Scam letter(s) from Marina to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
I do not know where to start this letter.
But I hope that you have received this letter. And I do not inconvenience you with my message.
I expect you are wondering why I write to you. And my English very bad for you.
I'm very concerned about what I write to you first and it may not be usually for a girl .... but I guess you'll understand me.
I do not know how you will react to my Short letter. First I want to introduce myself.
My name is Marinushka. My name is very common in my country. Acquaintance on the Internet I use for the first time and therefore I immediately apologize if I write something wrong.
I'm already pretty an adult woman and my intentions are only serious! I'm lonely now and I want to get acquainted with a good, kind, decent man for a serious relationship.
Now I will not tell more about myself. But in the future we can exchange messages I will talk all about myself that you will be interested to know of.
May in the future we may make friendly and warm relations. And this relationship be able to grow into more than a friendship.
I hope that you also look for your half as well as serious attitudes and love. May our views coincide and we can put the first steps of our friendship. And in the future to make a lasting and warm relationship.
What do you think? Anyway i hope to receive an answer to my letter. I am attaching you my portrayal.
You got my portrayal? I'm pleased attach one of the superior icon, in order to look perfect, and your important comments about it. In the future I will send you more photo!
Please write me to my primary address:
I hope that in something then our views and looking-for coincide and my message will not remain unanswered and without your attention. And you answer to my letter Short letter and we can put start the beginning of a new friendship and a new relationship.
I wish you a pleasant day!
Letter 2
Good afternoon, my new friend, Mike!
How are you doing today?
Today, when I opened my email address and checked my mail, I was very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think that you would answer me so soon. and therefore I did not check my email.
I couldn’t answer you right away because I didn’t check my mail for a couple of days!
it is very kind of you that my letter did not go unanswered and you took the time to answer my letter. I hope that my late reply to your letter will not affect our acquaintance.
I don’t know where to start our acquaintance. My name is Marina. I will be very interested to know about you and your life and much more that you want to write about yourself!
I also want to ask you to send me your photo in the next letter and write about yourself.
You may not believe me now, but I will tell you that this will be my first experience of meeting a person via the Internet.
Because I have never written letters before. And I think this is a big part of romanticism. And such relationships are more valued, deserve respect and become the most sincere.
Do you agree with me?
What would you like to know about me?
I will answer all your questions that interest you.
My friend, why don't you send me your photos?
Do you want me to see you?
Who are you and what are you? Tell me more about yourself and your life. What do you expect from me and from communication with women in general?
I want you to tell me and let me know more about you. Okay? Thanks.
As I said, this is my first experience on the Internet, and your email address was given to me by an online dating agency. I heard about this site from friends.
You ask me why I wrote my letter specifically for you?
I wrote to you because I want to meet a wonderful, kind, honest and open person with whom I can create close relationships.
I want to find a partner in life, to enjoy life together and go to
future together. I want to find someone who will be my support and
protection. I want to find a person with whom we will create a world of love, kindness and honesty. I want to see in man - honesty and kindness. Do you understand my words?
Will you tell me that I demand a lot?
It may sound naive, but I still believe in my most treasured ...
I am very worried if I wrote everything correctly, and with anxiety and hope I will wait for your reply.
I will send you some of my photos. I hope you like my photos. I would like to read the comments and your opinion about my photo (smile). I, as a girl, are very interested in your opinion (smile).
Now I have to finish the letter. and I really want to get an answer to this message. I hope your answer will be long in coming (smile).
I wish you a good day and positive emotions!
Your new friend (I hope), Marina.
Letter 3
Hello, Mike!
I am glad to receive your letter and your reply. Sorry for not being able to answer you right away.
I have written many letters to you before.
And I think that my letter did not reach you or was lost on the Internet.
I'm really sorry about that. I would ask you to remove the spam mark from my emails. And then we will be able to communicate normally with you in the future.
Who are you and what are you? Tell me more about yourself and your life. What do you expect from me and from communication with women in general?
I want you to tell me and let me know more about you. Okay? Thanks.
I want to ask you why you did not send me your photo? I want to see your photos. send me your picture!
Because I believe that if you continue acquaintance, you need your photo. you agree with me?
in the next letter I will tell you more about myself. and I also hope that you write about yourself.
you agree with me?
I'm waiting for your answer.
if you don’t want to write and answer, or if you don’t want to receive my letter anymore, write me your answer.
Your sincere friend, Marina.
Letter 4
Hello my dear friend, Mike!
I am very happy to receive your letter and your reply today.
I am very sorry that your previous relationship was not successful for you. and I hope you will be doing well in the future.
thank you for telling me your past story. I believe that the most important thing in a relationship should be trust in the partner and understanding to each other. do you understand what I want to tell you?
I love dogs too. Maybe we have a lot in common? (smile)
Who are you and what are you? Tell me more about yourself and your life. What do you expect from me and from communication with women in general?
I want you to tell me and let me know more about you. Okay? Thanks.
I want to ask you why you didn't send me your photo?
I really want to see your photos.
Because to be your girlfriend you need to know each other first. I think that if you continue to meet you need your photo.
Do you agree with my words?
I hope to receive your answer soon.
Your new friend from Russia.
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