Scam letter(s) from Valentina Vladimirovna Ausma to Mark (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello !? good weekend !! it was a big surprise for me when I saw a message from you, in my e-mail spam mail !?
Is everything alright ? you wanted to ask me about work !? but I see a text in a foreign language, tell us about yourself !?
Excuse me, but I became very interested and I am writing to you, tell us about yourself? Your name ? do you have a wife ? friend ?
I love to have good friends and acquaintances, currently I am single, I am 41 years old, I was born in Latvia,The city - Daugavpils - the second largest city in Latvia, located on the Daugava River (Western Dvina) near the border with Belarus and Lithuania.
My name is Ausma, it is a clean name in Latvia, but now I have been living in Russia for many years.
My roots are here, my grandfather was Latvian, and my grandmother is Russian, My dad is half Latvia and my mother is also Russian! and when I was 7 years old, my mother and I went to live in Russia.
Such a little story about me! I will send you some of my photos! and video! if you are interested to chat with me !!?
You can write to me! I wish you a great day! with a big holiday and respect Ausma Valentina Vladimirovna
Letter 2
Hello dear friend Mark !! super day Mark! I'm surprised that you answered me, I just decided to write to you)) and here's a quick answer.
I am pleased, thank you for your letter!
send your lovely photo! you are also a mature man !?
for some kind of relationship I want to get to know a man well and close, and then how will fate decide ?! do you agree ? how old are you?
tell us about your life? a family ?! hobby ? Work ? did you have a wife?
you are divorced ? I am also single now as 3.5 years old, I had a very bad relationship with a man from Turkey, I also had a Russian husband, but would have divorced him long ago, he drank alcohol a lot, this is all in the future!
I am looking for only serious relationship ! and no games ... on the Internet!
as I wrote to me 41 years old, now I live in Russia! in a small town - Voronezh, it is located 300 km from Moscow, in the capital of Russia!
my job I am leading a column of KamAZ vehicles, I am a logistician, I monitor and build routes for transportation.
The profession of a logistician presupposes a full-fledged thought over the delivery of goods from point A to point B with a minimum investment of time and money.
The logistician is studying the existing proposals for cargo transportation in order to find contractors, capable of delivering with a minimum of congestion. If overloads cannot be avoided (and in most cases it is), the task of the logistician is to find profitable warehouses at transfer points without delaying the goods and without increasing the cost of the trip.
my work schedule 2 days I work, the first day from 7 am to 8 pm, the second shift from 8 pm to 7 am, then I have 2 days off, then I work 24 hours a day, and rest for 2 days! here is such a non-reinforced schedule !!
waiting for your detailed letter!
I've already sent you my photo! also have you watched my video ??
in the letter I will try to send my photo again!
Have a nice day! have a good week and good mood!
Ausma Valentina Vladimirovna
Letter 3
Hello again my dear friend Mark !! how are you, how did you sleep !?
really it's fate that we got to know each other so, I'm glad of this event.
I woke up ... in a great mood!
prepare breakfast, and drink coffee. then go to the office to work.
I am very glad to receive your letter! Send your photos !!
you are a great man, there are no good chtoli girls in your region? what kind of mildness do your girls have?
I heard that your girls live for themselves, love only themselves and have little respect for a man?
don't like to cook? cleaning the house, of course sorry .. maybe it's a rumor ...
of course all people are different, both in character and behavior.
Please send your photos !! Good !))
I will tell a lot about myself, but it was good things about me.
I promised to write about my shortcomings. I believe there are good and bad in every person.
sides of character. There are no perfect people! What do you think about it ?
I will try to tell you more about my character. Are you interested? Ok, I'll start ...
Very smiling and active, friendly and always cheerful - on the one hand, and somewhat reserved and even to some extent lonely - on the other. I think life is very short to be lonely !!
I know that I am not a perfect girl and one of my main flaws is that I, whom I want, can bring out with my oddities! I have two cups.
And from one I drink exclusively tea, from the other - coffee exclusively.
Nobody understands me.
I want to change myself to become better. Perhaps you can help me with this?
I am an ambitious woman, but time has made me loyal and thinking about my own family.
My ambitious mind means that I am ready to enjoy life and try to achieve a happy life.
I am a great optimist, but at the same time I am a very romantic girl. In a relationship, I appreciate most of all honesty and lack of motive for jealousy. If a person loves, he is jealous,
I know this, but it can offend the feelings of the partner. I think to show love better than to show jealousy. I want to know what you think about it?
I do not like to write a lot, only after the fact!
I was glad to know more about you, I studied it closely. It helps me get to know you better and understand your personality.
and open up to you and tell you about my qualities and my family!
Nowadays, online dating is becoming more and more popular among people.
There are many relationship success stories that started out this way.
I decided to search the Internet.
I think that our acquaintance is a good tool to get to know each other well, and why not !?
including for people living in another country.
After that friendship, good relationship in love, fate will decide ...
When I find a man interesting for me, nationality and distance are not top priorities.
I pay more attention to the character of the person and whether the harmony between them is correct.
In general, I'm not looking for long-term penpals, or anyone who just talks all the time but doesn't get turned on. ; O)
I will try to tell a little about my character. I don't know how to start it, I think that I am a very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, I like good humor. I really appreciate such qualities in people as loyalty and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it is a very valuable thing that needs to be protected.
I love it when they give me compliments and am ready to listen to them endlessly.
for me it is necessary that there is cleanliness and order around me, I often do cleaning in my house.
I like the romantic relationship between a man and a woman, but probably all women dream of meeting a good person, having a beautiful romantic relationship with him.
But often these things end very quickly. I have no intention of wasting myself on such acquaintances.
Until I met such a person in my life to whom I would decide to give myself and my life.
but I would like to find such a person. I think that the main thing for a woman is not to have a career in life or another success, and a strong family and a loved one nearby to take care of him.
I hope to meet an intelligent, romantic, kind, sensual, loyal person who appreciates love, sensitive heart and needs love and support from a caring and sincere woman.
I will be very happy to meet such a person to share my dreams and desires.
I look forward to your lovely letter, I wish you a good day ! Have a good mood !!
Best regards from Russia! your friend Ausma
Letter 4
Hello Mark. Again you write me a letter and again I am happy to write an answer! I must confess Your letters give me great pleasure. With every letter I see that you are good a man and a very interesting person! Yes, we met you quite recently.
But I feel that you are a very good person. And I will always tell you everything sincerely.
I feel like I can trust you !? I rarely make mistakes in people. I also want you to trust too me and was sincere with me. I think I am very lucky to have a friend like you Mark!
And I would like to know what you think of me? Just answer me honestly!
Do you have any emotions when you see my letter? I will be very curious to know about this!
I ask you to send me your photos! or I just won't answer you! what's the problem to send your photos ??
I think - Happiness with a woman is possible only on condition of complete sincerity of spiritual communication.
Not long ago we were strangers, but now we are tuned in to the same wavelength.
In the morning, opening my eyes, I know that you also woke up. You go to put tea, and I - coffee.
We feel each other, like a receiver and a transmitter, working on the same frequency, on an extraordinary wave, which ordinary radio will not catch! And I'm sending you a signal: let's see you!
I understand male psychology - If love is important for women first of all, then for men intimate relationships are in the first place.
I understand of course this does not always work like that, people are all different and the characters of people and personality!
I believe in love and feelings! so I liked you as a man .. we will look further as everything goes)) our relationship!
This does not mean that a man does not want love and does not experience it. It's just that instincts often prevail and there is nothing you can do about it.
I think you deserve your happiness and you will definitely meet a beautiful woman, with which you will be a happy person! Life is so arranged that for every person there is its second half in the world. And sooner or later he finds her and becomes happy !!
A person can search for his love all his life, but still find it !! There are billions of people in the world!
And everyone has a second half. Yes, it also happens that they live in different cities, in different countries, on different continents !! But fate still gives them a chance one day when they meet !!
Each person has his own destiny, his own way of life. We always have a choice: do it one way or another.
People always choose the best that fate gives them! Of course, a person can be wrong.
You can also learn something better from mistakes. Become wise and reasonable. Reason correctly and teach others. But still, each person learns from his mistakes, from his life experience.
Everything is not easy !! Happiness needs to be earned, to go through some difficulties! Make mistakes, move on; make mistakes again and move on again !! Look for your happiness and still find it !!
The main thing is to believe in it !! And all dreams will come true one day !! Now I have one dream:
Meet your loved one! Have a quiet family happiness! Take care of your husband and children!
Give all my love and affection to my half! Share everything: joy and sorrow !!
Go to the future together !! Give happiness to my family!
This is my dream and I will share it with you! I usually don't talk about deep ideas and opinions, but I wrote, because I feel the urge to reveal it to you. You will learn about me, my life, my dreams!
Mark, I would also like to know your thoughts on your future? How do you envision the future?
It will be interesting for me to find out!
I will look forward to your letter !! I wish you a great mood for the whole day !!!
hug !!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend and man Mark!
I came home from a night shift, there were a lot of shipments on Sunday, I'm very tired, now write you a letter and take a hot shower and get some sleep.
how are you Did you miss me ?? OK, darling ...
As always a surprise ... !!
Now I see your letter and a smile on my face! :) My mood is wonderful because I see your lines again.
You shared your feelings and I loved your story. It becomes warmer in my soul with every letter you write.
In my heart there is more and more tenderness and warmth for you! Yes, we have known each other quite recently.
But we already know a lot about each other through letters. I understand that I really like you!
I understand that it is difficult to show all feelings and emotions through letters, but if a person really really likes it, even in words you can show all your feelings! I would like positive emotions to be conveyed to you through my letters.
and a charge of energy. I am now worried as a young girl, but I will be determined!
I want you to call me YOUR GIRL !! And I called you MY MAN !!
I am now very embarrassed to write to you about this! It turns out, I suggest you be my man, although a man should talk about it to a woman! But sometimes the situation depends on the girl !! Everything is in our hands, and if we really want something, we must act! Go to your goal! Go and believe that you will succeed! you can't give up! if you like a man and you see that you are also not indifferent to him, you need to take the initiative into your own hands !!
I'm a girl and I shouldn't tell you about this. The first steps towards a relationship should be made by a man.
But I will not rush. let time show what will happen next between us!
you need to understand what is happening in our hearts! if we take our time and will go towards each other, then a bright and wonderful future can await us!
I hope my words don't scare you ?! :))
I thought that we can take one more step towards each other! We can hear our voices on the phone!
It would be great !! Mark, I will call you and tell you that this is Ausma from Russia!
Talking on the phone will make you feel so much real! What do you think about it ?
Well, I opened my feelings to you! My heart became much easier! What do you think about me ?
Do you have any feelings for me? If you are not ready for a serious relationship, just write to me about it.
Don't worry, I will understand. Please answer me honestly. It's important for me.
Think over my words and I am waiting for your answer and your phone number !!
I want to wish you a great mood and a good day !!
From the bottom of my heart, your Ausma
Letter 6
Hello my very best! Expensive ! Favorite man in the world Mark !!
How are you, darling !? How did you sleep ? how is your mood !? hope all is well ...
Today I woke up in a great mood !! I open my eyes and think immediately about you !! I mentally wished you good morning and started getting ready for work !!
Mark, when I start to write you a letter, I don't even know what I'm going to talk to you about today. I have so many thoughts in my head and I try to write everything to you one after another. I also try to put my emotions and impressions into it !!
Now I can think of you as my man! It feels so good!
I feel happy thanks to you and your letters !! I'm even a little at a loss, that I have such emotions from correspondence with a man from another part of the world !!
The most important thing is to love and trust each other 101% !! then the relationship will be super strong .. !!
Relationships provide a chance for emotional fulfillment, intimacy and understanding of the deepest level.
Nothing gives the life of the majority as much meaning as a relationship.
Love and relationships are the easiest way to happiness ... But unfortunately, too, if you do not know the secrets of this subtle art.
I reveal them here.
Who is the boss in the family, who is older, who earns more, who is responsible for what, will there be common children, how much time is spent together, what orientation the partners have, what games they practice in the bedroom, where and how they live - all this does not matter as long as both are satisfied.
No matter what outside observers say.
The point is not to create the "right" relationship, but to understand what you yourself want, and what you can really count on with the person next to you. This is not how it works! I think a woman should always listen to a man!
and find compromises with a man. and then the family will be happy! there will be no disagreement! disputes! and scream!
I love a cool relationship! so that everything is good and in great harmony !!
I began to notice that I started to change a little !! Our acquaintance changes my life! I really like it and I don't want to to stop it!
I want us to always tell each other everything! Always trusted each other !! Trust is the main thing in our relationship!
There is no strong and good relationship without trust !! I feel that I can open my heart and soul to you !!
And I want to tell you something.
Mark, yesterday I had a meeting with my best friends. They came to visit me.
When they entered my house, they said that I look very happy and my eyes are shining. They asked me what happened to me? did I fall in love? I just smiled back at them. :)
I also shared a little my emotions from our correspondence. They were very happy for me! they told me that I hadn’t smiled for so long and hadn’t glowed with happiness. I just tell them that a man from abroad gives me such joy!
Yes, you and I are from different countries, we have a different culture. But above all, we have a relationship development.
It is pleasant for us to communicate and some pleasant feelings arise between us. Some time ago I could not have thought that it would be more interesting for me to write you letters every time.
I don't know what will happen to us later. I don't want to think about the distant future. Let everything take its course.
And I have a little question, I cannot wait, and I am willing to ask. Do you feel like we might have something serious?
Our relationship is developing more and more every day. I am very happy that you appeared in my life!
You are a very good and kind man who writes me warm and gentle letters!
I will send you my tender kiss! This will be our first kiss, although it cannot be done in person :))
hope you will be very pleased !!
My tender embrace! and kiss a lot ... !! ))
With growing love and desire, your Ausma p.s: you are probably already used to the photographs you saw. I hope these photos will give you good emotions.
Letter 7
Hello my unearthly and distant joy Mark !! I want to give you my tender kiss from the first lines, so that you can start reading my letter with a kiss on your lips !!!
I'm glad to hear that you are serious about me. I felt it in your words, and this feeling is indescribable.
Here are a few qualities between people that I really appreciate.
1) Love: I want to love, and I want to be loved by the man of my dreams, and that is why I am looking for a man, who will love me with all his heart. Love is the main thing and I'm sure love is the beginning of everyone other feelings between people who want to be together.
2) Honesty: this is very important as the stage of our relationship when we write each other emails, because if someone is in letters, and in reality everything is not what he wrote, that this is very bad, and it will not turn into anything.
3) Responsibility: I think this character trait is very important because we are thinking about creating a family, where we will love and care for each other, and without responsibility, we will not have any success in this.
4) Desire: I wish to love, make a family, and wish to be with my other half until the end of our days.
This desire is very important to me.
5) Character: we should always listen to each other, and come to the same opinion together, never shout or swear, but to draw conclusions and go to one good goal.
6) And the last one is to accept both of us as we are. I write about this because it can be difficult to live with people, who have a different culture, a different mother tongue, but I think that if you have a strong love, won't it be that serious for us? This is all I want to see in you and I hope what are you ready to give me all this? I really want to tell you that I am ready to give you all that what I wrote about and even more.
That's my opinion, and I want you to write me your opinion on this. - Okay?
I think about our first meeting all the time, I worry ........ I don't know how will I behave ......... probably when we meet you, I, like a young girl, will worry, I will not be able to speak, but this will be fleeting, because for me you have become a close person, I like as if I have known you for many years. You will smile at me, give me beautiful flowers and you will say warm and beautiful words. I'll smile at you too, hug you and kiss on the cheek ... And then, you "would lead me to that world, to that unknown, beautiful and romantic world in which we would be together and you would surprise me, you and I would be far from everyone, where there is joy, happiness and love. "I think we also get to know each other well !!
now, we are far from each other, and the distance seems so far and long, but you have become for me a very close, most beloved person in the whole world.
When I look at your photos, it seems to me that you are next to me, you gently hug me, hug me, ****** my shoulders, touch my hair, kiss my neck, kiss my lips tenderly as I read your letters, I hear your voice, you whisper beautiful and sweet words to me, speak to me, that you love me, that I am your dearest, most gentle and beautiful woman.
I believe that our acquaintance will not end just like that! Maybe we'll just be pen pals maybe our correspondence will lead to the beginning of a more serious ...
Life is a very interesting thing! Two people live, they don't know anything about each other, and one fine day meet each other !! Sometimes they think, why didn't we meet earlier? Why have we lived for so long so far apart? There are billions of people in the world! I met you exactly, and you met me exactly !!
I don't know how to describe my feelings for you. I just want to ask you to be frank with me and if you start to love, or you have already fallen in love with me, show it, rejoice in it, because I am.
It seems to me that I'm starting to fall in love with you! How else can you call it?
Of course, I'm a little scared to talk about it so openly to you. But I only tell you what's going on in my soul !! I treat you sincerely and seriously and write openly about my feelings !!!
And also I want to ask about your feelings and what does your heart say?
I hope for the reciprocity of our relationship. Yes, relationships are not easy to build. It doesn't depend on one person.
Relationships are built by two people! I understand that now I don't need anyone but you !!
I confidently go to meet you, to our future !! You have no idea how much I would like to see you !!!
Yes, now our happiness with you is only in letters and in our soul, but I hope that we will feel it together, in reality !! Mark, I want to tell you that our future depends only on us, from our desire and from our actions !! All in our hands!! As we want, so it will be !!
I am writing this letter to you with great emotions and great excitement !! My heart is beating very hard right now!
My emotions overwhelm me !! You gave me pleasant feelings and I really want these feelings to grow more !!
What do you think about all this? Would you like to cultivate our shared feeling?
And strive for our joint future? Well, I told you what's going on in my soul !!
You let me live again and feel like a happy and needed girl !!! And what will you answer to my letter?
I will await your next letter with trepidation !! Today is Friday and I wish you a good weekend!
with great respect from Russia,
I kiss and hug you tight !!!
From the bottom of my heart, Ausma
Letter 8
Hello my most Handsome! Kind ! Clever ! the man in the world Mark.
I read your letters and feel like the happiest ******* earth !!
I feel strong and hot energy! I'm sure our dreams will come true.
The main thing is that our desires coincide and be mutual !!
I think a lot about us, I think about our future with you !! I dream a lot !! Mark, and you know if you want and wish something for a long time and strongly, then it will definitely come true !!
But of course you need this go, strive !!! Now I have you, you have me !! And we have to thank fate that you found me, and I found you !! you are not lonely, i am not lonely! I understand now that you are very very important to me! I never wanted to be with a man so much! I feel that we are created for each other !! I want to feel you in reality !! Yes, now you and I are divided thousands of kilometers. But even such a distance can be overcome! I understand that in reality our the first date will be even more beautiful, warmer !! This is crazy !! But I melt from it !!
I'm not afraid to talk about my feelings! I want you to know that one girl needs you, needs you!
The name of this girl is Ausma - Valentina !!
I want to change my life! I want to change my life with you! I want to build our future together !!
Can you imagine if we see each other in reality, what feelings we will experience ??!
When we see you, our correspondence will seem to us such a small piece of happiness!
It's time for us to move on to the next stage of our relationship. My intention is to meet you !!
Meeting you now is all I think about, you are all I think !!
And I think our meeting will be a logical end for our correspondence.
Very Good Sunday !! the mood is super, in the morning I listen to music and do the cleaning in the apartment, mop the floors, **** out the polvek, water all the flowers, then make breakfast and lunch !!
What are your plans for Sunday ?!
I would very much like to have a good and strong family based on good emotional connection, first of all, and understanding and, of course, love. I am I think these are the most important things. I would like to my significant other is next to me to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and that there is a person next to me to whom I can give all my tenderness and the care that is inside me. I have something to give, but now there is no one special to whom i can give this and i dont want spend it only on someone, I want to meet my only one, my special.
I just need something good in my life at least once, I hope that it could be you. Today I walked in the park and thought about you, I thought what could be if you were next to me.
I imagined how we walk side by side together, holding hands, looking into the eyes and talking to each other, then we go to a cafe, sit down for a cup of coffee and talk again!
Then we go to the cinema, watch a horror movie, I get scared and you cuddle up to me and say, “Don't be afraid, dear, I am with you and hug me. " I'd love to walk with you hand in hand. I would be very happy to be by your side.
Unfortunately, we are so far apart that this is not possible at the moment. But I hope that everything will change.
When I see couples in my environment (friends, acquaintances and work colleagues) and see how it is already for two, I also want that security and togetherness. Now I want me to find this person in you!
And now I mentally hug you and feel how good it is. You can feel the warmth too.
Well my dear Mark! I wish you a good and good weekend!
always your Ausma !! )) I gently hug you and a million kisses !!
waiting for your nice letter with a photo !!
million Kisses )) !!!
Letter 9
Hello again my dear! Lovely Man Mark !! How are you, darling ?!
I am always very happy when I see your sender in my inbox :-)
I am waiting for your letters, I want to read and hear what touches you, how you are doing.
Did you sleep well last night? For my part, everything is going well, especially since when I receive an email from you, it gives me motivation!
I don't have to think too much about writing to you because it is so natural to discuss with you.
If one day we have the happiness of going from dream to reality or from virtual to reality, we will be the happiest in the world.
Of course, I think it's perfectly possible, even if it's not necessarily easy.
I think if we are both motivated, sincere and not toying with the growing feelings of the other person, anything is possible.
So far, based on what I know about you, I got the impression that you are a good person, serious, and at the same time, I feel that you are a little different from other women, because there is something between us. special! But hey, I really enjoy talking to you and getting to know you by letter.
I think it really could work between us and the story would be even more beautiful.
I also want to ask you two or three questions, Ausma;
- Do you still have wounds from your past and old relationships that have not yet healed?
- What do you fear or fear about us?
- How do you feel about our relationship? Do you think this could lead to the big love story we've already started?
For my part, I still wait a bit before talking to those around me because, as I told you, I already had some unpleasant surprises in connection with my previous relationship in Russia.
However, I hope that this time we will be fine and we will have a happy future together ...
I hope I brought you a ray of sunshine on your day!
For my part, I will wait for your answer, because it is always nice to hear your thoughts ...
I kiss you tenderly
It is very pleasant for me when you do not ignore my questions and answer sincerely.
I hope my questions don't tire you too much. So far I have learned a lot about one very good person, and I am very, very grateful to him!
You are showing me a completely pleasant, healthy outlook on life as I imagine it.
But I want to tell you this in my own words.
At the moment you give me very strong feelings. The thought of getting to know you better and, perhaps being able to live with you makes our contact a little like a dream. A dream that I really want to live in.
I would be very happy if I could expand this contact with you and perhaps allow the relationship to develop on its basis.
My feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger!
Today I walked in the park and thought about you, I thought what would happen if you were next to me.
I imagined how we walk side by side together, holding hands, looking into the eyes and talking to each other, then we go to a cafe, sit down for a cup of coffee and talk again! Then we go to the cinema, watch a horror movie I get scared and you cuddle up to me and say, "Don't be afraid, dear, I'm with you and hug me."
I would love to walk with you hand in hand. I would be very happy to be by your side.
Unfortunately, we are so far apart that this is not possible at the moment. But I hope that everything will change.
When I see couples in my environment (friends, acquaintances and work colleagues) and see how it is already for two, I also want that security and togetherness. Now I want me to find this person in you!
And now I mentally hug you and feel how good it is. You can feel the warmth too.
Warm hugs and love greetings always yours, with the heart of Ausma
Letter 10
Hello MY HAPPINESS Mark !! All my life and our destiny!
I am very happy about the events that await us ahead !!
I am very glad that we are going forward and trying to arrange a meeting with you !! I am looking forward, when can i say hello my love mark - in person !!
To be honest, I'm not the type to like to write emails back and forth for a long period of time.
I had the experience that through this you really don't recognize anyone. The best and easiest way to do this is to meet in person.
What do you think my dear! ?? this is a very serious step for me! to go to you !!
Mark, I think about you a lot. I feel joy because I met you and at the same time I feel sad because you are far away. I thought how good it would be if we could be together. You would hold my hand, we would talk to each other.
Sometimes I imagine that we are together and we are doing something together, walking, sitting in a cafe, watching movies, etc. But now it is only dreams and illusion. Of course, more often than not, we must act, so that dreams become reality, and a lot in life depends on us. And maybe one day it will happen in reality.
I like reading love poems. I especially like Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila". A story of endless love.
I have already read it several times and each time I more and more understand the meaning of love in human life.
Life without love is not real life; it is like the existence of a plant. It's very hard for me to live without love, especially after I learned from my own experience the consequences of non-mutual love. I would not like to repeat mistakes anymore.
I dream of finding mutual love.
My dream is gradually coming tr9ue. For you, my dear, I have such feelings as for anyone else. I think about you all the time. And you?
I ask you to answer me sincerely! I write to you with all my heart and I trust you. Every second my feelings for you accumulate.
Now, most of all, I would like to meet you. This became a definite goal for me.
I don't notice other men anymore, I only think of you. I ask you to answer me as soon as possible.
Your letters bring me great pleasure.
let's discuss it! our real meeting in the future !! Ok, sweetheart !!
Sorry for the short letter!
Have a nice day ! Great mood !!
Mark, I also want to tell you that our future depends only on us,
from our desire and from our actions !! All in our hands!! As we want, so it will be !!
I ask you to think about my words! As the saying goes, the impossible is possible!
And I think the best time is ahead of us !! I will end my letter on this warm note !!
And I will wait for your answer !! I hug you tightly and kiss you tenderly, always your Ausma p.s. I will send some photos and videos again !! Kiss you)))
Letter 11
Hello my most beloved and dear man in the world Mark !!
Your letters are like my daily bread, if I do not receive them, I will die of hunger!
I am happy that I can touch your heart a little, and now a piece of my heart belongs to you.
Please tell me what are you doing with my heart? You touch me, although I hardly know you, I like it, I like it.
Yesterday I told my parents about us, showed them your photos and told them that I was serious about you Mark, and that you are a good person. They would be very happy when we both become a couple and decide the future together.
You know Mark that parents always wish their children only good and are happy when their children are happy!
My mother and my friends wish us strong happiness.
And you told your family members about me. I think your friends will also ask many critical questions, when you talk to them about us and your intentions.
I thought what would happen if we meet in person soon. Have you ever wondered .........
where and where would you like to meet me?
These thoughts are very interesting. We don't need to rush to meet exactly the way you want.
Just think and talk about it. I would be happy if we really met, and I could look deep into your eyes ... go for a walk together ... meet your parents, and we will love being young. :-) My mom thinks too.
This will strengthen our relationship and we will get to know each other better, since we cannot really act.
I would very much like to be alone with you, to track you, to feel you, to smell you, to give you warmth, just to be with you. ****** your hair gently, look deep into your eyes and feel that there is something much deeper in us. Great idea!
Mark, so we can form a complete opinion about us, learn about many things.
How is your day today? Have you thought a lot about me? :-) I just came from the store, just turned on the music and enjoy a good day. today I have a day off.
What kind of music do you hear? I am pleased to read your letter and thank you for your words.
I'm going to make myself something to eat, a couple of noodles with homemade pesto. What did you eat for dinner today?
Please write what is your favorite food: pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, casserole, soups?
I want to tell you that in the great Russia of the former Soviet Union, people are very hospitable and, above all, women are excellent cooks. It doesn't matter what they cook there, they always cook deliciously and with love.
I can do a pretty good job in the kitchen, my mom took care of this many years ago. You will be able to convince of this in due time.
I easily make various salads, soups, as well as game and fish. I prefer fish to a greater extent.
Probably you love delicious food. We have a proverb: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."
I took a photo too and hope you enjoy it!
I hope that you are doing well and that you are in a good mood too, and that your tomorrow will be successful.
Many gentle kisses) I adore you very much !! with Growing Love)) always your Ausma
Letter 12
Hello, as always, my favorite man in the world, Mark !!
Thank you for your frank letter. How are you today. Hope you are doing well and in a good mood.
I have easy days and I have a strange feeling because I think about you and plan the future with you, although we haven't met in person yet, but I feel like we need each other! We really should meet sometime!
I want to change my life! I want to change my life with you! I want to build our future together! I decided to study foreign languages and thus overcome the language barrier between us. And I think our meeting will be a logical end for our correspondence.
I would like to see life in your country! with my own eyes. I would like to see your daily life, your home, your work, your leisure time.
I want to see you, feel it all ...
If my arrival to you does not create, do not create, do not do, do not do, do not do, do. This is a very serious step for me.
Ideally, we could meet soon in December. Let's discuss this properly. I am waiting for your opinion.
I think we'll have a really good time! I will take care of you! prepare breakfast in the morning! for lunch, cook something from Russian cuisine, in the evening we will talk nicely! watch TV and hug each other cutely! I think this will be the happiest time for us!
I am a very gentle girl! I don't like screaming! I like to learn a lot of new things!
Ok, sweetheart !!
I want to wish you a great mood and have a nice day! good evening !!
Always yours Ausma! I hug you very gently! kiss a lot)) P.s. will you send me your photo? !! smile)) or not!
Letter 13
Hello my sunshine
dear Mark,
Your words make my heart beat faster.
I'm so excited about the moment we first met.
My hands and lips can't wait to feel yours. I want to kiss and hug you, breathe your scent.
Experience with yourself every day, be gentle and laugh.
I'm a little ***** and I barely fell asleep yesterday. I was fascinated by the thought of our meeting.
This is a joyful event for me and I have a lot of emotions from it. You gave a whole sea of ​​emotions in my life.
I want to say that it is very pleasant for a woman, the belief that a man exists, exists in the fact that a man exists, exists in that there is a man. Such a thought influences a woman's opinion and behavior.
So thank you Mark for making me feel this. And what thoughts and fantasies do you have about that day, what will you meet me? please write to me about it.
How do you imagine our meeting? I propose to meet.
I'm going to you! :)
I am looking for you in a crowd of people, and I cannot find you!
Then I heard your voice "Ausma!" I lift my head and see you.
And you asked me what my flight was.
You want to take my luggage.
But, I will answer that I myself am able to cope with my luggage.
You give me a bouquet of flowers .... :)
At this moment, I put my bags to receive flowers.
I say "Thank you!" At this moment you take my luggage and carry.
I say again, I try to say something, but it's impossible for me, because me, because me, because yum yum yum worries ...
Later, we enter the cafe and I stop worrying.
Then I don't have enough imagination. What do we do now?
How do you like my dream? Oh how I miss you and I am so glad to see you.
I told my friend Irina about you, and she would be very happy if we both became a couple and decided to live together.
My mom and other friends would also like my loneliness / my lonely life to end soon and I have found a decent and responsible person. It doesn't matter where this person is from.
And I already firmly believe that we will be good together and that falling in love can quickly lead to great love, that will bind us together for life.
My friend also told me that the trip would be expensive.
This is my concern. no difficulties and expenses of money will stop me.
Trust me, it's very inconvenient to talk to you about this.
But I really don't know what to do. I have money to travel to you I will not be stopped by any expenses to be happy with you !! and have a good time!
We must take care of each other. This is the foundation of any relationship.
If no one cares about each other, then there will be no relationship.
I hope this won't be a problem for us and we don't have to worry about it.
Write what you think about it. Was it okay for you to answer me this question or is it completely impolite from me?
I want to apologize again if I wrote something wrong in today's letter.
I love you so much ! I really want to hug you really !! have a nice day !
excellent Mood! 100 million kisses !! my hug !!
always your Ausma
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