Scam letter(s) from Maria Golubeva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hi ! My name is Masha from Ukraine. I am a student. I decided to try to find a man with a help of Internet.I hope that I'll succeed. You know, I used to think about a man who would be my second half...I imagined him walking somewhere in a world, may be he walked beside me every day and I didn't even notice him. I wondered what was he doing at that moment? May be drinking coffee, fixing a computer, writing an article, watching the waves sitting on the sand, kissing a girl, playing guitar, thinking about something or missing someone? I thought:" He even doesn't suspect about my existence, lives his life and doesn't know that I'm waiting for him and want him to find me. The most terrible thing is if he needs help and I can't do anything, cause I don't know where he is and actually I don't know who is he..." I also was thinking how it would be after that trying day to feel his embrace and relieve my soul speaking to him, to fall asleep while his hand strokes my hair and suddenly to wake up at night and see that he is next to me. I don't want him to tell me all the time that he will cross the ocean for me, bring me the moon and be the sun in the sky for me. I don't need it at all. I just want him to be next to me both in sorrow and happiness. Sounds like wedding oath, but I think all the people want such simple things. I realise that being single has tremendous advantages. I have the freedom to go where I want, when I want. My friends are just that, my friends. I choose them and can see them as often or as seldom as I wish. Yes, it's great to be single, selfish and free would be nice, after that trying day, to come home to someone who will hold you, say that he believes in you and take his turn to make a cup of coffee. But until I find that special person, I will carry on enjoying being single - but hopefully not for ever. I'll tell you more I wish to find… Sincerely yours,
Letter 2

Hello my Dear Michael, I want to thank you for your letter, because it gives me hope and encourage me.The thing is that all this is very new for me, because you are the first person with whom i think that i can build a serious relations and try to realise all my dreams about happy family and i feel little bit uncomfortable.But yourletter makes me forget about my eveyday routine and deep into the completely different world from what we are living in. My favorite cuisine is ukranian one,because it's the best i have ever tasted.As for the season, i consider Spring to be the most romantic period of time.
I have some questions to you and hope that you will answer them: 1.What was your childish dream and did it become true? 2.Are there things which you will never forget to your second half no matter how hard you love her?
3.Can you characterize yourself using only 5 features of your character?
Sorry to tell you,but the thing is that i use a translating firm for communication with you.I know that i must told you earlier about i,but the thing is that i don't know English and i don't have a computer at home.I thought that i could afford paying for that by myself,but their service turned to be very expensive for me.I don't want to stop our communication,because i feel that you are very spacial guy and that we have a chance to make each other happy.Hope you will understand me and will help our relations to develop. Join me in this world of magic,
Letter 3

Hello my dearest Michael, I'm so happy that you wrote tome,because i was waiting for your letter.The translating agency allowed me to write this letter in credit and couldn't miss such opportunity to cantact with you. I want to start my letter with answering on your questions: Do you plan on learning it or taking classes in the near or distant future?
Of course,if our relations will develop i will find a good English courses and will learn English.
So what color is your hair and your eyes?
Hair-blond and eyes are brown
Are you modest?
I think that i'm and my friends sometimes ask me to be more relax,But everything depends upon the situation.
What's your surname?
Masha Golubeva
If you had 3 wishes from a Genie, what would they be?
2.Health for me and for people who are dear to me
And finally, the 3 questions you sent, I'd like to know your answers. :]
1.I dreamt to be a teacher and now i'm studying at the university and i will become a teacher in the future.
2.I will never forget lie,betray and another woman in our life.
3.Easy-going,kind,open,sincere,friendly. I hope that this letter will tell you more about me and you will decide to continue our wonderful journey...
Letter 4

Dear Sir, We are the translating firm "Proton".The girl whose name is Masha came to our firm.She does not know English and doesn't have any access to Internet and all this time you were communicating through our firm but unfortunately her accouht is closed.If you want you can help this lady.All you need to do is to write to us and we will transfer the details of the payment. Sincerely Yours,
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