Scam letter(s) from Julia Kotenko to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear How are you doing now? I have read your letter and I am in a really good mood as I find it encouraging.
The weather is nice here as well, it is a bit cloudy, but the sun dives here and there, it is bright and pleasant outside. But of course it would be even more pleasant if you would be here with me! I am already feeling something really special to you and want to share a lot of things with you! I am looking for a serious relationship, which can hopefully lead to a marriage, therefore I highly appreciate your understanding and attention. I. I wonder what I can add... I would go with the flow. I am an active person and I love nature, being out, adore riding a bike most of all. I love camping and picnics, though I am not always like that, sometimes I just enjoy a cup of hot tea at my place, reading a book. I love reading very much and I am about to end reading a book "A Brave New World" today or tomorrow. Do you have any recommendations? Well, I live with mama,, I am a hairdresser and stylist but no job now because of the crisis and war, I would love you to know about my family. more detail Now I have only my mother and My mom hasn't been married with my father, they met when she was a student at one international student's festival. As you might remember my father was from and unfortunately by some ****** rules of USSR they couldn't get married, so that's why I have Ukrainian last name. And then my mom got married to my step dad, he was a nice man, but unfortunately died two years ago from cancer. So now I hope my dear you will meet her very soon! I am sure you will like her lot!
I like to spoil myself a bit from time to time, therefore I take ice cream or sweets. I love chocolate a lot. I do not drink or smoke. I have never done drugs and I do not like that. I like to take care of my body and please my man in a way that only I can do!;) I can make him feel like he is the only one in this world, because my man will be the only one for me! I am sending you some of my photos, that I have found for you. I am done. I wish you a good day and hope, I didn't make you fall asleep on the half way through my letter. Please sweetie, ask me questions, I'd appreciate it a lot. It is easy for me to communicate with you. Waiting for your reply
Letter 2
Dear Larry. I wish you a good day! The weather is not that good today, but I feel pleased and well I am happy to read your letter. I have been thinking of you since I have wrote you my last one and I was thinking of what your answer could be. and i want you to proof your sister wrong this time. My dear you know, I cannot hide my feelings, sometimes that could work against me of course, but I believe it is necessary to see the better in people. If you have any doubts in your action from the very beginning then naturally it will not bring you to any positive or at least awaiting results. Being not able to hide feelings I should tell you that I am really glad with our conversation, the way we are getting closer.
I'm thinking a lot what to ask and I want to know about you, so I hope my question won't make you sad or angry:)Dear, I want to know- do you remember your first love?How old were you? Mine was at school, I was crazy in love, and actually, I think I still can do crazy things, when I'm in love. It's so important for me that my man can do such things for me like unplanned vacation, or picnic surprise and etc. And surely we will take many photos. Making memories is the key, do you agree? Saving them on film and etched in our minds.... of course love doesn't consist of only romantic moments, because it's not a vacation, it's life with working days, with stresses, with problems... I think a family or a couple is like a home for people. People can't live without a home, do you agree? And the same about a beloved/husband, when you come home and you are together...
The whole world is outside. There are only me and you inside. Our bodies and our souls have a rest, we enjoy each other's company, this gives us power to wake up next morning and face life outside our small world of love. What about you? How do you imagine your future relations? What is love for you? You know, I would be glad to talk about one important thing, which is the role of *** in a relationship. Many people today see it as a reason to start a relationship and I hope, that it is not about you. Intimacy and *** are really important in a relationship, but there got to be something more before it. Something higher and less material or physical. People call it chemistry or love. I want to feel it. I am serious and I hope, that we would meet one day. If we are together in future, I can be ****, I can be hot and I am ready to please my partner by any means appropriate, because the happiness of your beloved is the happiness of yours, do you agree? I can wear **** lingerie for you and I have nothing against other ideas. Do you have any? That will do for now, I just thought, that it is important for us to discuss this matter before we go further. Am I right to talk about it now? Oh, I am sending you some of my photos! One of my favorite places is swimming pool.
If I am not biking at the weekend, I go swimming then. The good thing is that an opened swimming pool is opened in summer and in winter it works in the inner zone. I go there with my friends usually Well I hope,
you are not bored. I wish you a good day and a good rest after work.
I shall be impatiently waiting for your reply
Letter 3
The day is getting better as I see your letter,Larry
I wish you to have a good one and hope to make your day brighter. I have read your letter a couple of times ;) How are you today, my beloved man? I hope that my letter found you in a good mood? How are your days passing? You know, you words have made a big impression on me. As you know, I'm here to find my love and happiness. My dream is to create a happy and strong family with my beloved man. And it seems that I've already have found my man! I'm talking about you, my darling. I'm really happy to hear from you each time and I really need you in my life! Thank you for the best emotions that you present me with each word! I hope that soon we will set on the white sand somewhere on the beach under the sunset and will enjoy ourselves fully! I hope that you will share my dreams;)
Still I guess that you do not know for sure my reasons of being on an international dating site. The case is that I have a girlfriend who has married a man and lives happily with him abroad now. They have started just like us and now they have son and a daughter. You know, I was inspired by their experience so, I decided to take my chances too. I do not want to scare you away and in fact, I might say, that I afraid to lose you, but I am eager to settle down in a family. I want to be a good mother to kids and I want to make the house neat. I was imagining me and you being together in future. It was a pleasant dreaming. Please, understand me correctly.
I understand, that such things are not made quickly and take time, I am a realist, so I am eager to continue our communication, going each time on a new level until we mutually decide to meet and start being together in real life.
I want to hear your opinion for another thing. I want to meet with you in future either here in Ukraine or by your side. I do not need a long term pen friend and I need just a real man to be in a real life together in non distant future. Actually I have been thinking about our communication, I mean about how to improve it! I would love to be always in touch with you and now I can write you a mail maybe once or twice a day and chat with you in the evening. And it's definitely not enough. Do you agree? If i would have a phone that can support all those chatting applications! :( But now I can't afford it! :(. Darling, I do not want to be played with. I feel that you will not let me down. I wonder what you are doing this very moment that I write you this
words :)
I send you kiss and a hug, sweetie. Take extra care of yourself for me.
Your Yulia PS: May I consider you as my man now?
Letter 4
Hello my sweet Larry, I am sorry for late reply. I have been missing you so bad all these days while I didn't write you! I should confess that i have never expected to meet so great man as you are and now i am extremely happy to have you in my life! You are bringing sunshine to my life! I just have some serious matters to solve and I even writing you this letter from my friend's computer. The thing is my computer is broken and now I have to find a solution to write to you. I showed my computer to a master who is fixing things like this and he said that to repair this problem will cost me about 100 Euro he said that maybe it will even easier to buy new one but I do not have this kind of money.
I do not even have enough costs to cover repair. ukraine no job, . And I have everything on that computer! All my school stuff, my course works and notes for my diploma work! I really do not know what to do. I can't even communicate with you without the computer! I don't know what to do! I am really desperate! You are so wonderful man and I can't lose you because of some ****** problems with my computer!
I have to ask you about something, could you please help me to solve this issue? I would rally appreciate it! Even if you will help me with not the whole amount I will still be grateful and will try to find other needed amount! i have already asked everyone I could, so you are my last hope! Everyone who could help already helped. I will be waiting for your reply impatiently! Please do not forget about me! I really wan to share all the feelings I have with you and I have no one else to ask for help! I want to be with you, but for that we should establish a great communication and deep relationship! And if you want to talk to me my phone is +380635658712, but better call me after 7 p.m by Ukrainian time, I will be off from work that time. Kisses and hugs to you darling your Yulia
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