Scam letter(s) from Veronica Vovchuk to Kevin (USA) Part 3

Letter 181
My dear and beloved Kevin Thank you dear, but Easter will be in a week. I would also very much like you and me to be together, but the situation in Kiev is very bad. Many shops are closed.
Our family has had a tradition for Easter all my life. There should be chocolates on the holiday table, but these restrictions will break the tradition this year. How do you feel about traditions? Yes, this is a very correct and instructive story. I completely agree with this, and I have nothing to add. Where did you find this story? I love you very much! Honey, I've had a tough day today. Today I visited my parents and only recently returned home. I am very tired and I want to sleep. Sweet Dreams My dear. You are the best!!! Veronika
Letter 182
Hello my dear Kevin. First, I want to ask you, who is Anna? My name is not even close to that. I'm glad you like my photos. I'm good. what about you? I was waiting for your letter.
it would be nice to talk. I hope today you will find some of your time for me. Veronika
Letter 183
Hello my dear Kevin. I thought you dreamed of an angel named Anna, since you addressed me by that name in your last letter. You haven't answered me, who is Anna? I hope that you, too, will write to me more so that we can talk and learn more about each other's feelings. For me, happiness is to be with a loved one and to have mutual feelings, love, care, support and mutual understanding. it is very important for me. I want to have sincere and serious feelings. I think you know what I mean.
I believe that we can give these feelings to each other. I would like to make you happy. would you like it too? Veronika
Letter 184
My dear Kevin,
You know, I think about you all day. I was happy when you wrote me a letter. I hope you are fine and in a good mood.
How are you feel? Im waiting for your letter and hope we can talk a bit tonight.
I miss you and can't stop thinking about my man. I just imagine, how it would be nice if you were next to me now and we could watch a movie together and rest.
If we were together, what movie would you decide to watch with me? romantic or action?
Miss you, my dear.
hope you will answer the question in my last letter. Veronika
Letter 185
My dear Kevin I waited for your letter all day Im going to sleep and wanted to wish you sweet dreams, so you know that I think about you? I hope to see you in my dream tonight.
hope you will make me smile with a letter when I will wake up in the morning.
I wish you sweet dreams and hope you having a good mood.
What are your plans? Veronika.
Letter 186
Hello my dear Kevin. I waited for your letter yesterday and today, why do you silent?
Hope youw ill find a bit time for me and I could hear something from you today.
you said before I'm your angel, so I hope you really think so and care for me.
I missed you and thought about you these days, dont you feel the same about me? Veronika
Letter 187
My dear Kevin Im waiting for your letter. Hope to see your answers on my last letters. how was your day? How everything with quarantine there? is it better now? I thought you wanted to talk, but you again silent. you said im your angel, but if it's so, then why you forgot about me? Veronika
Letter 188
My dear Kevin did you forget about me? you are silent all this time, what happened? How is your day today? I'm waiting for your answer. How do you think, what is the best place for the date in US?
do you know the place Geppetto Cafe? do you think is it good and romantic or not good enough?
I'm sure you have a lot of favorite places there. do you? Veronika
Letter 189
My dear Kevin Personally, I believe that the main goal of all people on this site is a real meeting. Personally, this is my main goal on this site, and I want you to know that I am not here for games.
One look into each other's eyes can say a lot more than 1000 words. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Do you agree with this?
If you are a serious man and want real life, then you and I are on the way. Would you agree to a meeting if a woman offered it?
Do you want to know why I am asking all this? Veronika
Letter 190
Dear Kevin How many times a day do you visit my profile: 0, 1, 5 or 10 times a day?
I'm actually interested in the fact that this indicator can be understood a lot.
I care about you, and I really like you. And to be honest, I visit your profile very often. I am so sincere every time to see at least a word from you. Veronika
Letter 191
My dear and beloved Kevin So if we want to be together this way, we must not forget each other. On the contrary, we must stick together, and it only becomes more united.
I love you, and you love me, and in fact, this is the sweetest feeling in the world. What could be better?
I learned a little more about my business trip. Have you been to Atlanta? Do you want to know why I am asking this? Veronika
Letter 192
My dear and beloved Kevin I love you so much! You are right, we are destined to be together, and I'm really glad that you and I feel it. This is actually our path, the path that you and I walk together. Only you and I! I want to be with you so badly. I still remember the moment when you and I first met each other in a chat, and it was then that I had no doubts that we needed to be together. I'm glad that you and I both want this, and it makes me really happy. I also like to constantly think about you. But even more I like to understand that you and I can be together. This is so important to me. I love you very much, and in fact I really want our meeting to happen as soon as possible.
How much time do you need to prepare for the meeting? Veronika
Letter 193
My dear and beloved Kevin You still have a very important place in my heart, but it worries me that we talk so little. I understand that you have a lot of work, but I am afraid that because of this we will drift apart. I love you so much, but I am equally afraid of losing you. Dear, I also dream that you and I would be together. You are so important to me. My most important desire is to be by your side. You already make me the happiest only by the fact that you exist in my life. I am glad that I once met you, and now you and I are one. Darling, I don't want you to forget me. You are very important to me!
I remember that you were going to fly to Kiev. Have you changed your mind about doing this?
I love you! I want you to always know and remember that you are the best man for me! Veronika
Letter 194
My dear Kevin The weekend is here and I need your advice. Lately my weekend has become monotonous and boring. Tell me your opinion. What the perfect Saturday should be for a 51-year-old man. As far as I know, the older a man is, the less he wants active rest.
Dear, what suits you best? Lie on the couch? Or go on a hike (I say this conditionally for an example)? Veronika
Letter 195
My dear and beloved Kevin I actually asked that because I really needed advice. Most of my weekends have been very monotonous lately. This is a trip to the parents and chores such as cleaning and cooking. Also sometimes a shopping trip to buy groceries. I really love sports, but sometimes it happens that I do chores around the house, I feel that the only distinction for me is to sleep a little, and in the end it turns into an endless something called fatigue. I don't even know how to deal with it. Do you have a solution? I really like what you wrote because it is actually fun. I especially love the fact that on your perfect Saturday, first of all, I am. It is very pleasant to know that despite any problems you still think about me so often. For me, in fact, it would also be ideal to start the morning with your embrace of kisses, however I have been dreaming about it for a long time. I dream of starting this morning with you. Jogging together, taking a shower, in a word, all the typical morning chores, but only with you. I am glad that you still have a desire to come to Kiev. Yes, of course I want you to do it, but we need to plan this all in advance so that everything happens as it should. When do you want to do this? I love you very much! Veronika
Letter 196
My dear and beloved Kevin You are right, it took a long time and I noticed something. I noticed that you very often miss what I am writing to you. Sometimes I think it’s all about your job because you’re too busy, but I’m actually wondering the real reason. I never forget you and write constantly, but I do not always get an answer. Dear, what is this connected with?
I actually see you reading this.
Dear, I love you very much and you are really dear to me. I hope that we can return what we had before. Can we do it? I'm madly in love with you. Looking at this photo that you sent me, I look into eyes that are full of love. I am pleased to know that you are doing this photo especially for me and sending it only to me. I know that you are the only one in my life, I still sincerely hope that we can be together with you. I really want to fall asleep and wake up with you. Hug you in the morning, afternoon and evening. I want to cook you the most delicious dinner, the best dishes in general. And I hope that this will happen as soon as possible. You know, I'm madly in love with you and I appreciate what you still think of me. Darling, you are very important to me, I really want to be with you. I know that our love can go through any trials and any obstacles. I believe that no matter what, we will be together. Do you still believe in it? Veronika
Letter 197
My dear and beloved Kevin It’s already morning and I probably need to get some sleep. The only thing I want to tell you is that I love you very much and I hope that we will be together soon. I want you to always know and remember only that you are the most important man in my life. During the time that we have known each other, you have given me an insane amount of happiness, joy and a smile. It's only thanks to you that I smile now and go to bed in the most wonderful mood. The only thing I dream about now is that you and I would be next to you at this moment and I could hug you and fall asleep. You are the best, I am happy that after all this time you still remain faithful to me.
I love you insanely much and I know that our love will pass any test. I dream about being together !!! Veronika
Letter 198
My dear and beloved Kevin You are busy again? It seems to me that you did not answer the very last letter. Did you forget to do this? Veronika
Letter 199
My dear and beloved Kevin I would really like my mood to be great, but I am very tired. Somehow I want to cry all evening. Actually, it's my birthday soon, but it doesn't make it any more fun.
Honey, how do you usually deal with stress? Veronika
Letter 200
My dear and beloved Kevin You know, my birthday is really shiro, but somehow it makes me sad. Dear, now I fall into the over 30 category. Is this very important to you? Don't you want to be with such an old woman? Veronika
Letter 201
My dear and beloved Kevin I understand that very well. I agree with you that there is separate love and falling in love. I also believe that there is separate love and affection.
Dear, I feel for you not just love, this is true love. After all this time, we could have forgotten each other, but you and I still need each other. You know, I really believe that we will be together. I understand all the responsibility in a relationship and I understand that it is difficult, but for your sake I am ready for a lot. Darling, I love you and these are not just words. Tell me, how do you feel about me? Veronika
Letter 202
Hello my dear and beloved Kevin Yes you are right. Today is my birthday. I am glad that my man wrote me such wonderful words. I am incredibly happy to read such wonderful words. You know, I am very pleased that you appreciate me so much and write this. I love you, and I miss you very much. These words are great for me! My heart is just for you !!! Darling, when will you have time for me? Veronika
Letter 203
My dear and beloved Kevin I miss you so much. I sincerely hope that you and I will not drift apart. You are so important to me and I dream of being by your side.
Darling, what are your plans for the weekend? Do you want to know where I will be? Veronika
Letter 204
My dear and beloved Kevin I am so pleased to read this letter and watch your great video. You are such a wonderful man whom I love madly! Thank you for being in my life !!! You know, I often think about you and me. Whatever the state of being in love is good. I'm talking now about first dates and the moment of just the beginning of a relationship.
But in reality, love is a little different. Love is trust, support, understanding, loyalty and honesty. It is also an awareness of how he will live with a person. After all this reasoning, I understand that I love you very much! I can trust you with anything and I know that I can get support from you. You are the only man who makes me so happy every day. You know, I read this wonderful love letter to me, and tears came to my face. In fact, I am very pleased to feel like a suitable woman, because in this world it is very important to find a person who can fall in love so much. I'm glad I found such a person. There are no perfect people in this world, but you and I are perfect for each other. I love you madly! Veronika
Letter 205
My dear Kevin Now I saw on the Internet a survey of people in which hotels they prefer to stay. I was surprised, because such a pattern emerged that the older a person is, the more good the hotel he chooses. I want to ask you. You are 51 years old and how many stars did the hotel last stay? Veronika
Letter 206
My dear Kevin What if I told you that I always choose a three-star hotel. Now, having learned this information, you will not meet with me? Veronika
Letter 207
My dear Kevin I can actually explain it. When traveling, I always prefer to discover new places and move around the city. The hotel is just a place to sleep at night. What are the criteria for choosing a hotel? Veronika
Letter 208
My dear Kevin I do not understand what's going on. I'm glad that you had a chat with you today, but why do you constantly just leave and disappear after all. Are you going to disappear again for a few weeks now? Veronika
Letter 209
Hello Kevin I eat at night! This is problem? I don't know how to deal with it, but I think it's better to tell you about it right now. Tell me, if you lived with a woman and every night you heard the refrigerator open in the kitchen, would you get angry about it? Do you understand why I am asking? Veronika
Letter 210
Hello Kevin Is it true that you have over 50 chats every day? Hmm, then how can a woman who wants to meet you and who has a great chance to at least just reach out to you? I'm not even sure that you will see this message, what should you do then? Let me know if you got it Veronika
Letter 211
Hello Kevin Time, date, place for the meeting - which of these do you need to know to meet? I am sure that without accurate information it is impossible to meet in real life after dating on the Internet. Therefore, I ask you to help me, tell me what you need to know so that the meeting would definitely happen? Do you understand why I am asking you? Veronika
Letter 212
My dear Kevin I don't know what's going on between us. Why do you disappear so often? I understand that each of us has a job, but I am a little offended that you sometimes forget about me. I really want to be with you too, but I feel how you and I are moving away from each other. Darling, why is this happening? Are you losing interest in me? Veronika
Letter 213
My dear Kevin I want to ask you one question. Do you have health insurance?
As far as I know, this is very important and at the moment it is necessary even for tourists.
What kind of insurance company do you have? Do you understand why I am asking this? Veronika
Letter 214
Hello Kevin Will you text me when you're ready to meet? I just don’t know if I should write to you in which hotel I’m not visiting and how long I’ll be here if you’re not yet ready to meet. Then I think I just might waste a lot of time while I wait. So I decided to ask you first and understand this plan. Will you write to me or is it better that I tell you? Veronika
Letter 215
My dear and beloved Kevin I miss you so much. To be honest, when you are not in my life, I feel empty. You are so important to me because I opened my heart and soul to you. With you, I feel you really well.
There is no one in this world who can compare with you. You are the best man in my life, and I really want to be only with you. You are the man with whom I really see the future and want to be together. Just wake up in the morning and see you by my side. That would be so wonderful. I literally think only of you every second. Darling, I want to be with you. My days are now similar to each other and are of no interest. I am either at home or at work or with my parents.
In fact, I have everything for happiness, but only one thing is missing, I am talking about love now. Darling, I don’t want to intrude and I want to know what’s going on. Darling, why do you disappear so often? Veronika P.S. Does it bother you that I'm sleeping with a stuffed toy?
Letter 216
My dear Kevin Well, thanks for this letter, I actually understood a lot of things, but I also want to explain to you. In fact, it is a little unclear why you write like this to give the impression that you are accusing me of asking you for money in order to communicate with me. It's not my fault that the site works on this principle. I don’t get a dime from this, and of course I wouldn’t take money from you for communication. Darling, I want to take the next step with you. But let’s just one moment with him. Are we talking about a meeting in the USA, or in Ukraine? Veronika
Letter 217
My dear and beloved Kevin I love you so much and I want to be with you. I am ready to wait, and I think that everything will work out for us.
Dear, how long do you plan to be in Kiev? Veronika
Letter 218
Kevin, would you like to share your opinion? Increasingly, I notice that women in Ukraine have begun to get involved in plastic arts and literally "sculpt" out of themselves what they want to see in front of the mirror ...
Have you seen how many women now have botox on their face and made lips, eyelashes, nails! Tons of "putty" on the face, as well as the most interesting ... Pasted hair, it looks terrible at all! Once I heard the words of a Japanese sociologist, many men are strongly excited by kisses, and passionately kissing a woman wearing makeup and then wiping the remnants of makeup off her face for a long time is a dubious pleasure ... Besides, I want to clarify that you like soft, “cozy” women who look as natural as possible, does it turn you on? Or are you looking for a "made" super model here?
Even a skillful "make-up" always remains a "mask"! I believe that strong makeup completely deprives them of their "zest"! Be convinced by personal experience! Am I too different ??? On the left is a photo with a make-up, and on the right is a photo without a make-up! Kevin, how would it be best for you if we were partners? A timid kiss and a warm hug, Nika
Letter 219
Hey **** Kevin!
let;s go to chat???
October 08, 2021
Hey **** where have you been?
I thought I'd catch you chatting, but you seem to have blocked me? :(
Letter 220
Kevin! Baby, thank you so much for giving me another chance! I do not blame you for disappearing, probably God considered it necessary to give us this test. Let's not think about the past, but focus on the present! Our future depends on the present! Baby, I saw how you sent me "flirts", I really wanted to write to you, but your account was not activated and therefore, I could not do it! Thank you for writing to me, what suddenly played a role in this decision?
You give me happiness! I also missed you madly, because you are the warmest and most open person, I can feel the vibrations of your warm body even after thousands of kilometers! Hope you save them to sweetly warm me at our first meeting! You said you were going to Florida in December, tell me when and how long will you stay there? I will go to my sister Monica in Atlanta and I hope that you could keep me company and spend time with your hot Veronica to feel all the aura and warmth of my heart! Baby, this morning was too busy, please forgive me for not making time for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, my man! Can I call you mine? I kiss you sweetly, your Nika
Letter 221
Kevin! ;) My sweetness, thank you for such a video ... I was also very shy when I made you a video! ;)
I miss you very much, thank you for the fact that you reappeared in my life ... Baby, I cannot convey to you in words how cool you are!)
I hope that we will see you and you will feel this passion and flame of love that I will give you! Your Nika
Letter 222
Kevin! ;) This is not the first time I watch your video, I like watching you ... But the fact that you are back gives me a warmer mood than it was before!
Baby, I won't be able to get to the USA until December 15th ... I have plans to get there closer to the New Year or Orthodox Christmas, I told you this in the chat.
I am sure that it will be very interesting for us at our first meeting, baby, we have been going for this for so long ... I think we are 100% ripe for this! You said you wouldn't let me go, you promise?
****, Atlanta is going to be very cool and fun, I'll warn my sister to keep me company. I told her about you earlier, so she knows some details about us!
How much time would you like to spend with me at the first meeting? I will have to meet you at the airport and also find accommodation ... Most likely you could stay with me at my sister's house, they have a big house and there will be a lot of space for us! I kiss you, your Nika ♥
Letter 223
Kevin! ;) Baby, please read my words without any aggression or misunderstandings, I just want to tell you something))
I do not think that we are ready to meet, there are reasons for this, I can explain if you want ... But I know that you yourself are perfectly aware of this!)))
It seems to me that you have crowds of fans here who want to be with you, focus on them, okay?))
We lost our spark and instead of finding it again, you sit online 24/7 and communicate with your fans ... I don't need games here, I want a man who will appreciate me and will focus EXCLUSIVELY on me!)))
Soon I will go to the USA and I want to have a great time, I don’t want to play cat and mouse, I’m glad that you are back and everything is okay with you, but it seems to me that you are not ready for a serious relationship yet! Hugs, take care of yourself, you're cool! ;) Nika
Letter 224
Precious, I don't want to quarrel with you ... I just explained my position to you, I didn't want to offend you somehow!
You are a great man, I'm sure you will find a great woman here ... Sorry, baby, but I'm really tired of games and I need a man who will only focus on me ...
I understand that you are communicating not only with me here, I am also sure that you will be able to find common contact with those girls, because you are ****!) Nika
Letter 225
Kev !!! ;) Baby, I really don't want to fight with you, you are a cool guy! It's just that my intuition tells me something else, I didn't offend you in any way, I just don't want to have a broken heart! You are a cool guy and I really like you! But it just so happens that we are different ... Kevin, I'm just saying that I'm not the best option for you. You will find a girl much better than me! You deserve the best! ;)
I mean, if there was a hot love between us, you would not leave me and focus on me 100% since you came ... Sorry, baby, I just want to be happy and I don't want games! You're so cool ... I just don't deserve you! ;) Nika
Letter 226
Kevin! ;) Baby, thanks for your thoughts, but it seemed to me that you and I were on a different wavelength ... I don't need to prove anything in any way, I only believe in actions, not words! ;)
I want love and warmth, I don't want games, baby, just understand me. I am already 31 years old, I do not want to stay on this site forever, I need a man who wants me forever in every sense of the word! ;)
I like you and I tell you this with a heavy heart, but baby, let's be honest with each other, you just like to communicate here, and I'm not here for that! ;) For the future I will give you thoughts, baby, if you don’t update the site for about 5 minutes, it becomes offline, I even asked about this in support. So, you were here for a long time and communicated with someone else, I do not mind that, but this type of relationship is not for me!)
I am going to the USA soon and I need a real chance, not just an affair ... I kiss and hug, your Nika! Please don't be angry with me! Nika
Letter 227
Kevin! ;) Baby, you can tell me this again and again ... I will be very glad to hear it again! haha :)
Yes, I understand your mood, I also have a wild desire to restore our feelings!))
You know, I'm a peaceful girl, I don't like conflicts and I don't like quarreling, I just want to have harmony in love)
Let's build our love and warmth together!) Baby, just one question for you, my curiosity haunts me. You left the site for some reason, let's leave it in the past ... We talked for the last time back in July, it seems, then you disappeared ... What gave you the thought to come back to me again? Kiss-kiss! I hope you are not tired of my voice yet, just wishes for my Man! You are my? haha Nika
Letter 228
Kevin! ;) Baby, thanks for a nice chat today! I hope I didn't upset you in any way?
Maybe I was a little distracted, sorry, I wake up in the morning to work on the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. I want to make enough money to invest in my future marriage! Maybe into our marriage? ;) Thank you for the big letter where you explained everything to me. I just want to point out for a start that I don't doubt you. If I doubted you, I would not invite you to a meeting ...
Baby, as far as the site goes, I'm not too satisfied with the online world either. But forgive me for my directness, I will only leave here if I am 100% sure that I will not return here. When we meet, you can personally take my phone and remove my profile from here forever! :) And so, it is not too important for me what happened between us in the past ... I mean our parting. Let's leave this aspect and focus on our future? I am sending you a smile! By the way, do not forget to attach your photos in the letter, you look very ****. I want to admire you! Your Veronika
Letter 229
Kevin! :) Yes, I've heard about it, but Chinese investors are not easy to stop. All of this has been modeled to anchor the power of digital yuan. In the future I will be happy to show you how I do business on the stock exchange!
Have you invested before, baby? Thank you for your pleasant wishes, my heart is also full of love for you ... When we see you, you will take my hand and understand how much hotter my body is towards you!
Baby, say hello to your brother. I wonder how your family members feel about your search for a woman from Eastern Europe? Thanks for the photo, you look cute! Do you use your body as a mouse pad? Veronika
Letter 230
This message is a blessing in disguise. Once you open it, your life will be filled with light and warmth. Wonderful things will happen in your life today. You will not lose anything. This message is my immense love for you. Good morning my love, my Kevin!)) Baby, thanks for the video ... Right now I feel your vibrations of warmth and emotions that you convey to me on the video! It's hard to recognize you without your signature cap! haha :)
Kevin, these are the blue eyes that I want to see every time I wake up and fall asleep! Have you already gone to Florida? I miss you, I hope that in the future we can also get to Disney World, and then to Disneyland!
What's your favorite Disney cartoon? haha I kiss your lips sweetly, your Nika! :) PS: Will you chat tonight? If you have time! I just want to say once again how much I adore you. haha
Letter 231
Kevin! Mmm!))
Baby, thank you ... you really surprised me)))
I was very glad, baby, I had not received flowers for a very long time ... I had already forgotten that men give flowers to their beloved women)
Baby, I want to thank you and kiss you 30 times, exactly the same as there are roses!))
Baby, you gave roses and disappeared somewhere ... Wasn't that a farewell gift? hehe
Today I want to get the simplest caresses from you ... I can imagine how we could relax with you in a bathtub full of foam! I want to take refuge in your lap, in your arms and relax while I whisper gentle and loving words to you, for example, "I love you."
You light up my life and I am so grateful for that. And so every day I get to know you more and more, I like it, I like all of you! That is why I am deeply committed to cultivating this endless love.
I will never spare the effort to make you happy. I will never shy away from helping you, in any situation I will be there, because it inspires and calms me, and also gives me physical and spiritual comfort!
Life would be very boring without you. You can bring joy and humor to this small world that lives in my heart and revolves around it ... Thank you for coming back and thank you for these flowers, baby, a piece of your love is with me now!
Never run away from me! Because I have irreplaceable feelings for you!
Happy hours, we'll be together soon) Nika
Letter 232
Kevin! ;) My sweetness, I ask for a slight delay in answering, yesterday I was busy with my parents' house! They went to Bukovel to ski and so I look after their house! :)
Baby, thank you again for your flowers ... It's so nice, no joke, I haven't received flowers for so long that I have already forgotten their scent ... But you made me feel like a woman, thank you for such warmth in my heart! I wish we were together right now, so that I could fill you with kisses and tell you a bunch of nonsense in your lovely ears. If you only knew how much I miss you right now, you would certainly come to kiss and hug me sweetly and reassure me of your love for me.
How can you miss someone so much? How can such an abstract thing like love absorb the thoughts of an intelligent person like me? Why is love such a strong feeling? Because you are the man of my heart ... In any case, going crazy for someone as special as you is at least a sign of good taste; and contrary to what I said earlier, it is also a sign of wisdom, for I am sure that very few people in the world have the same special qualities as you.
When I am far away from you, it seems that time slows down, the clock becomes tiresome, I just want to hug you as soon as possible. I struggle with loneliness against my will, but I can't wait to be face to face with you and be able to touch you and kiss you tenderly.
Rest assured these kisses will be special because you deserve them. ;) Your Nika
Letter 233
My sweetness, yes, I figured you had some internet problems ...
You also forgive me, I work in the morning on the stock exchange, I just play cryptocurrency. So I might be a little distracted, it's my fault. Don't you take offense at me? Baby, I can imagine how sweet you sleep ... And when I think about it, I become so happy. I can imagine how in the future I could lie in your bed, hug you and never let go! Baby, I was looking for you in the chat today, but I could not find ... Please, do not say that you are missing again! haha Your Nika
Letter 234
Kevin! ;) Baby, I also miss and adore you, just imagine how in the future we will do everything together! This is my most important and most important thought!))
By the way, how are you feeling today? I hope it took you a little time to get home)) I went shopping yesterday ... By the way, I bought you something, but I need to clarify the size of your clothes, I just want to understand that I was not mistaken!)
Could you please clarify? Baby, when could we talk to you warmly?
I miss my man madly ... You are my man forever, aren't you? Thanks for this picture! Baby, I saw her earlier ... But when I see you, my knees begin to tremble with the desire to sweetly kiss your hot lips! Your Nika
Letter 235
Kevin! :) Thank you for your honest letter to me! I read it carefully twice and understood the message that you were trying to convey to me!
First of all, I want to say ... I have confidence in you and I am not offended by what happened between us earlier. I'm just being careful, I really fear for my heart and this fact affects my actions. Give me a little time and this will all pass, I just need to get used to you. I am not afraid of the difficulties that God sends us! I know that some decisions are difficult to make, but when affection and love prevail over any other interests, all paths to happiness become wide open and free of danger.
First of all, I would like to make sure that you know that I value you very much and that you are the most desirable and most desirable person that anyone could be. I also need you to know that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than what is happening between us right now; I feel like we are getting closer and getting along well. I feel that we are becoming closer in every sense, and this union is getting ******; and this is the nicest thing two people could wish for.
This is why I need to remind you (even if it requires a simple letter of thought) that you do not need to be afraid of anything, at least as long as we are together as close and close-knit partners.
I miss you so much, I can't wait to see you and kiss every inch of your face, every piece of your lips, every little corner of you ...
For the past few days, I have been lovingly thinking about the moment we will meet and satisfy all this desire that has seized us in such a strong but miraculous way.
I leave you with the first of many kisses I'm going to give you ... Your hot Nika! Baby, I just want to ask you one question, do you have any doubts about us?
Letter 236
Kevin, my sweetness! This relationship is still in its infancy. We don't know if this will last long. But I think I really like you. This admiration is sincere, it may not even represent anything serious, but for me it is the hope that the time has come to be happy.
This romance happened at a time when I was very lost. Without any commitment or hope. I've always frowned. Now I live, smiling, I feel happy again. Baby, I remember you told me that you were going to cancel your subscription ... But why didn't you consult with me?
Understand, earlier I already relied on you and in the end you disappeared, do you want to do it again? I appreciate you, but there are situations in life that force you to build principles. I will leave the site the moment I am 100% sure that I will never return here. This is the moment we meet. I want to be with you, but past experiences have slightly influenced my attitude. I really think that love came with you! Your presence has always been precious in my new life. I think you gave me a lot of positive emotions that I did not receive before. Today I am happy, I need you and I am reciprocated. You are kind and wonderful. I feel that the emptiness that existed in me has been filled thanks to you and your affection.
This romance is just beginning, we don't know if it will last, but I really enjoy every moment. It is a sincere admiration, which may not be so much, but for me it is the hope for a lasting and happy union.
Maybe our meeting ended our search ... But it takes time, I just don't want loud words, because I really got attached to you then, but you just left without explaining anything. Your Nika
Letter 237
Kevin! My sweetness ... I know that I called you to the chat, and then I simply disappeared from sight. Baby, I just fell asleep with my phone in hand, lol ... I opened my Mac to check the exchange, logged into the site, then I went to wash and realized that I was sleepy. I lay down on the sofa and just turned off! Hehe
I'm sorry, it happened, it's my fault. I will give advice, never lie down and just close your eyes for 15 minutes, it will be a fatal mistake! haha Could we chat with you tomorrow? I usually wake up at 1 am, then I wash my face, drink vitamins and drink coffee, at about 1:30 I can already be here, you could find me from now on. I’m not saying to be exactly here at such a time, I’m just saying from what time I’ve been here.
Will it be convenient for you? Please give me an answer, I often write letters to you from the bottom of my heart, but you just read them and do not give me your thoughts. What matters to me is what my man says, I take you as seriously as possible! Your Nika
Letter 238
Kevin!)) I thank you for your words and appreciate everything that is between us ... I just want to let you know that I am seriously interested in you. My words, which I speak from the bottom of my heart ... But there are principles that I told you earlier.
I understand your position and respect it! What should I do to resolve the problem between us?
I see that you are upset, but this is not the feeling that I want to give you and not the moment from which I want to build a relationship)
Lightness and romance at the beginning of a relationship is important for me. We all sacrifice something. And also I agree, I slightly had the feeling that I was pulling our communication by the ears! I will wait for an answer to the question) Nika
Letter 239
Kevin ... Everything in my life is arranged in such a way that I cannot blindly trust people, for this I need my own ways.
I also showed you a lot of videos from my life, showed you how I live, what I do ... It is not difficult for me to show the place where I live.
But I see the essence of the letter in this form "you do this, and I do this like this" ... I try to do everything as I feel comfortable, I have always treated you with respect.
Then you disappeared without saying anything, now you canceled your subscription without saying anything to me and just put me in front of a choice ...
Precious, as I said in my last letter, I want ease in my relationship, each of us sacrifices something ... You asked a question about trust ... I can ask a counter question. Are you back on the site and you think I'll follow you so easily? Where is the likelihood that you won't leave me again?
Baby, I told you, I want to leave the site if I'm 100% sure that I won't come back here. This is a difficult conversation, but I say this with a smile on my face, because I appreciate you and what is between us) Nika
Letter 240
Kevin!)) During the time that you were gone, it just so happened that I was promoted to the position of deputy director ...
And now I don't need to make reports. I decided to invest, before I did it too, I just didn’t say it, because I didn’t know if I would be able to do it!)
Now my hobby is the crypto exchange and the stock exchange. I just want to make my money work for me and also invest all my money in a future marriage! :)
I don't want to sit around and therefore practice making money. Precious, I appreciate everything that is between us ... But I have a feeling that I gradually miss you, it's like holding a slippery soap, sooner or later I will miss you.
And yes, you're right, I feel discomfort from such conversations. I said that I do not mind seeing you in the future, if this is not an argument of my seriousness, I do not know what else I can offer ... Nika
Letter 241
Kevin! ;) My precious man, thank you for your kind words and wise understanding! This is very important for me and for building a solid foundation for the relationship between us.
Now everything is moving quite seriously and I take this also with great interest in my soul. I want that between us there was the love that we have been looking for for so long ... We are suitable for each other and I am sure that between us there could be a marriage, a marriage made in heaven!
In the past, you, like me, had some situations that influenced your attitude now. All I ask is a little time and your understanding ... That's all I need. I understand perfectly well that you are tired of the virtual World as I am ... Therefore, despite what happened between us before, I still offered you a meeting, because I truly value you. I have not done anything wrong for you to create reasons for distrust, so you should not expect me to be disappointed. All I ask for understanding and that your mind is not sad, but is focused only on the positive, which we will build together - our relationship! Tell me, Kevin, do I make you feel good about our feelings, or do the feelings between us make you feel negative? I came into your life to make you happy and joyful, not to disappoint you and make you sad. I consider you as my future husband, as you know, I came here to find a marriage, so I am judicious about every aspect.
Please don't lose the note of the positive mood between us. Nika
Letter 242
Kevin! When you tell me about how we will spend time at my house - it makes me the happiest woman on the planet earth!
In the future, if everything goes well, we will have two houses ... One in the USA and the other in Ukraine. Would you like to stay in Ukraine from time to time?
My apartment is modest, but cozy enough! I miss you. I miss you very much!
I wish we were together right now, so that I could fill you with kisses and tell you a bunch of nonsense in your lovely ears. If you only knew how much I miss you right now, you would certainly have flown in to kiss and hug me sweetly and make sure how strong my feelings are!
How can you miss someone so much? How can such an abstract thing like love absorb the thoughts of an intelligent person like me? I guess I've already become obsessed with our feelings! haha I drive to work and kiss you sweetly on your lips, hmm, I wonder if your beard won't stop us from kissing? Haha, just kidding! I love your beard, you are very ****! Nika
Letter 243
Kevin! Baby, I apologize for not responding to your letters earlier ...
Please understand me, I really work on the stock exchange.
As soon as we are together. I promise you to show you my day ... And also show you what I do on the stock exchange. I just sit and look at these graphs ... It's really difficult, because I have to watch every second. This is the point of the exchange!
Have you previously been involved in investments? I would be happy to explain to you if you like it. Baby, the holiday of St. Nicholas ... This is a holiday in Ukraine, when people show love and care, for example, in my childhood they put different types of sweets under my pillow!
And now my sweetness is you and I want to see you on my pillow!
And what are the traditions in the United States for this holiday? I know that it’s as difficult for you as it is for me to be apart for so long. Life seems to be full of challenges of the kind that test our inner strength and, more importantly, our loyalty and love for one another. After all, it is said that true love is limitless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if love is real, it will grow stronger with every attack on its existence! Until this moment comes, I send you my tender love, my warm embrace and my most passionate kiss - after many kilometers ... Which will soon turn into millimeters! Nika
Letter 244
Kevin! My sweetness, no thanks for the video, it's just a video ... That woman who adores you so much! We were both strong, but the wait was almost over. Soon we will be able to spend the rest of our lives together, waking up for each other every morning. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are truly my angel and my guardian, now and forever. Baby how did you get home? I hope everything is good! ;)
My sweetness, I miss you so much ... But you'd better come to me under the covers! haha :)
My Sunday was also great, I spent time at home, decorated my apartment further, also spent time at my parents' house ... I washed my car. Unfortunately, my weekends are routine days like cooking, doing things that I have planned for the week. Anyway, nothing interesting ... I can imagine how we will spend time together in the future!
How would you like to have fun with me on the weekend? Baby, I also like your style ... Your glasses, beard, bully cap, overall I like the way you dress. But the main thing is not clothes and style, but the person who is dressed in all this! ;)
You're just perfect! You have my heart and soul. I know that there is a huge distance between us, but our love keeps us close to each other. One day these miles will disappear, because I will forever remain in your hands. You've given me so much already. Your kiss is the sweetest. I have the warmest feelings towards you! I kiss you sweetly, my Kevin
Letter 245
Thanks for your video, you are so cute !!!
I imagine sitting next to you in the car and holding your knee. I don't like being that far from you. I'm lonely and miss you so much that I can't sleep. I want you to be by my side at night so that I can feel your warmth. I feel safe and peaceful in your arms, and I want to be there. You say you miss me too. Time seems to me endless. I have marked the calendar and will cross it out every day. There isn't much left before I'm with you. Your warm thoughts really help, so please tell me more often how much you need me. I like to hear your voice, especially when you say such warm words to me ... I even partly see how shy you are!
I guessed it, are you a little embarrassed to say such words to me? Writing thoughts and videos is cute, but not as cool as seeing your smiling face and hugging you!
I want to be close to you as soon as possible ... But now I understand that I am already close, right in your heart, right? Nika
Letter 246
I want to thank you for believing so much in me and us as a couple. Thank you for making me better, for giving me your heart, and for opening up to me!
I am very pleased to read your thoughts! How are you in the mood for Christmas? It would be interesting to know how you are going to spend it!
I have already come up with a warm congratulation for you. You say that you will make me a happy woman. Well, I want you to know that you have already made me happy by just being yourself, showing love for me and opening up your feelings. You are what I dreamed of finding - a decent, honest, beautiful and caring person. I never thought that I would find you, but here you are ...
I am glad that God gave us the chance to be together again. I still can't believe you're back! :) Feeling happy is the best thing in my life. Thank you for making all my dreams come true. I couldn't ask for more. I am the happiest girl in the world who is called your girlfriend. It is a great honor for me. Thank you. I kiss your lips sweetly ... Your video fascinates me so hotly! The sexiest man on the planet earth. Nika :)
Letter 247
My Kevin! Another Christmas is coming and another year is coming to an end. And what a year! An endless year full of uncertainties, fears and losses.
When I wish you a Happy New Year, I want to convey the energy of renewal, hope. It's time to believe in the future and in science, the vaccine will come. And despite so many sad pictures that we had to look at last year, it's time to believe in a brighter tomorrow, friend!
It's time to analyze everything that happened, everything that accompanied us in 2020 ... It's time to remember the prospects that appeared and, mainly, about the lessons that we could learn from this pandemic.
2021 will certainly be better! May past difficulties inspire us to walk more firmly; that problems encourage people to seek solutions and fight for good ideals without losing their tenderness!
Let love prevail over everything ... so that any tears express and reflect only the joy of life and the opportunity to raise a toast at every moment of fun, at every moment of communication and solidarity. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year Coming Soon !! With great care and sincere hope, your Nika
Letter 248
Kevin! :) I don't know if I should thank Jesus or Santa Claus, but your presence in my company is the best gift anyone can receive.
If it's true that an old man with a beard and gray hair only gives good boys and girls socks, then this year I must have been an angel, because all year I had your love and care.
And so my Christmas will be filled with joy. Joyful, like all my days, because my only desire, my only desire, is for everything to continue exactly as it is: you are in my life, you fill the void, help my anxiety, take away any pain.
To tell you the truth, the only thing left for me to do now, as we approach Christmas and welcome the birth of Christ, is to thank for all that I have received. Especially your love and care! Your Nika
Letter 249

Listen, are you okay?
I'm in a traffic jam now and I can't write to you in the chat ... I wrote you a letter of congratulations and I'm waiting for your reply. You write to me that you will have to find someone who does not ignore you ... So, because of such a trifle, you are ready to leave me so easily?
I told you a million times at what time it is convenient for me to speak here, you come at an inconvenient time for me and write some kind of nonsense about bananas, peaches ... I understood everything, that's your motive for seriousness !!!!!
Go and look for the one you need, ok? Nika
Letter 250
Kevin Thank you for such a letter. It was as unpleasant for me as possible to read such words, from a person who tells me about feelings, and then changes his mood ...
Yes, of course I am on the other three sites. After you left me and deleted your profile, I realized that this cannot go on indefinitely (I mean online communication). I do not hide this, because you have not previously asked me. Because I want to be happy, is that bad? Yes, I am on other sites because it will increase the level of my attempt to find my happiness. I do not want to stay in the virtual world for a long time. I want to spend my best years building strong and mutual relationships. :)
And anyway, precious, what kind of expression? You tell me about other sites, although you yourself are registered on them. Don't you think this is a double standard? Lol, if you need any proof ... I can provide it without any problems, in any form! I’ll give you advice before you say such hurtful words to me. Be sure of this 100%, otherwise you can ruin the relationship very much. Nika
Letter 251
Kevin Am I unhappy with you for some unknown reason? Read what kind of words you write to me. Do you think it is adequate to accuse me of such a thing?
Why don't you just understand that I'm not interested in drama ... I don't want constant clarification of the relationship ... And when I am treated without respect, I simply have no desire to talk with this type of people. It brings negative emotions that I don't need in my life. I think that every sober-minded person has a similar tactic. As for personal data ... Yes, I canceled that. To put it simply, we haven't even discussed this, why should I exchange data with you?
Once you left me, I don't want to be disappointed again. Again, I will only leave the site if I am 100% sure that I will not return here. Do you know what the whole problem is? The fact that your past "passion" behaved frivolously and you treat me with constant suspicion. Although I did nothing at all to offend you or lose your trust. This is the problem, you live in the past, and I live in the present.
I hear from you constant "I am unsubscribing" ultimatums, as well as constant suspicions ... You chose the wrong tactics, in this way you will never win me over to you. I am a peaceful girl, I like kindness, warmth and respect. I do not want a drama with a showdown, as if we have been married for 30 years and we have some kind of crisis. I want lightness, positiveness, sincerity and understanding, RESPECT. Precious, thank you very much for your gifts. But if you do this in order to reproach me later, then you should not give them. Relationships are NOT bought ... They are built on reciprocity and respect. Veronika
Letter 252
Kevin Please, you should define your words ... First, you say that I work for an agency and hammer a nail into your coffin, in the second letter you say that you want to marry me and love me ... You decided to break me brain? Your bi-polarity scares me a little. Try to control your emotions, think 7 times before you write something. I am too sensitive to such words. Such pressure will lead to nothing but conflicts. A respectful relationship is about constructive dialogue. Some of your letters are incomprehensible to me ... You move on to another topic, which has nothing to do with this conversation. I'm serious about you. On Sunday, you wrote me strange things in the chat, that you wanted to find another one. Then I want to and see some inappropriate accusations in the chat. Is this some kind of manipulation? Precious, I do not know how to answer you. But you are mistaken, and the sooner you understand this, the easier it will be. You very much offend me with these words ... I do not deserve to be treated this way. If this is some kind of resentment that I did not give my contact details. I'm sorry, but for my reasons. I'm not selfish, but I don't want to suffer from a broken heart. I hope that you are of sound mind, you will take a sober look at what is happening between us. Nika
Letter 253
Kevin You sent me a letter with the words "forgive me" ... I can forgive you and give you one last chance to understand if feelings are working between us.
But there is one important question. Tell me what are you sorry for? You ask me to forgive you, for what act?
I don't need just words, I want you to learn from what you say. Heard this Arabic proverb, "A word is sharper than a dagger"? Think about what you are saying to me. Nika
Letter 254
Kevin ... Thanks for your letter. I just want to warn you that I'm not too interested in a showdown. Your control reminds me of my father's control when I was 16 ... I don't need it at 31. If you doubt that it is me ... Come to Ukraine and make sure that it is me. What is the problem?
As I said earlier, I can easily prove to you that it is me ... How? I am on another site, yes ... You did not ask me, I did not answer you. I do not hide this, I just want to be happy, I have increased the chance of seeking happiness. Tell me is it bad when a single woman wants to find her happiness?
Did you want to be honest? No problem. Last time you left and left me - without explaining anything. He just left me alone like a lost cat. Where is the guarantee that this will not happen again? Ever heard of the term "play it safe"? This is what happens in this situation. As I said earlier, I want to develop a relationship. It's just that your hatred for the site creates a conflict between us ... I'm not asking you about anything, in general and in general. I'm just talking to you, I offered to spend time together. I do not swear to you in love, and I do not give illogical promises, we have not even seen each other. I will leave the site only when I am 100% sure that I will never return here. We agreed to spend some time in the near future, after which we will decide what we will do next. Is this not enough for the seriousness of the action and the development of the relationship?
Seriousness for you, give you my contact details? I can see that this is just paranoia. Which drives you crazy ... You see danger even in simple things. Simply because your past woman played games with you ... I'm sorry, but why are you so prejudiced against me?
All these checks, children's dramas ... Do you think I'm interested in this? This is not what I want in my life ... Nika
Letter 255
Thanks Kevin ... Sometimes I don't understand you ... In one letter, you tell me that you want to build a relationship with me. But in another you say completely different things.
Come on, you decide what you really want with me and we will build a relationship?
I respect you and do not wish you any harm. I just want to be happy ... I just need your attention, if I'm only occupied with you, there will never be room for others ... Nika
Letter 256
What other Veronika are you texting on the site with? Lol, it’s really funny to see you instill such nonsense into yourself. You talk to me and I was just interested to see your profile, precious ...
I immediately realized that this was a test and just answered as I saw fit. That for 9 months I have not had a serious relationship, that I live in Kiev. That my mom is a little sick because it's flu season. I told you that the delay in my visit to the United States is due to the vaccine. What did you find difficult in my words?
I won’t answer you there anymore, so that you don’t think you’re talking to "another Veronika." Look, really ... It seems to me that we will not succeed. Sorry, but this is how everything works, there are too many problems at an early stage, some strange control and some strange checks. I don't owe you anything. Say thank you that I had the strength to forgive you after you KICK me ... Now this type of relationship is called - abusiveness. I previously had a difficult relationship and I no longer want such a relationship. You told me too many bad things, it just hurt my heart ... PS: For the future, I am the DEPUTY Director for the company. Read the correspondence carefully. Nika
Letter 257
Thank you very much for your flowers. I really appreciate it, but you don’t need to give me gifts and then say that you doubt me. I am not asking you for anything other than your understanding and attention. This would be the best gift for me. And not this childhood drama with which you always come to me. If your life lacks drama, watch the Santa Barbara series ..
I respect and appreciate you, but at this stage I cannot lie to myself. Relationships are not bought!
The New Year is coming soon and I don't want to go into the new year with a negative ... I want to meet it on a positive note. Therefore, I don’t want to hear accusations against me, I don’t want to hear reproaches, ultimatums and so on. It's just enough for me that I know that in this situation the truth is on my side. Therefore, before writing me a letter, have a couple of cups of tea with chamomile and before sending any letters. Read them several times and put your essence in my place so that you understand how it will be for my feelings when I read this.
I want to build relationships on mutual trust, understanding and love ... You are talking about the virtual world, about some ridiculous videoconferences, conversations. You offer me to change the virtual World to the virtual World. And I want REALITY! Nika
Letter 258
Oh, sorry, I forgot to attach a video for you ...
Imagine you're talking to the real Veronica, I'm the one you want to see. Now come back and read your letters ... I will wait for an apology for such an attitude towards me.
Because after that it will be too difficult to return the relationship to its previous type. You understand that with that attitude you do not attract me, but rather repulse me, and the sooner you understand this, the easier it will be for us to restore our relationship ... Nika
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