Scam letter(s) from Daria to Kent (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Kent. I was waiting for you and you are often in my thoughts. I don’t know how to explain the pronunciation of my name to you. You can enter it into Google translator and see the transcription. I have not used the AFF website for a long time. I receive an email notification and I can accidentally click on something. If you wrote to me, then maybe I clicked on this link and got to you. This site is not for me and to be honest I even hate being there, but I don’t know how to delete my account. I'm not looking for anyone there because I met you). I don't mind if you tell me about the army. She was the meaning of your life and you gave it many years. I am interested in reading all your stories. As for my work, then of course I would like something more interesting and better paid for the work. There are very low salaries in Russia. Thank you very much for describing all your women in such detail and even sending a photo. I'm glad to know about your experience, but of course you said very intimate things that I would not like to know. Each of us has our own experience and we gained something and lost something. Most importantly, we have one goal - to find love for life). I'm glad you like me and would like to take your driving lessons). I never thought that I could meet a wonderful man on the Internet and we will have that wonderful communication. It seems to me that I have known you for a long time. It is a pity that there is such a long distance between us. I would like to meet you or just take a walk in the park and just chat. We have a lot in common and I feel that we have become closer to each other. I like what is happening and every time I wait for your letter to find out how your day is going or to learn something new about you. I'm very comfortable with you. My day was good. Today I ate a delicious chocolate bar, but dropped it on the ground. I so wanted to pick it up and eat it, but I realized that it was already *****. I was very upset ))). How was your day ? Thanks to you, I got into YouTube, but I haven't done this for a long time). Pleasant music. Nadezhda.
Letter 2
Hello Kent. I miss you and your letters. Your letters have become a part of my life. Can you explain to me how to delete a profile yourself? I cannot find my password from this site, it will enter into my system and the login is automatic. I generally have problems remembering a password). I will certainly be glad to talk in real time, but I don't have a good phone right now. I have Skype on my laptop, how can I find you there? You found the correct pronunciation of my name, but of course with an accent). My day was good. Today I was visiting my best friend. She has always been an example for me. She has a wonderful husband, child and a happy family. When I look at their couple, their happiness is an example for me. I have never heard screams in their family and they calmly solve all controversial moments together. We had a good conversation with her and I told her about you. I said that I had met a wonderful man in another country. I said that I really like you and that I have not experienced such a strong interest in a man for a long time. She told me that nothing and can never stop people from being together if they want to. Of course, there are problems in any relationship, but if there is a desire for both people to overcome problems, then everything will definitely work out. I understand that there is a great distance between us, the difference in culture and understanding of everything, but I like you and I hope that you like me too? I see that we have a lot in common. I would like to know your opinion on this situation. I am waiting for your new letter. Nadezhda.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Kent. I hope you are waiting for my letters as much as I am for yours. Of course I'm not upset. I understand how big the time difference between us is and I understand that you also need to rest. You can write to me only when it suits you. Thanks for the instructions on how to delete your profile. I did it and now nothing connects me with this terrible site and nothing comes to my mail. I am very sorry that you are taking any pills. I always try to endure the pain to the end, so as not to take some kind of chemistry again and take pills as a last resort. I understand that you need it and I am sorry that it somehow changes you. This site helped us find each other and I am glad that in spite of everything we found ourselves where it is almost impossible. You need to be a little more confident in yourself. I haven't been on a date for a long time either. Everything is only in your hands and it depends only on you whether we will be disappointed in each other or everything will be fine with us. I don't have a nickname. You can call me by my short name - Nadia. I like your name and I will call you by name, not by nickname). I think that you should not be afraid of something and should fight for your happiness and not let it go). I certainly forgave you that photo. I had the first impression after that that I had come across another pervert. I decided to give you a chance and I was not mistaken, and now I am happy that you appeared in my life. I love all animals very much and would like to pet your puppy. I don't just like snakes, spiders and rats). I don't remember how old my cat is, but he's already old). Pets are sometimes your most important and best friends. I understand how difficult it was for you to lose your pet. They are members of our family and we love them madly. Each of your photos helps me feel closer to you. I borrowed a camera from a friend and tried to test Skype. I recorded a video message for you, but when I looked, I felt like a complete fool. Sound is not working on my computer. I thought that today after work we will make a video call, but you won't be able to hear me, you will only see me. I really want to talk to you on the video and I hope we will. I think a lot about you and our situation. I think I wanted to be dating you and would like you to be my boyfriend. Do you mind?))) Of course, long-distance relationships are doomed to failure. It's my opinion. If people cannot see each other and touch each other, then they will forever miss and suffer. I think we should change something if we want to be together. Do you agree ? I'll think about what I can do and find a better way. I talked to my mother about this. My parents want only one thing - they want me to be happy and always smile. Can you do it? Relationships are tough and challenging work, but if you want, you can build great love and create great relationships. I think that together we can do it. I would like to cook you breakfast every morning and greet you with my kiss from work. I wish there were no problems between us. Nadezhda.
Letter 4
Hello my Kent. My dear thank you for all your photos, I'm glad to see your life again. I understand that you need to take medicine and I understand how this story broke you. You must be strong and never break. Nothing and no one prevents you from becoming sociable and cheerful again. I see what a wonderful person you are inside and how kind and sociable you are. You are doing well and maybe you came up with all the problems yourself? Maybe I just revealed you again? Am I not smiling in the photo? I think that's just my style). I didn't even think about it and I think it's just a coincidence). I did not think about children, but of course if I have a wonderful husband, then I am ready for children and I love them very much. You're right, it's too early to talk about it. First you need to prepare the ground. I have blonde hair, but I intensify the color and dye my hair bright blonde. I'll try to look at the photos, but I don't have many of them, because now I don't have a good phone to take photos often. I have a bank account, once I made it for work. One bill is for American dollars and the other is for Euros. To be honest, I don't know how it all works. I am very pleased with your concern, but so far I do not need money. I make very little money, but I have enough to pay for food and pay bills. Thank you for your care. It is very important for me. Lately I've been thinking a lot about us and our relationship. Perhaps we don't communicate much and a little time has passed since we met, but I think that life is too short to waste time. Only personal communication can show what is happening between us. No letters and photos can replace personal communication, live conversations and touch. We can communicate forever, but it will not bring us closer. I think that there are pleasant feelings between us and I want to preserve and develop them. Only by looking into each other's eyes will we understand what is happening between us and whether there is chemistry between us. I can take a vacation soon and I'm ready to meet you. I thought about it for a long time and consulted with many. I made a decision not to waste time and meet. I need to find out everything we need to meet and understand what we should do. If you want to meet me, then we must begin preparations. Give me the details of the nearest international airport to you and your address and phone number. I will find out everything we need to meet and inform you. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine with us and this meeting will be one of the best moments in our life. I hope you want it too and don’t want to waste your time. I will be waiting for your details and I hope we will be together soon. Kisses, Nadezhda.
Letter 5
Hello Kent. Thanks for texting me again. I'm glad to receive your answer. Thanks for all your photos. I am glad to see you and your family. I don't care about your age, it's just numbers. I see that you are a wonderful military man and have been to many places. I hope that there will never be a war in our world. So who are you working now? I want you to learn more about me and what I like. I love listening to pop music and watching horror movies and love stories. I love the thrill. Have you ever heard Russian music? I like Poilna Gagarina and Sergey Lazarev. I think that I am a very cheerful and sociable girl. I can talk on any topic and I am interested in meeting new people. I always try to look good. Are you fond of something? Do you have a hobby? What kind of music and movies do you like. Sometimes I read books, do you like to read? I look forward to your reply and hope you are interested. Nadezhda.
Letter 6
Hello Kent. Again your answer gives me the mood. I am very pleased with your compliments. For a long time no one spoke beautiful words to me. I think that the reaction is not so difficult to get and you don't need to overclock something). I write you a letter in Russian, then I translate it and read it to get the correct meaning. I just want you to understand me as much as possible. Of course, I can write letters myself in your language, but I think there will be a lot of mistakes). I understand that you have problems with your ex-wife. In Russia, this is also a constant practice and basically everything is at the discretion of the woman. After divorce, many people hate each other and hurt each other with the help of their children. This is terrible. In Russia, crime is very high and the main perpetrators are mainly the police). Now they have a good salary, but they want more and feel the power. Of course, there are also many good and honest police officers in Russia. Moscow is one of the most expensive and beautiful cities in the world. I am glad that you liked Moscow and St. Petersburg. We have a huge country and trains are one of the main modes of transport. To be honest, I don't know much about wars. This is your element and of course you are well versed in this. Today I will tell you in detail about my family. I am an only child and therefore all my parents' love went to me. My parents live in the village where I was born. My dad worked as a carpenter. He can fix and do anything. In Russia, such people are called people with golden hands. My mother has always worked as a cook at school and that is why I love to cook since childhood. We have a large garden in the village where my mother grows many flowers and vegetables. We have almost everything: flowers, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and more. I often visit my parents and try to help them in everything. Parents are the main people in life. My parents always tried to give me everything they had. We weren't rich, but I think that I was brought up very well and given everything I needed. How was your childhood? Do you have a big family ? Tell me in detail about them and their lives. I also want to know more about your parents. I look forward to a detailed answer from you and already miss it)). Nadezhda.
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