Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi. How are things going on? I'm Arinka, I'm 31 y.o. I now live in Brovari. This is situated in Ukraine. I am seeking a serious romantic bond, if u are interested in the same romantic bond too, then we will be able to go on our communicating. I am really sure that you are not a freak so u aren't going to beg me to show to u photos of **** me. I hope that you enjoyed greatly my pictures and I am sure that you enjoy me too. I will be very glad to take notice of your return shots and to obtain some details of u. I am going to watch for a response enthusiastically from you. Your recent letter writer Arianochka.
Letter 2
Hi Richard. I am seeking out a beloved, with whom I am ready to spend the rest of my days. I am merry that you enjoy greatly me too. I am from Brovari, this place is 26 km from Kiev city. I'm just 31 years of age. I'd like to know of your own self more. What have you been up? What do you appreciate in ladies? What don't you appreciate? I'm really happy to respond your questions. Arianochka.
Letter 3
Good day Richard. I'm heartly so happy to receive e-mails from you. I'm really pleased to keep in touch with you and I look forward to catching e-mails from you. When I was a kid my mama used to call me Arinka caressengly. I would like you to call me that way too.I'll be glad. Alas my my mom and dad went away rather early. I had to live with my granny. Most of the timeI had to be a lady who could make things happen. To be honest It was very hard, nevertheless I tried to cope with any problems. Unfortunately I could not to to figure out a relationship with a soulmate whom I would give my attention and care. I am nuts about loving fellows who manage to to keep the word for that reason I want our conversation to be confidential without any cheating. I 'd like to tell some facts about my job and leisure activities. At present I'm working as a specialist in transport management. At the end of isolation period there were job cuts and payment reduction taking that into account I analyse changing my work. If I'm not busy I really adore cooking and cast an eye over books. What do you like to do in your leisure time? Have you got a hobby? I'll await a reaction enthusiastically from you. Ariana
Letter 4
Greetings Richard. I have not had such joyful emotions for such a long time. My eyes have never shone with cheerfulness as they do as a result of interacting with you. I am merry we are becoming more familiar with you. I realised I'm eager to tell you about my standards of living. At some time in the near past I 've told you about my mum and dad, I really want to give the facts about my sorrowful experience- the grounds why I haven't taken vows , nevertheless I have at all times dreamt to have a careful manfolk. My ex husband would drink alcohol and abuse me. Following such a sad background, I'm panic-stricken to make an effort to have relationships with the ukrainian men and after all this I came to a conclusion to send the message to a foreigner because I am assured that you are incomparable with the ukrainian fellows who do not love and care very much for the women. I want to disremember all that as a horror and never recollect it. Tell me please regarding your motherland and the areas where you're living. I 'd be delighted to watch the pictures of your favourite districts. I will look forward to an answer from you. Ariana :*
Letter 5
Hey Richard. How are you getting on this time What have you been up? Consistantly I am thinking about the life troubles we can handle with through our life then I understand that we shouldn't give up hope and have to walk with our heads held high. Already I have said to you about my mother and father, they died early and I don't have any siblings but in spite of that I like my each daylife and life in general. I'm very lucky with my bystanders. Dima and Vika are the parents of 2 childen,a seniour lad Andrew and a juniour offspring Nadja. Andrew's 17 yoa. This year he is gratuating from school and he is gonna enter futher education college. He told he really wants to be a medical practitioner and assist human beings. Nadya is four years. Nadya spends time in a pre-school. She likes horses and she dreams about her personal enormous and cute horse. Nadya is a charming and wonderful young lady. My bystanders are mad about pets.They even have a small lizard. I haven't got pets so I usually give food to Dima and Vika's kitty that regularly goes to people living next door.I am fond of nature especially in summer, when everything is bright,everything is blooming and giving a pleasant smell. I have my best friend who forced me to become acquainted with a fellow via internet dating relationship internet site. Let me know please of your friends. I am going to watch for a reaction from you. Ariana :*
Letter 6
Good day Richard. I'm thrilled to see an answer from you and I am thrilled to become your penfriend, and it is possible I'm not just a friend but more. I hope, I'm more than just a friend for you. Finally it became warmer, it's nice presently, my spirit gets better when the sun starts shining and I gain an e-mail from you. Yesterday my girl-friend and I visited the amphitheatre and I spoke to her about you. My friend is very pleased that you happened in my reality and she asks me to say howdy to you. Iwish to dial your number to hear your intonation and to chat with you about every little thing. Regretfully I can't make phone calls except Ukraine and get phones beyond the sea. In a short time I'm going to try to buy a SIM-card for the foreign phones and I will give you my number.Would you be so kind as to give me your cell phone number with the code of your country and with a complete description how to phone you. Please let me know me please about your food likings inclinations? Do you make food by yourself? I would like to cook a delicious meal for you. My favored item of food is baked turkey. And what is yours? I really like to dine tasty but I try to keep my body in a good shape and look after myself. I was merry to share my feelings and emotions with you. I am going to look forward to a letter from you. Ariana :*
Letter 7
Good afternoon Richard. How are things going? I am so pleased to gain a respond from you. Consistently I can hardly wait to get it. How's your day? Yesterday I was at work. After that I made a turkey withveges and sweet potatoes in the oven. Also I prepared a sweet course, that was an apple pie. I called my homebodies and we had a sup altogether in a friendly fashion. All the bystanders took pleasure in the way I cooked the meal. They confessed it was the tastiest turkey they had ever tastied. While preparing the food I was fantasizing that it was especially for you. I'd like you had been with me at that point in time. At all times I am thinking about the excellent appointment. I'm pretending how I will cook your favourite food for you, lay the table for us and we'll be sitting facing each other. Our eyes will be glowing with happiness. The eyes are the mirror of soul where one is able to see and understand a lot of things. The eyes never tell lie. I really want to know how you imagine the awesome dating? Have a nice day and a good mood. Ariana :*
Letter 8
Greetings Richard. How are you? I'm so pleased to get a respond from you. Every I receive the letter from you I'm really pleased as if I am a child and a smile can be seen on my face. Thinking of an ideal randezvous takes me back to my 1st kiss. That time I seventeen years, I was a fresman at a university. There was a fellow student who was very nice and gorgeous.He did not pay attention to me nevertheless I adored him so much that I could not couldn't stop looking at him. Time of examinations bagan, he wasn't able to pass the exam but I helped him to pass it, the lecturer was my granny's close-knit companion. When he passed the examination he was overjoyed so he invited me to the snack bar to have a cup of coffee. He said that he wanted to show his appreciation to me buying coffee and a dessert. I was not able believe that after a long time he had payed attention to me.Nevertheless, I understood that it was owing to my aid to him but not because of his liking towards me. We visited the bistro and after he took me home home I had the guts to kiss him. It was my 1st kiss in my life and up to the present time I call to mind it.Unfortunately that was our last meeting. And do you call to mind your 1st kiss? What was your age? How it happened? I'm very interested in it. Let me know please of your first kissing. I know boys start to have relations with young ladies faster than the young ladies start doing that. Quiet possibly you will be too surprised by such questions but I am in a intimate spirit and I do want to talk with you about it. I will look ahead to an answer sincerely from you. Your penfriend name. And very likely not just a friend but more. Ariana :)
Letter 9
Good afternoon Richard. I have been looking forward to a response sincerely from you. You see, regularly watching people I am thinking about how they can lose faith with such simplicity when they face the life troubles, how they end fighting for the prosperity, how the people fail doing something and can't change anything in their life, I am thinking about how they can just go with the flow. Anyhow I've had much obsticles which I have said you about in my last mails. I did and accepted what other people were doing because it was the easiest thing to do. I wanted nothing but eventually I posted a mail for you and chatting with you changed me. I stopped going with the flow, I began my every day with a wide smile on my face. And all that was owing to you. I was really worried you would not share my feelings yet I am grateful that you did. I am afraid to say 'I love you' but I know that every day I think about you again and again. I'm starting to feel myself thrilled. I 'm hoping that our correspondence is going to become something significant. I am sending you a kissing. You can treat it the way you 'd like to. It is possible that is the start of something considerable. I'll await an answer eagerly from you. Ariana :)
Letter 10
Hi Richard. How are you getting on? I'm very delighted to gain a respond from you. When I see an email from you I'm so glad as if I 'm a small kid and a broad smile appears on my face. The idea of an excellent dating awakens my memories of my first kiss. I seventeen years of age, I was a frosh at the university. There was a fellow student who was very nice and cute.He didn't focus his attention to me nevertheless I liked him so much that I wasn't able to stop staring at him. Time of examination session came, he did not manage to pass the exam but I helped him to pass it, our lecturer was my grandmother's close-knit friend. When he passed the examination he was very delighted so he asked me to go to the snack bar to have a cup of coffee. He said he wanted to show his appreciation to me treating coffee and a dessert. I wasn't able to believe that lastly he noticed me. Though, I realised that it was due to my aid to him but not because of his feeling to me. We called on the cafe and after he had taken me home I had the guts to kiss him. It was my first kiss in my life and up to the present time I remember that moment. I regret that was our last meeting. And do you look back on your first kissing? What was your age? How did it happen? I 'm too interested in it's too interesting for me. Let me know please about your first kissing. No doubt boys start to have relations with girls faster rather than the girls start doing it. It is possible that you will be too much taken aback by such questions but I am in a romantic spirit so I really want to have a conversation with you about it. I'll look forward to an e-mail sincerely from you. Your letter writer name. And it is possible that not just a friend but more. Ariana :)
Letter 11
Hi Richard. I am very glad to get your answer. I always look ahead to an answer from you. Your every email makes me warm and fills me with euphoric emotions. Your each single word to me as a kiss on the lips is filled with tenderness and charm. Today is a birthday of my director. That's why my coworkers decided to arrange a birthday party at my work. We decided to make a surprise for her. I brought a cake, my workmates brought a bottle of champagne and some fruits. We laid the table and decorated her office. Of course she was too astonished and she even cried a little but these were the tears of joy. At the end of the work day we toasted, had some pieces of a pudding and went home. And right now I am writing an email to you. I wanted to inform you that our getting acquainted on the Internet is the freshest situation in my life for the last period of time. I am grateful to you that I am able to be excited each particular day. I wanna watch the awesome morning with you and to get pleasure from passionate evenings. I have a wish to see you in front of me. I want you to look at me with your eyes shining and saying 'I love you' It is the reall joy. Do you agree? I am posting you my kiss that expresses Love. Fair kiss of Love. Enjoy and think of it. I will go on telling you about my love and I am gonna think of you all the time. Ariana :*
Letter 12
Hello Richard. I'd like to name you Love! My darling! I want to be near you. I understood that we are able to love each other from remoteness. I 'm sure that our greeting was a karma. For the recent period of time I have felt myself as if I am the most spirited lady in the world. Every single morning I wake up with a smile on my face thinking of you. You have given me warmth and care. Despite of the kilometres between us I am sure how warm-blooded my feelings to you are. But for me it's too hard to undergo the distance that is between us. Right now the one person I need is you. I wanna look at you next to me, feel you and your breath, touch you, open my eyes laying in one bed together with you in the mornings and to pleasure from the most high-spirited morning. I do want make the best dish for you. I really want to feel your lips and hands. I can't think about the kms between us any more. Every noon I try my best to get my mind off but you are permanently in my mind and I am thinking about you 24/7. My isolation makes me loopy. I do need you, your warmness and kindness. I really want to laugh and smile together with you. I want to be each day with you. I wanna feel your tenderness right now. I am going to watch for a response from you. Ariana ;)
Letter 13
Hey Richard. things going? What do you do these days? How are your spirits? In the evening yesterday my homebody Vika visited me. She and I were sitting at the table and drinking tea and then she questioned me when I would come to name? I was astounded by her question. I wondered what she meant and she answered that it was written on my face that I am in love. At the moment not only my soul but my face says that I am madly in love. I can't hide these feelings anymore. They are overwhelming me inside. I have a wish to say loudly to all people 'I'm madly in love with him'. I have got the only 1 thought right at this time to go to your place. I have already said to my director that I would like to move to you and stay with you forever. It goes without saying my director didn't want me to leave, though at a later time she stated that it was my life and it was only my decision how to handle it. My boss also added that I 'd be able to have a job anywhere else because I'm very determined. Of course I 'm not flush with cash, although I have some money I'm able to spend on the trip to you. I did not waste my money and at the moment I'd like to spend it properly. I have a wish to go to the travel company and to buy a visit to you. What is your opinion about it? Do you want me to come to your place? If you are not against that, send me the name of your airport where I have to arrive. I don't need any giftings or flowers from you. I just wanna to look at your eyes, hear the whisper of your tender lips and feel your touch. That is the main validity for me at this present moment. I am in love with you. I will await for a mail from you. Ariana :*
Letter 14
Hey, Richard! My close friend.
I went to the travel agency. They informed that they would provide assistance to fill in all the documents to get the visa and they also would provide assistance with the passport. I made some pictures and the manager helped me to fill in the documents for the visa. She said that the tickets for the plane would be booked after the documents were ready.
I gave some more money for the documents to be ready quicker. Thus, my ticket will be ready in 5 days. To get a visa I have to go to Kiev to the Visa Centre. At the travel agency they informed that to go to your country I had to prove my financial viability. Based on the immigraton regulations of your country there are some rules of settlement for the citizens of Ukraine. One of the rules is having money on bank account for the person who is arriving on the territory of ***
I need to show my bank statements at the Visa Centre. To migrate into your country I need to have 858 eur on my bank account during the period my visa is usable 1 month. To obtain the visa I must show them the money. The money guarantees my solvency to them. It proves them that I won't go to the street, won't be violent criminal and won't earn money in a criminai way. So, I have paid money for the visit, sevices of travel bureau, the documentation and the plane tickets- 551 eur. There're only 210 eur in cash left. There're 95 eur on my bank account. I'll transfer the money onto my bank account and thus I will have 305 eur on the account.
I have a lack of 552 eur so what shall I do?
Where would I take the money? I have no idea I'm afraid. I have spent almost all the money that I had stored. I haven't canceled anything yet in view of the fact that I still have got 305 eur left. And I have thought that you could lend me 552 eur. Can you give me a hand with the sum of money? As soon as I show my bank statements and assure my solvency to the authorities of your country I will give you your money back straightaway. You see that it's too essential that the authorities of your country let me pass into your country. That's a rule. I must show to the authorities of your country that I have money on my bank account. You see that I'm gong to pay back the money to you after obtaining the visa. It means that I am going to pay back the money to you before going to your place.
I was informed at the bank office that the foreign money transfer from your country to my country will take from 3 to 5 days. Hence, if you really want to help me and are able to do that you and I mustn't waste our time!
Maybe I dared to a desperate attempt but I do hope that it's your and my predestination and we are to be together with each other! I am in no doubt that you are only man whom I hanker for, my partner for all my life. You 're going to be my only one love. That's our destiny.
I am going to look ahead to an answer from you!
Ariana :*
Letter 15
Hello my love. How do you? I just opened your letter and was surprised and glad. Thank you my dear for your help. How long do I have to wait for your money to arrive in my bank account? My dear Beloved Person !!! I am so happy that you are you who appeared in my life! You have become a discovery for me! It seems that until the moment I met you, I simply did not meet Mature Men on my way or I simply did not notice them and did not want to see them! I feel so good with you! I have a feeling of confidence in the future! Whatever happens to me We can all pass and overcome Together and Nearby !! You are my strong shoulder that I can always lean on! Thank you for everything you do for me !!!
You are my treasure!!! And I will always tell you this !!! I love you.
I will send you my bank account details in the next email.
Very miss you. Kisses, your Ariana :*
P.S. Please don't make fun of my passport photo) It's very old and I'm a little embarrassed about it.
My full name: Rantseva Ariana
My full address: Ukraine, Brovary, Korolenko Street 56a - 21
My telephone number: +380 954 40 62 98
Sum that I need (in EURO) - 550
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