Scam letter(s) from Elena Sivko to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello,Richard! Of course, as soon as we get to know each other better, then we can talk on the phone
I am very pleased that you answered my letter that I sent you. I am writing from my main mail, because the last mail was hacked and I decided to create a new one.I am Elena and I am 33 years old, I will tell you a little about myself: I was born and live in Ukraine, now I am studying at the international Scientific and Technical University named after Yuri Bugai, majoring in marketing. I have the opportunity to come to study for an exchange, I also do dancing, this is my hobby. Previously, I wanted to do them on a professional level and in the future to teach children, to be a choreographer. I hope that my dream will come true, because I am making progress in this, but this is just a dream. I also work in parallel, but all this is temporary, it's all very difficult to read. I really hope for your answer, because I really want to have friends in your country and would like to know a lot about you: what do you do and what city do you live in? Maybe we could meet. I will also send you my photo so that you can see me. And I would be very grateful if you would send me your photos. Sincerely Elena.
Letter 2
Hello, Richard. It was nice to wake up in the morning and see your answer. I don't have Skype.
I am very interested in what is happening with people, especially in another country, I have never been to other countries and I am interested in how people live and what they do, in any case, I am very grateful to you that you answered.
I want to tell you a little about myself: My height is 166 cm, and my weight is 51 kilograms. I think all the time that I need to lose a little weight, because because of dancing I have a very bulky waist.
I live in the city of Chernihiv, it is located in Ukraine. I am half Armenian. I am an orphan and have never seen my parents. I ended up in an orphanage after their death when I was 2 years old.
If you don't mind, I'd like to tell you about my studies, I have some good news. I applied for training and further work on the exchange of experience between countries and submitted the documents about 2 weeks ago, so I should receive an answer soon. According to the deadlines I was told, he should come today or tomorrow, so I'm still waiting for him.
How do you spend your personal time ? What do you do on weekends ?
I'm also sending you my photos.
Letter 3
Hello, Richard.
Today I have good news: I received an answer for training and further work on the exchange of experience. He came at night, I just completely forgot about the time difference and you can imagine - the answer is positive. I will still come and study to be a manager, and in the future I will learn from the best specialists in this industry. I am very happy about this and I am ready to jump to the ceiling with happiness. Representatives contacted my university after learning about my success, as well as that I was an orphan, and they decided to offer me an International Student Exchange and internship at work. But I also won a grant from several students in the competition, which includes paying for a visa and tickets, plus $9,000 for expenses during my stay in your country. This money will be in the bank in my account and I will be able to receive it at the embassy as soon as I arrive. I also want to tell you that first I will be in the capital of your country for 2 weeks. Of course, I will be provided with free food and housing, Ukraine will take care of all this.
It's just the best day of my life. I'd love to see you.
I have already said that I have been working on the last 3 days and am going to Kiev to meet with my program manager, I will be accompanied and instructed on various issues.
I am so glad that you will be the person with whom I will spend time in a new country for me, will you help me get used to it?
By tradition, I am sending you a photo.
Happy Elena.
Letter 4
Hi, how are you? How are you doing?
It was a pleasure to read your answer.
Today I stayed up all night and thought about how I would get on at the airport and as soon as I got off the plane. A new life will begin, will you be able to meet me at the airport?
I will receive tickets and all the necessary documents upon arrival in Kiev, they should have already been bought, because I contacted the curator of the program, and sent my data for the purchase of tickets. I just can't believe this is happening to me, it's like I'm in a dream.
I work in a club, I dance: Go-Go, Waaking, Vogue. Do you know what kind of dancing it is? Have you ever visited clubs where girls dance?
I'd like to tell you something, I haven't had a boyfriend in a very long time. My last boyfriend was a very bad person, it was a very toxic relationship, but I found the strength to leave him. Now I am looking for a man only for serious and long-term relationships. I hope I didn't push you away with such a confession. I'll send you a photo of my new underwear, I hope you like it.
Letter 5
I am very glad to hear your answer, Richard. It was important for me to know how you would react to all this, but I couldn't help talking about it, now I'm clean in front of you. I wanted to leave this job for a long time, but earning there, I could pay the bills and live on this money, but I couldn't start saving.
I very rarely drink and do not smoke tobacco at all. We could meet and sit in a restaurant, drink a glass of wine, this is enough for me to relax.
Today and tomorrow I will be preparing for the trip, I need to collect everything I need, I have written a list of what I need so that I don't have to buy anything upon arrival. What kind of weather do you usually have at this time of year ?
I want to ask you something, I hope you don't mind: have you ever had *** with a foreigner? It's just that I haven't had *** for so long and I really want to have *** with a foreigner, it excites me so much that I can't stop thinking about it. I'm looking forward to your answer.
I am sending you a photo so that you can describe your thoughts and preferences as vividly as possible.
Your Elena
Letter 6
My dear Richard, I have been waiting for your reply with great excitement to find out what you think about my last letter?
I would like to tell you about my desires and preferences. I like foreplay and I can do it for a very long time. Also now I have a very big ****** appetite, lately I often ********** with my toys, most often I do it on my bed. I can send you a couple of my videos, you don't mind, do you?
I imagined our first evening: we drink a couple of glasses of wine and go to my room. Then you started stroking me with your hands and kissing me all over my body. I would be very wet and begging you to come inside me. I love wild *** and ***** words, expressions that you could slap me on the ***, holding my hair in your hands. I love to do *******, I love **** ***, so I want you to lick my *****. I like the doggy pose, and I also like the pose from above. Do you want me to be your rider?
Probably my favorite position is when you take me from behind. You'll grab me by the hair and spank me. I want our first night to be the most passionate, and then you could *** in my ***** or right in my mouth. I'm very excited right now, so now I'm going to record some videos for you, I also don't mind that you send me the same thing in response.
Your Elena.
Letter 7
My **** Richard, I was waiting for your answer, but I couldn't answer right away, because I spent the whole day preparing for the trip and collecting documents, I also got vaccinated against COVID-19, because you can't leave the country without it.
Today is my last day at the club and tomorrow I'm going to Kiev and very soon I'll be next to you. Tomorrow I will tell you exactly when I will fly to you. You can write your phone number and address where you live so that I can rent a hotel as close to you as possible. But first I will need to fly to the capital of your country to get a cash grant and all the other documents at the embassy. I'll be glad if we meet on the first day, because I've been rereading your letter and I can't stop thinking about you. It seems that you have become a very close and important person for me. I had no one closer to you, everyone who communicated with me betrayed me and I do not know what I did to them wrong. Maybe I was very trusting of people, but now I feel that everything is different with us.
I'll send you a photo so that you don't forget what awaits you when I arrive.
Your Elena.
Letter 8
My dear Richard, how are you? What will the weather be like for the next week, so that I could know what to wear?
In a couple of hours I will get on the bus to go to Kiev.
I will have a hotel in Kiev, which my university provided me with. This is a very nice hotel, I saw a photo on the Internet, it's called hotelʹ Podil Plaza, it has a very convenient location.
My beloved, it seems to me that I'm starting to feel something for you. I do not know how it happens with you, but I am waiting for each of your letters and I am so grateful to you for understanding me correctly and helping me explain all the subtleties of life in your wonderful country. By the way, this is my dream, I've always loved watching some shows and films shot in certain parts of the country, so it's all imprinted in my memory.
By the way, I almost forgot about the photo, I decided to make another video that you could watch, I hope you like it.
Letter 9
My dear Richard.
I don't know how to tell you about it.
I arrived and settled in the hotel, went to eat and my internship supervisor told me to make sure that I had everything paid and there were no debts. I decided to check my taxes and called the tax office.
They said that I have a debt that needs to be paid before my departure. Because of it, I will not be able to fly out of the country until I pay it, because a law was recently passed in Ukraine that if a citizen has money debts, in the government of Ukraine, he cannot leave the country, he will simply be arrested at customs. This law was adopted due to the fact that people take loans from banks and then do not pay, do not pay for housing and that people could not hide from debts in another country, introduced such a law.
I didn't want to run away from them, it's just that if I knew about this new law, that it exists, I would immediately pay the debt.
The amount I need to pay is 13950 UAH. In dollars, it will be $485.
I do not know what to do, I have about $170 with me and this means that I need another $315. I do not know where I can find such money.
Maybe you can help me?
I will immediately pay the debt and be able to fly out safely, then I will return the money to you immediately at the meeting, you don't have to worry.
My dear, you are my only hope, I will not be able to count on anyone else for help.
If you make the transfer, I give my word of honor that I will refund you all the money. I really hope that we will see each other soon and we will be able to spend the evening together, now I will go to the curator of the program.
Dear, I really hope that you can help me ...
There is a Moneygram office nearby, my friends often use fast transfers and I know that it is very fast and safe, there is also Western Union and Riamoneytransfer.
For a money transfer, you will need my data: ELENA SIVKO, which you can see in my passport and my address of residence: Ukraine, Chernihiv region, Chernihiv city, Gogol str., house 8, apartment 17. Index 14000. Phone number +380 97 511 63 08 .
I hope you can help me and make a transfer soon. Today I will go to a meeting with the curator and will prepare the rest of the documents. Dear, if you can help me, make a transfer to my data and send me a photo of the receipt. I'm really counting on your help, my dear.
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