Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
I do not know where to start this letter. But I hope that you have received this letter. And I do not discomfort you with my Short letter.
I assume you are wondering why I write to you. And my English not perfect for you. I'm very concerned about what I write to you first and it may not be ordinarily for a girl.... but I presume you'll grasp me. I do not know how you will react to my letter. in the first placeto begin with I want to introduce myself.
My name is Irinochka. My name is very extended in my country. acquaintanceship on the Internet I use for the first time and therefore I immediately apologize if I write something improperly. I'm already rather an grow woman and my intentions are only serious! I'm lonely now and I want to get acquainted with a good, kind, decent man for a serious relationship.
I could not understand, you live USA?
Now I will not talk most about myself. But in the future we be able to write letters I will talk all about myself that you will be interested to ken. May in the future we be able to create friendly and warm relations. And this relationship may grow into more than a friendship.
I hope that you also look for your half as well as serious attitudes and love. May our views coincide and we can put the first steps of our friendship. And in the future to create a lasting and warm relationship. What do you think? Anyway i hope to receive an answer to my Short letter. I am attaching you my representation. You got my image? agreeably attach one of the superior icon, in order to like, and your important opinion about it. In the future I will send you more photo!
Please write me to my mail address:
I hope that in something then our views and searches coincide and my message will not remain unanswered and without your attention. And you write to my letter request and we can put go the beginning of a new friendship and a new relationship.
I wish you a pleasant day!
Letter 2
Hello Jim,
I am very pleased that you have replied to my short letter.
I am very pleased to see your photo. You are a very nice man.
I would be glad to know more about you.
I also want to tell a little about myself. My name is, as you already know, Irina, but in our country they use an abbreviated name and close people my name is Ira.
My height is 164 centimeters, my weight is 55 kilograms. I am sending you my photos, I hope you like them. I also want to see your photos in every letter you send.
I am writing to you from Russia, from the Chelyabinsk region, from the village of Peschanoe.
I live in a village and I like it. But life in the village is inactive and therefore it can be very boring.
I am 32 years old, my birthday is December 28th. I've never been married and I have no children. I want to start a new page in my life. You are interesting for me and I hope that we can get to know each other better. I want to get acquainted with your hobbies, hobbies, where do you work?
I work as an economist in the education department. This is a responsible job the salary of all teachers in my area depends on me.
Please write to me every day. I would be very happy to answer your questions.
I am writing to you through a translator. But I would be interested in learning your native language if you became my teacher.
Now I am finishing my letter. I will wait for your reply.
Letter 3
Hi Jim.
I am very glad to receive your letter today. I think we can start to get to know each other better.
I am happy to see your photos. You are a very handsome man. I ask you to write to me more about yourself. I hope that we will be interesting to each other.
If interested, I can write a little about you about myself. I live in the village of Peschanoe, in the Chelyabinsk region, where about 1200 people live. Chelyabinsk from my village 175 kilometers.
I studied at the Chelyabinsk State University as an economist. I could not find a job in the city and when I was offered a job in my village, I agreed and for 9 years I work in the education department of my area. The salary of all teachers in the district depends on me.
Maybe you are worried about what I am doing on the Internet? I don't know myself, but when I was in the city, my friend offered me to communicate with a man from another country.
We went to a dating agency and they helped me write my first letter.
I do not know if you are interested in me? But I would like to see your photos as much as possible.
I am already 32 years old, but I do not have a man yet and I understand that life is passing me by.
My life is connected with work and household. We have a cow, a calf, bull, chickens, geese at home. Ordinary life in the village.
I live with my mother, my father left us when I was little. My mom raised me alone. I love my mother very much, she worked in kindergarten for many years, and now she is retired.
As for hobbies, I like walking in the woods or skiing.
I love to cook, my mom loves the way I cook. My signature dish is chicken in ovens. In my free time, I like to read and watch films.
I would be glad to know more about you. Please write to me every day and as much as possible About Me. Everything that you write will be interesting to me.
I don't know what else to write. Write to me your questions, I will be happy to answer you.
I will wait for your letter.
Letter 4
Hi Jim.
Today I was looking for the first opportunity to write you a letter.
I'm glad to see your photos. You are wonderful with your dog. I am sorry that you do not have it now. Yes, my village is by the lake. Did you find my village on the map?
I understand what you are trying to say about the age difference. But I'm disappointed in young men. They are not serious. I want to get to know you better. Yes, there are long distances between us, but if there is a desire to meet, then I do not rule out anything. All in our hands.
I want to tell you what I thought of you and I was waiting for your letter today and I am very glad to see your letter in my mailbox.
I read your letter and thought what to write to you. I decided to write to you about what I like and what not!
I can say with confidence that I am a very calm person. I don't like noise I like it when my life goes quietly. It's very easy to offend me upset, but my grievances quickly pass. I was very shy in a relationship with men, and I have never done anything to take the first step in acquaintance a man. And over time I decided to change. Now I have become more open.
I have friends whom I surprise, and they ask me: “How is such a beautiful girl, how can I not find a man? "
Yes, I agree, many consider me beautiful, but I don’t think so.
But the external beauty of a person is not the most important thing for me.
I believe that everything in a person should be beautiful, first of all, to his heart !!!
In our time, people have changed a lot, they do not pay attention to the heart!
Now people think only about the benefits and pay attention only to the status and to the bank account.
Indeed, money has begun to determine the main value for people!
Sometimes my friends say that I live in another century, that I have old ideas about life, they say that I am a romantic.
Yes, I am different from my friends, for them now a beautiful life is most important and they try to take everything they can from young people.
While my friends were out with the boys I sat at home and developed new ideas on how to deal with difficulties at work.
But now I understand that a woman's happiness is only next to her beloved man.
I want to find a good man whom I will truly love. Who knows, maybe it's you ?????
I consider myself a good woman, I always help people when they need my help.
Sometimes even to the detriment! I love honesty in people, I always say what I think.
I always speak honestly. And I don't like being deceived, I always say that a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie! I am a strong person, even if there are times when I want to be pitied and I want to cry into someone's waistcoat. But let's not be sad.
I have a very good sense of humor.
I like to enjoy life, I like to relax and I like to travel. Currently, I have traveled a little alone in my country.
And I really liked it. Jim, do you like to travel? Write to me about yourself, what kind of person are you? I will be interested to know more about you.
Hope to receive your letter soon!
Your Irina. P/S: My letter, probably, turned out to be very long, but I said everything that has accumulated in my soul.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jim!!!!!
Glad to see your letter. When I see your letter, my day become happy. Unfortunately, I cannot always write to you. A lot of work.
I can no longer imagine my day without your letter.
I'm glad to see your photos. Are these your friends? I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my video.
I am pleased to know about your work. The main thing is that you have time for yourself. I can say that you are an amazing man. You have the opportunity to get any woman. I am flattered that I am at least something interesting to you.
I want to talk to you about your friends. You have a lot of friends or you have a best friend.
What are you doing together? Where do you go together? Can you send me a picture of yourself and your friends?
I have many friends, but the best is only one. Her name is Marina. We were with her since childhood. Together we went to school and studied. But then she became teacher, and I am an economist. But we we meet often and go to the cinema, dance or theater together.
She lives in the city, and I live in the country.
Will you come with us, Jim? I wish we could watch a movie together or go dancing. Would you like this?
Jim my friend asks about you, I tell her that I know about you. She says that I have changed a little from our communication. When we talk to her on the phone, she notices that I have become much happier.
I am sending you a photo of me with my best friend Marina.
I already miss your letter. I want to receive your new photo and I hope that you will write to me very soon.
I already want to receive your next letter !!!!
I hope you can tell me about your friends. In Russia they say. "Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are." Such a proverb.
So, I want to know about your friends.
I look forward to your reply Jim!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jim
Your letter, like a ray of sunshine, warms my heart. I'm happy when I see them and have the opportunity to answer.
I am pleased to know that you have many friends and colleagues. So you are never lonely.
I see my friend less and less every year. As far as food is concerned, I try to eat right.
But it doesn't work. Mom feeds with what is on the farm. I am pleased that you liked my photo with my girlfriend.
Today I would like to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman.
What is important to you in a relationship? What was your experience?
What did you like or dislike?
I think we should be completely open to each other if we want know the true nature of each other.
I want to be happy and, above all, I want to make the man who will be with me happy.
I don't have much experience with a man, but my mother always said that men are not just in a relationship. Since a man has to make decisions responsibility in relationships and family life puts pressure on him.
The task of a woman is to support a man in all spheres and provide him with support in difficult moments of life. Only mutual respect and love are the keys strong relationship. What do you think about this?
I am sending you a photo of my life in the village. I like to walk in forest and pick berries or mushrooms. Nature calms me down after a week hard work.
I watch movies and think about the beauty of life in the city.
Sometimes I also want a more active life. I understand that village life is getting more and more boring every year. No work for young people and that's it are leaving for the cities. I always say that now I live in a fairy tale. And they smile ...
You are very pleasant and interesting to me. I think about you all my free time.
I am looking for the first opportunity to answer you. You conquered my heart.
I will wait for your letter.
Letter 7
Hello dear Jim.
I am glad to see your letter. I am looking for the first opportunity to answer you.
Sono felice di vedere le tue foto. Sono felice di sapere di più su di te. Sei un uomo straordinario.
I think we are here! And I'm starting to feel affection for you.
Do you have this feeling? I want to tell you that I am a modest girl and I am very careful in my words and actions. But I would like to tell you that "I like you?" I hope I didn't offend you with a revelation ?!
I do not know why it is so pleasant and easy for me to communicate with you.
I can say openly that I have no restrictions in communicating with you, although I am aware of everything that is happening.
This may be due to the fact that we communicate with you over the Internet and do we not see each other? Indeed, looking into the eyes of another person, it is very difficult to say everything that you think about him.
But it is important for me to tell you everything that I think about you.
I was alone for a long time and, to be honest, I did not talk to anyone about my feelings and thoughts. But now I would like to know more about you in order to understand you better.
I want to be for you more than a friend!
Of course I have friends, but they are friends. I didn't have a man by my side and that's it my friends were surprised.
Maybe I seemed very withdrawn, and men were afraid to come up to me for acquaintance?!
I do not know what is the reason, but I am glad that we can talk about this with you.
This speaks of my attitude towards you. I am ready to trust you with all my biggest secrets.
Now I have become more open.
Now my life is in my hands. Each person creates his own happiness.
We are building our destiny. Do you agree with me?
Even though I'm 32 now, I think I have a lot of life experience. Now I know what I want from life. I want to love and to be loved. I want to be a happy woman!
And as my mother says, the happiness of a woman is next to a man.
I want to find my "prince". And now I feel like I've found it!
Jim, I want you to be my "prince"!
From the bottom of my heart I want you to say yes. Now I will wait for your answer to this question.
I will think about you.
Hugs and kisses
Your Irina. P / S: I thought for a long time whether to talk to you about my feelings.
But I made up my mind. I hope my thoughts have not offended you.
Letter 8
Hello dear Jim.
I am delighted to receive your letter today. We have good sunny weather today.
I am in a good mood, and all this is thanks to you, your letters.
I am happy to see your photos with friends. I'm very pleased. Yes, I use a translator.
Apparently there was an incorrect translation.
I often think about you: when I go to bed, when I wake up in the morning and when i work i feel affection for you and now you have become a part of me life, part of me.
I can tell you that you have penetrated my head, you have won my heart.
I did not think that during this time you will become a dear person to me.
And I am very happy to have found a prince.
Jim - you are my prince, I've waited so long!
It seems to me that now I am opening a new page in my life and I think that my life must change for the better. I will be happy. For many years I was alone, and this loneliness consumed me. It was very hard for me, I wanted to love, receive tenderness, sincerely enjoy life.
I want to enjoy life with you. I want to share with you the joy and pain of this life. Last night, before going to bed, I looked at the sky for a long time, at the stars, and I thought about you, how I would like to be next to you at this moment.
I asked the stars: "Jim, what are you doing now?" And the stars were silent.
It's a shame the stars can't speak, if they could speak, they would tell you what I think and miss you. They would say hello to you! Now every day I am trying to find an opportunity to receive your letter and write you an answer as soon as possible.
And now I sit in front of the computer and smile, I'm sorry, you can't see me on your computer screen, so smile with me.
Now I have a great desire to kiss you, and I know that one day this wish will come true.
Definitely, and I can't wait for this day.
I kiss you and hug you tenderly.
Sincerely, Irina. P/S: Write me your phone number with the international code of your country and I will try to find out what I can do to call you. You are using Whatsapp.
I can make a video call to you when I’m in town.
Letter 9
Hello Jim!
I am happy to see your photos. You are beautiful. I saved your phone number.
I can call you this weekend. Yes, I got vaccinated in August. I've tested antibodies.
They are at a good level. I already began to be jealous of this girl. (Joke)
I have been planning to write you a short letter for a long time, which will serve as a newsletter of my feelings for you. I wrote this letter last night before going to bed, and I want you to read this letter.
First, I would like to tell you in a few lines that I mean the word "love."
Love is an unusual, unusually strong feeling. Under his influence a person can change his character, his outlook on life.
Everything that seems to be well-established and cannot be changed in any way in your life.
I think I fell under this influence. Love makes me think only you, to dream about our future.
I searched for a long time, not knowing what I was looking for. It seemed that I had everything for a normal existence, but I expected from fate that it would give me a piece of happiness.
I wandered into a world unknown to me, in a dream or just felt in limbo.
You are now the dearest to me in this life. Believe me, I love you, I love your soul.
Your heart is kind and caring.
There is an expression: "There are no accidents in life and nothing happens in vain."
So you are the guiding star of my life, illuminating my life, leaving the long path traced in the celestial empire, the empire of the stars, by which I follow fate.
Take me to an empire, an empire of love and happiness. What is happiness?
This is when you have the opportunity to get closer to your loved one.
I really love you. You are my soul mate, which is not yet with me.
Midnight, you hear nothing but the words that I write on paper.
Do not wonder! Only in this case it is possible to formulate everything right when you are alone with thoughts.
I'm waiting for dawn, I'm inevitably waiting for your new letter.
I love you, my Jim.
With love Irina.
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Jim.
You know the expression "If the stars are shining, then someone needs it."
If people meet, then their rivers merge into the ocean of life. "
I think our meeting on the Internet is not accidental, This is destiny. I thank the fate that welcomed us. There is only one life.
I would like to live so that I would not be ashamed of my years of life without a purpose.
Now I can't imagine how I could live so long without you?
How to live without you? I love you. Now something has happened in my heart thanks to you!
I'm telling you all this is not why we should talk today, but why that I cannot be silent! Every particle screams me, as if madly in love with you!
I always tell you this in my thoughts every morning, when I wake up, in the afternoon, when I miss you terribly, or when I go to bed in the evening, when the flow of my love does not let me fall asleep!
Jim, you have become my need! I wouldn't even want to live without you!
I love you. And why do I need such a boring life !? You are my sun, you probably already know, but I will say again that you are the brightest person in my life!
My sun! I can't even think without you!
I don't even want to breathe without you! I need you like air! It's unbearable without you stuffy and nothing to breathe! You are so far away and so close at the same time.
You are far away, but always in my heart. I can feel you with all my heart!
Now there is a great distance between us, but I know that soon this distance between us will not be.
I really want it! It's a pity that we are not together now. But you know it I recently came across a very interesting idea in a book: “The ancients believed this.
Heaven is a symbol of unity and eternity. When people look at the stars, even if they look very far from each other, at that moment, they are together. "
So let's take a look at these stars.
Hugs and kisses
Hello your Irina!
Letter 11
Hello beauty Jim!
I am delighted to read your beautiful letter. They give me pleasure every time.
Jim, I want to tell you some information that is very important to me!
Last week I was talking to the boss about the vacation. I said that I want to take a vacation in December. He told me that in December I can take a vacation at any time.
I've thought about it a lot and I think we should meet.
Our meeting is very important to me. I think only a meeting can define our feelings. I think that thanks to our meeting we are getting closer and get to know each other better. In Russia we have such an expression "Better to see once than hear a hundred times!"
Do you agree with this expression? We've known each other recently, but I have a feeling that we have known each other for a long time. Now you know my feelings for you.
You know I love you !!!!!!!!!! It was hard for me to admit that I love you but I don't want to hide my feelings for you anymore. You are very important to me now.
You have become a dear person for me, a person with whom I want to connect my life.
I think I found the other half, Jim - you are my soul mate.
I think the next step in our relationship should be our meeting.
Do you agree with me? I think this is the best time for us to meet.
I am interested in your thoughts and desires. What do you think about this?
I kiss you, I love you Jim.
Your Irina.
Letter 12
Hello dear Jim!
Last night I talked to my mom about you Jim.
I was happy to see you and hear you on whatsapp. Yes, I never spoke English.
I haven't studied English since university. But I think that when I meet, I will be able to remember more. Your house is very beautiful. I want our meeting, this is important for me. As for my photos, they were taken in my village.
These houses are 60 years old.
I told her that I want to meet you. My mom supported me in my desire.
She wants us to be happy ... I hope Jim you and my mom will be friends.
Now I often think of you before bed. I think about our common letters.
It's very interesting how long we can talk when we first meet.
What do you think about this? I think I want to tell you a lot, and it will take me a few days to tell you everything. It will also be difficult to understand the language. But I think the translators will help us.
It will be interesting!
But I am shy and may be embarrassed at the first meeting.
But I think we are more than friends, so we can talk about what we want.
I recently saw a plane. And I thought that these "iron birds" help many millions of happy people to meet on this day. (e.g. Jim and I.)
But when I think about my future flight, I cannot forget the recent plane crash of two planes.
It was scary to see the sadness and tears of the relatives of the victims.
Then it was announced that it was a terrorist act.
They have no right to interfere in the life of peaceful people.
I hate terrorism and violence!
You should know that fear of terrorists will never stop me.
I have heard that passengers are served very well during the flight.
I'm interested to see this.
I was at a travel agency and I was told to go to another country, I need to get a passport, select the type of visa. Visas are different.
As far as I understand, we need a short stay visa first.
Among them, one can also distinguish: a guest visa, a work visa and a visa.
tourist. They have different registration conditions.
I think the cheapest is a tourist visa.
With a tourist visa, you need to buy both way tickets at the same time.
Please write the name of the airport closest to you, and I can find out everything about our meeting.
I kiss you !!!
Your Irina.
Letter 13
Hello my love Jim!
I am glad to see your letter today. I'll try to go to town this week and call you on whastapp. I was at a travel agency yesterday and they gave me full information on how we can be together. I don’t know where to start. There is good news and bad news.
I was told that they would be able to arrange all the paperwork in 10-14 days.
A passport will cost me 70 USD. A tourist visa, life insurance and other documents with work will cost 420 USD. They also gave me more information on the cost of tickets from Chelyabinsk (CEK - Balandino) - to Toronto, ON (YYZ-Pearson Intl.) and vice versa.
Since tickets for a tourist visa must be bought in both directions. The tickets will cost me 1980 USD. This includes flight insurance and other expenses.
To be honest, I didn't think it would be that expensive.
I have 1700 USD, but this is not enough. I miss 770 USD. I will not be able to come to you.
I write these words to you, and the same tears fall on the keyboard. I will never forget you.
I am so sad that I cannot come to you on my birthday. I dreamed how you meet me at the airport, how I hug and kiss you. But now I have an emptiness in my soul. As if my wings were cut off. I can't believe that money decide our destiny. But this is the bitter truth.
My conscience will not allow me to ask for your help, but on the other hand, I really want to see you. In another situation, I would never ask you for help, but now we decide our fate and our happiness. I understand it doesn't look like very beautiful. I'm very embarrassed. I understand that you can draw different conclusions.
I understand the whole situation. But my love for you and my desire to see you is actually stronger than my shame. Jim, please help me!
If not, then I will understand everything.
My heart is filled with strong love for you, and it will never empty as long as you love me.
I will not stop loving you.
I cannot imagine life without you, you are my ideal, you are all that I need in this life.
My love for you knows no bounds, I will love you no matter what.
No one in this world can make me not love you. Dear, email me as soon as possible.
I really can't wait to hear from you.
Looking forward to your reply. With immortal love, forever!
Your Irina.
Letter 14
Hello my beloved Jim,
I am glad that you think of us together. Your help is important to me.
770 USD is not enough to organize our meeting.
I also want to talk to you on Whastapp. But to call you I need to go to the city. If you are ready to help, then when I am in the city I will arrange a call to you.
I ask you to arrange for help in the coming days, as it takes time to organize the documents. I definitely need to get tickets from a travel agency. And a travel agency doesn't start working without full payment. I cannot buy tickets elsewhere. The guarantee for paperwork is lost.
I asked a travel agency about payment methods from another country.
I was told that the payment must be made by myself. But they can provide an international bank account if needed. But your funds will go there from 7-10 working days.
They offered me instant money transfer systems like Money Gram or Ria Money Transfer.
To transfer funds, you will need information from me My full name: Irina Bochkareva
Recipient country: Russian Federation, city of receipt: Chelyabinsk.
To receive your help, I will need to know the secret code that will be given to you on the receipt after registering the transfer of money.
I also need to know your full name, as written on the passport and on the receipt. It's best if you can send me a copy of the receipt so that I don't make mistakes when getting your help.
Feelings overwhelm me. I want to hug and kiss you as soon as possible.
You are an amazing man. I love you.
Have a nice day my darling. Take care of yourself.
I look forward to your letter.
Your Irina.
Letter 15
Hi Jim,
I miss you. I only think of you. Feelings overwhelm me when I think of you.
Our first meeting will be indescribable in emotions. I dream to hug you and kiss you.
I want to wake up next to you, and while you are still asleep, bring you breakfast in bed.
I think that we will walk a lot in your city. It will be interesting for me to see new places.
In my life, I have not seen anything except my village and one city.
I understand you that it is more convenient and easier for you to organize everything yourself.
But I have never been to other countries. I myself will understand the documents and make mistakes hundreds of times. If you pay a fee for every mistake, it will be much more expensive than through a travel agency. That's okay, but the main problem is distance. I live 140 kilometers from the city, and it takes a long time and it will be more expensive to travel by bus than paying a tourist to work. It should be borne in mind that I work. I have no options but to use the service of a travel agency.
But the main question is money. You do not trust me. I think you are doing the right thing.
Yes, I am ashamed to ask you for money. But I tell you sincerely that I am not going to deceive you.
How can I prove to you that I am serious with you? I want to meet you at Christmas and spend my birthday together.
I have a lot of work today. What are your plans for the day?
How are you with the weather? It's already cold here. In the morning it was -17 degrees.
Take care of yourself.
Your Irina.
Letter 16
My dear,
I ask you to trust me and help me with money. I am ashamed in front of you, but I myself will not be able to figure out the paperwork. A travel agency begins to draw up documents only after
full payment. I don’t think I’m asking you for an amount that would change your life.
I ask you to believe me and I will make you happy.
I do not know what else to say. You are an amazing man. Take care of yourself.
Letter 17
You decide. I am very sorry that this happened. I am very sorry that I do not inspire confidence.
Letter 18
Hello my dear,
How was your weekend? I miss you.
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