Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear! Well, I couldn't resist temptation to write to you when I saw your profile on a date site! You are someone I would like to get to know better soon. At the moment we are like two strangers whose eyes have met across a crowded street and are stopping to find out more about each other, to find out what made us stop and look closer. Let me a little introduce myself just to make you understand who I am and what I appreciate in men. My name is Svetlana and I want you to know from the very beginning one fact - I have a daughter - her name is Maria. I don't think that a child can be a problem for strong relations and for strong love... She's really my sun, my sense for living, my air! She's little, almost 3. Just if you won't be scared about that fact and also if you are not afraid to connect your life with woman, who's having child... so let's start! I won't tell you that I had very easy life, I'm still hoping for the real live that can happen in my life! I'm looking into the future with smile and optimistic thoughts! I strongly consider, people are angels with one wing and we can fly only hugging each other. Somewhere I read that and I can't forget. That's absolutely true! Everything in our life happens due to love!
My favourite dream is to seat at night with dear person, to watch at stars… to seat in the moonlight… and dream together about our future, talking about past day.. just feel worm of each other and be sure – that will last forever! I'm woman, I want to be loved and also to love my dear man!!! I want to have simple happiness! I dislike liars, cheats, pretence, lazy people, and arrogance. I can say that I'm romantic person, probably in our world it's not easy to be such, still I'm who I am.. and also for me main thing - your future attitude to my child. Please, understand me correct, just like mother I'm thinking first of all about that little girl, who's life depends on me completely! I'm wising to her only good and quiet life.. I also would be only happy to find a real father to her, to find that man, who will pamper and rear her like his own daughter.. I'll be glad for you to write me! At least – it's better to be sorry about what you've done then about you didn't.. you agree with me? ;)
Hope, you will send me your photo!!! Please, write me your reply soon.. Yours sincerely Svetlana.
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