Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Will (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi! how fares it??? What are you look for on the social networks? I only look up serious communication!!!!
I didn't uncover my love in my village!!!! And therefore decide to look for a man on the internet.. Perhaps we can do something.... Primarily i say a little about myself!!!! {My name is|I'm|My name Nataliya!!! I'm 31!!!
I am a calm woman, happy, smiling, loving with a sense of humor, sometimes derisive, optimistic, dreamy, delicate, gracious and loving!!!! I don't love negative, downbeat men who even lament about the climate they respire.. I like happy humanity who take the date to be happy, who altogether watch opportunities, not obstacles in everyday life!!!! I am like of music, walking in the fresh air, picture palace!!!! and also sporting to staying good....
I will not tell a lot of about myself in the first scroll. Perhaps you're not very engaged in this.... But I want to saythat I am watching only for a serious interrelation!! I don't see for rejoicing and jest.. I choose to produce form a serious relationship!
I'm watching for an sincere, educated, and kind person... With honorable susceptibility, drippy, who want to form a perfunctory, severe stable and durable relationship. A person who cannot end onlooking in the eyes and smiling... Is it you????
So if you are also onlooking for a severe and long-term relationship, then I will wait for your return. I transmit you my photograph... I reliance you like it and reply to me. I also plead you to pass me your foto!!!! I will tarry for your reply.
Letter 2
Hello Will. Good morning! How are you?
I apologize for the late reply. I had problems at work and did not have time to visit the Internet.
I am pleased that you have replied to my message. I hope that pleasant communication awaits you and me.
Please send me your photos in the next letter. Good?
I am looking for a serious and mature man who is not afraid of relationships. who wants to love and to be loved. I'm from Russia.
I hope the distance doesn't scare you. because now in the modern world you can fly anywhere in a couple of hours. It's not a problem.
I did not meet love in my city, and I thought that my love was somewhere far away. and decided to try to look for my love on the Internet.
I feel that soon I will meet my love.
I want to talk a little about myself. My name is Nataliya. My age is 31 years old. I have no children. I am a free girl.
I've never been married. I live alone in a one-room apartment. I work as a kindergarten teacher. And what are you doing? what do you do for a living?
I'm only interested in serious relationships. I'm not interested in adventure. I want to find a relationship that is based on understanding, trust, respect and loyalty. I was disappointed in men from Russia. Because they don't think about family, only entertainment, ***, alcohol and more.
This is not for me. I understand that in every country there are good and bad people. But the men in my city are only interested in my body.
they are not interested in the inner world of a person. And I want to find a person who will see in me not only
a woman's body, but also a soul and a friend. So that he could listen to me and support me in difficult times. That he would love me the way I am.
I want to find true love. this is when your loved one is just around. Perhaps I need a lot. But I want to find my man.
That would be good for me just from the fact that this person is there and he is near. So I think real happiness.
Perhaps you will think that I am very old-fashioned. and you might be right. Maybe true love doesn't exist?
I have already been disappointed several times and I already give up. But I believe that true love exists.
I want to meet such a person someday and fall in love for real. Maybe that's why I decided to try to find relationships on the Internet.
This is my first experience of dating on the Internet. What kind of relationship do you need? what is important to you in a girl?
In the next letter I will tell you more about myself and my character. If you are looking only for *** and entertainment, I think it is better for us to stop dating. And if you look, like me, only for a serious relationship, then I will be glad to meet you.
In my letter I will send you my latest photos. I hope you like it. I want to see your photos along with your next letter.
you can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them. I think we can get to know each other well and can become friends.
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello Will.
I was waiting for your reply, and I am pleased to see your letter. How are you? how is your day?
I'm sorry you didn't send me your photos for me. I think that the photos will help us get to know each other better.
Hope you can send me some of your photos in the next letter.
I just got to work and decided to check my mail. It was a pleasure for me to see your letter for me.
I'm glad that upset isn't a problem for you. I live in the small town of Svobodny (Sverdlovsk region).
my city has a population of nearly 10,000. It is a very small town. I will tell you in detail about my city.
The village has a palace of culture, educational institutions function: one secondary school, two kindergartens,
a music, children's and youth sports school, a station for young technicians, a center for children's creativity,
a library, as well as a hospital with a children's clinic and an ambulance station. In addition, there is a fire department, a police department, a registry office, and a post office. These are the sights in my small town.
I will continue to talk about myself. I think it will be interesting for you to get to know me better.
as I said, I work as a teacher in a private kindergarten. I raise small children.
I'll send you a couple of photos from my work. I like my job. I like kids.
I have been working in this kindergarten for 7 years. After studying at school, I entered the university in my city.
I studied at the university for 6 years. I studied to be a teacher educator. After studying at the institute, I got
a job in my specialty.
and for many years now I have been working in this kindergarten. It was in the institute that I began to learn foreign languages.
At first I only learn English. But then I started taking Spanish courses. as I have always liked Spanish. I think this is the language of love.
I like Spanish. I like the pronunciation. I think this is the third language in the world, after English and French.
I speak three languages. My native language is russian. as well as I am fluent in English, but also can speak a little Spanish.
What languages ​​can you speak? I hope that you can understand everything that I write to you? I apologize in advance for my grammatical mistakes.
I hope this is not a problem for you?
Will, do you like your job? have you been working there for a long time? What exactly do you work with? What are your responsibilities?
in my letter today I want to write in more detail about myself. As you already know I am 31 years old. I am 165 centimeters tall.
And my weight is 52 kilograms. I was born on March 28, 1990. By my zodiac sign I am Aries. What is your zodiac sign?
I want to tell you about the nature of the zodiac sign Aries.
The Aries woman is an iron lady, whose inner core and set of characteristic qualities will be the envy of any heterosexual.
Assertiveness, ambition, independence and straightforwardness - these qualities somehow coexist in the miniature body and character of Aries.
On this I completely agree. She will not wait for someone to offer her help, work or her hand and heart.
She will take everything herself, and you will not have time not to refuse, to somehow react to what happened. Maybe that's why I first wrote to you. These are my character traits.
I will now finish my letter. I don't want you to get tired of reading it.
I will wait for your letter and your answers to your questions.
Letter 4
Hello Will.
what is up today? how is the weather? we have sunny weather.
I am pleased to see your new letter for me. I am interested in getting to know you.
today I will write more about myself. I think you will be interested. I'm fine.
I prefer dogs. they are very loyal friends.
Today I want to tell you about my family. I live alone in my own apartment. I have a mother and father.
I'll send you a photo with mom and dad. This photo was taken for my father's birthday. He turned 60 years old.
My parents live in the village and are engaged in agriculture. Unfortunately I don't see them very often.
But I find time and visit them on holidays and weekends. My mom is 56 years old. I also have an aunt and an uncle.
I do not have brothers and sisters. I am the only child in the family.
In this letter, I also wanted to talk about my entertainment. I like good music. I listen to a variety of music:
rock, foreign, pop and many different. I have no particular preference for music. It mostly depends on the mood.
I like to watch movies. I prefer to watch genres of cinema such as science fiction, comedy and action films.
Sometimes I watch serials on TV. what do you prefer? do you like listening to music? What songs do you listen to?
What programs do you like to watch? what is your favorite movie?
My favorite film is three meters above the sky. This is a very romantic movie. Have you seen this movie?
Today I had a hard day at work. the children were making a lot of noise and jumping, but then everything went fine.
I did the job. after my work I met my friends. I have a very good friend. her name is Olga. have a nice time with your friends.
how do you spend your free time ?? how are you resting I like walking in the park, spending time with friends, reading books.
I also like to cook food for myself and my loved ones in my free time. My friends and family say that I am very good at it.
Will, I also love to ride a bike. I regularly ride a bike in the summer. In winter, I like skiing and skating.
And also twice a week I visit the fitness room. do you like to play sports? what kind of sport do you get involved in?
I also like watching volleyball on TV, figure skating, artistic gymnastics. I recently watched the Tokyo Olympics and supported our team.
They performed well. I watched some sports such as volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics. Do you watch the Olympic games?
I have always dreamed of attending such events. Have you ever been to the Olympic Games as a fan? And also
I sometimes watch football on TV.
I watch when our national team of my country plays. in Russia I root for the Spartak Moscow team. Do you know such a command?
Previously, they even played in Europe. What teams from Russia do you know? Even in my free time, I like to spend with my friends.
I have fun with them. I like outdoor activities. sometimes I just like to walk in the park and in nature and watch the stars at night.
as well as in my house it is cozy and crystal clean (a clean house is my hobby). what do you like to do? what is your hobby?
I will probably finish my letter already today. I will wait for your next letter for me. Write to me about your hobbies.
Have a nice day and have fun.
your friend Nataliya.
Letter 5
Good day Will.
I am very glad to see your new letter for me. It is interesting for me to correspond with you and get to know you better.
I woke up today in a good mood. how to pass your day ?? how are you today? Did you have a good day?
I am very sorry that you had such a terrible situation in childhood. no, I don’t have such a terrible situation.
my father is 60 years old. this photo was my mom's birthday. I send you a photo of my mom's birthday.I am pleased that you are looking at me so intently, which means you like me and you are trying to study me.
You really noticed right and there is a ring on my finger. This ring is a gift from my mother to me.
She has been giving it to me for a very long time. This ring only fits on that finger. That's why I wear it there.
Why don't you worry. I will repeat once again that I have never been married.
I'm at work now and I'm writing you a letter. We have a computer in our office. I don't have a computer at home, so I am writing you a letter from my work. so I cannot write to you on Saturday and Sunday. I can't write to you on weekends. I'm very sorry.
I understand you and I understand that you want to talk in real mode. I also want to talk to you on the video.
I would very much like to talk to you on Skype or make a video call. but unfortunately I don't have a computer at home.
we also do not have an internet cafe in the city. and even more so now, during the coronavirus pandemic,
you cannot visit cafes and restaurants. therefore I cannot communicate with you via Skype or other programs.
and also I can not install skype or other programs on my phone. since a couple of weeks ago I broke my phone.
and now i use an old phone without a camera. I cannot buy a new phone at the moment. I can only write you letters from work.
I hope you don't mind this? I understand that you want more lively communication. but at the moment this is not possible for me.
perhaps in the future we will have live communication. I understand that you want to chat on camera.
Because on camera you will see who you are talking to. you will see ****** expressions, smile. but it's even interesting correspondence.
because we wait every day for letters from each other. this is so romantic. it's like in the 19th century.
when people wrote letters to each other and waited for an answer from a loved one. but our letters arrive quickly.
but before they waited for a letter for 2-3 days. Do you agree with me? I told you I was old-fashioned.
I like old traditions. do you like our correspondence? I understand that now the 21st century is in the yard
and there are many ways to communicate. but you know that at work I cannot install all sorts of programs.
but at home I have no computer and no internet. I hope that you like our correspondence and are you ready to continue the correspondence?
I understand you if you want to chat only on camera, because it is convenient and fast. but as I said, I'm old-fashioned, and I like to communicate through letters. I will understand you if you want to stop the correspondence and end our acquaintance.
I will not be offended. But I will be glad if you want to continue the correspondence.
Perhaps in the future we will be able to talk to the camera later. And now I can only write letters.
do you like my photos?? I also want to ask you to send me some more of your photos. I will be pleased to see your photos.
I will be waiting for your answer.
your Nataliya.
Letter 6
Good day Will!!!
how are you doing? How are you feeling? how is the weather? How is your health? We have cloudy weather today.
I had these photos on my phone. I recently downloaded all my photos from my phone to my work computer to send you.
Today is my bad day. I wanted to install Skype on my work computer to communicate with you on camera.
but a disaster struck.
I myself do not understand all these computer programs. I asked a colleague to install Skype on my work computer.
we were quietly installing Skype on our computer and suddenly our boss came in !! he saw that we are installing Skype.
he yelled at us !!!! I was very scared. we have a very strict boss. He told us to remove this program and reprimand us.
we cannot use the computer for personal purposes. I am very afraid to install Skype on my computer now.
I am very sorry that we will not be able to communicate on Skype ((
I'm sorry, but I can't write much today. I hope that you understand me and do not get angry. I had a bad day today.
I will be waiting for your answer.
your Nataliya.
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