Scam letter(s) from Lubov Aleksandrovna Kolesnikova to Garry (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning! Nice towrite you. My name Tania. I will be gladto get to know you more better. I want to write that I here only to find serious man, Im not search here fun. Because I see a lot of such male. hope you an exception. Forgot to tell Im almost 32 y.o.. write me some words about you.
And of course some recent pictures Tatiana.
Letter 2
Hello Garry. I am delighted to receive your letter, thank you very much. I hope that my photos that I send along with the letter will decorate my letter, and you will like it.
I am looking for a man for a serious, lasting and stable relationship. I have no children, I am single, so I want to meet a man from another country. I would be glad to receive your photos and tell us about yourself ok? I live in Russia, but the distance between us does not scare me, because now there are planes and you can fly to any point on the planet. Perhaps in the future we can meet with you. But for this, I want to know better about you. Hope you can talk about you? I am a modest woman, so you can write questions that interest you, I am happy to answer you.
Tell us about your city, where do you live? So about family? I will be glad to continue writing letters to you every day. A good day! Regards, your new friend Tatiana.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Garry.
Thank you for your letter, how are you? What's the weather like?
I am fine, I am glad that I can see your answer, and I will gladly write you my answer. Hope you like my photos? I sincerely want us to become friends and have strong relationships in the future. Therefore, from the first day of our acquaintance, I will write you the truth, and let's promise each other not to deceive and only the truth was ok?
My city is Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. The population is approximately 70,000 people. We have many lakes and rivers, so there are a lot of beautiful places. I love nature, and I always try to walk in the fresh air in my free time. I love to ride a bike, I ski in winter, and for me nature is freedom. I don't want to sit at home within four walls, so I try to live an active life.
My job is a nurse in a hospital, and I also often travel by ambulance to help people. My work is a little difficult, but I need to help people, I really like it, and I am useful in this life. Because of covid19, life has become difficult and there are many sick, but we are coping. I also know how to do professional massage, I can help to remove pain in the back, legs and just bring a person into good tone in a few courses.
I have a mom and dad, they live separately from me in the countryside, I try to go to them on weekends. I have no sister and no brother, my parents gave all parental love only for me. Therefore, I am proud that I have grown up as an intelligent woman, and I have a good job. Only there is no good man with whom I would like to build my future, so I decided to find such a person via the Internet. I hope that you and I are able to build true love and relationships.
My friend Garry, tell me what sport do you like? Do you read books? Do you like to watch what kind of movies? I will be interested to know. I will try to make a short video and will send you in the next letter. If you like it, then do ok for me too?
I am sending a few photos, I hope that they will please you.
Today I am finishing my letter, I will wait for your reply and new photos.
Letter 4
Hello Garry.
How are you? What's your mood?
I am glad to receive your letter, thank you very much for telling about yourself and I am pleased to get to know you better.
I made a short video for you, I hope you enjoy it. I sincerely wish that there was always truth between us and could have a clean relationship in the future.
Our weather is not very warm, because autumn brought cold and temperature +9. Therefore, we expect that very soon they will turn on the heating and it will be warmer at home. Because now it's cold to sleep and you have to go under two blankets and put on warm clothes.
But in the morning after exercising, it gets warmer, and helps to keep yourself in a good mood for the whole day.
I don’t have the Internet in my house, it’s just not there, so I’m writing to you from my work computer, I don’t have any other way. Therefore, I have the opportunity to write letters to email every day. She also said that my work is an ambulance nurse, so I can go on calls all day, so I will sincerely try to answer you in my free time.
I will go to my parents this weekend, so I ask you not to lose me. Will be back on Monday and I hope I can receive your reply and receive your new photo, which helps me to get to know you better.
I also studied English and German at school. But the level is not very high, but I think that we can find an opportunity to learn a common language for you and me and understand each other. And now I use the google translator to translate my letter and so I think it will be more convenient for you to read my answer.
I like to watch comedies, I like different music, it all depends on my mood. I also like to read books, and in my free time I can also read them.
I live in my apartment, alone. Therefore, I feel sad there, and in the future I would like to wake up next to a man every morning with whom I will feel happy when sowing. And of course I am ready to give my love, my tenderness, and I hope that you will be the happiest next to me! Because I'm tired of being alone and sincere I want to give myself to a loved one, whom I will trust, believe and always reciprocate.
Tell me if you have any animals? And how often do you spend your time in nature? How do you imagine our first meeting? Can you fantasize a little?
Today I am finishing my letter and sincerely wish you success.
Your Tanya.
Letter 5
Hey Garry.
How are you? What's the weather like?
Everything is fine with me, we have autumn outside, it rains every day, but when the sun comes out, everything around becomes beautiful, because all the leaves are yellow, red and the gala is happy with this nature. But very soon it will be colder, and it all disappears until next year. But winter is ahead, I hope that there will be a lot of snow and that there will also be a white beautiful winter around.
I try to tell you about myself, about my life, because I believe that when building relationships, you must always reciprocate, not hide and be open. It helps to get to know the person inside, which is much more important.
I have a cat at home, so I am sending you a photo, I hope you like it.
I love animals, and just as often go to the park and give seeds for birds, I think that this is how I help a little in cold weather.
I sincerely would like to see you live in the future, because this is a million times better than communicating through letters. But I ask you not to rush. Because it is important that we get to know each other better and each letter is a thread that becomes strong every day. I want there to be sincere and pure love between us. I hope that by joint efforts we can achieve this. I always try to send you my new photos, I write letters from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you read carefully, because I try to make you know better about me.
My video, which I sent in the last letter, I wanted to say that you are an interesting man for me, and I am ready to continue communicating with you, and perhaps in the future we can be together. But for this I must get to know you better and there must be trust between us. Without this, there can be no relationship. This is like the foundation of a house, if it is not strong, then it can quickly collapse, and if you and I, my friend Garry, put in common efforts, it will be strong. Therefore, I hope that we are a perfect couple, and a happy future for you and me lies ahead.
Good day to you! Your Tanya.
Letter 6
Good afternoon, my friend Garry.
I am glad that I can read your letter and I will be very happy to answer you.
Everything is going well for me, it was a little difficult, they called for an accident, but we did everything, quickly, so no one was hurt badly. My job is difficult, but I know how to take care of loved ones, I can give injections, give prescriptions and relief. Therefore, I think that my future man will be happy, because I can take care of him and do everything professionally. Also, if my back, legs, or something else hurt, I can also relax with a massage. Therefore, do you think, my friend Garry, if we live together, you will be happy next to me? Can I take care of you and bring you only happiness and joy? I sincerely want my beloved man to be happy with me. Therefore, I will try to do everything so that we are a perfect couple, complement each other, as they say the glass is half empty, or half full, But I want our relationship and our life to be 100%. Therefore, I hope that you and I will have strong love in the future.
I understand that when a child gets into ice-cold water, it can be very bad, I didn't have that. But we in Russia on January 19 go into the ice-hole when it is -10 or lower on the street. Therefore, we are Russian people and many do not understand us. I hope that you will be able to get to know my culture and my traditions in the future.
Only I ask you not to ask me for intimate photos, write about ***. Because I understand that this is important in a relationship, but I do not know you very well, and I am ready to open my heart and my intimate world,
only to a person whom I will trust, and this will be mutual.
I also want to open myself to you and say that I love red roses, my favorite light is light blue. Also, my religion is Orthodox Christian, I try to go to church on Sundays.
I want to ask you, have you been looking for a woman on the Internet for a long time? And how many people are you writing to now? I sincerely want to have one man you Garry. Because the other man does not interest me. For my future man, I will be a faithful and caring woman. I think that the person who accepts me for who I am will be the happiest. I have no experience of communication via the Internet, I, on the advice of my friend, decided to find a man from another country, so I am interested in this, and I think that we have a happy future.
Have a nice day! I look forward to your new photos and I hope that my photo in a blue dress and more will please. Your friend Tanya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Garry. Where your foto??????
I am already tired today because it was hard for me at work.
We were called into an accident where two cars crashed. When we arrived there, I was shocked, because the car cannot be recognized. We did our best to help these people who suffered as soon as possible. But the driver of one car, a man of about 24 years old, did not breathe. It was very scary that this was happening and leaving this life young, because the whole life was ahead and we had to continue living, but the treacherous road took forever.
It is always sad for me to look at such a tragedy, it also happens that small children find themselves in such a situation. Therefore, it hurts me, pain in my soul and in my heart. Because I cry sometimes, because life is arranged in such a way that it can be deeply difficult. I understand that I can find another job, but who will be if not us. Therefore, I will fight for people's lives and give myself completely. I am sure that there will be a time when I will meet with you, my dear Garry, and we will spend our holidays together, and enjoy the sun, sea and sand on the seashore. But now we only have to dream about it. I hope everything will be fine, and my work will not upset me so much. Excuse me, for what I am telling you about this, I am revealing to you my weakness, my sadness. Hope it doesn't upset you? I sincerely want there to be trust and understanding between us, and only on sincerity and honesty will our relationship be strong and will have a future.
Today I want to tell you that my past relationship, I had a man, I dated him for 1 year, but then when I came to my house for lunch, I saw that he brought another woman into our bed. I was sad and painful from such a betrayal. Therefore, I could not find a man, because he caused me pain and suffering, and I can never forgive his betrayal. Therefore, my dear friend Mark, I ask you never to deceive me, and do not betray me. Because I may seem to be a strong person from the outside, but inside of me there is a delicate, vulnerable flower that must be cherished and protected. Hope you can be that person that I need?
I like you. Every day I think about you, go to work, think about you, even go to bed, think about you, how you feel there, what you do. Therefore, I ask you to tell more about yourself about your feelings, because I am pleased that I have such a good person as you Garry.
I believe that we need to go further, and even if there are difficult moments in our life, by supporting each other we can achieve our goal. Today after work I'm going to go to the bathroom and lie down to relax.
I wish you a good day, and I will wait for your letter tomorrow!
Your Tanya.
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