Scam letter(s) from Karina to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, it is me again Appreciate that you let us continue our conversation here i belive it will help us build good communication and i belive it will bring us pleasure and good moment!!! I hope you are not mad that i didn't spend more time with you on site where you gave me your address because i work at library and boss here controlling all the time what i am doing Honestly sometimes it is a bit boring work day here especially nowadays during all the restrictions, virus and problems...Not much people like to read and honestly same about dating...No places where to go and where you can meet good person like you! I am very interested in our future contact because i find you interesting, kind and good man and it seams you there same like me lonely soul who is looking for good , romantic relations that can lead to happy and good long term relations with that one only and special person till the end of life... Hope i am not boring you!!!I have to go for now but will try to reply as soon as i can.... Sincerely Karyna
Letter 2
All i can tell that i like you much and i am more then happy for us continue and hope you same!!! It was pleasant to read so much about yourself and would be more then happy to tell you more about me too and hope you enjoy my letter and not board What is about me you already know about my job i work at University library:) Of course i am not working every day and i have much different interests and i am not ****** girl with body and nothing more! I like reading books!
Also as you saw me with horse on my previous photo and one time in my life i tried horse riding well it is something special and honestly a bit hard because you must understand horse and sometimes it is not easy... I am from Lugansk Ukraine and i think you know that in Ukraine there are much beautiful places and not only beautiful girls Smiley . I love nature and i have some photo and video to show you so you can see one of wonderful places. It is Siverskyi Donets River and it is very long and go through all Ukraine and also through my location. And what is about you? What is your passion and what make your soul feel good and inspired?
Do you like reading? Well i think i am ending here and wish you good mood when you are reading it!!!! With warmest wishes Karyna!!
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