Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
I think that you and I will find hobbies in common ... I liked you right away and decided to write to you !! I ask you, write me your name and where do you live ??
How old are you full years ??? I want to think you will like my photos !! I think that there will be mutual sympathy between you and me ..
All women, regardless of age, are looking for a companion with whom to talk and discuss interesting topics. There is a lack of happiness and understanding in the world !! Every woman wants someone who cares and values ​​...
What do you think of my words? I want to tell you about my main wish !! I am looking for a good friend or just a pleasant conversation partner !! If you want a pleasant communication, write to me and tell me more about yourself!
I hope that I was not wrong about you and that you are a decent person .. All friends call me Ekaterina! I will look forward to your answer ..
It can happen that I cannot answer you immediately because I am busy at the moment !!! However, I will write to you later !! Please contact me..
Letter 2
Hi! How is your mood? I went on the internet last week!
I am looking for new communication. My friends name me Ecateriina. I hope you like my appearance !! I send you my new photo.
I received your address in a dating agency .. I am a kind, cheerful and positive woman .. I am almost 40 years old! I try to lead the healthy kind of life!
I am a confident girl, and I like to take the initiative !!
So I decided to write to you now .. You can ask me any questions. I am ready to answer any decent questions !!
I would like to meet a man, communicating with whom I can experience new emotions and sensations! I have a good first opinion of you. I really hope that you are an educated and sensible man, and you will reciprocate.
I would like to have a nice talk with a good person. Please write me more about your interests and hobbies.
Why do you use the global network?
Are you also interested in new acquaintances too? If you are a proper, honest and good person, I will be happy to continue our knowledge. Please tell me something interesting about yourself! I will be delighted to hear something about your city.
In what region were you born and raised? How old are you?? I will be very grateful if you tell me your full name and send me your photograph !! How can I call you?
I will wait for your answer .. I don't know how to write big answers !! But I would like to leave a good first opinion about me!
I apologize in advance. I may not be able to answer you today. I don't always have the opportunity to go global. But I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Your new girlfriend Ecateryna ..
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