Scam Letter(s) from Kelly Shidah to Rey (USA)

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Letter 1

hi honey, been thinking about you. hope you had a nice day. these are my flight details, hope i'll see you there; british airways flight no 641\179, departure time 2.55 pm ,arrival time 9.15pm. cant wait to see you honey. i'm going crazy about you. here's the name you send the money with; KABA DENIS, 105 ADROMAHIS, KALLITHEA, ATHENS, GREECE. i'm counting on you, hope to pay back in kind soon. pls send tommorow if you really wanna help me, ok.

Letter 2

hi honey, hope you had a good sleep. please try and resend the control number again, did you send with your name? been trying to confirm online but it keeps saying wrong information. i'll like to be sure b4 heading for the bank so i dont get embarrased. let me have the number again and any other info i might need. i love you honey.



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