions and you are interested in something about me to Ask. I will be happy to answer your questions. Will tell all about yourself and your life. I am going to give you their picture. So that you could see me. Please send your pictures to me. It would very much facilitate, the beginning of our communication. Okay? I very much hope that you will understand me? I understand that my letter will be a surprise for you. But still, I believe that you are good and kind, and helpful person. The letter was long. But I was trying to write everything as detailed as possible! I'll finish this. nervous. since it is difficult to write this letter, I do not know are you interested in it? I'll be waiting for your reply. good faith. Kseniya
Letter 2
Hello! This is Kseniya. Today there is no answer from you. I hope everything is ok with you?
I sent you an email yesterday. I hope you got it?
I am really looking forward to your reply. And I really hope that we will continue our acquaintance ...
I would really like...
Letter 3
Hello, You are disturbed by an age difference? I can tell surely that the age difference does not frighten me absolutely! I consider that in the person the main thing - soul, and an inner world. And to tell honestly, my age is not young already for the woman. Unless you so do not think? In Russia, women of my age, it is considered to be old women!!! I always thought that the age is a female problem. But, not man's. Men always want, the wife is some years younger. You unless, are not present? I am not the young girl. I consider myself as the mature and skilled woman! Always thought so that the man can be young at any age. It in many respects depends on the woman, which nearby. Decorates mature age, the man. I am convinced of it!!! The man of my age, is not interesting to me. Men of my age, they are too young. They as children. And I call them thoughtless children. I always looked at adults and skilled men more. With the adult and the skilled man, it is simpler to construct the strong and durable relations. I ask you not to worry therefore to an occasion. You are very pleasant to me. Everything suits me in you! Otherwise I simply would not write you. I very much would like to continue communication with you.
thanks for your letter, I am very grateful to you that you continue to write me! It is really very interesting to open your mail! And to realize that we started correspondence!
Right at the beginning, I will tell. My home computer is broken unfortunately. And I cannot, see your letter quickly. I use the working computer, at the office. At work. And not always there is an opportunity to write you the big letter. And to write quickly.
Therefore I can answer not immediately. With a delay. Please, do not lose me. Well?! I anyway will answer you. Also I will try to do it as soon as possible.
whether I can ask you some questions which interest me very much?! Your private life is very interesting to me. About your relations with women? Why you are lonely now? How long you look for the woman, in the Internet? You look for only the woman of Slavic appearance? Women of your country, do not interest you?
In real life I was never married. I have no children. You already know about it. But I very much and very much love children! I dream of that day when I could have the family! I always wanted the strong and loving family. And of course all life I aspired to it! But the relations at me did not develop. Recently, I lived with the man. Long enough we were together. I thought that at us everything is serious, and we had to marry. At me was of course many plans, but my further life. But these relations ended for me very sadly. After I learned about other woman. As it appeared, it had other woman on the party. And it was already present long ago. It was change! And I stopped these relations. As I cannot forgive change and treachery.
To learn about it, very painfully! I would wish nobody, to have such feelings. I consider it ***** and meanly. I do not love treachery and I will be able never to forgive change! Therefore I finished these relations with it. My village very small, and remote. And in the region. I still could not find the man! As population, my city, very small. And the man, for itself. I did not meet.
Really I want to change the life! Speak that, men from the abroad are more gentle and tender in relation to women. Whether so it? Now I got acquainted with you. And I hope, what your intentions are serious to me? I really very much hope for your gravity! As I do not want to play games. I on it simply have no time.
And very much I hope that at us the friendship with you will develop!
I will finish this letter. I send a photo me and my friends.
I wait for the letter from you! And photo!
Yours faithfully!
Letter 4

Hi it is Kseniya. there is no answer from you. I hope, everything is all right with you? And I very much hope that I will receive the letter from you soon. As I very much wait for your news...
Letter 5
Hello, Thank you for your letter. And I am very glad that you continue to write. How your affairs today?
I at work and again I read your letter. I am very happy! And very much I hope, what my letters also bring you positive emotions?! In the last relations I was hurt very much. But it is life, in it there is a take-off and falling. It is necessary to try to live further. And to try to forget about the old relations and to leave them in the past. Though I remember how it was difficult for me then. If not parents and friends I do not know, whether I could be restored and live further.
I did not speak. But I now live with parents. When I left the man, I moved to live to parents. I needed society and support. For you it is probably a little strange, what the woman in 36 years lives with parents?
But it is so convenient to us. I in parallel care of the parents. And they about me. Such mutual love at us in a family. For me in general always life of my parents was an example on life! And I want to carry by love with the future husband through all life. And I think that I have a good education which parents gave me. And my mother enclosed in me all female qualities which the woman has to have. I am very grateful to it for it! I am accustomed to everything. I am not afraid, house cleaning, washings, cookings. I do not want to brag. But I well cook food.
We also have a country house in the village. These are about 50 kilometers from our city. There lives my grandmother. We often go to it. And constantly we try to help it as it is already difficult for it to cope with economy. In summertime we go to the village nearly an every week. We plant potatoes, vegetables and fruit. At the expense of it we can live in the winter with the vegetables which are grown up. In the village the grandmother has still a cattle. There was a cow earlier. But now it was sold as it is difficult for my grandmother to cope with it. Now there were geese and chickens. They do not demand a lot of attention to themselves. Also give always fresh meat and eggs.
I do not know, whether will interestingly read you this letter? But in my country, people like to be engaged in farming. How at you?
Perhaps, I write all this in vain? But about what, we have to talk. Right? I write, about the life. That you could understand what I live.
I consider that I have to give a picture for you about the life. Let so far our communication completely virtual, but even through letters me want to give an overall picture about myself, the family and life. And I want to devote you most in detail in my life and life of my family. I hope that you also. As I want to learn about you more and more.
That concerning my parents. That I already told that it is an example of family life for me. They are not so rich people. At the father never was expensive car. And at mother of a fur coat and expensive jewelry. But they love and respect each other without wealth.
Jim, tell me that be about the family? About parents? About sisters or brothers? Tell me about life in your country? How there live your people and families? Whether they are engaged in cultivation of vegetables and cultivation of cattle? It is very interesting to me to study your culture. Always interested as there live people in various countries. Our country big. But our life is various in each region. Of course in the Central Russia, in the large cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, etc. There of course career or money is more important for people. But if to go to provinces of our country, people are more keen on rural life, farmer life. So, for example, in my city. People very peace are also quiet. Also did not get used to rich life.
That. What still to tell you? Probably, I will finish. Not to seem to you, too talkative. I send a photo, my family. Mother, father and elder sister.
I hope that to be pleasant to you the photo. And of course I will wait very much for your following answer!
Yours faithfully.
Letter 6
Hello! This is Kseniya. Do you remember me yet? I have no answer from you, for a very long time. And this is very strange. Why? You don’t want to talk to me anymore?
I'm still waiting for you to answer!
Letter 7
Hello! Once again, I disturb you. It is Kseniya! You have to remember me. As you wrote me the letter! But here already very long time, I do not see news from you! What is going on? Why you do not answer me? After all I regularly write you letters. In hope that you will answer. But the answer is no and no. Why?
I made something bad to you? Or told, something not so? Give me the answer. Also tell, to me to wait for the answer from you? Or to forget about you?
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